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Course Preference Sheet—for rising Seniors (class of 2010

Please indicate your 1st and 2nd choices from each grouping of courses. This will be helpful information to us as we begin to work on your schedule for the next academic year. Please understand that you are simply indicating preferences for electives. This is not a registration sheet. All of the classes have not been finalized. Depending on your individual situation, you may or may not end up with all of these options. Please fill out, sign, have your parent sign, and return this form to me by the end of this week (April 3rd). Please contact Mrs. Bellomy at 635.5494 if you have any questions regarding a course.

Thanks, Mrs. Bellomy, Coach Atkerson, and Mr. Caulder

________________________________________________________________ Circle the courses you are interested in taking. Please choose at least 1 course from each academic category – math, science, and academic elective. You do not have to circle any general electives if you choose not to. However, please make sure you have circled at least 4 elective choices total between academic and general.

Academic Math—Algebra 3, Calculus*, Business Math, or College/SAT Math

Science—Chemistry, Physics*, Astronomy, Marine Science, or Environmental Science

Academic Electives—Fine Arts (appreciation), Speech/Current Events, Public Speaking/Mock Trial, Health, Psychology/Sociology, or Spanish 3


Course Preference Sheet—for rising Seniors (class of 2010) General Electives—Advanced PE, Strength/Conditioning, Yearbook/Journalism, Photography/Art or Life Skills/School to Work

*must have taken and passed Algebra 3 to be eligible for these courses

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