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Mobile Operating System .

a mobile platform. is the operating system that controls a mobile device or information appliance Examples:  Smartphone  Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)  Tablet Computers . or a handheld operating system. also known as a Mobile OS.A Mobile Operating System.

like Google. Microsoft. Apple. Palm. Google formed a Linux-based open source alliance to make inroads into this mobile platform market. • . and Nokia in a bid to capture the bigger market share pre-emptively.History: • The increasing importance of mobile devices has triggered intense competition among technology giants. • In November 2007. Research in Motion and Ericsson are also significant firms in the mobile platform sector. raising consumer awareness of the growing mobile platform frenzy.

Smartphone operating systems Linux-Based • • • • Android Access Linux LiMo MeeGo Other Related Platforms • BlackBerry OS • Palm OS • Windows Mobile (Microsoft) • BREW • Java ME (FX Mobile) .

Subcategories I M W • IOS(Apple) • Mobile phone operating systems • Windows Mobile 7 .

Market Description ◦ Mobile platforms are in the nascent stage. and any projection regarding the market growth is hard to make at the present time. Meantime. which was to be a companion device for a Smartphone. . It is noteworthy that Intel is taking the initiative to focus on portable devices other than mobile phones. Palm abandoned its plan to develop Foleo. They are Mobile Internet Devices (MID) and Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC).

Worldwide Smartphone operating system market shares .

Nokia released a free version of Ovi Maps which is expected to double user amount. On January 22. 2010.Mobile navigation  Canalys has estimated that in 2009 the installed base of Smartphone with integrated GPS was 163 million units worldwide. of which Nokia accounted for more than half (51%) having shipped cumulatively 83 million GPS devices. .

C++. Java 2.2 C++ 7 Mobile OS Java 6.Smartphone operating systems feature comparison Feature iOS Android Windows Mobile Microsoft BlackBerry OS RIM Company Apple Open Handset Alliance(Goo gle) Linux C.1 Windows CE 5.0 .0. Objective-C 4.2 OS Family Programmed in Current Version Mac OS X/Unix-like C. C++.

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