Original Screenplay Written By Jason Wiese

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FADE IN INT. - GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL, MAIN ROOM GARY‟S MOTHER, a woman in her late 50‟s, is walking slowly through the terminal in a state of shock. She is surrounded by her family - her older husband, a son in his early thirties, and a daughter in her early twenties. The men have a hold of each one of her arms as she clutches a bunch of Kleenex. The family approaches a makeshift memorial erected in one of the hallways that serves as an information center for those seeking missing loved ones. There are countless “Missing” letters covering every inch of the boards. As the family slowly looks over all the notifications and makes their way across the memorial, the focus remains on the mother. Gary‟s mother finds an empty space towards the end of the wall and carefully places a “Missing” notice of her son, Gary McGregor, complete with letter and photo, on the board with scotch tape. She stares at the picture of Gary until a couple of tears slowly trickle down her cheeks. Her son, Gary‟s brother, puts his arm around her for comfort while her daughter gives her a big hug as she wails. Gary‟s father, a tall, thin graying man in his 60‟s, walks a few feet away from the memorial. As much as he tries to stay strong for the family, he is overcome with emotion as he buries his face in his hands and begins to cry. The mother continues staring at the picture of his son, refusing to take her eyes off of it. CUT TO: INT. – PENN STATION, MAIN CONCOURSE DANA‟S FATHER, an Italian looking man in his late fifties, is walking slowly through the station seemingly in the same state of shock as Gary‟s mom was in.


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He is holding his wife‟s hand as he walks through the station. His wife is also very Italian looking and is in her early fifties. They approach a makeshift memorial erected in the middle of one of the main walkways that is also serving as an information center for those missing loved ones. The father looks over the many “Missing” notices haphazardly attached to the walls of the memorial. The father notices his son, who is in his late twenties, in the process of hanging up a ”Missing” notice for Dana towards the end of the memorial. He approaches his son, shakes his hand then gives him a hug. Dana‟s mom follows her husband closely behind him. The father stares at the “Missing” notice of his daughter – Dana De Luca – and gently touches her face in the photo with his fingers. The mother buries her head in her son‟s chest and begins sobbing uncontrollably. The father just continues staring at the picture, trying his best to remain strong. CUT TO: EXT. – GROUND ZERO, DOWNTOWN BY THE WORLD TRADE CENTER SITE SUBWAY STATION EXIT Dana‟s family exits a subway station onto a crowded street by Ground Zero. Although they are a few blocks away from the World Trade Center, there is still evidence of devastation all around the street – debris on the sideways, soot still covering the ground. They walk down the street in astonishment of what happened and approach A CHURCH COURTYARD Here there is another makeshift memorial hanging on the fence that surrounds the perimeter of the church‟s property. In addition to the “Missing” notices, there are also letters, personal belongings of the missing as


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese remembrances and burning candles set up on, or in front of, the fence as well. Dana‟s brother approaches the fence and posts a missing notice for his sister. He still has a stack of missing notices in his hands. Dana‟s mother notices that Gary‟s family has congregated in the middle of the street about a half block down from them and just past the church. Without saying anything, the mother begins walking towards them. Her family notices her walking away and they quickly follow her. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET Dana‟s mother approaches Gary‟s family and taps his mother on the shoulder. They embrace in a long, deep hug to console each other. This is followed by the dads and siblings shaking hands and hugging one another. After the embraces are done, everyone shifts their attention and they look down the street. A few blocks down is the smoldering pile of debris that was once the World Trade Center reaching high into the sky. All the members from both families are almost in a tracelike state as they are mesmerized by the devastation. CUT TO: INT. – WORLD TRADE CENTER, OFFICE FLOOR ELEVATOR DOOR The ping of the elevator reaching its intended floor sounds and the door opens. Out walks GARY MCGREGOR - a tall, good looking man in his late twenties – carrying a few folders stuffed with papers; he is clearly in a rush. Gary works at AON Corporation in the upper floors of the World Trade Center South Tower. AON has a very rigid corporate culture and all employees are always dressed in strict business attire – suits for both men and women.


GARY And who are you? I don‟t recognize you. (looks at Gary) Hi. the phone rings and Dana answers it. I just got hired a couple weeks ago as a junior analyst. (Pause) Please hold and I‟ll connect you to his office. Diane? DANA She‟s on vacation. DANA Yeah. AON Corporation. GARY Sucks to be a newbie. blonde but Italian looking girl in her early twenties. Thank you. (MORE) When I first 5 . DANA DE LUCA Good morning. They‟re kind of short staffed in the secretarial pool this week so I‟m filling in at the desk for the morning. Are you new? DANA I‟m Dana. can I help you? GARY MCGREGOR (confused) Where‟s the regular receptionist. As Gary approaches the desk. I guess this is what they mean when they say you have to pay your dues. a cute. GARY It could be worse.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary rushes though the hallway and approaches a desk in THE LOBBY The desk is being staffed by DANA DE LUCA.

struck by her beauty. This is a great place to work. 6 . DANA Thanks. you name it. take your first left then your next right. Do you know which conference room they‟re in? DANA Down the hall. get dry cleaning. GARY Consider yourself lucky then. Gary stares at Dana. can I help you? GARY Oh yeah. pick up children from school. they‟re in that conference room. I‟m sure you‟ll love it here. Dana smiles sheepishly at Gary. I‟m just trying to get them to him. GARY Well. GARY Thank you. I‟m looking for the senior management meeting. my boss Mr. good luck to you. DANA Well thankfully I haven‟t had to do anything like that yet. Reynolds left his papers for the meeting behind in his office. DANA My pleasure.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) started here I had to do all sorts of menial tasks for the executives around here – grab coffee. DANA So I‟ll ask again.

GARY Hey Dustin… (looks back at Dana) Do you know anything about that new girl. it‟s probably a good idea to get Mr. Dustin tries to walk away but Gary stops him. DUSTIN Gotcha. I mean at least she‟s from Long Island. that‟s all I know. good eye my friend. DUSTIN Gary.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I‟ll see you later. DUSTIN. Gary turns around and looks back at Dana. Gary walks down THE HALLWAY Half way down the hallway. He walks to the end of the hallway and runs into a coworker. Reynolds his (MORE) 7 . DUSTIN Stay focused Gary. GARY (continues to look at Dana) She‟s nice. who is also an attractive guy in his early thirties. what‟s going on my man? GARY Just trying to get these papers to Reynolds for his meeting. well I won‟t keep you. She‟s a Long Islander. I don‟t really know much about her yet. Dana? DUSTIN Ahh yes. She definitely is a cutie.

8 . who is sitting at the conference table chatting with fellow executives sitting next to him. I had no idea what I did with them. REYNOLDS. I was looking through everything in front of me and I couldn‟t find them. GARY Great I‟ll check in with you at the end of the day. GARY Mr. Gary sets the folders down on the table in front of his boss. MR. DUSTIN Beers tonight with the gang? GARY Sounds like a plan. REYNOLDS Thank you Gary. MR. I don‟t know. CONFERENCE ROOM Gary walks over to his boss. you thinking Ulysses? DUSTIN But of course. I thought I was losing my mind. Dustin turns back to Gary after beginning to walk away. distinguished executives impeccably dressed in suits. Gary walks down the hallway and enters a conference room filled with older.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN (cont‟d) papers before the meeting ends. GARY Right. I got your papers here. Reynolds. call me crazy.

MR. thank you. I‟m part of the unofficial welcoming committee for new employees and as part of my duties I‟d like to invite you out to drinks with a bunch of co-workers tonight. Well thank you for delivering these Gary. GARY So. Ulysses. I saw them on your desk. DANA Hi. yes. DANA I assume that you found the meeting room? GARY I did. nice to meet you Gary. Drinks? DANA Tonight? On a Monday? 9 GARY Yeah. GARY No problem Mr. Reynolds. REYNOLDS I really need to clean up my office one of these days. it‟s nothing too crazy. Gary leaves the room and walks through the hallway back to THE LOBBY Gary approaches the receptionist‟s desk where Dana is still sitting.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY No problem sir. (pause) So I realize that I didn‟t tell you my name before when we first met…it‟s Gary. we go to a local bar. for a (MORE) . they were buried under your Wall Street Journal.

I mean. GARY That‟s all I can ask for. We have a fairly diverse group of people that go out. it‟ll be a fun time. we‟ll be at Ulysses if you decide to come out. OK. DANA I don‟t know. A bunch of the girls join us. I‟m serious when I say we‟ll just be out for a few drinks. and it‟ll be great to get to know your fellow co-workers in a social setting. but for now I‟m on the Island saving up some money and it takes me a while to get home. but I still live at home with my parents on Long Island. GARY It‟s a Monday night. GARY Come on. I‟ll think about it. DANA Yeah. 10 . DANA I‟ll see you later…or not.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) few drinks. So I don‟t really like going out at night around here because that means I usually get home around midnight. I hope I‟ll be moving into the city soon. so it‟s not just a AON Corp meat market out there. DANA Well I don‟t know. that would set a bad precedent for the week. we won‟t be out until all hours of the night. Remember.

toy with me. Gary. a good deal. Gary walks out of the lobby and towards the elevator. (pauses to listen) Sir. CUT TO: INT. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. You have my word. this is a good move.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (laughs) OK. I‟ll send you all the necessary paperwork in the morning. I‟ve got you covered. sir. I set you up in a program that will minimize your risk and your company‟s risk. You won‟t regret it. you have a good day sir. I see how it is. GARY Look. Good bye. Like I said. GARY‟S OFFICE Gary is standing up. trust me. (pauses to listen again) Thank you. Gary hangs up the phone then takes a seat at his desk and runs his fingers through his hair as a sign of exhaustion. You have nothing to worry about. don‟t worry about it. pacing around his office while he‟s talking on the phone in a heated exchange. DUSTIN Yo. (pauses to listen again) So we can move forward? (pauses to listen again) Great. (notices something is not right with Gary) Hey what‟s wrong? 11 . Dustin comes up to his office and knocks on his open door. I promise you. I‟ll get you everything by tomorrow morning. Well I hope you do make it out tonight.

CUT TO: INT. You coming? GARY Definitely. temporarily oblivious to his co-workers as he looks at his watch then looks at his phone like he‟s waiting for something. then (MORE) 12 . Gary is sitting down at the table. Dustin and several co-workers are hovering around a high table in the center of a crowded Wall Street area Irish pub. nothing. The place is packed with banker-types where both the men and women are dressed to impress in sharp suits. The bar is dark due to the low lighting and wood paneling. Gary stands up. DUSTIN Well forget about that. grabs his suit jacket and walks out of his office with Dustin. Gary throws a pen down on his desk in frustration. WALL STREET AREA Gary. – ULYSSES BAR. GARY (cont‟d) Just another day of aggravation in the office. It‟s the end of the day and we‟re all heading to Ulysses now. DUSTIN Gary.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Ahh. what gives buddy? GARY (looks away from phone) What do you mean? DUSTIN We‟re all over here being social with each other while you‟re sitting here looking at your watch.

She stands on her toes so she can get a better view of where her co-workers might be hanging out among the crowd. we‟ll they‟re not going to get here any quicker if you keep staring at your watch. Dana walks through the front door of the bar by herself. then your watch again. GARY You‟re right. She stops as soon as she gets inside and looks around to survey the scene. GARY Dana. A big smile covers Gary‟s face as he sees Dana approaching. and I have nothing else to do. Gary stands up and joins the rest of his co-workers in conversation. Just. GARY Let‟s get you a drink. DUSTIN OK.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN (cont‟d) your phone. so I might as well come out and get to know my fellow co-workers. Shortly afterwards. I‟m so happy you came out! DANA Well I figured it‟s Monday night. She finally spots them and approaches. 13 . GARY A vodka tonic coming up. waiting for someone to come out. what do you want to drink? DANA I‟ll take a vodka tonic. You ok? GARY Yeah. ummm.

Gary and Dana walk back to the group of co-workers. cheers! DANA Cheers. GARY So tell me about yourself? (MORE) I mean 14 . CO-WORKERS (in unison) Hey Dana. Gary grabs the drinks. Gary interrupts the conversation in order to announce Dana. Dana. GARY (to the bartender) Vodka tonic please and I‟ll grab a Chimay while you‟re at it. Dana enters the middle of the group to personally introduce herself to everyone.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary walks up to the bar followed by Dana. The bartender makes him a vodka tonic and gives him a Chimay too. guys…guys settle down. LATER ON It‟s getting late into the night.” GARY Here you go. she just started the other week. GARY Come on. gives Dana hers and they “cheers. this is the gang. She‟s a new junior analyst. Gary and Dana are sitting at a table enjoying a cocktail and heavy into conversation. let me introduce you to everyone. the crowd has thinned considerably and only a few co-workers are left. let me introduce you all to Dana. GARY Hey guys.

DANA (laughs) And what does that mean? GARY Oh boy. 15 . the person. don‟t make fun of Long Island. what do you want to know? GARY I don‟t know. just the two of us. DANA (laughs) Its probably a good idea. GARY Long Island. I knew that wasn‟t going to be the right thing to say. DANA (smiles) Well. I don‟t know. I‟m very sensitive. I‟m sure you‟ve gotten your fair share of them. Well. I‟m just saying…ahh. for starters where do you come from? DANA I‟m from Long Island…OK. insert joke here. which is all well and good. It‟s just that you don‟t seem very Long Island-ish.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) we‟ve been sitting here for the last hour and a half. But just remember. talking about the job and about AON and what you can expect in the wonderful world of insurance and risk management. really? No I‟ll spare you from the jokes. you know what? Before I stick my foot further down my mouth why don‟t I just move from that statement. but I don‟t know anything about you.

toity too. yes. DANA Connecticut. where do you come from? . DANA Yes. very nice.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY It‟s been noted. well that and also the Baldwin brothers come from there. hoity. (pause) So what part of Long Island do you come from? DANA Massapequa. GARY Nice. I‟m not sure why I even asked that question. yes. I mean I‟ve heard of the Hamptons. where are you from? GARY Connecticut. Where all the rich people go to play. Very 16 GARY Don‟t believe what you hear. And that‟s really all I know about Long Island. but my point is that not every part is like that. DANA So. not every part is very uppity. the Baldwin do represent my hood. I don‟t know anything about Long Island. DANA Is yours? GARY Well. We have normal cities and towns just like every other state has. (pause) So. but I‟ve never been there.

my grandfather. GARY Yeah. DANA Really? . Thank god I got a scholarship. good lacrosse team there. Went to Darden. Just a tad. that GARY How do you know Darien? DANA A few of the kids I went to college with played on the lacrosse team. My dad went to school there. if it wasn‟t for my good grades I don‟t think I would‟ve been able to afford it. DANA Darien. GARY Syracuse. I really liked it. Yes. the School of Business there. his dad. (pause) My life has been pretty much planned out for me at a very early age. went to school there. (pause) Where did you go to school? GARY University of Virginia.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese 17 GARY Darien. I know Darien. is uppity. DANA Yeah. What school did you go to? DANA Syracuse. I liked the school. we had a pretty kick ass lacrosse team.

So much so that I‟m fairly confident to tell you that I‟ll probably be going to grad school at NYU in the next two years.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Yeah. Gary I‟ll see you tomorrow. GARY It‟s not that bad. I mean it‟s great that there‟s a plan. it‟s something I think about every day. DANA Sounds intense. sometimes I make it a bigger deal than it should be. always a pleasure. right? GARY Yes and no. it‟s about that time of night when I come to my senses and realize that I got to go home if I have any hopes of being able to function tomorrow. Gary shakes Dustin‟s hand. pretty much. That‟s the plan at least. DANA Well that‟s good you have a plan at least. it‟s just a lot of pressure though. DUSTIN Well guys. Dustin walks away and leaves the bar. An exhausted Dustin stops over to the table and sets his near empty drink down on top of it. life is good. So good night all. Pressure to live up to the family name. And the pressure to meet my goals all the time. GARY Good night Dustin. 18 . In reality. Dana it was a pleasure to see you hanging out tonight.

GARY Should have plenty of time if we leave now. Do you think I have time to make it? GARY To Penn Station. and you‟re in good company. GARY OK. DANA God what time is it? Dana and Gary both look at their watches. right? DANA Yeah. no problem. 19 . DANA Wow. he likes his drink. DANA 10:56 is my next train. I know it‟s getting late.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Dustin looked like he was feeling pretty good. DANA I need to get home. 10:08. it‟s late. GARY I guess time flies when you‟re having fun. Lemme check when my next train is. GARY I don‟t know. GARY Yep. that‟s him. Dana takes out her LIRR train schedule and studies it.

Which also means my parents will kill me. so I‟m not sure what subway I take and where I can get it. Follow me. that‟s a good thing. I get my own real job in the real world. GARY Hey. I‟m still getting used to the city and figuring out my way around. – NEW YORK CITY STREET. WALL STREET AREA – NIGHT Dana and Gary are standing on the sidewalk. we don‟t want that to happen. Dana grabs her purse and they both stand up from the table and walk through the bar. and I‟m still worried about my parents getting mad at me if I come home late on a school night.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA OK. it shows that your parents care. sorry to cut this short. CUT TO: EXT. GARY Perfectly understandable. 20 . but if I miss this train I have to wait 40 minutes for the next one which means I won‟t get home until 1 AM. DANA It‟s kinda weird that I lived on my own in college for four years. I know we walked a few blocks from the Trade Center to get here. I‟ll get you there. GARY There‟s a 1 and 9 red line stop just a couple blocks away. DANA OK. right? Dana and Gary walk out of the bar.

I wouldn‟t let you wander around this city at night alone. CUT TO: INT. – WALL STREET RED LINE SUBWAY STATION Gary and Dana leisurely walk down the steps as a 3 train pulls into the station. GARY Damn. GARY Yes you will. Dana finally finds her metrocard. Gary turns around to watch Dana. Gary gets through the turnstile easily but Dana is caught up while fumbling though her purse to get her metrocard. Once the train stops in the station. Dana and Gary begin to walk down the street. let‟s hurry up! Gary and Dana rush down the stairs. I‟m sure I‟ll be able to find it. gets through the turnstile and runs into the train. Gary runs over to it and stands in the doorway so the door can‟t close. GARY Come on. Once through the turnstile. come on! DANA I don‟t think I‟m gonna make it.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Are you sure? You can just tell me where it is. 21 . GARY Here I‟ll hold the door open for you. GARY Don‟t be silly. here comes the train into the station.

where do you want to go? DANA What do you mean? 22 . GARY So now that I know where you come from. – 3 TRAIN. that was close. you‟re right. Dana looks up at the subway map behind her to figure out how far away Penn Station is. from Wall Street we should probably have five. DANA How many stops you think we have? GARY Let‟s see. Dana counts the stops between Wall St. SUBWAY CAR Dana and Gary are trying to catch their breath as they enter the near empty train car. GARY Yeah. After a few seconds of awkward silence as both of them just sit there. you get used to all this running to catch subways after a while. Gary speaks up. GARY You learn to get to know the subway system very well when you live in the city. and Penn Station on the map with her finger. They take a seat next to each other.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: INT. DANA Boy. DANA Five. It becomes your best friend.

like in my thirties. like down South or the Midwest. And I don‟t mean suburbs like New Jersey or Westchester. moving out of New York and into suburbia. Heck. where do you want to go in life? DANA Wow.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY In life. GARY What do you mean? DANA I can see myself later on in life. During their conversation. where do I want to go? Let‟s see…I don‟t know. that‟s pretty deep. live in the city for a few years because I really want to do the city thing for a while. I mean like real suburbs. and a few get on at each stop. but I don‟t see myself as a “city girl” for the rest of my life. GARY Really? DANA Sure. It‟s a lot better question than “what‟s your favorite color” and something like that. I see the houses that my older brother and (MORE) 23 . the train makes its‟ stops and a few people get off. allows me to really get to know someone. DANA It‟s a tough question. I‟d love to have a great career. Real estate prices are so expensive around here. I don‟t even know if I see myself as a New Yorker later on down the road. GARY I like to ask these kind of probing questions.

don‟t get me wrong I love New York. Oh boy. the laid back living. DANA I just feel like I‟ll probably have a much better shot of having all this somewhere away from New York. Actually 2. GARY That‟s true. I mean they‟re nice and all but they‟re just…I don‟t know.3 kids is probably too much. definitely a golden retriever. a big backyard. I guess for me I‟m just dreaming of having a great career. but it‟s just… I don‟t know. what do I know? I‟m 23 years old and I could change my mind a hundred times in the next two years over where I want my future to go. I don‟t think I can deal with more than 2 kids. I miss all of that.3 kids and a golden retriever. I liked all of that. GARY That‟s cool. and it‟s your prerogative if you do. I loved going to college in Syracuse too.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) his friends are beginning to buy and they‟re not special or elaborate. the lack of attitude. the white picket fence. 24 . DANA (laughs) Plus it‟s not like I‟ve had a master plan laid out for me when I was three years old like others did. did I hate the snow! (pause) But at the end of the day. I mean. Except the snow. GARY Hey don‟t blame me for having psycho parents. the openness. 2.

the dog. Nothing wrong with wanting it at all. (MORE) I‟m 25 . Like you I‟m young. it‟s just that I don‟t think many people end up with that. (pause) I myself have thought about one day living in suburbia. the kids. going to school in Virginia. (pause) Plus I think I just take an overly romantic view of life…the white picket fence. far away from all the madness that is the city. DANA How so? GARY I kinda feel the same way. but feel at times there‟s something missing. But that‟s what I think I want to strive for. But I just think it‟s my own fault. and sometimes I probably don‟t try hard enough to get the most out of it. I actually think it‟s cool… in a demented kind of way.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA I‟m not. romantic view of life. especially by a New Yorker. I would like to have that one day. The city is what you make it. same thoughts too regarding how I felt about college. the big backyard. or anything close to that. but let‟s be honest that is a simple. GARY You know it‟s funny you say all that about your future. I also absolutely love the city. DANA You‟re not that young! GARY What are you talking about?!? 28! That‟s like the new 22.

I‟m already far away from where I should be going. 1 TRAIN CONDUCTOR (O. CUT TO: 26 .) Penn Station. this is my stop. is this whole white picket fence fantasy in the master plan? GARY Good question. we‟ll see what happens. that‟s the great thing about being young and living in this city. I‟ll have to ask my parents on that one. that‟s so not necessary. but if my parents had their way it would be a white picket fence in Greenwich.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) especially in this city. The train pulls into Penn Station. (pause) Whatever. DANA Gary. GARY I‟ll get out with you. I live on the Upper East Side.S. (pause) Just kidding. And that‟s what keeps things incredibly exciting. Yes it is. That‟s the great thing about life. you never know what‟s in store for you. Gary and Dana stand up and walk out of the train. I‟m allowed to stray from the master plan once in a while to do what‟s best for me. DANA Well. GARY Please. DANA But wait. And that‟s why I love life. Anyways.

girls have been known to be kidnapped from taxis and subways. I‟ll tell you. DANA Gary! Why did you jump on the train with me then if this was the opposite way you were going?!? GARY I don‟t like seeing girls late at night trying to navigate through the streets by themselves.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. but I‟ll admit there‟s another reason why I do this too. – PENN STATION IN THE PENN STATION SUBWAY STATION Gary and Dana get off the train and walk through the subway station to head over to the Long Island Railroad. It‟s too dangerous. DANA Why‟s that? GARY This is a dangerous city. DANA And what‟s that “very practical guys reason?” I can‟t wait to hear this. GARY Well no guy likes to be the last guy to be seen with a girl before she takes public transportation or a taxi or anything like that. (MORE) 27 . Hell. GARY I won‟t disagree with that because that‟s 80% of the reason why I escort girls back to wherever they‟re going. the other 20% is a very practical “guys” reason. DANA Well that‟s very nice and sweet.

DANA (shocked) Wow. DANA Ohhhkkkkaaaayyy. so everyone wins in this situation. I guess that works. GARY So I want to avoid any situation where one minute we‟re laughing.MAIN CONCOURSE AREA FOR THE LIRR GARY But see. most normal guys that go out a lot have all thought the same thing. DANA Yeah. “cover you ass” so to speak. It‟s a complete defensive thing. 28 . I stay alive and even if I don‟t. you‟ve really thought this through. you have an alibi. having fun at Ulysses and the next minute I‟m being woken up at six in the morning by cops questioning me about your whereabouts because you vanished after taking the 1 train home at 11 o‟clock all by yourself and I was the last to see you alive in public. No thank you. The two walk through the subway turnstile and enter PENN STATION .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) bouncers have even been known to take girls. Should I be scared? GARY Believe me. this way of thinking works out great for both the guy and girl involved.

put their hands in their pockets and do other nervous things is finally broken by Dana. 29 . I‟m glad you get it. which is only about 30 yards from the big board. Dana and Gary walk slowly over to the entrance to track 4. this is your track indeed. GARY Yep. DANA OK. A few seconds of awkward silence where they look around the station. me too. (pause) But let me stress that this only makes up 20% of the reason. six minutes to spare and my train is leaving from track 4. Dana approaches the big board in the concourse area that shows what track each train is leaving from and studies it until she finds her train. here‟s my track. DANA It was great to get to know you. great I‟m right on time. I‟m mainly escorting you back to the subway because I want to make sure you get home OK. 10:50. DANA Well. DANA I had a good time tonight. GARY Yes. The alibi thing is completely secondary.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (laughs) See. DANA (laughs) You‟re a trip.

GARY Sweet dreams. DANA Good night. GARY (laughs) OK. I‟d like that. Halfway down she turns around and looks at Gary. I mean we should hang out again soon.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Same here. and he gives her the most awkward handshake ever. well…good night. Dana walks down the steps to the train platform while Gary watches her. it‟s green. DANA By the way. DANA Yeah. GARY (confused) What? DANA My favorite color. which Dana accepts. it‟s green. CUT TO: 30 . You be careful getting home tonight. GARY OK. (pause) We should do it again sometime soon. Gary extends his hand. Dana turns around again at the bottom of the stairs and gives Gary a big wave.

DANA‟S OFFICE FLOOR THE LOBBY Gary exits the elevator and approaches Dana who is working at the receptionist‟s desk again in the morning. WORLD TRADE CENTER AREA . GARY I‟ll take one orange please. – CORTLANDT STREET. FRUIT STAND MAN You have a good day today sir. Dana is talking to a female co-worker in her late-twenties who is standing by the desk when Gary approaches. I figured I might find you at the desk again this morning. pulls out a $1 bill and pays. CUT TO: INT. DANA Good morning Gary. He stops and surveys all the different variety of fruit. Gary digs into his pockets. GARY Hi Dana. He picks out an orange and buys it from the middle-aged Muslim man working the stand. GARY You too. Gary walks away and crosses the street to approach the World Trade Center.MORNING 31 The next morning Gary is walking down the street to go to work as he stumbles across a fruit stand along the sidewalk. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. FRUIT STAND MAN 99 cents. .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese EXT. GARY Thank you my good man.

Dana lifts up the orange she bought herself and shows it to Gary. Gary acknowledges the female co-worker standing by Dana. GARY Hi Caroline. 32 . GARY Good. they stay good for a few days. I can promise it won‟t go to waste. GARY Oh. You didn‟t have to do that. But if not. I‟ll just save it for tomorrow. I‟ve been known to have more than one orange a day from time to time. but the fruit stand is right off the subway on the way to work so it was no problem at all. GARY I know. that was very thoughtful. Vitamin C is a good way to start the day. DANA Thanks Gary. Bye Caroline. DANA But don‟t worry. DANA Too bad I love oranges so much that I already bought one today. GARY I remember you were saying last night how much you loved oranges. how are you? CAROLINE I‟m good Gary. well I‟ll see you later.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary puts the orange down on her desk. so I thought I‟d pick one up for you on my way into work.

Both Dana and Caroline watch Gary as he walks back to the elevator. DANA He‟s a nice guy. We talked for a while. CAROLINE So.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Bye Gary. DANA We had a good time last night at Ulysses. just the two of us. what was that? DANA What do you mean? CAROLINE Gary just dropped you off an orange. and it was specifically for you. CAROLINE You must‟ve made quite an impression on him last night. I was hear when it happened. I won‟t disagree with you. cause I‟ve known Gary for three years and not once has he given my an orange. CAROLINE That he is. 33 . You realize that right? DANA Yes. CAROLINE See you Gary. so? CAROLINE Well it‟s not like I saw him with a bag full of oranges for everyone in the office. He had only one.

quite possibly. That‟s my two cents. CAROLINE Oh honey. it‟s not like that. So if I‟m not here. DANA Hmmm. as the new girl I don‟t need any of that drama around me at work. Lunch today? DANA Sure. Caroline looks at her watch. Please don‟t try to create a story where none exists. CAROLINE It‟s good…just realize that Gary might like you. I‟ll be at this desk for the morning. you can find me there. you think? I think he‟s just trying to make the new girl feel welcome. but remember. don‟t worry about anything. DANA Good. men are inherently lazy and they normally don‟t give a damn about anything. CAROLINE Maybe. CAROLINE OK. whatever. I‟m late for a meeting. but I‟m going to see it for what it is. then I‟ll be back at my cube in the afternoon. a nice guy dropping off an orange for a new friend.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Believe me. DANA Interesting take on things. 34 . so it‟s usually a fairly big deal when a guy stops to buy an orange and drops it off to a girl that sits three floors below him.

DUSTIN Gary. So I took her back to Penn Station and dropped her off at her train. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. GARY‟S OFFICE Gary enters his office and settles down behind his desk. DUSTIN Anything? GARY (rolls his eyes) No Dustin. DUSTIN Did you? GARY Yeah. GARY It was fine.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: INT. it was late and it was a Monday. we took one look at your drunk ass and realized that it was late so we left. DUSTIN I think I will. DUSTIN Really? 35 . DUSTIN Did you guys do anything afterwards? GARY Oh no. Dustin stops and sits down on the chair in front of his desk. we left maybe a minute or two after you. how was the rest of the night? GARY Just make yourself comfortable Dustin.

It‟s going to be awesome! . nice girl. booze cruise around Manhattan. You talked to her for over an hour by yourself. Going to spend the afternoon cruising around the city. gimme a break. Without even needing help from me. DUSTIN OK. GARY We‟re just friends D. believe whatever you want to believe. or at least that‟s what I heard. the company‟s “Welcome to Summer” party is on Thursday. GARY (rolls his eyes again) Please. Maybe that‟s just because I find people like you boring and I needed someone actually interesting to talk to? DUSTIN (laughs) Possibly. They rented some sort of big yacht. 36 She‟s a DUSTIN So? She‟s cute and it looked like you guys were really hitting it off. maybe head up the Hudson a bit to West Point. fine.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Seriously. Anyways. but I think there‟s something there. don‟t forget. I‟m trying to make her feel welcome. what are we doing this year again? DUSTIN Booze cruise my man. GARY That‟s right.

Let‟s get out and play some racquetball this week too. so why don‟t we meet up for a late morning breakfast at Midnight Express then we‟ll head over to Chelsea Piers together? Sound good? GARY Sounds excellent. Dustin leaves the office and Gary goes back to his computer to check his email. water and alcohol go together like peanut butter and jelly. CUT TO: EXT. So listen. Got a 37 DUSTIN OK. – CHELSEA PIERS . even though this is just an afternoon thing. DUSTIN Great. They are both wearing sunglasses and business casual attire – khakis and a short-sleeve polo shirt. busy week this week. I‟ll let you know. just gimme a shout if you can. we got the whole day off. DUSTIN You got that right. GARY Will do. Dustin stands up.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Great. . GARY Ahh.DAYT Gary and Dustin are walking along Chelsea Piers heading over to the dock with the yacht.

You know after we come back we should do some drunk bowling over here. Michael. DUSTIN Oh good idea. OUTSIDE DECK – DAY The yacht is out cruising the Hudson River and passing by the sights of Manhattan and New Jersey. GARY Or hit some balls and do some drunk golfing at the driving range. GARY Looks nice. it‟s huge. is in the middle of telling a story. laughing and just generally enjoying each others‟ company.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Beautiful day today. . They are enjoying cocktails. – YACHT. DUSTIN That‟s an understatement. DUSTIN That‟s true. telling stories. Dustin an Gary get in line behind all the other co-workers trying board the yacht. a younger co-worker in his mid-twenties. Dustin and Gary are hanging out with a bunch of male coworkers on the outside deck. CUT TO: EXT. DUSTIN (cont‟d) This looks like the boat. 38 Gary and Dustin walk up to a dock that has a huge yacht docked at it. great weather to be out on the water. I‟m in. I like it.

39 . orange juice. Everyone in the group laughs at his misfortune. So you‟re not going to get any sympathy from us. there goes the coffee kid” or whatever the hell he‟d call me.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MICHAEL So of course Mr. “Hey. But no. Trust me. seeded and unseeded. both pulp and no pulp mind you. We‟re just going to laugh at you. all kinds of spreads. Gary sees Dana out of the corner of his eye talking to a couple of her female co-workers at the other side of the deck. and assorted muffins and donuts. Reynolds yells at me because I didn‟t get enough coffee for the meeting. MICHAEL That may be true but does he realize that I went to Dartmouth and did my graduate work at Stanford? And now what do I do? I get yelled at about coffee. DUSTIN Mikey. MICHAEL (cont‟d) How the hell am I suppose to know that the meeting was being attended by a bunch of coffee fiends? I though I got plenty of coffee for the 20 people in there. I got five different kinds of bagels. GARY Kid you‟ll soon learn that you can never have enough coffee for these people. I mean I must‟ve had like 10 buckets of the thing. I mean. Unbelievable! As Michael is talking. we‟ve all done it before. I didn‟t get enough coffee so I heard about it for the next two weeks from him.

They meet along the railing. Believe me. GARY (awkwardly) Hey. all in good time he‟ll move on from you and start picking on some other newbie. here. MICHAEL (laughs) Screw you! Once again Gary looks over to Dana and this time Dana notices him looking over. pledge! The group cracks up at Dustin trying to boss around Michael. GARY How‟s it going? It‟s good. I‟m 40 Gary walks away from the group and starts walking over to Dana. Dana notices him approaching so she leaves her group of co-workers. We‟ve all been there. going to go mingle. GARY Guys. it‟s his way of separating the men from the boys. excuse me for a moment. Reynolds likes doing that to his guys. MICHAEL Seriously. Mr. listen to Dustin. (pause) Now go get me a Jack and coke. halfway between each group of co-workers they were talking to. DANA Hey.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Yeah. you think? DUSTIN Sure. DANA It‟s really nice out .

it‟s always top notch. GARY Well. Usually I do that Circle Lines cruise thing. but the Chairman is going to say a few words in a bit so he wanted me to get everyone to move inside for a few minutes. I love coming out on the water and just cruising. This is par for the course around here. DANA It‟s great.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Yeah. FEMALE CO-WORKER Excuse me. A female co-worker in her mid-thirties comes up to them. it‟s a tasty vodka tonic. it‟s a fun time but it‟s definitely not as classy as this. 41 . (pause) How‟s your drink? DANA It‟s good. GARY AON usually does do a great job with their company parties. get used to it. GARY Good. Dana and Gary head inside the yacht along with everyone else on the deck. it‟s very relaxing. FEMALE CO-WORKER Thanks. DANA This boat is awesome. just grab a space anywhere in the main dining room. GARY OK. I‟ve never done anything like this.

(pause) I want to thank everyone for their smarts and dedication to making AON one of the greatest companies in the world. in fact we‟ve been on a roll for several years now and the future has never looked brighter. He takes a quick swig of his drink. through another prosperous fiscal year. and working with you all. the food is delicious and the drinks are inebriating.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: INT. DINING ROOM The dining room fills up with employees as the AON Chairman stands up on a stage at the front of room with a microphone in his hand. 42 . I truly believe we have great things in store for this company in the coming years and everyone in this room will have a huge part in it. We are the best at what we do and I want to thank everyone here for that. the weather is gorgeous. great things are to come and I look forward to leading this company. I‟d like to thank everyone for coming out today. But we are having a great year. AON CHAIRMAN Welcome fellow AON employees to the company‟s “Welcome to Summer” party. AON CHAIRMAN (cont‟d) So no one needs to waste their time by listening to me go on and on about the company‟s great performance. the sights are wonderful. – YACHT. (pause) I‟m going to make this short because there‟s plenty of fun to be had today. (pause) As I said.

(pause) To continued success…and to all of you who drive home this success every day. GARY While you grab some shrimp I‟ll refill our cocktails. CUT TO: INT. go shopping. see a movie. AON CHAIRMAN (cont‟d) So let us all raise our glasses and do a toast. Gary and Dana clink 43 GARY Shall we go grab a spot back out on the deck? DANA Sure. . Everyone in the room does a “cheers. what do you do for fun on the weekends? DANA I dunno. the usual stuff a girl in her early twenties would do. OUTSIDE DECK – DAYTIME Gary and Dana grab some prime real estate by the railing that offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Dana walks over to the buffet table and grabs a small plate of shrimp while Gary walks over to the bar by the buffet table and gets two new drinks. hang out. Gary walks over to Dana and they walk back out to the deck. – YACHT.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He raises his glass. have dinner with friends. but not before I grab a few shrimp. GARY So.” their glasses together. Cheers.

On Friday night I‟ll probably just hang out with a few of my Long Island friends. (pause) So what are you doing this weekend? DANA This weekend I‟m actually hanging out back on Long Island. it‟s my mom‟s birthday on Saturday night so we‟re having a family party for her. I don‟t do it every weekend. I spend a lot of my weekends in the city actually. DANA I know you are. but I‟m in most of the time. I crash at one of my girlfriend‟s apartment and we usually hang out on Fridays and Saturdays then I head back Sunday mornings. GARY That‟s cool. Like where? GARY At the local Applebee‟s? DANA No! (laughs) We have real bars you know! 44 GARY I know. me and my girls will probably go to one of the local Irish bars by me. So anyways.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Is there an active nightlife scene in your part of Long Island? DANA There is but I don‟t usually hang out in Long Island. . GARY You don‟t? DANA No. I‟m just kidding.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Cool. (pause) So what are you doing the next weekend? DANA I‟m not sure, I‟ll be staying in the city with my friend but we haven‟t figured out what to do yet. GARY Where does she live? DANA on the Upper West Side somewhere, off of Amsterdam, like on 83rd St and Amsterdam. GARY Nice, I know that area. A lot of good bars, Brother Jimmy‟s, Gin Mill, Jake‟s Dilemma. DANA Yeah, we have a fun time. GARY So would you like to maybe do something over that weekend? I mean I know you‟ll have plans at night with your friend, but maybe we can do something nice and leisurely during the day? Dana is taken aback slightly by Gary‟s question. DANA Sure, that‟d be fun. you want to do? What would


GARY Ever spend time in the Park? DANA Central Park?

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (laughs) Yes, Central Park. DANA I‟ve walked through it but I can‟t say I‟ve ever spent significant time there. GARY OK, let‟s go to the Great Lawn in the park. It‟s very low key, very relaxing. OK. DANA What would we do there?


GARY We could do a lot of things. People watch, throw a Frisbee around, watch the little kids play baseball, get some sun. You know, it‟s very basic. Bring a blanket, maybe some sandwiches and just hang out, relax and talk. DANA Sounds nice, count me in for that, assuming it‟s a nice day. GARY Great, it‟ll be a good time; I can assure you of that. Gary and Dana both turn around to look out over the boat and face the skyline. They both remain silent as they take in the scene. CUT TO: INT. – A CORNER BODEGA, UPPER EAST SIDE Gary is standing in a short aisle of a bodega surveying all the different kinds of snacks and chips that stuff the shelves. He is holding a small grocery list in his hand that has scribbles all over it.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (to himself) Who would‟ve thought there‟d be so many different kinds of chips out there. (pause) I‟m worried if I go plain she‟ll think I‟m boring and not adventurous, but if I pick up something fancy like sour cream and chives, she‟ll think I‟m way too uppity plus I run the risk of alienating her taste buds. (pause) Screw it, I‟ll gonna go with Fritos, who doesn‟t like Fritos? Plus although they‟re popular, they‟re not exactly the “norm” so maybe this will show off a bit of my eccentric side. Gary grabs a bag of Fritos and makes his way over to the deli counter. GARY Excuse me sir. The man behind the deli counter, who is busy slicing meat, turns around to help Gary. GARY (cont‟d) Hi, I would like to get a quart of your best potato salad, a tuna fish sandwich on a roll and a roast beef and turkey sandwich on a hero with lettuce only; no tomatoes, dressing, cheese, mayo or anything disgusting like that. None of that. As the deli counter man goes to work on his order, Gary starts perusing the shelves next to him. Then his cell phone rings, it‟s Dana. GARY Hello. (pauses to listen) Hey Dana, yep I‟m on my way. (MORE)


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) (pauses to listen) I‟m just in the bodega right now getting us some sandwiches. (pauses to listen) No, it‟s no problem, I got it all taken care of. (pauses to listen) Where are you at? (pauses to listen) Oh, you‟re already at the park? And you got a spot? (pauses to listen) OK, I‟ll hurry over as soon I can. I‟m almost done getting the sandwiches. (pauses to listen) OK, I‟ll see you in a few minutes, bye. Gary hangs up his phone and grabs his just made sandwiches off the counter. CUT TO: EXT. – CENTRAL PARK, GREAT LAWN – DAY Gary enters the Great Lawn area and starts walking around the outer edge of the field carrying a couple bags of groceries. The park is packed with little leaguers playing baseball on the dirt fields, guys throwing the football around, young couples throwing a Frisbee back and forth, and many people just lying out enjoying the sun. After a while of aimlessly wandering around, Gary can‟t find Dana so he stands still and looks around. He finally takes his cell phone out and calls Dana. GARY Dana, hey it‟s me. I can‟t find you! (pause) Where are you? (pause) I know, I‟m in the park too, on the (MORE)


DANA (excited) Gary!!!! GARY Hey girl. OK. Gary looks out over the Great Lawn and sees Dana in the distance jumping up and down in the middle of the field. GARY (cont‟d) (laughs) OK. I‟m great.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) Great Lawn. right? (pause) OK. how you doin‟? Dana gives Gary a kiss on the cheek. have a seat! GARY . there in a sec. GARY (cont‟d) Can you be a little bit more specific? I see three teams in navy blue. I see you now. come. on a big blanket. (pause) I can‟t see you. between two little league baseball games. OK. I‟ll find you. (pause) In the middle? (pause) You mean the middle field in the Great Lawn. (pause) You‟re by the kids in the navy blue? Gary looks around the Great Lawn and notices three different little league teams dressed in navy blue playing on three different fields. DANA Come. 49 I‟ll be Gary hangs up the phone and walks over to Dana who is hanging out in the middle of the lawn.

He throws in a few ice cubes into each cup. of course I brought cups. DANA And you brought ice too? GARY Of course. Gary reaches into another bag and whips not only a couple of cups but also a handful of ice cubes. sunny. a couple sandwiches. I figured that a nice. some chips.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary sits down on the blanket and places the grocery bags down. . crisp bottle of Chardonnay. but everyone does it. summer Saturday afternoon in the park would be a perfect for a cool. Dana immediately starts going through them. I‟m not an amateur. did I bring cups?!? What kind of question is that? I‟m a professional. GARY (cont‟d) …And a bottle of Chardonnay. what did you get? GARY Nothing special. DANA Is drinking in the park legal? GARY Probably not. DANA Oh. DANA Did you bring cups? 50 Great! GARY Huh. I got you a tuna sandwich because I remember you saying that you like tuna fish… Gary grabs a bottle of Chardonnay out of one of the bags. girl.

Gary is caught completely off guard by Dana‟s admission. Dana and Gary relax on the blanket and take in the sights of the Great Lawn. Gary pours Dana another glass of wine. Gary pours Dana and himself a glass of wine. GARY (cont‟d) So cheers. LATER ON GARY You need another glass? DANA (a bit tipsy) Sure. DANA (slightly slurring) So let me tell you a little bit about my life. The cops have a lot bigger things on their mind than busting people like us for sipping wine in Central Park. DANA I dated an asshole last year. Both Gary and Dana clink their glasses. I‟ll take another drink… thaaank you. 51 . DANA It‟s a beautiful day out here. GARY (laughs) OK.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (worried) So are we gonna get in trouble? GARY Gimme a break. Don‟t worry.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Ohhkay. GARY How long was it? DANA Eight months. but I can‟t believe I voluntarily put up with that and lived through it all for so long. GARY So why did you get with him in the first place? DANA I dunno Gary. he was an asshole. I dunno. He seemed like a good guy. He was such a mess. right? DANA Yeah. DANA He just treated me so horribly. I mean I can‟t believe I put up with what I put up with for so long. GARY OK. GARY So why did it take you so long to get out of it? DANA I dunno. DANA No really. misunderstood by everyone. GARY Well you‟re out of it now though. (pause) (MORE) 52 . I guess I felt bad for him. but I knew within the first month that it was no good. but a good guy nonetheless.

he starts out by apologizing then he just turns evil. 53 . obviously there‟s something wrong with him to act like that. I don‟t expect you to understand any of this. no. I can‟t explain it. I can‟t help it. GARY No. but why should you care anymore? DANA I dunno because I do. he won‟t let it go. (pause) Look. GARY So why do you take his call? DANA Because I feel bad for him. GARY OK. DANA Look.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) Sadly. no. and acts like as ass. true. GARY How so? DANA He‟s relentless. It happens every time he calls me. I want to understand. yelling and screaming at me. he was not a good guy. GARY OK. I made a mistake and I feel like I‟m still paying for it. He calls me. DANA (exhales) You know what? It‟s not worth it. I care too much I guess.

DANA I like you. After a few moments of awkward silence. if you ever need someone to talk to. GARY I know I‟m probably going to screw everything up right now. Dana speaks up. not worth it. Dana moves away from Gary and takes another drink of wine. Gary speaks up. you‟re a good friend. don‟t worry about it. to ask this. It‟s 54 GARY I just want you to know that I‟m here for you. GARY I like you too. I‟m sorry I DANA (laughs and playfully hits Gary) Gary! I‟m kidding! GARY I‟m just kidding! After a few more moments of awkward silence. there‟s an awkward moment where they‟re close together and look into each other‟s eyes briefly but they ultimately don‟t kiss. but I think I owe it to myself. and to you.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Are you sure? DANA Yeah. I‟m a good listener. . (pause) You‟re good-hearted. Dana reaches over and hugs Gary. GARY What did you say? Wasn‟t listening.

GARY Really? DANA I‟m sorry. but right now it‟s not the right time for me. I need to get over a lot of things first.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA What‟s that? GARY What would you say if I asked you out on a date? DANA (taken aback) Really? GARY (nonchalantly) Yeah. but I‟m not ready. what would you think? A guy like me asking out a nice girl like yourself? DANA That‟s definitely sweet of you to ask that. 55 . but it‟s just not a good time for me. I‟m not. GARY OK. I‟m sorry. DANA I think in a few months I might like that idea. that‟s not my style. GARY Yeah but don‟t you think the easiest way to get over things that happened in the past is to move on and look towards the future? DANA Maybe so. I‟m not going to pressure you.

DANA OK. It‟s . close to her hood. I respect your decision. GARY Those sandwiches were kinda small.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Hey that‟s ok. thinking? Where were you 56 GARY Well I know you have plans with your friend later tonight. DANA It‟s really not though. so we could go someplace on the Upper West Side. I‟m cool with it. GARY Well it‟s your neighborhood more than it‟s mine. How do you feel about going out to a late brunch? DANA That sounds good. any ideas? GARY (laughs) What are you asking me for? your neighborhood. Gary and Dana both sit back on the blanket and watch the little leaguers in front of them play baseball in silence for several seconds. DANA Thank you. (pause) I like to hang out with you anyways. Gary finally breaks the silence. so if hanging out with you as a friend is what I can get then I‟ll take it. that‟s nice.

How about Fred‟s? It‟s close to my friend‟s place. shoot. we were going to go shopping at 3 o‟clock today. fair enough. GARY No. don‟t be silly. Gary and Dana stand up. DANA Shoot. GARY I don‟t know Fred‟s but I‟m sure it‟ll be perfect. GARY Ok. DANA Oh wait. it‟s great. I have to meet my friend down at Century 21.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA OK. I can‟t grab a bite. Let‟s go there. GARY What is it? Dana and Gary start walking across the Great Lawn. 57 . DANA Are you sure? I don‟t want to drag you all the way out to the Upper West Side. DANA I almost forgot. so we‟ll have brunch another time. but if it‟s too far away for you I can think of something else. shake the dirt off the blanket and pack up their stuff. Dana takes out her cell phone and looks at the time. what time is it? GARY I don‟t know. Dana grabs Gary‟s hand to apologize as they walk through the park.

I guess we‟re looking at four weekends from now? GARY I‟m actually off on vacation that weekend. The weekend after that maybe? DANA I have my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary that weekend. GARY Sure. especially on the weekends. DANA But let‟s definitely do brunch one weekend. GARY (laughs) This is borderline ridiculous. That‟s the hazards of trying to make plans during the summer. that‟s no good. How about the weekend after that? GARY I‟m tied up that weekend with a family birthday party. I‟ll be at the Jersey Shore. how does that sound? You free in November? . everyone is always away or doing something.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA I feel bad. How about the weekend after that? DANA Then I‟m on vacation. don‟t. It was easy to lose track of time out here. GARY No. (jokingly) Well I think I have a weekend open in November. It‟s ok. 58 I‟m so sorry. how about next weekend? DANA Oh.

(pause) By the way. DANA That should work. I‟ll be coming back that Friday. we‟ll find a Sunday that works before then. do you want to do something fun this week? GARY Sure. well we could grab an after work drink. we‟re already talking about making plans towards the end of summer. GARY Why don‟t we just plan for early August. DANA OK. that‟s a bit depressing. 59 .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (laughs) Stop! GARY What? DANA Come on. I don‟t typically go out for lunch. it‟s not like we can‟t grab a drink after work during the week or grab some lunch before then. the weekend after you come back from vacation? Geez. GARY Oh yeah definitely. although I have to warn you. GARY I‟d like that. I‟m usually too busy to do sit-down lunches. I like fun. so I‟ll just meet up with you on Sunday. DANA Or better yet.

GARY Let‟s do some rock 60 DANA You free on Wednesday night? GARY I should be. I never really ever gave a thought to rock climbing. DANA Me neither.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA What do you think about rock climbing? GARY Rock climbing? DANA Yeah. GARY Interesting. they have a climbing gym. so I don‟t know. I‟m all into doing different things in the city. DANA I think it‟d be cool. it looks like fun. . GARY And where can you do this rock climbing at? DANA There‟s a place on 10th Ave called Manhattan Plaza Health Club. So you want to do it with me? Of course! climbing! Great. GARY Gee. but I was reading Time Out New York the other day and they had an article about rock climbing. I‟ve never done it before. rock climbing.

You‟re a little weird. DANA Like “Awesome Wednesdays?” GARY (thinking) “Awesome Wednesdays. let‟s do Wednesday. DANA I‟m gonna head home now before I meet up with Becky. Have fun tonight! In another awkward move.” 61 I like that. GARY (cont‟d) Well. Gary playfully punches Dana in the shoulder to say goodbye. I guess I‟ll see you later. you know. Maybe we can even make this into a weekly thing where we do something cool every Wednesday or something like that. GARY OK. GARY We should come up with a catchy name to call these activities too. . DANA Awesome Wednesdays it is then. DANA (laughs) Ohhkkkaayy.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA OK. just to be really dorky. GARY Get ready for some fun. Dana and Gary look into each other‟s eyes during a few seconds of awkward silence. Dana and Gary walk towards the swing area located on the perimeter of the Great Lawn.

He picks up a bottle opener and opens each one. no. Dustin reaches into the cooler and grabs Gary and himself a beer. shoot. They‟re both wearing sunglasses. Dana grabs Gary‟s hand softly as a goodbye gesture and slowly begins to walk away. DUSTIN Beer? GARY Sure. Both guys periodically take sips from their beers during the conversation.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Sorry. DANA (laughs) No. 62 GARY Thank you. it‟s OK. ROOFTOP – DAY Gary and Dustin are sitting in chairs on Gary‟s rooftop getting some rays on a bright. A . cooler is sitting in between them filled with beer. It‟s cute. DUSTIN So tell me something Gary. – GARY‟S APARTMENT BUILDING ON UPPER EAST SIDE. shorts and t-shirts. GARY Thanks Dana. DANA Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I guess. sunny weekend afternoon. CUT TO: EXT. GARY OK.

DUSTIN OK. fine. not even inviting the group anymore. there are some times when only you and her go out.” DUSTIN (laughs) What are you. what‟s the deal? GARY There‟s no “deal. Don‟t play me 63 . like this? GARY Like what? DUSTIN Seriously. you tryin‟ to make me look like a douchebag? GARY No. but not always. GARY (interrupts him) Hey wait a second. you now go out for cocktails with her and just her. not any more than usual. DUSTIN Come on. So shoot me straight. DUSTIN Shut up. we still go out as a group.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN You and Dana? What‟s the deal? GARY What do you mean? DUSTIN Here you go again. I see her in your office at least once a day. you hang out with her all the time. gay then? GARY Screw you Dustin. that‟s not true.

DUSTIN Look. I‟m just saying that you‟re spending a lot of time with her lately. DUSTIN Like what? 64 . I can‟t deny any of that.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Fair enough. Not to mention that you guys are always laughing together. we try to keep it to something kind of unusual. so I might as well just fess up now. you hang out with her on weekends too. DUSTIN Last time I checked. Dana and I do a different activity each Wednesday. you even told me earlier that you‟re having brunch with her tomorrow. GARY (shocked) OK you‟re showing some stalker tendencies now. it‟s just weird.” DUSTIN (perplexed) Now what the hell is “Awesome Wednesdays?” GARY I probably shouldn‟t have said anything but I figured you‟d find out eventually. you went out with her twice by yourself that week before you both started your vacations. like you all have your own personal jokes. And you don‟t even know about “Awesome Wednesdays. Also. GARY Yep.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Let‟s see, we‟ve done rock climbing, then I took her to a New Jersey Nets game, courtside seats, Mr. Reynolds hooked me up with the tickets. It was awesome, we could literally reach out and touch the players, plus they have a bar right off the court with free food and booze. And last week we made some pottery. DANA (in disbelief) Really? GARY Yeah, I made this nice pot. Actually it wasn‟t really that nice, it was kind of deformed, but it‟s functional so that‟s all that matters. DUSTIN Pottery? GARY Yeah it was actually pretty cool. It was a nice little store and they served white wine at night while we were making our pottery. (pause) I‟m trying to get her out to do some shooting at the West Side Pistol & Rifle Range in Chelsea. They have this deal where you sit through a short training class then they give you like 150 bullets to go shooting at their range. And then you go next door and have a steak at the restaurant. It‟s all part of this deal, it‟s called Beef and Guns or something like that. DUSTIN What caliber do you get to shoot? GARY Something small, like a .22.


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN You really think you can get her out to go shooting? GARY No, it‟s definitely not her thing, but I‟m trying. DUSTIN (thinking) Pottery making. GARY You‟re still on that, huh? DUSTIN It‟s just weird. For a dude that‟s not dating this chick, you certainly seem like you are. I don‟t get it. GARY She‟s a good girl, I like her. We‟re friends and I like hanging out with her. So screw you. DUSTIN And you‟ve never kissed her? GARY Nope. DUSTIN You‟ve never done anything? GARY Nope. DUSTIN (confused) Nothing? GARY Nada. Dustin speaks up after a few seconds of silence. DUSTIN I don‟t believe you.


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (laughs) Well bro, I dunno what to say, I‟m telling you the truth. DUSTIN I thought you liked her? GARY I do, very much so. DUSTIN So what‟s the problem? GARY It‟s complicated. DUSTIN Now you sound like a chick. GARY I do, don‟t I? My bad. (pause) Look, I don‟t think anything‟s gonna happen. Why not? You seem makes me together DUSTIN You guys look good together. like a perfect match, which sick, but you seem good nonetheless.


GARY She‟s going through some things now. DUSTIN Like what? GARY You know, guy problems, guy problems from the past. Seriously? to pounce! DUSTIN This is the perfect time

GARY Whatever, you know I‟m not like that.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN I know, you with your stupid morals; I don‟t get it. GARY (sarcastically) Sorry for having morals and upsetting you; I‟m really upset over that. (pause) I have morals, what do you want from me? I sleep good at night, that‟s all that matters. DUSTIN In a weird way, I respect that; I guess. GARY Thank you. DUSTIN So what‟s next? GARY I don‟t know. I mean I like her and all. DUSTIN Have you come out and told her that? GARY No not in so many words. I‟ve asked her out on a date, but that‟s it, and it didn‟t go anywhere, she said “no” to a date…I think it was because of the whole guy situation, but honestly I don‟t even know anymore. (pause) I haven‟t come right out and said, “Hey Dana I really like you!” DUSTIN Maybe you should. GARY I can‟t. We have something good going and I don‟t want to ruin it.


but it takes a real man to tell a girl how he really feels about her. GARY (surprised) What? DUSTIN You heard me. (pause) Any guy can ask a girl out on a date. here‟s a novel idea. DUSTIN Then prove it. DUSTIN Whatever. you still sound like a bitch. just come out and say that not only do you want to take her out on a date but just tell her how much you dig her. GARY How? DUSTIN I don‟t know.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN That‟s a bitch way of looking at things. GARY I can‟t believe I‟m about ready to (MORE) 69 . I‟m sorry that I‟m trying to be incredibly respectful especially considering what she‟s been through recently. GARY I‟m not a bitch. why not when you‟re out with her at brunch tomorrow you just tell her how you feel about her? (pause) None of this other BS that you do. GARY I don‟t think I do at all.

DUSTIN In all honesty. I‟ll tell her tomorrow.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) take advice about women from you. GARY (contemplating) Should I tell her? DUSTIN What do you have to lose? GARY A friendship. then where would you be? (pause) If you don‟t do it soon. of all people. I mean you‟ve known her (MORE) 70 . DUSTIN Hey. but maybe for a long time…and all because you were afraid to say just a few little words to her. GARY Fine. just go ahead and do it. you got me! GARY That‟s reassuring. DUSTIN That‟s what I want to here. out of all the people in the world I‟m actually contemplating listening to you. you never know what‟ll happen in life. DUSTIN Because you know I‟m right. then you might regret it. one day you could be hanging out with her partying at Exit having a great time and the next day she could fall in love with a guy in the produce aisle of Gristedes. It‟s about time. maybe not for the rest of your life.

(pause) It kills me to see this. it definitely was. both Gary and Dustin sit back in their chairs quietly as they absorb more sun. CUT TO: EXT. GARY I‟ll be fine Dustin. GARY (to Dana) So how was your trip? Jeez I haven‟t seen you in a couple weeks at least. the sun is shining brightly and both are wearing sunglasses and summer clothes. don‟t worry about me…It‟ll be all good. DANA Yeah. Now that the conversation is over. enjoy your meal. It must‟ve been hot as hell down there. DANA It was good. GARY You guys are crazy to go to the Caribbean in August. It‟s Sunday brunch time. The hostess sets down two menus. FRED‟S HOSTESS Your welcome. – FRED‟S RESTAURANT. But it‟s cheap to go down there this time of year so that‟s why we went when we (MORE) 71 .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN (cont‟d) for almost three months and nothing. Me and my family had a great time in Puerto Rico. GARY Thank you. UPPER WEST SIDE – DAY Gary and Dana are seated by a hostess at a table for two outside the restaurant.

72 . GARY What did you do down there? DANA Well like I said. GARY That sounds cool. A young waitress stops by their table to take their drink order. there‟s a cool breeze blowing on the beach. the guys caught some fish. then we grilled them up once we got to the mainland. FRED‟S WAITRESS Hello guys.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) did. DANA Yes. well actually my dad and my brother fished while me and my mom sunbathed on the boat. can I get you all a drink? Dana looks at Gary to try to get his silent approval for ordering an alcoholic drink. But it was nice. doing some boating and fishing. they were huge! We also ate some good authentic Puerto Rican food and we spent some time on the water. Also. so as long as you‟re on the beach it‟s not that bad. we spent a lot of time on the beach. then we did a lot of sightseeing in the historic areas. GARY Yeah I heard there were a bunch of forts down there. But when you move inland to like the city streets of Old San Juan then it tends to get hot and pretty humid.

(pause) I missed you. FRED‟S WAITRESS No problem. . The waitress takes the order and walks away. I was actually able to get some work done this week. DANA Heyyyyy. DANA So how was everything while I was away? GARY It was fine. It was refreshing though I guess. we spend a lot of time hanging out together at work. Dana and Gary go back to their conversation. what‟s that supposed to mean? GARY I‟m just saying. that‟s so sweet! GARY I did.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Should we get a drink? drink. why not? We‟re both celebrating our return to New York. I‟ll get a mimosa. DANA OK. Quiet in the office though without you there. GARY Make that two. Really? DANA Awww. drink? 73 I mean a GARY Sure.

GARY Thanks. GARY OK. no. FRED‟S WAITRESS Here you go folks. that‟s not what I mean. DANA OK. good. DANA Oh shut up Gary! Cute is good.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA OK. GARY I like hanging out with you too. (pause) I do like hanging out with you though. GARY (pause) No. I seem to always manage to stick my foot in my mouth. GARY I‟ll just stop talking now. GARY I don‟t want to be cute. I‟ll stop talking to you at work then. two mimosas. 74 . that‟s not what I want. I want to be manly. The silence is broken by the waitress coming back and delivering the drinks. DANA It‟s cute though. There‟s a few seconds of silence as Gary looks at Dana and debates to himself whether he should come out and tell Dana how he feels. I‟ll take it. no.

anything else? GARY Nope. DANA So what were we talking about? GARY Ahh nothing major. I consider you a really great friend. well I do to. and you sir? GARY I‟m gonna go with a plain burger cooked medium rare. DANA That‟s right. FRED‟S WAITRESS What will you have? DANA I think I‟m just gonna go with the turkey burger. DANA Cheers. do a “cheers” and have a sip. 75 . I think we‟re good.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FRED‟S WAITRESS Are you all ready to order? DANA I think so. I was just saying how much I like hanging out with you. FRED‟S WAITRESS OK. The waitress writes down the order and walks away. GARY Cheers. Dana and Gary both grab their mimosas. FRED‟S WAITRESS Very good.

So what were you going to say? GARY What? DANA Sorry. GARY Oh yeah… Gary thinks for a moment but he eventually cops out and moves on to another subject. There‟s several seconds of silence again as Gary again looks at Dana and contemplates whether or not he should tell her how he really feels. why do you ask? DANA You‟re sweating. Gary is so nervous he‟s sweating even though it‟s not particularly that warm outside. GARY (cont‟d) Actually I don‟t remember what I was going to say. DANA Are you ok? GARY Yes. whatever. GARY Yeah.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY That‟s kind. it just looked like you were going to say something before I rudely interrupted. sorry. I don‟t know why I‟m sweating. DANA It‟s not even that warm out today. GARY Oh. DANA OK. 76 .

DANA Gary. he‟s regretting that he hasn‟t told Dana how he feels. Well don‟t beat yourself up trying to remember what you were going to say. GARY No. it probably wasn‟t that important anyways. GARY OK.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Oh. is something wrong? Gary snaps out of his daze. DANA What do you think about this weather? GARY Oh jeez. Don‟t worry about it. GARY True. am I boring you that much that? We‟ve now resorted to making small talk about the weather? DANA (laughs) No! But you have to admit the weather is gorgeous today! 72 degrees in August and not a cloud in the sky? Perfection! Gary is looking like a man with something on his mind. 77 . GARY I‟m sorry. The waitress comes back with their food and sets it down on the table. ok. why do you say that? DANA You just don‟t seem all there.

The scene stays in Gary‟s apartment for the entire conversation with Dana off screen.) Hello? GARY (nervously) Hi. let‟s dig in. that was fast.) Hey Gary. – GARY‟S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM That Sunday night. GARY Boy. enjoy! The waitress leaves the table. Gary is sitting on his couch watching TV. FRED‟S WAITRESS Do you need anything else? DANA I think we‟re all set. Dana. FRED‟S WAITRESS Excellent. what‟s up? 78 . He looks at the time on his cable TV box and sees it turn from 9:29 to 9:30. Gary dials Dana‟s phone number and she answers after a few rings.S. DANA (O. GARY OK. CUT TO: INT.S. he picks up his cell phone which is sitting on his coffee table and looks at it.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FRED‟S WAITRESS Here you go. At that point. After a deep breath. DANA (O.

grapes. but I know you were running errands afterwards.) Umm. I love chipwiches. DANA (O. a chipwich. they were fine. GARY (awkwardly) OK. DANA (O. that‟s exciting. GARY How come you bought all those apartment supplies if you live at home with your parents? DANA Oh they‟re not for me. that‟s umm. He looks out of his windows in both rooms to calm himself. but you do realize that I saw you only a few hours ago? GARY I know.) It was good. DANA (O. I mean except for the tampons and the chipwich.S. detergent.S. GARY I thought I‟d call to see how the rest of your weekend was.) You know the usual. so I just thought I‟d see how they went.S. I bought the other things for my friend (MORE) 79 . toothpaste and tampons.) Hey you asked. GARY What did you get? DANA (O.S. The chipwich was definitely for me. cleaning supplies.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary stands up from his couch and nervously paces back and forth between his living room and his dark bedroom. some orange juice.

DANA (O.) OK. it‟s been a busy summer.) No. DANA (O. busy indeed. DANA (O. But we managed. OK.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) Becky. 80 Stop that.S. 9:30 is fine. go ahead. I‟m glad we were finally able to do it.) Why are you nervous? GARY I want to ask you something. GARY Oh. you‟re right. It‟s not like I‟m 90 years old or have an infant at home. as a thank you for letting me stay at her place. Busy.S. (pause) By the way. did I call you too late? DANA (O.) Thanks for inviting me. GARY I know. moving on then. you‟re not awkward. DANA (O. probably because I‟m nervous. you know you can ask me anything. (pause) I‟m sorry that I‟m awkward. you‟re crazy. GARY That‟s true. GARY I just think I‟m a bit awkward.) (laughs) No.S. Thanks for coming out to brunch today. .S. it‟s not too late. I‟m sorry.S.

fancy! GARY Great. it‟s a black-tie event so I know what that means for guys but not quite sure what that means for girls. DANA (O.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY AON is a sponsor of a big charity event Tuesday night. That‟s all. it‟s not like I have to do anything. I guess they‟d have to wear a nice dress or something like that. It‟s for the Wake-A-Wish Foundation and AON is one of several sponsors.) What am I going to wear? GARY I‟m sure you got something that‟ll look great. It‟s at the Waldorf-Astoria so the meal will probably be good. Mr.) This might call for a special shopping trip tomorrow. say hi to a few people and maybe cut a rug on the dance floor a little bit. Reynolds was going to be the company‟s representative at the event but he has to fly to Los Angeles now. DANA (O. Thanks for inviting me! Are you sure you want me to go with you? 81 . I just take up two seats at a table.S. for charity‟s sake that is.) Yeah. I‟d love to go! Geez.S. (pause) So I thought I‟d see if you‟d like to go with me to represent the company. DANA (O. So he gave me his two tickets. Even though I‟d be the official representative. so he can‟t go. the Waldorf! Fancy.S.

they approach A BAR GARY What are you drinking Dana? 82 .S. – WALDORF-ASTORIA. I‟m sure I‟ve taken up enough of your time tonight.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Of course. GARY No problem. Gary leads her through the room as he occasionally stops to shake hands and engage in small talk with acquaintances. Good night Dana.S. It‟s truly my pleasure. Gary and Dana make their grand entrance through the double doors that lead into the room. I wouldn‟t have invited you if I didn‟t. it‟s going to be fun. I‟m excited! DANA (O. fancy ballroom is crowded with men in tuxedos and women in nice dresses milling about. CUT TO: INT. thanks again for inviting me. DANA (O. DANA (O.) Me too. I‟ll see you tomorrow.) Good night.S. It‟s going to be a good time. Towards the corner of the room. BALLROOM A huge. The room is filled with several tables that seat 12 people each.) OK. Gary is dressed in a classy black tuxedo and Dana is wearing a stunning red dress. GARY Well I‟ll let you go now.

(to the bartender) Barkeep.” personal.” DANA Cheers. Alright. AT CHARITY EVENT Ladies and gentleman. can we have a Vodka Tonic and a Heineken please. I‟m surprised you asked me here (MORE) . An older woman gets on the stage at the front of the ballroom and makes an announcement. GARY I should‟ve known. Gary and Dana slowly navigate around the room until they find a table with their name tags in front of a place setting. I guess I‟m “and guest. M. I‟m just kidding. it‟s fine. The bartender gets them their drinks and they “cheers. Reynolds that I was taking you so that he could submit both our names? That might‟ve been a bit weird.C. AT THEIR TABLE Dana grabs the name tag and looks at it.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Vodka Tonic. DANA No. DANA Gary McGregor and guest. How 83 GARY What did you want to me do? Tell Mr. GARY Let‟s go find our table. please find your seats as the meal is about to begin.

also from AON. whoever she may be. I‟m Gary McGregor from the AON Corporation and this is my friend Dana. DANA Mission accomplished. GARY Good evening everyone.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) in the first place. they set their drinks down and put their napkins across their laps. GARY Mr. 84 . how gentlemanly of you. GARY I figure if I‟m dressed like a gentleman I should act like a gentleman. Gary shakes the hands of the couple sitting next to him. Reynolds told me we that me and my guest. Both of them settle into their seats. Gary introduces him and Dana to the table. GARY Good evening how are you doing? Good evening. the salad begins to be served. DANA Wow. Gary surveys the scene at the table – five other couples sitting around all middle-aged or older and all dressed in their finest attire. Almost as soon as they sit. Gary pulls Dana‟s seat out to help her sit then he takes his own seat. I would‟ve thought you‟d be worried that people would talk. would be the only ones associated from the company here. So I wasn‟t worried.

Back at the table. we‟re looking at a night that will raise millions for Make-A-Wish. our friends. Gary makes a lot of effort to move the little tomatoes out of his bowl. CHARITY EVENT ORGANIZER Good evening everybody and welcome to the 12th Annual New York City Charity Gala to benefit the great work done by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. and all of you for making this night a tremendous success. we have a great DJ here that‟ll be playing the hits from yesterday and today. (MORE) 85 . We Have a fabulous surf and turf dinner planned featuring lobster and sirloin steak. and we‟ll be closing out the night with some dancing. so please dig in and have a great time tonight. The room breaks out into applause. we‟ll be conducting a silent auction with items generously donated by our sponsors and friends. (pause) I‟d like to thank our sponsors. DANA Not a big fan of tomatoes? GARY Not a big fan of any vegetables. Bravo everyone. Based on the number of seats here and what we expect to pull in from the auction.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese A distinguished older gentleman approaches the podium in the middle of the stage. Actually my mom would be very proud if she saw me even eating a salad. CHARITY EVENT ORGANIZER (cont‟d) It‟s my understanding that the salad has just been served. everyone begins to eat their salad.

GARY How‟s your salad? Good.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) I don‟t typically do any greens. DANA You‟re missing out on these tomatoes though. DANA Why? GARY Just trying to fit in. . MALE SERVER Very good. these tomatoes are yummy. this vinaigrette or whatever they call it is quite tasty. GARY And I‟ll take the steak. DANA How‟s yours? 86 GARY Amazingly it doesn‟t suck. MALE SERVER Excuse me folks. what would you like for your entrée? Lobster or steak? DANA I‟ll take the lobster please. You want to talk about yummy. thank you. It‟s actually OK. It‟s the dressing that makes it. thank you. A male server comes to the table to take everyone‟s entrée order. but I‟m making an exception in this case. The server moves around the table.

dejected. Dana pushes him back. DANA Oh Gary. DANA Just try one. you lost that a long time ago. GARY I‟m just trying to maintain some dignity. No! Put your fork down. leans over and interrupts their conversation. Come on. put it down. GARY No thank you. GARY Very funny. 87 . DANA Fine. A distinguished older female sitting right next to Gary at the table. you‟re making a scene! (laughs again) Come on. Gary playfully pushes Dana in her seat. you‟re no fun. Dana puts a tomato on her fork and tries to force feed Gary. DANA Come on.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I‟ll take your word for it. try one. open up the hangar! GARY (laughs) No. for me. LADY AT TABLE Excuse me. Gary swats Dana‟s hand away and she puts her fork back down in the salad bowl. Dana.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Yes. we‟re not together. . DANA Oh. Dana shows the lady her shoes. LADY AT TABLE I don‟t mean to interrupt. DANA Oh. LADY AT TABLE (smiles) You‟re cute. but I just wanted to say your dress is gorgeous. LADY AT TABLE (surprised) You‟re not? GARY No. 88 I don‟t know. Oh and I got my matching shoes at Nine West in the Sunrise Mall too. Long Island. good question. (pause) So how long have you two been together? Gary and Dana both laugh at the thought of the lady thinking they‟re together. thank you! LADY AT TABLE Who‟s the designer? DANA (perplexed) Hmmm. LADY AT TABLE Where did you get it? DANA Macy‟s at the Sunrise Mall in Massapequa.

GRAY Yeah. GARY Thank you. The lady puts her hand on her husband‟s knee. LADY AT TABLE How do you know each other? DANA We‟re just friends. GARY (interjects) We work together. 89 . Didn‟t think it was the right thing to do. LADY AT TABLE That‟s good. you could‟ve fooled me. I mean he asked me out on a date countless times. Well not together. it‟s quite a treat. and you have such a great repoire. He tried and tried and tried to get me out. I kept saying no. LADY AT TABLE Me and my husband both met at work too. who‟s sitting next to her. LADY AT TABLE (cont‟d) He was a rising star at his hot shot law firm and I was the young secretary. I didn‟t want to get involved with a lawyer at my firm. You both seem so comfortable together. He doesn‟t really notice this as he‟s engaged in conversation with the couple next to him. at least you get the chance to see each other every day. it‟s so natural.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LADY AT TABLE Oh. we work at the same company.

a fabulous dinner at Sardi‟s and the rest was history. 90 . Well. So I wanted to see it. I went with him. (pause) So I know you two aren‟t together but admittedly I have been rudely listening in on some of your conversations since you‟ve sat down and you both remind me of me and Jonathan when we were your age. the next day at lunch Jonathan brought me an apple and gave me two tickets to see “Who‟s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” He just gave them to me. In fact we just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary a few months ago. that is such a sweet story. we had a great night out. Gary feels awkward over her comment and abruptly stands up. We got married two years later and have been together ever since. DANA Awww. I mean his persistence had a lot to do with it. didn‟t say that I had to take him or anything. You two seem good together. (pause) Naturally.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY So how did he eventually win you over? LADY AT TABLE Very simply actually. LADY AT TABLE Thank you. but he also overheard me one day talking to a girlfriend in the office about how much I wanted to see this play on Broadway called “Who‟s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?” I‟m kind of a Broadway snob and it won the Tony Award for Best Play the year before.

another Vodka tonic? DANA Sure. LADY AT TABLE (surprised) Oh really? Well I‟m sure you have a good reason. Dana. LADY AT TABLE Don‟t worry about that sweetie. You should think about it though. DJ OK everybody we‟re going to slow it down for all you with this next song. DANA Actually he has asked me out before. I‟m ok.” 91 . so grab that special someone and get close. I‟ve said no. LATER ON ON THE DANCE FLOOR Gary and Dana are dancing among the other couples on the crowded dance floor. Gary rushes off to get the drinks. The music is fast paced but the song is quickly dying down.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I think that‟s my cue to get us another drink. men always get weirded out when talk of commitment comes up. would you like something? LADY AT TABLE No honey. he‟ll come around. GARY Miss. It‟s the Temptations with “Stand By Me.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary starts to walk off the dance floor thinking that it might be awkward if he slow dances with Dana. Come on. – WALDORF ASTORIA – NIGHT Gary and Dana drunkenly stumble out of the hotel. Dana grabs Gary‟s hand and drags him back on the dance floor. DJ Ladies and gentleman we‟re going to take a short break but will be back in 10. DANA Don‟t be silly. They begin to slow dance and Gary looks very awkward during all of it. The song ends. DANA Where you going? GARY (awkwardly) I don‟t know. Dana and Gary separate and Gary awkwardly kisses Dana quickly on the cheek. looking deep into each other‟s eyes. GARY Where to now? 92 . I kind of figured that it‟s a slow song and you know it might be a little weird and all. Dana puts one of Gary‟s hands on her hip and the other hand her shoulder. DANA (cont‟d) See it‟s fine. They both dance silently during the duration of the whole song. CUT TO: EXT. they walk up Lexington Avenue as Gary drags her by the arm.

somewhere with cocktails. it‟s on the 26th floor of this building. CUT TO: 93 . The taxi pulls CUT TO: INT. and it‟s pretty classy. – TAXI CAB TAXI DRIVER Where to sir? GARY 49th Street and First. DANA What‟s at Beekman Tower? GARY This lounge called Top of The Tower. I know a good place. DANA It actually never happens for me. Gary stands in the street and hails a taxi. it doesn‟t happen all the time. that‟s why we have to make the most of it. GARY Yes. DANA That sounds nice. Beekman Tower. over and both of them get in. GARY OK. It‟s cool. it even has a baby grand piano.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA I don‟t know. it has amazing views of the city. GARY I figure we have to make the most of us being all dressed up.

– BEEKMAN TOWER. I seriously wanted to kill her. I mean steering once or twice into the trees is one thing. but it was getting a little aggravating by the twentieth time. one of my very best friends in the whole world and all I wanted to do was strangle her after a while. The only noise that can be heard is the soft sounds of a pianist.” until we finally got on the water. DANA (laughs) That‟s funny. no matter how much stress you‟re under. 94 . remember we‟re all on vacation and we‟re all here to have fun. Gary is in the middle of telling a story.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. GARY And I couldn‟t figure out why our tour guide kept telling us “whatever you do don‟t fight with your kayaking partner. smiling and enjoying each other while in conversation. TOP OF THE TOWER The room is quiet with only a handful of couples sitting at tables engaged in quiet conversation. Gary and Dana are sitting at a small table by a window with a tremendous view of the city. I didn‟t get it. How do you forget your left from you right. They are drinking fancy cocktails and are laughing. I mean here she is. I mean in the heat of the rowing my friend kept confusing her left from her right and would paddle us directly into mangrove trees. I still don‟t get it. GARY It wasn‟t funny at the time.

it‟s really a great read. so I‟m reading this book called Kitchen Confidential. DANA It‟s good. he is cool as hell. Anthony Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain sounds like the man. Dana pronounces the “s” in both Les and Halles. It‟s pretty informative and very interesting. how do you think you pronounce it? 95 . GARY What restaurant is he at? DANA I‟m pretty sure Les Halles. like he tells people they should avoid eating fish on Mondays because it‟s likely been leftover from the weekend or even the week before. DANA Oh. GARY I‟ve heard of that place. on Park. He shares anecdotes and also gives tips. Are you sure you pronounced it right? DANA No. and what typically goes on in the kitchens of top restaurants. GARY What‟s it about? DANA It‟s all about the restaurant industry.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary and Dana sit silent for a moment as they both look out the window and admire the view. It‟s by this New York chef. GARY That‟s cool. yeah I wouldn‟t mind reading it.

GARY I feel the same about you too. GARY Well I‟ll check it out and see who‟s right. so let me ask you again. GARY I‟m happy you‟re in my life too. GARY OK. don‟t you? GARY When I know I‟m right? Yes. DANA You always have to be Mr. (MORE) . 96 Gary and Dana sit silent for a moment as they look out the window again. I‟m so fortunate. so it would be Les Halles. DANA I‟m so happy you‟re in my life. DANA I wouldn‟t bet on it. DANA You‟re different from other guys. then Dana speaks up. DANA I don‟t think that‟s right either.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I think the “s” in Les is silent. Gary pronounces Les correctly but still pronounces Halles incorrectly. Super competitive. DANA You‟re so great and so caring. GARY I‟m probably closer than you.

DANA Gary I‟m really appreciative that you‟d like to take me out on a date. DANA I‟m sure it would be. DANA (rolls her eyes) Gary. but just not now. which I‟m very thankful for. (pause) I hope you‟re OK with this. but… GARY (interrupts) But what? You‟ve said all these great. but I‟m still not ready. Maybe one day I will be. GARY I just think a good way to be ready would be to move on. Gary sits there silent as he thinks things over. nice things about me. I still need to get over some stuff. DANA (cont‟d) I hope you understand me. but now I think we should kick it up a notch and take things to the next level. but not for me. OK? 97 . I definitely don‟t want to lose you as a friend.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) I would really like to take you out on a date. GARY What? Come on I think it‟d be awesome. DANA And it probably would be. hopefully I will be.

you know me. then at least allow me to buy you another drink. DANA Hi Gary. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. . I got to run. Caroline. DANA‟S CUBICLE Gary walks by and stops at Dana‟s cube as she‟s sitting there talking to her co-worker. what are you doing down here? GARY There‟s some sort of management meeting going on in the conference room so I just have to drop off some presentations. see you ladies later. DANA (smiles) Sure. CAROLINE Gary. very fun. GARY Hi Dana. CUT TO: INT.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary still sits there silent for a few more moments as he continues mulling things over then he breaks his silent. how was the charity event last night? GARY It was nice. Well. GARY Well if you won‟t allow me to take you out on a date. CAROLINE Did you represent AON well? do anything stupid? Not 98 GARY Of course I represented well.

DANA It‟s not a big deal. can you keep a secret? CAROLINE Sure. CAROLINE (laughs) OK.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary rushes off while Dana and Caroline continue their conversation. DANA OK. I just don‟t want anybody talking. CAROLINE (surprised) Really? DANA Yes. what did you do last night? DANA Nothing. I swear. CAROLINE You look a little blurry-eyed. 99 . DANA No promise me that you swear you won‟t tell anyone. CAROLINE About what? DANA Gary took me as his +1 last night to the event at the Waldorf. but you know how offices operate. CAROLINE Come on Dana. you look a bit hungover which is unusual for a girl that typically goes home right after work.

You know how things work. CAROLINE But do you like him? Caroline emphasizes the word “like. it‟s tough as a girl too all around.” DANA You know I think I do. I told you he‟s my friend. CAROLINE So what‟s the big deal? DANA I just don‟t want anyone finding out we went together. and I don‟t want to go through that. untrue rumors. CAROLINE Do you like him? DANA Yeah. DANA Thanks for not saying anything. he‟s caring.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CAROLINE Are you dating? DANA No. that‟s how rumors start. He‟s funny. CAROLINE Doing anything? DANA No. 100 . CAROLINE Understandable. he‟s just a friend. he‟s just awesome. he‟s smart. girls don‟t want the rumors about them plus the fact that women are much tougher on other women than guys are to other guys.

and I definitely know where you‟re coming from.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CAROLINE Why don‟t you use your charm and try to get him to ask you out then. plus we have a nice thing going right now. not a +1 to a work function. 101 . I mean on a real date. CAROLINE And? DANA I said no. DANA Maybe I just don‟t want to get hurt again. DANA He‟s already asked me out on a date a few times before. Just remember life is about taking chances. CAROLINE But you just told me you liked him. but it‟s not the right time for me. conversely. CAROLINE I hear you. being comfortable. sometimes it‟s tough to get involved with someone until you have your own life in order. I probably shouldn‟t rock the boat. I need to deal with some other stuff first. I just want to be careful and not make the same mistakes twice. You shouldn‟t base your decisions on being scared or. Why are you playing so hard to get? I mean it‟s acceptable up to a certain point then it just gets odd. CAROLINE It‟s your prerogative. DANA Yeah.

well forget about the past. CAROLINE And that‟s fine too. Caroline walks out of the cube then turns back to Dana. but I‟m pretty much set in my ways.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA I know. – NEW AMSTERDAM THEATER. his mother. don‟t beat yourself up over things and for God sakes don‟t overthink anything. I‟ll think about it.” 102 . Do what you think is best. because that‟s the past and you can‟t do anything about that. I just don‟t know though. But just don‟t let the past affect your future. CAROLINE Lunch today? DANA I could use a salad. That‟s when people truly get themselves in trouble. DANA Thanks for the advice. CAROLINE OK. I‟ll stop by around noon and grab you. I just don‟t want you missing out on anything and I want to see you enjoy life to the fullest. DANA Thanks. CUT TO: EXT. father and younger sister exit the theater along with a large crowd of other theater-goers having just seen a matinee of “The Lion King. CAROLINE Great. 42ND STREET IN TIMES SQUARE DAY Gary.

How was it? GARY It was great. It is quite visually stunning. my parents and my sister.S. me and the family came into the city today to do some shopping. the critics aren‟t lying when they called it visually stunning.S.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY What do you all want to do now? Are you hungry? GARY‟S FATHER Yeah. it‟s Dana calling. lemme think. he answers it quickly.) That‟s fun. GARY‟S FATHER Do you have any suggestions. (pause) What are you doing? DANA (O. GARY Hey Dana. DANA (O. I was calling to see what you were doing later. 103 . GARY (thinking) Hmmm. what are you doing? GARY I just got out of “The Lion King” with the family.) Hi Gary.) Oh.S. we could eat. Gary‟s cell phone rings. The family gathers in a circle on the packed sidewalk outside of the theater. DANA (O.

we‟ll meet up.S. we were just going to grab some pizza or something. Or it could be a complete disaster.) Are you sure you want to do dinner together? GARY Definitely.S. DANA (O. GARY That could be fun too. Where are we going? GARY I got a great pizza place in my neighborhood called Totonno‟s. It‟ll be fun and pizza is still a relatively cheap night out in this city.S.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Got no plans. GARY Do you want to meet up for dinner together.) Sure.S. DANA (O. I think it‟d be fun.S. the pizzas are amazing and they‟re huge! 104 . what are you doing for dinner? DANA (O.) Do you want to grab a drink later tonight? GARY How about this. DANA (O.) I don‟t know. that could be fun. DANA (O.) OK. in a twisted kind of way. your family and mine? Grab some pizza.

S. Gary hangs up the phone and turns to his family. . we‟ll go to Totonno‟s then. we‟ll meet you up there. we always like meeting new people. see you there.S. Where is it? 80TH and 2nd. DANA (O.) OK. GARY‟S FATHER I heard you talking about Totonno‟s. GARY 105 DANA (O. GARY‟S FATHER Sure that‟s great. GARY We‟ve got a plan guys.) OK.S.) OK. GARY‟S MOTHER Who were you talking to Gary? GARY My friend from work. She‟s in the city with her family so we‟re going to meet up with them and eat together if you‟re OK with that. we‟ll be there in 15 minutes. GARY Great.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (O. when are you going? GARY Probably right now. we going there? GARY Yep. Dana. Gary steps into the street to hail a taxi.

helps his family into the car. DANA I think plenty of introductions are in order. DANA Hey Gary! GARY Hi Dana. my dad Tony and my older brother Anthony. this is my mom Nancy. CUT TO: INT. Oh and I‟m Dana. just a friend? Gary playfully nudges his mom into the cab. A taxi pulls up in front of Gary. UPPER EAST SIDE Gary and his family are hanging out at the small bar in front of the restaurant enjoying a drink. get into the cab! Gary jumps into the front seat and the taxi drives away. greets Gary with a kiss on the cheek. GARY (laughs) Stop it mom.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY‟S MOTHER So who is this Dana girl? GARY Just who I said she was. DANA Gary. a friend. – TOTONNO‟S PIZZA. and Gary‟s family. Gary I think you already know me. She . Gary opens the door and 106 GARY‟S MOTHER Really. Dana and her family enter and walk up to the bar. GARY Yes. they are.

follow me. Life is great. TONY So how is it working at AON? GARY It‟s great. TOTONNO‟S HOSTESS Great. that‟s nice. And I‟m Gary. and Dana‟s family. one day I ran into her when I was going to a meeting.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Dana. NANCY Ahh. The hostess leads the party to a table of eight. Gary and Dana bring up the rear and follow behind their families. TOTONNO‟S HOSTESS I‟m assuming that everyone is here now? GARY Yes. Laura. it‟s a great company. this is my mom Judy. Dana and her family greet Gary and his family. how do you know Dana? GARY We both work at AON. GARY That‟s true. A hostess approaches the group. NANCY So Gary. my dad Edward and my little sis. isn‟t it? You never know when or where you‟ll make a good friend. We started talking then we became friends. we‟re ready. it‟s challenging and there‟s never (MORE) 107 . We‟re on different floors though. The group sits down at the table and gets comfortable.

GARY If it‟s any consolation. mom. I‟ve been working at the Trade Center for over five years and I can confidently say that the Trade Center complex is one of the safest. if not the safest. NANCY I don‟t like Dana working there. And then when I found out you were going to work there. it‟s a great place. places in the world. insurance and things like that in the first place. well assuming you‟re into risk management. NANCY How do you feel about working in the World Trade Center? GARY I love it. they take everyone‟s safety very seriously. It‟s totally safe. oh boy! TONY Your mom was a nervous wreck for about two weeks. you feel like you‟re in the center of the universe working there. It is very secured and we have a large security detail there. I haven‟t trusted that place since it was bombed in 1993. DANA Oh come on mom. (MORE) 108 .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) a dull moment. Believe me. not this again. DANA Aww. NANCY What? I‟m just saying it‟s a security risk.

109 .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) nothing to worry about. setting up conference rooms for meetings and reading the occasional chart. getting my boss coffee. GARY Oh. graph and report. NANCY Gary. which as far as I can tell so far involves answering phones. ANTHONY Honey. I‟ll be Dana‟s last line of defense and I‟ll protect her. DANA I know daddy. Your daughter is in good hands. what do you do at AON? DANA I‟m a junior analyst. everyone is the low man. GARY I went through the same thing for (MORE) Dana. or low woman. right? DANA (embarrassed) Yes. It‟s just been a little bit difficult dealing with the rookie hazing. JUDY So Dana. (pause) And if worst comes to worst. Dana it‟s not that bad. Gary‟s a sweetie. DANA OK. maybe not. You have to start somewhere and pay your dues. on the totem pole at some time in their life. you‟re such a sweetie. I know.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) the first year. I have to warn you all. ANTHONY I‟m a meat lover. work hard and good things will come. Gary hands out the menus to everyone. NANCY I‟ll eat anything. I think if we get three that should probably work. but there exists the opportunity in the company to move up the ladder pretty quickly. A young waitress approaches the table. TONY See Dana. TONY As is his old man. LAURA I‟m a vegetarian. GARY Check out the menus everybody. JUDY Me too. I became a Senior Manager and got a coveted window office. ANTHONY The big decision will be toppings. I shot up pretty quickly and in only the matter of a few years. 110 . the pizzas here are huge. just apply yourself. GARY I have a feeling that once we order we‟ll have to rearrange or seats based on who likes what pizza.

EDWARD I think the guys will have two pitchers of Bud Light. TONY I like your style Mr. Dana. Take your time to order too. what will you have? GARY I‟ll defer to the moms and dads. how was “The Lion King?” JUDY Aww. The waitress writes down the order and walks away. DANA So Judy. it was absolutely fabulous. but we can order some drinks. McGregor. TOTONNO‟S WAITRESS I‟ll get these drinks right away. TOTONNO‟S WAITRESS Great. It was so great! DANA (looking at Edward) How did you like it sir? EDWARD I don‟t typically like Broadway (MORE) 111 .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese TOTONNO‟S WAITRESS Hello all. NANCY The ladies will do two carafes of Chardonnay. are you ready to order? GARY I think we still need a few minutes. DANA Good call mom.

Nancy. hell let‟s make it a group outing. JUDY Maybe next year you can come with us to see the show. it was extraordinary. 112 . Very well done. that‟s going to be our next big show. DANA Really. wouldn‟t that be great if your little friend came with us? GARY It‟d be awesome if my “little” friend came.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese EDWARD (cont‟d) shows. you‟re all invited as well. Tony. JUDY Next year we‟re going to see The Producers. Anthony. it‟s not really my thing. JUDY Gary. DANA That‟s good. Tony and Edward pour glasses of beer for both Anthony and Gary respectively. the Producers! I really want to see that too. The waitress comes back and puts pitchers of beer and glasses of wine down on the table. DANA I‟d like that. NANCY Fabulous. it‟s one of my favorites. I saw Lion King last year. I‟ve read such great things about it and that Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick‟s performances are awesome. but I have to admit.

S. The “cheers” leads into a short montage showing both families laughing. He looks at the time on his cable TV box and sees it turn from 9:29 to 9:30. Dana. smiling. he picks up his cell phone that‟s sitting on his coffee table and looks at it. Both families clink their glasses with everyone else at the table.) Hey Gary. GARY (nervously) Hi. joking with each other over pizza. (everyone raises their glass) To new friends. At that point. After a deep breath. DANA (O.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese TONY Let‟s raise our glasses. beer and wine. I just wanted to thank you for coming out to dinner last (MORE) 113 . GROUP Here. here. Gary is again sitting on his couch watching TV. DANA (O. Gary dials Dana‟s phone number and she answers after a few rings.) How‟s it going? GARY It‟s good. CUT TO: INT.S. The scene stays in Gary‟s apartment for the entire conversation with Dana off screen. – GARY‟S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM That Sunday night.

(pause) I know I said I would respect your wishes and hold off on asking you out again. GARY (cont‟d) (nervously) I was thinking about something from last night. DANA (O. I want to take you out to something really (MORE) 114 . It was quite a pleasure to meet your family. GARY Yeah. but I just can‟t. I want to take you out.) It was nice meeting your family too. Gary again stands up from his couch and nervously paces back and forth between his living room and his dark bedroom.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) night. DANA (O. A moment of awkward silence fills the phone line until it‟s broken by Gary. and your brother is a trip. I got to spend some quality time with him while we shared our meat lovers pizza. my mom is cool. I can get tickets so that wouldn‟t be a problem. You seemed really excited about seeing The Producers. ummm.S. GARY Yeah.) Our parents seemed like they got along very well. He looks out of his windows in both rooms to calm himself. it‟s like they‟ve known each other for years. you‟re mother is cute. so I was thinking…ahhh.S. (pause) I would like to take you to see The Producers next weekend. they‟re such good people. As he did during his last call to Dana.

Plus I‟m worried if I stay on the phone any longer. GARY I know. GARY (surprised) You are? DANA (O. GARY (excited) Great. 115 . I‟ll say something stupid. DANA (O.S. and you‟ll end up rethinking going to the show with me.) OK. believe me I do. OK.) Well. a Broadway show.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) nice and I think this would be something really great to check out.S. that‟s a pretty big deal. I‟m in. I‟ll go. I‟m going to show you the time of your life.) I‟m sure you will. as long as you want to take me.) Yes. GARY I‟m going to go now because it‟s always best to leave on a high note. Wow.S. definitely. or stick my foot in my mouth. DANA (O. this is quite a surprise. DANA (O. GARY I do.) (surprised) Gary.S. DANA (O. but you deserve it and I want to do this for you.S.

DUSTIN Did I miss anything in the office on Monday and Tuesday while I was traveling? No. I‟ll see you tomorrow. 116 OK. haven‟t heard from you in a couple of days so I thought I‟d say „hey‟ and see if you‟re still good for The Producers on Saturday night.S. GARY How was your meetings? DUSTIN They were fine. my man. Nothing interesting happened. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. Dustin comes into his office and makes himself at home on one of the chairs. Lemme know. looks out over the East River and shakes his head in approval while flashing a big grin across his face. CUT TO: INT. He types the following in his email: “Hi Dana. GARY‟S OFFICE.) (laughs) Good night Gary. Gary hangs up the phone and immediately jumps in the air in celebration. How‟s it going? GARY Good. although I‟m about ready to stop living my life out (MORE) . GARY Good night Dana. DUSTIN Gary.” As soon as Gary sends the email. Gary is sitting behind his desk writing an email to Dana. nothing to write home about. He walks over to his living room window.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (O.

the family was in town. (pause) Then we met up with Dana and her family. Dustin is so surprised he nearly spits out his coffee. I‟m not. I had dinner with Dana and her family. what? GARY You heard me correctly. DUSTIN (surprised) Wait. completely weird and I‟ll leave it at that. DUSTIN How was you weekend? do? What did you 117 GARY It was good. Ohhkay. It‟s just totally. It gets old after awhile. I‟m not even going to question this stuff anymore. DUSTIN And you‟re not dating her? GARY Nope. we went to see the Lion King on Broadway. GARY I know. they were in the city shopping. .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN (cont‟d) of a suitcase. GARY I can imagine. and we had dinner. Hell I don‟t think I even understand it. I know that most people wouldn‟t understand any of this. DUSTIN Look.

(pause) Oh well. That‟s a little bit disconcerting. – GARY‟S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM Later that night Gary stumbles into his apartment clearly intoxicated. Gary exhales deeply and runs his fingers through his hair. I‟ve done everything I could do at this point. I‟ll let you know by the end of the week. GARY Thanks. I‟m really appreciative that you‟ve asked me out to a show this weekend. As soon as he walks into his apartment. he reads it. sorry I‟ve been unresponsive for the last couple of days I‟ve just been thinking about things. CUT TO: INT. then I‟m happy. DUSTIN Racquetball and beers at the Boat Basin tonight? GARY You betcha. 118 . he receives a cell phone call from Dustin. Dustin stands up and walks out of Gary‟s office. Please don‟t hate me.” GARY (to himself) Bummer. Gary looks at his email and notices a reply from Dana. I just need a little more time to think about whether or not this a good idea and the right thing to do.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN Well Bud. if you‟re happy with all this. The following is her email: “Hi Gary.

I‟m like a Navy Seal. DUSTIN But fun. it was fun. DUSTIN So you‟re alright? right? GARY Yep. The scene flips between Gary‟s apartment and Dustin‟s taxi during the conversation based on who‟s talking. we had about eight more beers than we originally planned at the Basin. right? GARY You know it. I‟ll let you go. GARY Thanks. DUSTIN OK. You‟re home. mom. that was quite unexpected. DUSTIN Yeah. thanks for checking up on me. DUSTIN Hey man. 119 . Don‟t do anything stupid like go out again.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Dustin is riding in a taxi cab towards downtown Manhattan. GARY Hey Dustin. GARY I did. I don‟t ever leave a man behind. how the hell are you? I just saw you a few minutes ago. GARY Yeah. I‟m home. I just wanted to make sure you got home alright. DUSTIN I was worried.

I‟m in for the night. . finds a jug of water and pounds it to rehydrate. Gary hangs up his cell phone. I can‟t come to the phone right now so please leave a message and I‟ll return your call as soon as I can. shut up. no. GARY See you. I‟ll see you tomorrow in the office. DANA‟S VOICE MESSAGE Hello you‟ve reached Dana. After several rings. DUSTIN OK. go out again? idea. throws it on his coffee table then enters the KITCHEN Gary opens up the refrigerator door. Dana‟s voicemail picks up. don‟t even think about it. Gary lays down on his bed and makes a drunken phone call to Dana. Then he walks back into the LIVING ROOM He grabs his cell phone again and walks into the BEDROOM Without turning on any lights. 120 That‟s a good DUSTIN Gary. No.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Ohh. no. GARY I‟m kidding.

I didn‟t mean to stress you out in anyway. I‟ve been drinking. And I wanted to do something really special for you because I think you‟re a really special person. At this point of my life. and asked them for the correct pronunciation and they told me it‟s pronounced (MORE) 121 . I called the restaurant up earlier today. I mean hell the other week I took you to a $10. when I was sober. Gary. but you can probably tell that already. and once again I‟m sorry if you are. I remember when we were at the bar the other night.000 a plate charity dinner at the Waldorf. well maybe I can take you to Les Halles? And by the way. I won‟t lie. You deserve to be treated much better than the run of the mill stuff. maybe I can just take you to a nice dinner or something like that. I pronounced Les Halles correctly. we were both wrong the other night. I just thought it‟d be something really cool to do. I also wanted to do something big and amazing for you because I wanted to show you how serious I am and I wanted to do something that would stand out too. pool and foosball at Jake‟s Dilemma. I can‟t compete with that. I don‟t want to just take you on a typical date that consists of watered down beer. but if you‟re weirded out by going to a show on such short notice. you mentioned how much you liked that book by Anthony Bourdain. but I did want to do something big to show you how much I cared and to show you how special I think you are. I‟m sorry if I put too much pressure on you Sunday by asking you to The Producers.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Hi Dana. I think you‟re a princess and I want to treat you like one. it‟s me. You definitely deserve my offer.

Let me know what you think of this idea. or the coolest. If you‟re sleeping I hope I didn‟t wake up anyone else in your house and if I did. I gotta let you know that even though I might be slightly intoxicated. but I can tell you I‟ll probably be the funnest. So maybe instead of The Producers I can take you to Les Halles. It‟s all straight from my heart. or even the best looking. I hope you don‟t think any less of me after this phone call. CUT TO: 122 . I‟m sorry. I think I‟m probably rambling right now. but then again it‟s not even eleven o‟clock so you‟re probably not sleeping. Actually it‟s kind of late. and we can see firsthand what kind of chef that Anthony Bourdain is.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) Les Halles. so there. you probably are out shopping. (pause) Good night Dana. puts it next to him on the bed and immediately passes out. anywhere. Gary hangs up the phone. And another thing. it‟s Les Halles. (pause) I should hang up now before I make an ass out of myself. I might not be the smartest guy you‟ll ever meet. You‟re terrific and I would love to take you out somewhere. although I have a sneaking suspicion that I‟ve already done so. I meant everything I just said. trust me. I just want to hang out with you and I just want to be around you. I can guarantee you an amazingly fun time on a date. Feel free to give me a call back tonight. you‟re probably either sleeping right now or maybe you‟re at the Sunrise Mall buying a new blouse or something.

please leave a message and I‟ll return your call.” GARY (to himself) Oh jeez. DANA Gary! 123 . GARY (cont‟d) Here goes nothing. I got your email. there‟s a message from Dana that says the following: “Gary. Gary takes a deep breath then picks up his phone and calls Dana. After a minute. GARY‟S OFFICE Gary enters his office in the morning and settles down behind his desk. Dana comes walking into his office with a big smile on her face.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. the phone goes to voice mail. GARY Hey Dana. Gary hangs up the phone and goes about his usual morning routine of going through his mail. it‟s me. Bye. After several rings. please let me know when you get in today. I can‟t really tell but this doesn‟t sound too good. DANA VOICE MESSAGE Hello. you‟ve reach Dana De Luca at the AON Corporation. checking his favorite websites and reading his emails. I‟m either on the phone right now or away from my desk. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. Thank you and have a good day. I‟d like to come up and talk to you. She takes a seat in front of his desk. Just wanted to let you know that I just got into the office and I‟ll be here all morning so feel free to swing up whenever you want. He turns on his computer and looks through his email.

DANA I really want to do something fancy with you. I was afraid you‟d think I was really weird. DANA No.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY What did I do? 124 What? I‟m sorry! DANA Your voicemail was so sweet! Oh I loved it! I‟m not going to delete that message for a long time. it was so cute! GARY I‟m sorry that I was drunk last night. in fact I was downright giddy when I heard you talk about going to Les Halles. DANA I wanted to talk to you about everything. I don‟t know why I had to think about it so much. I get really excited easily and I guess I wanted to just take (MORE) . you were funny. GARY Thanks. go ahead. It was so precious! GARY (surprised) It was? DANA Yes! GARY Good. DANA That‟s ok. I guess. GARY OK.

GARY What are you nuts? Of course I want to take you out! Come on. GARY OK. I understand. So maybe we shouldn‟t go out. DANA Good. we‟ll save The Producers for another time. when you‟re more comfortable with everything. and I‟ll plan a more low key night for us. DANA (incredulous) Really? After a few moments of silence. now! You‟re so serious sometimes. Dana throws a pencil at Gary. DANA (laughs) You ass! GARY I‟ll tell you what though. Gary finally breaks the tension.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) a step back and make sure that this was the right thing to do. I‟ve learned in life that if someone has reservations about doing something they probably don‟t want to do it and I don‟t want to force anything on you. Does that sound good? DANA It sounds great! 125 . So I‟d love to go out with you Saturday night. GARY Actually now that I‟m sober I‟ve changed my mind.

) So what‟s the plan? GARY It‟s a surprise.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (smiles) OK.) Hey Gary. I‟ll call you Saturday afternoon then and will let you know where to meet me. 126 . DANA (smiles) Great. CUT TO: INT. Dana gives Gary a big wave goodbye then walks away.S.S.) Well were should I meet you? GARY The big clock in Grand Central Terminal. GARY Enjoy the rest of your day. DANA (O. – GARY‟S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM Gary is walking around his apartment getting ready for his big date with Dana. DANA (O. He grabs his cell phone off the coffee table and calls her.S. Dana stands up and walks out of the office backwards so that she doesn‟t take her eye off of Gary. DANA (O. GARY Hi Dana.

then he changes his shirt and jacket again. He walks into his BATHROOM Gary looks himself up and down in the bathroom mirror. I‟ll see you at the clock at 7:30.the jacket. DANA (O.S. fixes his jacket. the shirt.S. He winks at himself in the bathroom mirror and gives a thumbs up before he walks out of the room. GARY Great. GARY I know. looks at himself in the mirror and doesn‟t like it.) OK. GARY Me too.S. DANA (O. then after all that he shakes his head in disapproval. the belt all go well together.S. straightens his shirt collar. then next he even changes his belt. then he changes his shirt and keeps the jacket. Gary hangs up his phone then picks up a sports coat off of his couch and tries it on. This begins a montage in the bathroom where he tries on another jacket. checks out his face close-up. Finally he finds an outfit that he likes . 127 . He fusses with his hair a few times. DANA (O.) Oh how mysterious.) What time are we meeting? GARY Be at the clock at 7:30 sharp.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (O. That opens up a whole range of options.) I‟m excited. see you then. so he changes his shirt and jacket.

After a few steps. (rubs Gary‟s jacket) I love this jacket. GARY You look simply beautiful. – GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL. Gary leads her away from the clock. you should definitely show this look on the weekends more often. MAIN ROOM Grand Central is packed with tourists walking through the historic landmark and travelers rushing to get their trains. 128 . let‟s go. DANA As do you. GARY Hey you! DANA Hey Gary. Or I should say you look handsome. black shirt and a brown light sweater.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: INT. GARY So you ready? DANA Of course! GARY OK. Gary walks up to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek while Dana hugs him. Gary enters the room from the subway and approaches the Big Clock that sits in the middle of the room and is used as a gathering place by many. the crowd parts like the Red Sea and Gary has a clear path to Dana who is waiting at the clock. Thanks. Dana looks stunning in a purple skirt.

DANA So where are we going? GARY You‟ll see. SOUTH OF GCT – NIGHT Gary and Dana walk south down Park Avenue. CUT TO: EXT.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Where are we going? GARY You‟ll see. like Poughkeepsie. Gary opens the door and leds her outside to Park Avenue. tell me where we‟re going. I don‟t know what‟s around here. DANA Yeah. DANA Are we jumping on the subway? Maybe we‟re taking the Metro North to some far away. (pause) Come on. GARY I hope you‟re wearing good walking shoes. – PARK AVENUE. they‟re decent. going south. DANA I guess we‟re not taking the subway. 129 . hmmm. DANA (thinking) Walking on Park Avenue. Gary leads her past the subway entrance. unless you‟re tricking me by creating a diversion. exotic place? GARY Yeah.

GARY Nonsense. GARY After you my princess. I can‟t keep it a secret anymore. (points to Les Halles) See that building down the street with those lights? That‟s Les Halles. take a look down the block. I‟m taking you to Les Halles. CUT TO: 130 . Gary can no longer keep the secret. (grabs Gary‟s arm) We don‟t have to go here. oh boy. DANA Thank you. so I want to deliver you Les Halles. DANA (excited) Oh boy. oh boy! It‟s like my birthday! I‟m so excited. GARY OK. DANA You‟re kidding! GARY I‟m not. DANA (shocked) Really! GARY Yep. you wanted to go to Les Halles. thank you! Gary approaches Les Halles and opens the door for her. thank you.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Although they are only a couple of blocks away from Les Halles.

no matter how much I drink. How did you know I like Malbec so much? GARY I‟ve got the memory of an elephant. DANA This Malbec is amazing. All of the tables are filled with young or middle-aged couples engaged in quiet conversation. DANA Yes and the company has been especially amazing. Gary pours Dana another glass of red wine while they are in the middle of conversation. I feel like it‟s my birthday. GARY And the company? Don‟t forget about the company.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. sometimes I prefer to not remember some things when I‟m drinking but I can‟t help it. DANA This whole night has been perfect. GARY (mockingly) Would that be an amazing birthday? 131 . – LES HALLES RESTAURANT. Dana grabs Gary‟s hand across the table. the wine is amazing. Like I said before. I don‟t usually forget things. the atmosphere has been amazing. It‟s a blessing and a curse. I remembered you mentioned something about Argentina and Malbec way back when. You‟ve done an amazing job overall. PARK AVENUE Gary and Dana are sitting at a small table in tight quarters within the crowded restaurant. The food was amazing.

remarkable or maybe even astounding. there are other adjectives out there in the world that you can use. Dana picks up her butter knife and threatens Gary with it. DANA (laughs) Stop it Gary! GARY I‟m just saying. 132 . you like the word “amazing. DANA Stop it. seriously don‟t make me use this! GARY Oh no. a Roget‟s Thesaurus. DANA I‟m sorry that your amazing planning has made me damn near speechless and unable to think of the right words to say. Like wonderful.” You know. any of those would suffice too. GARY What? (pause) I think I know what I‟m going to get you for Christmas. DANA I know you‟re scared.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (laughs) Shut up Gary. don‟t butter me to death. you don‟t like butter. I don‟t know. GARY There you go again with that word amazing. incredible.

truce. DANA (cont‟d) But I am having a marvelous time tonight. 133 I‟ll . and I‟m here for you. DANA Patience Gary. Slow and steady wins the race. DANA Maybe. DANA That‟s better. GARY I hear you. truce. I‟m all for taking it slow though.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY You‟re right. GARY Maybe this will be the start of something beautiful. I know. DANA I am. stop. GARY I know. we‟ll see. good things come to those who wait. DANA Just remember. GARY (smiles) I‟m glad you‟re enjoying yourself. GARY I‟m trying to be as patient as possible. Dana reluctantly puts her butter knife down again. Dana holds Gary‟s hand across the table again.

The waiter walks away with the bill. . LES HALLES WAITER Very good sir. too bad. we‟ll just take the check. old. I‟m taking Monday for a doctor‟s appointment on the Island. GARY Thank you. The waiter puts down the check and Gary immediately gives him his credit card. LES HALLES WAITER Can I get you anything else tonight? Dessert? DANA Oh no. it shouldn‟t be that bad. I‟m supposed to be flying to St. DANA So how‟s your week looking? GARY Not too. I‟m stuffed. GARY Yeah. I mean.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA And that‟s why I appreciate you so much. Louis for a meeting on Thursday the 13th. off back that same 134 The Les Halles waiter stops by their table. Other than that. but besides it should be the same old. I‟m sure work is going to pick up even more now that the summer is pretty much over and everyone‟s coming back from their vacations. (pause) How does your week look? DANA Not bad.

there‟s nothing quite like a leisurely three hour dinner. The waiter drops off the check. I like you to. I don‟t deserve anything of it. DANA It is nice. Dana squeezes Gary‟s hand to further emphasize her comments. DANA I can‟t believe how great you are to me. GARY I think you‟re awesome. you folks have a lovely night. You deserve the world and I want to give it to you. DANA And you‟re a great guy. 135 . especially when you‟re dining with someone you like. GARY You‟re sweet. I love times like this. LES HALLES WAITER Here you go.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I gotta say. DANA I know you do. GARY Once again you do. GARY (looks straight into Dana‟s eyes) Dana. I have very few moments of pure relaxation in my life outside of dinner. I like you. I don‟t like when you say that about yourself.

DANA I should get going. GARY OK. DANA It‟s getting late. GARY So where are you going? DANA I‟m staying at Becky‟s place tonight. since we‟re both uptown. Gary signs the check and puts the receipt in his pocket. I‟m ready. LES HALLES – NIGHT Gary and Dana walk out of the restaurant and onto the sidewalk. Gary notices a bodega next to Les Halles.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Thank you. Dana isn‟t used to being out this late. – PARK AVENUE. do you mind if we share a taxi? DANA Of course not. Awesome! Gary and Dana both stand up. 136 . GARY You‟re right. CUT TO: EXT. (pause) By the way I love how you refer to yourself in the third person. Gary helps Dana put her sweater on and they navigate through the crowded restaurant towards the exit. GARY OK.

Ummm. most guys buy roses. GARY Enjoy. Gary walks into the street to hail a cab while Dana opens up the chipwich and starts eating it. I need to grab something in the bodega. DANA (happily) I think I‟m going to cry. Gary comes rushing out of the bodega and back up to Dana.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Great. Dana gives Gary a bite right before she enters the cab. After several seconds. 137 . wait right here for a second. But I‟m not like most guys. Gary runs into the bodega while Dana is left to hang out on the sidewalk alone. GARY You know. she spends the time watching the couples eating in the outside area in front of Les Halles. (pause) I got you a chipwich! Gary gives her the chipwich that he just bought in the bodega. DANA (confused) Ohhkkay. A cab pulls over and Gary opens the door. DANA Here have a bite. I‟m a little more unconventional. DANA What was that about? Gary has his hands behind his back obviously hiding something.

DANA Umm. GARY I‟m sorry. I mean is everyone in that neighborhood having twins? Seriously. are they all just looped up on fertility drugs? God I hate the Upper West Side. – TAXI CAB Gary and Dana are in the middle of a conversation in the cab. CUT TO: INT. And don‟t get me started on these double-wide strollers. I don‟t get the Upper West Side. because the Upper West Side is cool? GARY How do you figure? The Upper West Side is a mess. Gary is so awkward around Dana that instead of continuing any sort of romantic talk he veers completely off topic. on the weekend it‟s like playing Frogger on the sidewalk dodging all the baby strollers. (pause) Oh and people think the Upper East Side is filled with snobs with our old bluebloods and trust fund kids? Who the hell do people think are (MORE) 138 . I mean I probably wouldn‟t even really hate the area that much if people didn‟t hate my area so much. DANA What don‟t you get? GARY I just don‟t get why everyone hates on the Upper East Side. but everyone loves the Upper West Side. my homeland.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary gets in the taxi as well then it drives away.

DANA OK. DANA I don‟t know why I even care. DANA Wow. DANA Upper East Siders are not 139 GARY You‟re right. .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) roaming the Upper West Side? It‟s the same thing. GARY Well I just don‟t like to see discrimination. I don‟t even live on the Upper West Side. discrimination. a lot of money‟s there too. Gary and Dana look out the window and are surprised to notice that Dana is already at her destination. DANA Discrimination? GARY Yeah. Really? a race. GARY I‟m just saying. now you‟re being weird again. it‟s more like a way of life. I think there are some people that are racist against Upper East Siders. I just crash there from timeto-time. Please I walk into Gin Mill and it‟s like I‟m walking into an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. The cab pulls over abruptly and stops. aren‟t you. you‟re really passionate about this.

The taxi drives away. Go! MEAN TAXI DRIVER Go now! I must make light. hurry up. Dana goes in for a quick hug and kiss on the cheek. Dana opens the passenger door and puts one foot out. MEAN TAXI DRIVER 83rd & Amsterdam. GARY Thanks for coming out. I had no idea we were anywhere close. go! GARY Oh geez. close the door! Dana leaves the cab because she‟s scared of the taxi driver at this point. Gary goes in for a kiss on the lips but in his haste he completely whiffs and accidentally kisses her ear. Gary is looking through the back windshield at Dana. DANA Well. 140 Gary is frazzled because he wasn‟t ready to say goodbye. CUT TO: .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The taxi driver is very mean and is trying to rush Dana out of the cab as soon as possible so he can make the traffic light. DANA Time flies when you‟re hating on the Upper West Side I guess. I guess this is good night. who‟s standing on the corner waving to him. Thanks again for a lovely evening. MEAN TAXI DRIVER We go now! We go now.

LAURA (sarcastically) Have you ever kissed a girl before? GARY Apparently not. sunny day in the city. LAURA You idiot. It‟s another bright. GARY Well this is serious stuff. GARY Why did I even bother telling you this? LAURA Come on. doesn‟t sound like it. Now you‟re getting ear play. Pretty soon maybe you‟ll be able to accidentally kiss her big toe. GARY Thank you. Gary is in the middle of telling Laura all about his date the night before with Dana.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese EXT. LAURA So you ended up kissing her ear? GARY (embarrassed) Yes. (MORE) I 141 . yes I did. LAURA At least you‟re making headway though. MEATPACKING DISTRICT – DAY Gary is having Sunday brunch with his little sister Laura at the outside patio of Pastis in the Meatpacking District. I‟m just joking around. – PASTIS RESTAURANT. LAURA Yeah.

yes. GARY Thanks sis. I don‟t want to risk our friendship in the process. And I don‟t want to be too aggressive because I‟m afraid of screwing anything up. I‟m here to help you out. 142 .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) had my golden opportunity last night and I screwed it up! LAURA Please if she really likes you there will be plenty of more opportunities…for you to screw up. but I honestly can‟t tell. We have a great thing going right now and even though I‟d like to elevate things. GARY It‟s a scary place isn‟t it? LAURA Quite possibly. LAURA Look. I‟m just about Dana‟s age so I can give you some insight in to how a female in her early twenties‟ mind works. I mean I think she really likes me. LAURA Isn‟t it you that always tells me that life is about taking chances? GARY Yes. GARY I thank you in advance for any help you can give because I‟m almost at my wits end.

from what you told me both of you were obviously flirting during dinner. LAURA Can I ask you something going back to last night? GARY Shoot. which means you have a captive audience. you both have this super time out. and so you decide to have your own personal east side / west side argument with yourself for the whole ride? Does that pretty much sum it up? GARY In a nutshell…yes. you take a taxi cab ride home with her.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LAURA Well maybe it‟s about time you take a chance yourself. yes she was flirting with you too. Gary and Laura take a moment to both have a sip of their drink. (MORE) 143 . GARY (thinking) Yeah maybe. LAURA Why were you talking so much about the Upper West Side in the cab? GARY I don‟t know! I was nervous! I didn‟t know what to say! I was rambling! LAURA So you take a girl you really like out to a great dinner. whether you believe so or not. LAURA Some guys just can‟t be helped.

She makes me feel different. GARY I know. all the waiting and patience. If that makes any sense. hell I don‟t think I‟ve felt this way about any other girl ever. LAURA You‟re my older brother Gary and I don‟t like seeing my older brother beat himself up over something like this. sit her down and tell her how you truly feel. but nonetheless I feel awkward in her presence. I mean she makes me feel great. Cut the BS. That‟s why all this sucks. with any of the other girls I‟ve known. GARY Well maybe I have a little bit of that school girl in me. I just feel really awkward sometimes when I‟m with her.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LAURA (cont‟d) I don‟t get it though. you‟ve never been like this before. I get nervous around her. I‟m just fearful of missing out somehow. I don‟t know why. LAURA So what gives? GARY I don‟t know. LAURA Will you listen to yourself speak? You sound like a little school girl talking about her first crush. I mean I‟m a very patient man. she makes me feel so special. (pause) She‟s different. 144 .

but I bet she doesn‟t really know. be a man.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY She knows how I feel about her. you owe it to her and you owe it to your friendship to just come out with it and be completely honest. continue with my passiveaggressive BS? LAURA (frustrated) NO! GARY I‟m just kidding Laura. You owe it to yourself. (pause) You know what I‟m going to do? Next weekend I‟m going to take her out to brunch and I‟m going (MORE) 145 . GARY You‟re probably right about that. calm down. sit her down and in no uncertain terms tell her how you really feel. (pause) Right. LAURA Maybe she has an idea. Get rid of the passive-aggressive attitude that you flash sometimes. LAURA Please. it looks like I did a good job raising you. LAURA So what are you going to do? GARY I dunno. you‟re no mom or dad. and do it sober by the way. don‟t you think? GARY (smiles) You‟re wise beyond your years sis.

Ummm. LAURA That‟s the spirit. GARY You‟ve grown up so fast. sorry 146 . Gary and Laura both share a laugh over the story. GARY Ha! That was funny. She cut my hair really short. I looked like the Dutch Boy Painter.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) to spill my heart out. It took two weeks to finally get the gum out and even then not all the gum came out so mom put a bowl on my head and gave me a bowl cut. then awesome. That‟s exactly what you should do and if it doesn‟t work out the way you want at least you won‟t regret anything and you won‟t constantly think down the road about what you “could‟ve done” or what you “should‟ve done.” Gary and Laura take another moment to both have a sip of their drink. well. GARY Oh. if not. LAURA Or that you were sticking gum in my hair. you still remember that? LAURA How can I forget it? It was a very traumatic experience for me. If she‟s down with it. I‟ll cross that bridge if I have to come to it. then. It seems like just the other day I was bouncing you on my knee and we were in the backyard building a treehouse. about that I guess.

Gary and Laura continue to laugh and joke around at brunch. – GARY‟S APARTMENT THE BEDROOM Gary. Then he walks over to his dresser and picks up his wallet. For each one of those times that I hated your guts there were four or five times when I valued having you around. he rifles through it and finds his credit card receipt from Les Halles the other night.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LAURA That‟s OK. 147 . Before putting it in his pants pocket. (pause) You‟re such a grown-up that I‟ll allow you to pick up the check today. GARY You continue to amaze me with all the grown-up things that come out of your mouth these days. fair enough. that‟s what being brother and sister is all about. GARY OK. opens up his closet and throws on a buttoned down shirt. DISSOLVE TO: INT. LAURA I‟m not that much of a grown-up. who‟s getting ready for work in the morning. He studies it then walks into THE KITCHEN Gary approaches the refrigerator and sticks the restaurant receipt on the door with a magnet so that this momento can serve as a daily reminder of the great time he had that night.

Gary finishes scanning his newspaper. CHANNEL 4 NEWS ANCHOR Polls have just opened this morning for the hotly contested Democratic primary which will determine who will be the Democratic representative in the New York City mayoral election. CUT TO: EXT. CUT TO: EXT. FRONT OF BUILDING – MORNING Gary exits his apartment building and immediately looks up to the sky to admire the picture perfect day. The race has developed a bitter undertone as the two leading candidates. have escalated their attack ads against each other in recent weeks. It‟s a very tight race and experts are predicting a heavy turn out and an outcome that may not be determined until late tonight. – GARY‟S APARTMENT. 148 . hardly a cloud in the sky. – LONG ISLAND COMMUTER TRAIN STATION – MORNING A silver AUDI pulls up and stops in front of a Long Island commuter train station. He takes a deep breath to take it all in then begins to walk down the street. Fernando Ferrer and Mark Green. turns his TV off and walks out of the room. throws it back down on his table.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Next he grabs a cup and pours himself a glass of water then walks into THE LIVING ROOM Gary grabs the New York Times newspaper off his coffee table and skims the headlines. The TV is on in the background and is tuned to the local news which is reporting on the NYC Mayoral Democratic primary election being held that day.

who is sitting in the passenger‟s seat. but it‟ll be some sort of meat. 149 . TONY What time you think you‟ll be home tonight? DANA Probably about 7 o‟clock. you don‟t have to do that. TONY Well mom is going to make her signature chicken soup and famous macaroni and cheese and I think I‟ll fire up the grill. DANA Oh dad. that‟ll be great. I don‟t think I‟ll be working late and I don‟t have any plans after work.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: INT. Dana kisses her dad on the cheek. – AUDI. TONY It‟s no problem. DANA‟S FATHER‟S CAR Dana‟s father is dropping off Dana. TONY Enjoy your day at work honey. Not sure what I‟ll put on. at the train station. so I‟ll tell mom to hold off on dinner until you get home. What‟ll be for dinner? I need something to look forward to. DANA Thanks for the ride today daddy. well if you all don‟t mind. DANA OK. TONY Great. it‟ll only be about a half an hour later than we usually eat.

TONY Oh honey. He is quietly flipping through his WALL STREET JOURNAL as he straddles his briefcase. along with several hundred other commuters. – SUBWAY CAR. TONY Love you sweetie. the train should be here in two minutes. She 150 . piles into it. CUT TO: INT. CUT TO: EXT. DANA Love you too daddy. 4 TRAIN (GREEN LINE) Gary is standing up in the doorway of the subway as it leaves a station. kisses her dad on the cheek again. you better get going. – LONG ISLAND RAILROAD TRAIN Dana is sitting quietly in one of the crowded train cars reading a novel as the train stops at a station and picks up more passengers while the train conductor mumbles instructions over the PA system. you‟re right! Dana reaches into the back seat and grabs her purse. ALONG THE TRAIN TRACKS A commuter train pulls into the station and Dana. Dana exits the car. CUT TO: INT. – LONG ISLAND COMMUTER TRAIN STATION – MORNING FRONT OF STATION Dana rushes into the train station as Dana‟s father drives away. DANA Oh.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Dana‟s father looks down at his watch.

– PENN STATION. Looking at the middle-aged Muslim man working the fruit stand. Nothing fancy. He looks over the large variety of fruit available. WORLD TRADE CENTER AREA . – WORLD TRADE CENTER AREA – MORNING FULTON STREET SUBWAY EXIT Gary walks up the steps from the subway‟s underground.MORNING 151 Gary is walking down the street. GARY This looks to be a damn near perfect orange…for a damn near perfect day. as he walks by the same fruit stand where he typically buys Dana‟s oranges. crosses the street and heads to STARBUCKS – WORLD TRADE CENTER AREA Gary quickly makes his way through the crowded shop and up to the front of the line. drinking his coffee. focuses on the oranges then picks out the perfect one. A few feet past the stand he stops. Here you go my man. . CUT TO: EXT.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: EXT. thinks for a second then turns around and approaches the stand. GARY I‟ll take just a regular. plain old large coffee. – CORTLANDT STREET. Dana is walking quickly through the crowd as she makes her way to the subway entrance. MAIN CONCOURSE A large crowd spills out from one of the train tunnels and into the main concourse during the morning rush hour. Gary comments then gives him a $1 for the orange. CUT TO: INT.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FRUIT STAND MAN Thank you sir. You have a good day. GARY And you as well. Gary leaves the stand, tosses the orange into the air, catches it then crosses the street and walks up to the World Trade Center along with several dozen other inhabitants entering the building. CUT TO: INT. – WORLD TRADE CENTER, DANA‟S OFFICE FLOOR LOBBY The elevator door opens up, Gary comes out and walks through the lobby. It‟s still early in the morning so the office floor is relatively quiet with very few people milling about. Gary walks by a clock hanging up in the lobby, it reads “7:30.” DANA‟S CUBICLE Gary approaches Dana‟s cubicle and drops the orange off on her desk. He notices a picture of the two of them hanging out at a bar, among several other pictures, pinned to her corkboard. He takes a moment to admire it. CUT TO: INT. – WORLD TRADE CENTER, GARY‟S OFFICE Gary is sitting behind his desk typing away on his computer when the phone rings. GARY (picks up the phone) Hello? (pause to hear response) Good morning Dana, how‟s it going? (pause) Yes, that was me; I know how much (MORE)


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) you love oranges, so I thought it‟d be a nice gesture to drop you off one. (pause) Oh no, it‟s no problem at all. Believe me, it‟s no big deal, seriously an orange costs a dollar, well actually 99 cents but I guess I do tip the guy a penny. Scene now goes back and forth between Gary and Dana, depending on who‟s talking. DANA Well that was very sweet of you. GARY I missed you yesterday in the office. How was your doctor‟s appointment? DANA It was as good as you‟d think a doctor‟s appointment would be. Actually it was fine, nothing major. GARY That‟s good. DANA So how was the rest of you weekend? GARY It was nice, I had brunch at Pastis with Laura but other than that it was a pretty uneventful Sunday. I didn‟t mind it though, I needed the rest. How was the rest of your weekend? DANA It was good, same here though, didn‟t do too much. I went clothes shopping with my mom at the mall, but that was it. GARY Nice.


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Yeah. (a moment of awkward Silence) So, I had a great time on Saturday night, thanks again. I did too. with me. GARY Thanks for coming out


DANA Well thanks for inviting me. Les Halles was so awesome. I can‟t believe you took me there. GARY Hey, nothing but the best for you. That‟s what I say. DANA That was such an unexpected surprise. I mean it wasn‟t a surprise that you would think of taking me to some place like that, especially since you even mentioned it to me before. It was a surprise because, well, just because. I guess I was surprised that you‟d really go all out like that for me, especially for our first time out. GARY First time out? We‟ve been out plenty of times before. DANA You know what I mean. GARY Yes, I do. (pause) Well you deserved it. And you know how I feel about you, at least I hope you know how I feel about you. I do. DANA Thank you again.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY It was an enjoyable night. I even stuck the restaurant receipt on my refrigerator door. DANA (perplexed) Why did you do that? GARY I don‟t know, I thought it‟d be nice to look at every morning. You know, it‟d put a smile on my face before going off to work, seeing that receipt, remembering the memories from that night. DANA Memories like the Malbec, right? Right! GARY How good was that wine?!? DANA It was great. GARY Thanks for turning me on to that. I‟ve never had it before Saturday night. It was good. On a whole the place was a great restaurant, that Anthony Bourdain sure knows what he‟s doing. Another moment of awkward silence fills the phone line. DANA So how‟s your day looking? GARY Shouldn‟t be too bad. Working on a few reports and a couple presentations, but other than that the day should be alright. DANA Good. Well don‟t be a stranger mister. If you need a break during (MORE)


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) the day, feel free to stop by and say hi. GARY I definitely will. DANA OK, bye. GARY Bye. Gary hangs up the phone, gets up from his desk and walks into THE OFFICE HALLWAY Gary approaches the water cooler in the hallway and pours himself a cup of water. Dustin soon walks up behind him. DUSTIN Gary, my man. GARY Dustin, how‟s it going buddy? DUSTIN It‟s going good, no in fact it‟s going great! GARY Why are you so chipper on a Tuesday morning? DUSTIN Oh man, a few of us went to Exit last night and partied. We met some stewardesses… GARY (interrupts) I believe they‟re called flight attendants now.


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN Yeah, whatever. OK, so we meet some flight attendants that were in town only for the night on a lay over, they were flying to Europe this morning. I‟ll leave everything to your imagination, but they were great, it was an awesome time. I rolled into my apartment probably only three hours ago. GARY (sarcastically) That‟s a great way to start the week, with a Monday night like that. DUSTIN Oh, so how was your weekend? I Forgot I didn‟t get to see you yesterday, I was caught up with that presentation all day long. GARY It was good. DUSTIN What did you do? GARY Not much really, took it kinda easy. You know I‟ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off lately so I was looking forward to doing nothing this past weekend. I rented a few movies and watched them from the comfort of my couch. DUSTIN That sounds cool, hey we all need those kind of weekends at least once in a while in order to keep our sanity. GARY That‟s the truth.


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN So I was thinking, we should… Dustin is interrupted by a very loud noise which is followed by the building shaking. Both Gary and Dustin brace themselves up against the wall. DUSTIN What the hell was that?!?! GARY I have no idea. DUSTIN (panicked) Seriously, what the hell was that?!? GARY I don‟t know, but let‟s not panic and remain calm. Michael comes running down the hallway towards Dustin and Gary. MICHAEL (animated) Guys, the North Tower is on fire! GARY (skeptical) Get out of here Mike, seriously? MICHAEL Yeah, I‟m not kidding. DUSTIN Damn. MICHAEL Come on guys, check it out; there‟s a bunch of us watching in an office. Michael runs back to where he came from and is soon followed by Gary and Dustin. OFFICE OVERLOOKING THE NORTH TOWER ON GARY‟S FLOOR


“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The three young men run into a large office that is already filled with between 10-15 co-workers, almost all male, staring out the window towards the North Tower. Gary walks towards the window to see the carnage himself – the top floors of the North Tower are engulfed in flames and smoke. Silence consumes the office for a few seconds as everyone takes in the scene, finally someone breaks it to speculate on what just happened. MALE CO-WORKER #1 What do you think happened? MALE CO-WORKER #2 Was it a bomb? MALE CO-WORKER #3 Terrorists? MICHAEL Maybe it‟s just a fire, like the wiring or something. DUSTIN That‟s a lot of devastation to have been caused by faulty wiring. GARY Yeah, especially in such a quick period of time. I mean, this must‟ve just started a few minutes ago. MALE CO-WORKER #1 It did, I was sitting down the hall in my office and the Tower was just fine like three minutes ago. It didn‟t look like anything was wrong. MALE CO-WORKER #2 Well I‟m not going to wait around to see what happens. I‟m getting the hell out of here.


DUSTIN Gary. Dustin and Gary meet up with a few other male co-workers in the middle of the hallway. I want to get Dana first. as they grab their personal items in preparation for leaving the office. across the street.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The co-worker walks away from the window and out the door. I‟m coming. Dustin gets to the doorway and turns back to Gary. away from this mess. A few co-workers. You get her and you get downstairs as soon as possible. He‟s followed by most of the other co-workers. GARY I know. DUSTIN (looks at Gary) You coming down with us? GARY I‟ll meet you downstairs. don‟t worry about me. I‟ll get down there right away after I find Dana. you coming? GARY (pauses) Yeah. entering and leaving their offices and cubicles. almost in a trance-like state. DUSTIN OK. Let‟s go. IN THE HALLWAY Employees are rushing around. stay behind and continue staring out the window at the North Tower. including Gary. including Dustin. Don‟t screw around though. 160 Gary follows Dustin out of the office. .

161 . Dustin shakes Gary‟s hand and rushes away down the hallway. GARY Dana. I guess it‟s probably best for us to evacuate. DANA (concerned) Yes. meet up with them and then figure out what to do next. Do you know what‟s going on? GARY No idea. that‟s weird.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DUSTIN Good. But a bunch of the guys just took off. DANA What should we do? GARY I don‟t know. (pause) I‟m scared. Gary walks back to HIS OFFICE He calmly picks up his phone and calls Dana. I think we should go down to the lobby. DANA OK. GARY I know. DANA You think? They haven‟t made any kind of announcements. depending on who‟s talking. (pause) Did you hear about the fire? Scene again goes back and forth between Gary and Dana. I‟ll see you down there buddy.

CUT TO: INT. After several seconds. GARY Looks like everyone else had the same idea as us. a wide smile covers his face as he walks to her. Dana sees Gary searching for her and she shouts out to him. I‟ll take care of you. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. who are standing shoulder to shoulder. SOUTH TOWER – 78TH FL SKY LOBBY Gary exits a packed local elevator that empties into an extremely packed sky lobby area where people. are waiting for express elevators. GARY How are we going to get out of this? DANA Follow me. DANA Let me gather my things. DANA (shouts) Gary! Gary! Over here! Gary looks over and sees Dana. to save time I‟ll just meet you on the Sky Lobby floor. Gary pushes and squeezes his way through the crowd in an effort to find Dana.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Don‟t worry. GARY Good. I finally get a chance to use my small size to my advantage. DANA I know. 162 .

There are a number of security guards standing around the turnstiles yelling out instructions and imploring people to remain calm and return to their offices to avoid panic. CUT TO: INT. You will be safe in here. They easily board it. but several make it past them and exit the building. good to see he‟s made it out through the crush of people. it is secure. (pause) Once again. Your safe remaining in the building. Your safety is our #1 concern. Gary sees Dustin leaving the building off in the distance. Please everybody. LOBBY SECURITY GUARD (yelling) Ladies and Gentleman. The building is secure.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Dana grabs Gary‟s hand and leads him through the crowded lobby by sneaking around several people. (MORE) 163 . please return to your offices. there goes Dustin. ladies and gentleman. Within seconds they get close to an elevator just as the doors open. Gary and Dana make it out of the elevator area. It is not safe outside. ahead of the push from everybody else. Please return back to your offices. return to your offices in an orderly fashion and remain calm. The building is secure. The security guards are able to stop many of the people and turn them back to the elevators. please remain calm. Debris is falling to the ground from the North Tower. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. SOUTH TOWER 1ST FLOOR LOBBY Several elevators open at the same time as dozens and dozens of people pour out of them and into the lobby. GARY Well.

let‟s go. We‟ll be fine. GARY I‟m getting there. just kind of stuck behind these people. it‟s not safe. DANA Come on Gary. LOBBY SECURITY GUARD I understand sir. I advise you to please return to your office GARY But the exit is right there! Gary points to one of the many exit doors in the lobby. turns back to him. Gary is stuck behind in a crowd of people. As Gary makes it right to the turnstile. No one knows when or where debris will fall next. but look at it outside. the security guard approaches him. There‟s debris falling. 164 . realizing that Gary is no longer with her. GARY I‟m willing to take my chances. Dana is able to make it through the turnstiles and past the security guards. Dana. LOBBY SECURITY GUARD Sir.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) I‟ll give him a call when we get outside so we can meet up. The two approach the turnstiles where they encounter the security guards. LOBBY SECURITY GUARD Sir. GARY There‟s plenty of exits around here. In the rush of people.

You all will be just fine. also pass by Dana and walk towards the exit. (pause) The building is in lockdown mode. DANA Gary? GARY Dana.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Dana continues to look on from beyond the turnstiles as several men that made it past security rush by her and out of the building. A few middle-aged women. (pause) Believe me. LOBBY SECURITY GUARD Sir. we would never do anything that would endanger the lives of our tenants. orderly fashion. 165 . No one can come in and no one can enter the parking garages. all with tears in their eyes. go back upstairs. return to your office immediately. Gary thinks to himself for a moment. (pause) We don‟t want anyone to get hurt and we have our orders. at this point this building is probably the safest place you can be in around the area. relax and when everything is deemed safe the fire department will evacuate everyone in a safe. trust me. (pause) So please. (pause) We‟ll keep everyone updated through the intercom system and you can always call down here to the central command center if you have any questions. let‟s go back upstairs and wait this thing out until the fire is put out. (pause) Listen.

grabs Dana‟s hand and they walk back to the bank of elevators. but look at it outside. Gary 166 . Let‟s just go back outside. Look. I wouldn‟t want to leave you behind by yourself. I don‟t really have any other plans. IN AN ELEVATOR Gary and Dana enter a elevator in the lobby.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Really? you think? GARY Yeah. GARY I know. Dana walks back through the turnstile towards Gary. DANA (points to the exit) But we‟re right here already. are you doing anything Thursday night? Do you maybe want to grab a root beer float and some squash soup or something like that? Because. (pause) Things are falling everywhere. umm you know. wait for the fire department to put this thing out then we won‟t have to worry about dodging falling debris. I‟ll go back up with you. They both take a deep breath as they try to calm down and relax. GARY So. We‟re just a few steps away from the exit. DANA OK. Gary tries to lightened the mood. I don‟t want to worry about you getting hit with something and getting hurt. Now Dana takes a moment to think to herself.

DANA I‟ll have to check my 167 Gary looks down at Dana‟s purple shoes. DANA (cont‟d) I like yours too. are you open on Thursday night? We‟ll see. Dana looks down at Gary‟s new brown shoes.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (laughs) Root beer float? Squash soup? GARY Well I know how much you like squash soup so I thought it might be cool to buy you some. DANA Thanks. (pause) Sooo. . GARY (laughs) What? DANA Thanks for trying to lighten the mood. On Thursday night. They look brand new. GARY That‟s what I do. DANA (laughs) You‟re too much. calendar. GARY I like your shoes. they look very pretty.

I hate to leave you. They‟re my new Rockports. but I‟ll be right back. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. Gary walks away from Dana and back over to the bank of elevators.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY They are thanks. GARY Sorry. I‟ll only be gone for a few minutes. CUT TO: INT. I got them at Macy‟s a couple weeks ago. DANA Wait. GARY I‟m going back to my office for a few minutes. (pause) And once I come back. DANA You better be. 168 . I just need to send out a couple of emails. five minutes tops. I‟m gonna shoot out some emails that I have to get out and I‟m also going to try to find out what exactly is going on. so you‟re leaving me? GARY Only for a few minutes. GARY I will. DANA OK. I need to get them out. Then I‟ll be back down here before you even realize I was gone. DANA‟S OFFICE FLOOR LOBBY Gary and Dana exit the elevator and enter the lobby. I‟ll be with you for the rest of the day.

There‟s hardly a cloud in the sky. (pause) Nah. GARY OH SHIT! Gary is paralyzed with fear. (pause) Yes. GARY (picks up phone) Hello? (pause to hear response) Hey mom. He immediately does a double take and the look of complete fear quickly covers his entire face.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CUT TO: INT. they should know what‟s best. he literally can‟t move. They‟re the experts. (pause) So do you know what happened? Is the news saying anything? (pause) A small plane. – WORLD TRADE CENTER. Gary takes a look out his window to confirm his own statement for himself. I‟ll take their word for it. and specifically Gary‟s office. really? (pause) But it‟s a picture perfect day outside. 169 . OUTSIDE THE WINDOW. GARY‟S OFFICE FLOOR GARY‟S OFFICE Gary enters his office just as his phone is ringing. GARY‟S OFFICE United Airlines Flight 175 is out in the near distance speeding right towards the South Tower. We tried to leave but security told us we‟d be safest if we stayed in the office. I‟m OK.

The impact of the airplane creates a deafening boom and violently shakes the building. please.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese In the matter of only a few seconds. only 15 floors below Gary‟s office. Loud noises and sounds of explosions continue inside the building. please get through. Gary takes his cell phone out and tries to make a call. dead. The plane was so close to Gary‟s office. He can‟t see much through th thick smoke. This time the call goes through. A huge fireball rises outside from the wreckage and is followed by a heavy stream of smoke. he could look into the cockpit and make out the people in it. Gary tries to compose himself and picks the phone back up.) All circuits are busy. PHONE OPERATOR (O. GARY Shit! Gary tries to place a call again on his cell phone. Gary hangs up and tries to dial again. please try your phone call later. Gary immediately drops the phone and is knocked to the floor due to the building shaking. GARY Mom? Mom?!? The phone has gone dead.S. GARY Come on. the commercial airliner quickly approaches and slams right into the South Tower. The phone is still 170 Gary stands up and looks out the window in an effort to survey the damage below. .

I‟m hiding under my desk. I‟m ok. It was a plane. DANA (crying) I‟m so scared.) Hello. What happened? GARY Dana.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (O. DANA Ohhhkay. I saw it. I‟ll be there in two minutes. listen to me. GARY Dana. But it headed straight for the building. I saw it aiming right at us. I‟m going to come to you. I saw it. Dana has sought refuge from falling debris under the desk in her cubicle. I‟m so damn scared. Stay right there.S. Listen to me. I‟m going to find you then we‟re going to get the hell out of here. DANA Yeah. thank god I got through. Are you ok? Scene again goes back and forth between Gary and Dana. depending on who‟s talking. DANA Hurry up. A plane hit the building. GARY Stay there. GARY Dana. A plane?!?! DANA How could that be? 171 GARY I don‟t know. .

Smoke is slowly creeping into the hallway. Gary follows Michael back into THE HALLWAY I think I know . But he can‟t. follow me. how we can escape. Ok. Gary presses the button for the elevator. I‟ll find you somehow. his co-worker Michael frantically rushes by. I‟ll be right here. GARY Oh right. just leave. MICHAEL What are you doing?!? You don‟t want to take the elevator. A Gary runs down the hallway towards the fire exit to see if he can make it out the door.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Look. DANA I‟m not gonna leave you behind. As he waits. GARY I‟m on my way. 172 Gary hangs up his phone and walks into THE HALLWAY There he sees for the first time the devastation inside. it‟s blocked by too much debris. you‟re right. blocking a fire exit. portion of the ceiling has collapsed down the hallway. don‟t wait for me. Then Gary runs back through the hallway and enters THE ELEVATOR LOBBY Not thinking clearly. MICHAEL Come on. It‟s probably not even working. if things get too dangerous for you.

– STAIRWELL. Smoke is slowly beginning to trickle into the stairwell. CUT TO: INT. Now. after going three flights Gary stops on Dana‟s floor and opens the door. This is not good. this is our only option. GARY Jeez. they come to a heavy beam. Three male co-workers have just made their way to the exit also along with Gary and Michael. smoke is beginning to rise up the steps. GARY OK guys. Look. WORLD TRADE CENTER – SOUTH TOWER The five men rush down the stairs. After removing several of the smaller pieces.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese They run to another emergency exit and this one is also blocked by debris. Michael stops him before he enters. Let‟s just go downstairs. Let‟s get to work and clear this stuff out. It takes all the strength of the five men for about 30 seconds to move it enough so that they can open the door and escape. this exit is blocked too. 173 . The five men start moving debris out of the way one piece at a time. All five men stand there for a moment thinking up a strategy. MICHAEL It‟s too dangerous. Gary rolls up his sleeves. MICHAEL What are you doing Gary? GARY I‟m going to grab Dana.

Under my Gary enters her cubicle and takes a seat on the floor. GARY Don‟t worry. Dana hears Gary‟s calls and shouts out to him.THE HALLWAY. DANA‟S FLOOR Gary walks slowly and cautiously through the empty hallway. I‟m still here. I will. GARY Dana! (yells) Dana! Dana! 174 As he approaches her cubicle. dodging fallen debris laying on the floor. (pause) (MORE) . DANA Gary thank god you‟re here. CUT TO: INT. Dana crawls out from underneath her desk and gives him a big hug. fine. GARY I wasn‟t going to leave you. But you get your ass downstairs right away. . I don‟t want to be in here any longer than I have to. The lights are flickering and the floor is slowly filling up with smoke. DANA (yells) Gary. I‟m not going to leave Dana behind. Gary walks into Dana‟s floor as the four other guys proceed down the stairs.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I can‟t. MICHAEL OK. desk.

DANA How did you get down here? The . 15. 20 floors below us. It can‟t be coincidental that both Towers are on fire now. DANA Who would do something like this? GARY I don‟t know. I‟d have to think it was intentional.. DANA We need to get out of here. As soon as I heard that boom. smoke is getting heavier. DANA I. All I know is that we can‟t stay here though. (pause) What are we going to do? GARY (thinking) I don‟t know.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) Are you the only one left on the floor? Did everyone else get out? DANA I don‟t know. It‟s 175 GARY Well. such a sunny day. GARY I know.. I haven‟t seen anybody since. is pure evil.I. but whoever it is. I just went under my desk. Struck about 10.I can‟t believe it. DANA So it was a plane? GARY It was a god damn plane.

GARY Here‟s how we‟re going to do this. GARY Well. I have no idea what kind of shape the sky lobby is in and even if we can take the elevator from there. We should be just fine. I think we can make it out through that way. I don‟t mean to be stern but we‟re going to have to get out of here. (MORE) 176 . I‟m ready.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY One of the stairwells. We‟re going to run down 10 flights. (pause) Gather your things and let‟s get the hell out of here. They stop in front of the stairwell door. There was only just a little bit of smoke in there. DANA OK. Dana and Gary stand up. by ourselves. which we probably can‟t. DANA All I need is my pocketbook. I‟m going to need your help here. Dana grabs her purse and they rush back through the hallway towards to the stairwell. Who knows if there will be any police officers or firefighters to help us. you‟re going to have to. GARY OK Dana. So it‟s entirely likely that we‟ll have to climb down these 95 flights of stairs by ourselves. (pause) Do you think you can do this? DANA (scared) I…I…I don‟t know. We have to do this together.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) stop. Gary tries to walk down the stairs but Dana grabs his arm to stop him. take a breath.THE STAIRWELL. Just remember that. Gary opens the door. then run down another 10 flights followed by another break. but wait right here. if we find ourselves in the middle of a fire. . They both immediately start coughing. CUT TO: INT. run down. just keep running down the stairs. Run down. 177 . run down. If we get into any trouble. DANA (scared) I thought you said we could make it out this way? GARY I thought so too. WORLD TRADE CENTER – SOUTH TOWER Gary and Dana run down the first five flights of stairs then they‟re stopped in their tracks by a plume of smoke. I‟m going to take a look and investigate. GARY I don‟t know. (pause) Ready? DANA Ready. DANA Well why is there this smoke? Gary looks around to survey the scene in the stairwell.

GARY Damn. DANA How does it look? Gary looks at Dana. DANA OK. Gary runs back up the stairs to Dana. don‟t worry about it. GARY We‟re in trouble. GARY I‟m not leaving you. I‟m just going down a couple flights just to get a better look so I can see what we‟re dealing with. We just can‟t get out through this way.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Wait. He looks around at the fire below him and surveys the scene. He notices heavy damage to the wall that leads to the office floor. DANA (tearing up) Don‟t say that! GARY Look. then I‟ll be right back up here. be careful. you‟re not going to leave me?!? You said you wouldn‟t. we‟re going to get out of here. DANA What‟s going on down there? 178 . Gary runs down three more flights and stops when he‟s able to see a fire burning several flights below him.

DANA It‟s getting really hot in here Gary. we can escape from the roof. we can get fresh air and be safe until they get this fire out.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY There‟s a fire in the stairwell. TOP FLOOR. GARY I know. DANA Good idea. let‟s go. Or at the very least. GARY Let‟s go to the roof. GARY Grab my hand so I don‟t lose you. Dana starts wiping the sweat off her forehead. DANA The roof? GARY Yeah. DANA So what do we do? GARY We got to think and think quick. it‟s a little intense. there must have been an explosion that blew a hole through the wall because all I know is there wasn‟t a fire down there before. I don‟t know. Gary looks up the stairs as the smoke gets thicker. STAIRWELL 179 . Gary grabs Dana‟s hand and runs up the stairs with her. I gotta think the cops are organizing some kind of rescue from the roof with helicopters.

GARY What the hell? Gary uses more force to try to open the door. DANA Why not? Gary looks at the door and notices that it is locked up with a heavy chain around the door knob. GARY All this running around is exhausting. Gary tries to lighten the mood. DANA Let‟s get out of here. The smoke is getting too much again. GARY Thank god. Gary climbs up the final set of stairs on the top floor and approaches the door.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Gary and Dana make it to the top floor of the stairwell but they stop to catch their breath before approaching the exit door. . Come on! GARY Come on! Open the door! 180 DANA What‟s wrong Gary? GARY I can‟t. He tries to open it but the door won‟t budge. GARY Right. I don‟t know how much more of this I could take. violently tugging at it. DANA Well we‟re almost there. but the door still won‟t budge.

. (pause) Damn. DANA This is like a bad dream. Dana rests her head temporarily against the door. I don‟t think anybody‟s out there. DANA Let us out! Anyone on the other side? (looks at Gary) Don‟t just stand there. No. No. who the hell would lock the exit door! Doesn‟t that defeat the purpose of having an emergency exit? (pause) This is ridiculous! Dana stops banging on the door now too. GARY (dejected) It is.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Damn. Dana approaches the exit door and starts banging on it as hard as she can with her fists. GARY It‟s no use. GARY Help! Help! Gary and Dana bang on the door for a good 10-20 seconds before Gary stops. it‟s locked! 181 It‟s locked! DANA (in disbelief) No. it can‟t be?!? Dana paces back and forth on the stairs platform with her hands on her head. almost like she‟s giving up. help me! Gary joins Dana in banging on the door as hard as he can.

I‟m having trouble breathing. GARY Get on your knees. I think it‟s like a pipe or something like that.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY More like a nightmare. DANA We have to do something fast. Gary and Dana stand up and approach the door again. that I can use to try to break the lock? DANA I can‟t see. is there anything metal around here. heavy. crawl around. GARY I got something! DANA You do? GARY Yeah. GARY I don‟t know. DANA What are we going to do? Gary thinks for a moment as the smoke becomes thicker and more intense in the stairwell and both of them begin to cough heavily. see if you find anything. After several seconds Gary‟s hands stumble across a metal pipe. it‟s getting too dark in here. GARY Look around. Dana and Gary both get on their knees and crawl around the stairs platform using their hands to guide them. 182 .

each swing gets progressively harder. GARY Come on. Gary grabs Dana‟s hand and slowly leads her back down a flight of stairs. Although it is completely pitch dark in the stairwell. Gary starts hitting the lock with the metal pipe. but the lock doesn‟t break. DANA Where are we going? Gary walks her down a few flights to a door that leads to an office floor from the stairwell.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA God I hope this works. take small steps so you don‟t trip on the stairs. (pause) We‟ll ride out the fire in an (MORE) . budge. He stops after the fifth hit. we‟ll just have to face that fact. GARY (cont‟d) Watch yourself. DANA Well? Dana and Gary stand silent for a moment as they both contemplate their fate. GARY We‟re not getting out of here through the door to the roof. Don‟t stop! It‟s no use. DANA Why are you stopping? GARY The damn thing won‟t 183 The smoke has now almost completely enveloped the two in the stairwell.

OFFICE HALLWAY. GARY That should help…at least for a while. DANA So we‟re just going to stay here? 184 . let‟s go barricade ourselves in an office. Gary is still holding the metal pipe but throws it through one of the walls of the hallway in disgust and frustration. Gary grabs Dana‟s hand again and rushes her down the hallway. . you‟re right. GARY Come on. CUT TO: INT.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) office and wait for the good guys to arrive. GARY Sorry. A large plume of smoke follows them until he‟s able to close the door. Gary looks around and spots a sports jacket sitting on a chair. IN A WINDOW OFFICE Gary and Dana enter an office and close the door behind them. ONE OF THE SOUTH TOWER‟S TOP FLOORS Gary opens the door and leads Dana into the hallway. he stuffs it under the door to block the smoke from entering the office. GARY Jesus! DANA Getting angry won‟t help us in our current predicament.

I‟ve got my own. Dana and Gary sit there for a while quietly eating their granola bars.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY Yes. no other option. didn‟t we? GARY We did. (pause) Let‟s grab a seat. DANA We had a great time this summer. 185 . Gary rifles through a briefcase that‟s sitting on the floor next to him. DANA (cont‟d) Do you want a piece? Gary digs through the briefcase again and finds another granola bar for himself. GARY No thanks. Dana takes the granola bar and unwraps it. DANA I‟m so lucky that I met a great guy like you. We‟re going to wait until the firemen show up. We should be safe here. GARY (offering it to Dana) Granola Bar? DANA (chuckles) Sure. GARY I thank god everyday for having you in my life. He finds a granola bar in there. Dana and Gary sit down on the floor of the office.

everyone deals with things in their own way. GARY That‟s OK. DANA I don‟t know why I over think so many situations and I don‟t know why I get so afraid of some things. especially now as we‟re sitting on a floor in an office hiding from a raging fire. GARY I like you too. DANA I‟m sorry. GARY (surprised) Oh yeah? DANA Yeah.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Dana speaks up again after a few seconds of silence. DANA I really like you. but I‟m sure you‟re already well aware of that. Looking back it all seems foolish. GARY For what? DANA I like you Gary. GARY (perplexed) Why are you apologizing? DANA Because I was an idiot. GARY Well that‟s great to hear. 186 .

it‟s fine. DANA I would like that. GARY We did have some great times though. traveling to a cozy Bed & Breakfast in New England for a long weekend. DANA We did. treating me like a princess and I was probably giving you the cold shoulder more often than not. GARY Well. I should‟ve been a lot more supportive of you but I wasn‟t unfortunately. (pause) I just regret how I was towards you. I know that. but we could‟ve had more and I guess it could‟ve been more intense. Here you were planning all this great stuff for us. I realize that looking back at everything. when we get out of here. 187 . Believe me. let‟s do something about that. DANA Yeah but we could‟ve spent the summertime walking through the park holding hands. Let‟s kick things up a notch. I understand where you were coming from. taking me out on the town.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA Yeah but I feel like my reluctance to get involved in anything caused us to miss out on some great times that we could‟ve had together. snuggling on your couch on a warm summer evening watching a movie. GARY Dana. I was too selfish.

(pause) My problem was that I was staring in the face of the guy that could deliver all this to me for months and I never realized it until it was too late. which is a good thing. I love your parents. DANA I am too. And I‟m losing faith the longer we stay in this office. DANA It might be. good. GARY Don‟t say it‟s too late. She reminds me a lot of my own mom. I‟m no different. we‟re going to start a new life together. your mom makes me laugh. And Laura is really cool. only not as nuts. haven‟t you? DANA I think most girls think about the story book relationship. And when we get out of this. you‟ve really thought this through. I‟m excited. I could see us becoming good friends. GARY Don‟t think like that. GARY I could see that too. DANA It would‟ve been great to spend more time with your family too.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (surprised) Wow. GARY Good. (MORE) You will 188 . We‟re going to get out of here.

(pause) I mean. That‟s all on me. DANA What do you mean? GARY I wasn‟t a good listener and I don‟t think I tried to understand you. But I failed on both accounts. and how you felt more than I did.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) become good friends. Life is tough and I really should‟ve helped you through things a lot more. I really believe that. here I am saying all this stuff. I don‟t think I really tried. As much as I thought that I might‟ve tried. how I‟m here for you. how I‟m listening to you. DANA What are you sorry about? GARY I always told you that I was a good listener and that I really wanted to understand you. I was too selfish. I take most of the blame. (pause) I mean Jesus. DANA It‟s too bad. I‟m an idiot! DANA No you‟re not. GARY Don‟t be too hard on yourself. and what was right for you. I should‟ve thought about you. Then I go and try to pressure you into something? That‟s not cool. 189 . I‟m sorry too.

afraid of rejection I guess. DANA You pretty much did come out and tell me how you felt though. I should‟ve shown you more respect and instead of screwing around. I think I was just too afraid. I mean I‟m the guy that always tell people that life is about taking chances and in the end it was me that didn‟t take a chance. instead of making everything awkward. it does upset me a bit.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY But with all that said. GARY I don‟t think I did it effectively. but I do treasure the time we‟ve spent together. I blame myself for anything we might‟ve missed out on. I should‟ve just come out and told you how I truly felt about you. from the first night we hung out at Ulysses way back at the beginning of the summer I knew there was something about you. That‟s why I didn‟t put myself too much out there. (pause) In retrospect. I didn‟t have enough self-confidence to just come out and tell you things straight from the heart. really cared about. How‟s that for irony? DANA Not that this helps at all. I knew you were different and I knew you were a great guy. but just to let you know. Even (MORE) 190 . I was way too passive aggressive. I wanted to protect myself. I‟m very fortunate. you at least deserved that. all of it. In the end though it wasn‟t the right move. It was me that didn‟t take a chance on something that I really.

DANA Is that why you‟re always so awkward during goodbyes? GARY No.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) though you gave me the most awkward good-bye handshake in the history of goodbyes. DANA Really? GARY Yeah not a fan of touching people. outside of the fact that it was friggin‟ weird. DANA No you‟re not. that was our first night out. plus I generally don‟t like to touch people. I like to tell (MORE) 191 . I didn‟t want to give you a friendly hug because I thought that‟d be too aggressive since I didn‟t know you that well. I‟m awkward during goodbyes because I‟m just an awkward person in general. I just believe in not invading people‟s personal space because I don‟t people like invading mine. GARY (laughs) What was wrong with my handshake? DANA Nothing. GARY Seriously. I am. I‟m not a germophobe. GARY I didn‟t know what to do though! I didn‟t really know you.

192 . It‟s more weird than cute. GARY I‟m going to do whatever I can to get us out. I don‟t know if we‟re making it out. but you just do. we will get out of here.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY (cont‟d) people that my life is a series of awkward events strung together. GARY Don‟t be like this. So that just magnifies my awkwardness. (pause) And you don‟t help matters. DANA I know you will. It‟s probably because I like you so much. GARY I don‟t think cute is exactly the word I‟d use to explain it. DANA What does that mean? GARY I‟ve told you before. DANA That‟s cute. Dana begins to cry as she realizes that hopes of an escape are dimming. That‟s probably why I‟m so nervous around you. DANA I wish we had more time together. DANA Even though I have complete faith in you. I don‟t know why. you make me nervous.

Both of them lean in towards each other slowly as they are about to kiss for the first time. If you cry you‟re going to make me cry. I‟m so sorry. But right as they are about to kiss. Gary wipes the tears off of Dana‟s face. GARY Hey. there is a loud explosion out in the hallway that blows the internal window panes of the office out. Dana stares into Gary‟s eyes. hey. GARY I love you too Dana. I wish we more time to spend together in future and I‟m sorry we missed on a lot of things in the past. .“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA (cont‟d) sorry. hey. DANA I love you Gary. Don‟t cry. Smoke quickly fills the office. I‟m afraid it‟s all coming to an end. Gary grabs Dana‟s hand and they rush out on the office into THE HALLWAY They look down the hallway and see flames shooting up the walls. DANA I can‟t help it. GARY Not if I have anything to say about it. Dana. 193 I‟m had the out Gary puts his hand on Dana‟s leg and rubs it to console her.

GARY I‟m here. . Just as she hits the ground. debris falls and blocks their exit. Gary and Dana run down another hallway. While still holding hands. they separate hands and Gary ends up about five yards in front of Dana in the hallway. Just as they‟re about to get to the door. In their rush. Dana screams out. DANA (screaming) Help! Help! Gary rushes to the collapsed area and lays down on the floor. Save 194 Dana tries to crawl around the wreckage but she‟s too exhausted to move and she has too much debris on her. Gary turns around and sees Dana fall to floor. don‟t worry. GARY Damn. knocking her to the floor. Another part of the ceiling collapses in the hallway and this time the debris hits Dana. Dana is covered in debris and is laying on the collapsed portion of the floor about six feet below where Gary is standing in the hallway. DANA Gary what are we going to do? GARY We‟re going to find an exit. why don‟t you just go? yourself.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese They run down to the other end of the hallway towards a fire exit. the ceiling collapses in front of the door. I‟m here Dana! DANA Gary. a very large portion of the floor collapses halfway down to the floor below. this isn‟t good.

The GARY I know. . While still carrying Dana. heat is way too intense. leave! GARY Never. Gary carefully climbs down to the collapsed area and goes through the wreckage to get to Dana. He clears all the debris off of Dana. Dana gives Gary a kiss on the cheek. The heat is intense.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY I‟ll never leave you. I will save you. GARY I don‟t know where to go. DANA Thank you Gary. I know. both are bruised. We‟re both getting out of here together. it‟s way too hot in here. DANA Go Gary. Gotta find a place that can offer some relief from all this. Gary carries Dana down the hallway. picks her up and carries her back up to the floor. At this point fire and smoke is consuming both ends of the hallway. are blocked. Gary kicks in a door and walks into a LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM Gary sets an injured Dana down on the huge conference table in the room. battered and covered with with soot. All exits 195 DANA Gary. bloodied.

The two begin coughing more and more as the smoke fills up the room. After about five times. GARY I see some helicopters. I‟m not giving up though. maybe if they spot us they can fly over here and rescue us. He grabs another chair and breaks another window after several tries to create more ventilation. Gary notices several helicopters flying around the building in the distance. DANA Is the building tilted? It feels like the building is tilting. Gary leans out of the window and starts waving his arms in hopes of getting someone‟s attention. Gary picks up a chair and begins to pound it against a window in hopes of breaking it to create ventilation. the window finally breaks and with that he loses the grip of the chair and it flies out the window. smoke is still entering the room through the cracks in the wall and the vents in the ceiling.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Smoke pours into the room until Gary closes the door. Even though the door is closed. Gary stops waving his arms and brings his whole body back in from the window. GARY I know. This heat is unbelievable. 196 . Gary frantically waves his arms out the window. GARY (cont‟d) (frantically) Come on! Come on! Somebody see me. After awhile. somebody save us! DANA This is insane.

“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He walks over to the door. puts his face in his hands and then dejectedly looks up to the ceiling. it feels like it‟s 350 degrees. GARY The fire‟s getting closer. Gary approaches Dana. the fire is almost here. GARY It‟s not over yet. DANA Gary. DANA Me too. who is still sitting on the conference room table. DANA It‟s over. you said it yourself there‟s no escape. After they kiss. opens it and looks out into both ends of the hallway. She grabs his shirt to bring him closer and they share a long. GARY We have to figure something out. they remain face to face only inches apart. The building is leaning. 197 . DANA Come here Gary. The cops can‟t see us and the firefighters can‟t find us. He closes the door. Dana puts her hands on Gary‟s face. it‟s probably leaning too much. walks back towards the window. there‟s no escape anymore. passionate kiss finally. GARY I‟ve been waiting for this moment for four months. It‟s over.

We shouldn‟t be talking about death. DANA Death comes to us all. Unfortunately it‟s come to us much earlier than it should‟ve. GARY This can‟t be true. our lives together. our lives. GARY Should we try to run through the flames though? DANA I‟m not going to make it through. this can‟t be happening. We should be talking about life. GARY What‟s that? 198 . Gary begins to cry. DANA We have one. Right now I just want a quick and painless death.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese GARY So what do you want to do? DANA I can‟t bare this anymore. DANA I think that‟s where we are now. I‟m hurt and those flames are everywhere. no. Dana begins to cry again. GARY We don‟t have any other options. GARY No. no. I don‟t want to get burned alive.

GARY There‟s got to be another way.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Dana points to the window. DANA But at least it‟ll be quick. it‟s painless and we‟ll be put out of our misery. 199 . Gary paces around the room. It‟s quick. that‟s like being tortured. Gary goes up to Dana again. and I don‟t want to die of smoke inhalation. (pause) I don‟t want to be burned alive. DANA There isn‟t. GARY (cont‟d) (confused) The window? What about the window? DANA We jump. DANA Let‟s jump together. there‟s absolutely no way we survive this. GARY Damn. Gary I really don‟t want to be Burned alive. GARY You know we‟re on like the 107th floor. hell we‟ll probably die halfway through the fall. But unfortunately it‟s our best option. running his hands through his hair as he thinks. GARY Are you sure you want to do this? DANA No.

DANA You‟re sweet. in the middle of her coughs. We‟ll find peace again shortly and hopefully we can live together for eternity. DANA I hope so too. The room is now completely filled with smoke. DANA I‟m so scared.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese After thinking it over for a few moments. 200 . GARY It‟ll all be over in a few seconds. GARY OK. DANA Leave it to you to find a positive in all this negativity. GARY This is it. Dana and Gary climb up to the window sill and look out the window. The door to the conference room blows open from the pressure of the smoke and fire. Dana is terrified and crying loudly. GARY Bye. GARY That‟s me. I wouldn‟t want to die with anyone else by my side but you. let‟s do it. Gary finally gives in. GARY I guess the silver lining here is at least we‟re dying together.

While still holding hands. TITLE OVER: January 2002 EXT. GARY Here‟s to us in the afterlife. GARY I love you too. Gary kisses Dana‟s hand. passionate kiss. They 201 They end their hug but still hold each other‟s hand. After a few seconds of eerie silence. a deafening rumbling sound occurs for 14 seconds which signifies the exact time it took for the South Tower to collapse. they lean forward and fall out the window. DISSOLVES TO BLACK SCREEN With the screen completely dark. GARY Ready? Dana takes a deep breath. then they both slowly put one of their feet out the window. . DANA Yes.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese DANA I love you. Dana and Gary have another deep. Both of them take a deep breath. – STATEN ISLAND LANDFILL – DAY Workers are carrying small buckets of debris from the World Trade Center around the landfill and carefully emptying them onto large conveyor belts so that the debris can be sorted. there is a fade in to the final scene. embrace and hold each other very tightly. plummeting to their death.

a bulldozer comes over.“9/11” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Several other employees are working along the conveyor belt sifting through the debris. Shortly afterwards. inspects them then puts them back down on the belt. picks up the debris that includes both Gary‟s and Dana‟s shoes then drives over to a large hole and dumps it. FADE OUT 202 . After laying there peacefully for a few seconds. the fifth bucket emptied contains Dana‟s damaged purple shoes. This debris covers up Gary‟s and Dana‟s shoes. Dana‟s shoes make it to the end of the belt and they fall off into a big pile of rubble where they join Gary‟s shoes. A worker along the belt picks up the shoes. among the debris is Gary‟s damaged brown shoes. A few more buckets are emptied onto the conveyor belt. One bucket is emptied onto the conveyor belt. another bulldozer comes up and empties their debris.