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ELEY - the home of Tenex
Over 100 Olympic Medals
won with Tenex since 1964
1964 Tokyo 8
1972 Munich 8
1976 Montreal 8
1980 Moscow 8
1984 Los Angeles 15
1988 Seoul 8
1992 Barcelona 8
1996 Atlanta 11
2000 Sydney 7
2004 Athens 9
2008 Beijing 12
Target Shooter 3
Complete Sierra range distributed
to the trade exclusively through highland outdoors
For Trade enquiries contact Highland Outdoors
Ph: 01858 410 683
Fax: 01857 341 111
Retail Price List now available
to download online
GameKing 3-9x40 with Mil Dot Reticle £55.95 RRP
GameKing 4-16x44 with Mil Dot Reticle and adj objective £87.95 RRP
GameKing 4-16x50 with Mil Dot Reticle and adj objective £94.95 RRP
GameKing 6-24x50 with Mil Dot Reticle and adj objective £105.95 RRP
be the king of your domain
GameKing 3-9x40 with illum Mil Dot Reticle £99.95 RRP
GameKing 3.5-10x40 with illum Mil Dot Reticle and adj obj £115.95 RRP
GameKing 4-16x44 with illum Mil Dot Reticle and adj obj £121.95 RRP
GameKing 4-16x50 with illum Mil Dot Reticle and adj obj £127.95 RRP
GameKing 6-24x50 with illum Mil Dot Reticle and adj obj £154.95 RRP
High Grade Lenses
Premium grade optical coatings
Adjustable objective on most models
Finger adjustable windage and elevation
Fast eye focus
Available with glass etched illuminated
reticle models
Mil Dot reticle standard on all models
one inch series
g g
Mil Dot
Mil Dot
It’s simple. When you add
up the accuracy, performance
and value of our Match, Hunting
and Varmint bullets, it makes
choosing Sierra easy.
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6 Shooting Sport News
8 Shooters Calendar
17 Support Your Local
26 ChoosinganAirRife-
Initial thoughts for
beginners by Stanley
29 Choosing Antique Guns by
Graham Lay
46 Scopes on a Budget
by Carl Boswell
49 Cooking up a Tube Gun
by Laurie Holland &
Vince Bottomley
71 AGI Video Review
by Carl Boswell
76 UniqueAlpine-The
Ultimate in Modular
Magic by Rob Hunter
82 Shooting Website of the
86 New Barrel Tuners
by Carl Boswell
90 YourRimfreGalleryRife
Part 1 by Gwyn Roberts
96 Gun of the Month
100 Club Feature
12 Pheonix Meeting 2009
20 SwitchBarrelRifeby
Vince Bottomley
34 IWA 2009
Report by Vince
58 GalleryRife
Competition Report by
Gwyn Roberts
64 FT and HFT
Shooting Positions by
Tim Finley

84 Optical Booster for
Target Shooting by
Carl Boswell
40 Swedish
the most
accurate WW2
Welcome to........
.......Our new magazine.
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Association Pages
102 NRA
104 UKBR22
105 FT UK
106 GalleryRife
108 Letter Page
Carl Boswell and Vince Bottomley
Advertising and Offce Manager
Andy Dubreuil. email;
Vince Bottomley Graham Lay
Laurie Holland Tim Finley
Carl Boswell Rob Hunter
Nigel Greenaway Gwyn Roberts
Stanley Shaw
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individuals attempting to recreate such testing using any information, data or other materials in its electronic pages.Publishers of Target Shooter magazine.
Welcome to Target Shooter, a new monthly magazine that will only appear on the internet and will be free
to all.
Following the demise of Target Sports as a stand alone magazine, which sadly could no longer sustain itself
in today’s economic climate, a group of your favourite writers banded together and this is the result. Most of
their names will be already familiar to Target Sports readers and we are grateful for their input.
stay on-line until the following month’s edition appears. We will carry equipment reviews, in-depth tests,
event reports and your favourite shooting associations are welcome to contribute and several already have.
Hopefully, we will build up an archive of some of the content so that you can always revisit our
their sport and they will be free to make their articles as long or short as they wish. We are not bound by
any of the normal editorial constraints imposed on other magazines! However, we have no paid staff, no
proof readers or art editors so inevitably the occasional ‘typo’error will occur. We ask for your indulgence
Although the production of an on-line magazine is far less costly than for a conventional one, there are
signifcant costs involved in web-hosting and our advertisers are critical to our success. We thank them
for their support and we hope that you will, in turn, support them and remember to mention Target Shooter
when contacting advertisers.
Finally, most of all we want this magazine to be a voice for target shooters and promote the sport we all
love. We welcome your input and your suggestions for future articles in Target Shooter.
Copyright © Target Shooter Magazines
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Sports Survey
as the BASC and NRA, are
recommending that shooters take
part in the ‘Sports Survey’ that is
now on line. As shooting sports
fund cutting this is the time that
people like us can let our voices
be heard, again. By doing this
survey we can help show that these
sports are important to people who
practice them in the UK and to
the retailers, distributors and
manufacturers in this country. We
are actually contributing positively
to the country in a number of ways
including sustaining parts of the
The survey only takes a few
minutes to complete and can be
found online by clicking here or
via the BASC website. The results
should open up insights and
thoughts to the amount of
shooting sports that
take place in this
country and how these contribute to
sporting success we can all be
proud of.
MORI are the company
taking this survey for Sports
England and the latter has
information about the survey here
on their website or by clicking here.
When you take the poll think about
all the shooting sports you have
taken part in over the last year
and how much you have actually
done. There is a part of the survey
that also looks at the disciplines
you shoot as your main sport.
Whatever your thoughts about
yet another survey on shooting,
this will help shooting sports and
potentially funding in the future.
See more information from
Sport England in the next
ox FirearmshavejustreceivedabatchofRobertsonstocksfrom
Canada which are ideal for building an F Class rife. They
are designed to use the Barnard bedding-block system,
enabling you to put together a custom rife without the hassle
of stock-inletting, Devcon bedding and the like. The Robertson
stocks are better fnished than any I’ve seen and do not require
any painting or fnishing of any kind. See
New Magazine
ne of the best bits of news
hopefully, is the launch of this
magazine. We are trying to ‘hit
the spot’ for target shooters within
the UK. Obvioulsy as we progress
then things will develop, change
and get even better. So if you are
any type of ‘paper puncher’, with
pistolor rife then this is the
magazine for you. If you wish to
ensure that you have this
magazine each month then
check out the website on
the frst of each month.
Please pass on the good
news about the magazine to all your
colleagues who shoot. Our thanks for you support.
Sport England has announced new funding for rural areas who
need to develop sporting areas and amenities. If you live in a rural
area and need to develop a shooting facility then please look at
this documentation via the NRA website here or
Shooting Sport News
Target Shooter 7
Entry now open for The
National Rife Association’s
2009 Phoenix Meeting
he National Rife Association’s
Phoenix Meeting has grown to
become a major annual national
shooting event. With over 75
competitions across a growing
multi-disciplined shooting event, the
2009 Phoenix Meeting opens its
doors to competitors from 22 – 24
May at Bisley.

Assistant Director of Shooting, Brian
Thomas says: “Over 500 competitors
take part each year shooting a range
of frearms including shotguns, air
rifes and pistols, gallery rifes,
sporting and full-bore rifes, plus a
range of black powder pistols and
revolvers. We have already had a
record number of entries and hope
that 2009 will be the best Meeting yet.

Brian added: “At a time when every
company is watching very closely
how it spends its marketing budget,
we’re delighted that so many shooting
manufacturers and equipment
suppliers are showing their support
by sponsoring the NRA’s Phoenix

“Midway UK has proved their
commitment to this established
Meeting by coming on-board as
the headline sponsor along with a
number of other companies keen to
beneft from being associated with
the UK’s biggest multi-disciplined
shooting event.

we’ve been able to make this year
is that we substantially improved
the Phoenix Meeting Booklet by
including the Gallery Rife and Pistol
Handbook. The generous
sponsorship means we’ve been able
to print over 5000 copies which will be
distributed free to competitors and to
shooters in clubs throughout the UK.”

Running alongside the two-day
competition is a very successful Trade
Fair which regularly attracts over 400
visitors who come to see over 50
traders who exhibit and sell all types
of shooting equipment, accessories
and supplies. For entry forms go to
new forumhasjustcomeonlineforairrifeandrimfrebenchrest
shooters. This is designed for all shooters world wide. The idea
behind the forum is to discuss issues, the World championships,
European Championships, National Championships, other events,
techniques, equipment, etc, etc.
From what has been heard this is a trial run through, so use it or loose
it. It is also meant to support and answer a few questions that have
been asked about developing this community a little further, so maybe
this is a start.
The address for the forum is;
If you pay a visit to
North West Custom Parts have a look at the superb
McRees Precision stocks from America. These are CNC machined from
billet aluminium and will make your Remington barrelled action (and a
host of other popular actions) look and shoot like a ‘big bucks’ custom
are interchangeable and options are offered to suit the F Class, mag.fed
tactical and a variety of other target shooting disciplines. Stocks come
in a variety of anodised colours! The US military are currently evaluating
these stocks and their website at is worth a visit.
Bisley and the Olympics. The saga
As I sit putting the fnishing touches to parts of this magazine the
television is playing in the background as I wait to watch Question Time.
Sad I know but it can be very funny at times. Just before the program we
get the local news and my ears picked up as the news came on about
Bisley; the home of British Shooting losing out as the venue to the
shooting events at the 2012 Olympic games. Yes it has gone to
Woolwich. It beggars belief but this is the situation and any chance of a
lasting legacy for British shooting seems to have gone out of
the door with this fnal statement for the Olympic committee.
What happens next is any ones guess but it seems to be a done
deal. All we can wait for is the reaction of any organisations and
political personalities that feel this situation is as cumbersome as
it seems. We watch and wait , but I would not hold you breath for a
sensible conclusion in what seems to be a more erratic world by the day.
8 Target Shooter
Calendar of events over the next two months
If your club or association has events you want to publicise here then email us.
Sat 04 April to Sun 05 April
Train the Trainer course (National Shooting
Centre (NSC), Bisley)
The NRA will be introducing a new course in April
to train Club Instructors. It will be called the Club
Instructor (General Skills) course.
Contact to receive an
application form for this course or to request
further information.
4th April 100 yd Benchrest Diggle Ranges
5th April 1000 yd Benchrest Diggle Ranges
Contact via UKBRA website
Sat 11 Apr to Mon 13 Apr
Bisley Clubs Easter Meeting (National Shooting
Centre (NSC), Bisley)
This year the Easter Meeting will be run by the
(Easter Meeting)
Sun 12 Apr
NRA Shooting Club Day (National Shooting
Centre (NSC), Bisley)
Multi-discipline NRA Shooting Club Day. Targets
have been booked on Melville and at 100, 200,
600 and 1000 yards. All disciplines welcome.
Open to all full members of the NRA who have
completed and returned the registration form
which is available by clicking on the link below.
Contact Heather Webb. NRA
12th April 100yd Benchrest Bisley
Contact via UKBRA website
Sat 18 and Sun 19th April
3 Nations Rimfre Benchrest match held at
Portishead Club. Ireland, Germany and UK teams
competing in friendly international match. Contact
via UKBR22 website.
Thu 23 April
NRA Shooting Club Day Multi-discipline NRA
Shooting Club Day. All disciplines welcome.
Contact Heather Webb NRA.
Sat 25 April
Clubs Mini Palma Match (National Shooting
Centre (NSC), Bisley)
A Mini Palma Match will be held on Saturday 25
April 2009 for teams of eight from any club, school
Karen Robertson NRA
Sat 02 May
NRA Open Day (National Shooting Centre (NSC),
rife, sporting rife, laser clays, precision snap,
Contact(s): Libby Gendall NRA
2nd May 100 yd Benchrest Diggle Ranges
3rd May 1000 yd Benchrest Diggle Ranges
Contact via UKBRA website
Sat 09 May to Sun 10 May
The English Eight Club, National Rife Club of
if desired but cannot take any of the prizes except
for the Cash Sweep)
2+15 at 1000, 1100 & 1200 yards on each day
Contact(s): English VIII Secretary
Fri 22 May to Sun 24 May Phoenix Meeting
(National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) and
Arms Fair. This multi-discipline meeting has its
roots in pistol calibre frearms but there are also
plenty of competitions for Black Powder, Air and
Fullbore from 15 yards to 1000 yards. As well as
all this shooting you can visit the Arms Fair held
in the Bisley Pavilion. Contact(s): Brian Thomas
Sat 16 May to Sun 17 May
Contact: Maureen Peach NRA
25th May Egg Shoot 100/300/500 yds Diggle
Ranges Contact via UKBRA website
Sat 30 May
Start of NRA Probationary Members Course
2009/3 Contact(s): Heather Webb NRA
10th May 100 yds Benchrest Diggle Ranges
Contact via UKBRA website
Wed 20 May NRA Shooting Club Day (National
Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) Multi-discipline
NRA Shooting Club Day. Targets have been
booked on Cheylesmore and at 100, 200, 600 and
900 yards. If you would like to attend you must
book in at least a week in advance by contacting
Heather Webb.
8 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 9
Henry Krank and Target Shooter have teamed up to
bring you this fantastic ........
100 - 104 Lowtown, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 9AY, UK
Tel: 01132 569 163 / 565 167 Fax: 01132 574 962 Email: Open Mon - Sat, 9am - 5pm
Visit our NEW website at
10 Target Shooter
Ever wondered if you can love a second child as much as the first?
Sako have battled with this enigma but have finally produced the
Sako 85. With the same inestimable Sako accuracy and smooth bolt
operation, the 85 Hunter is perfectly balanced and beautifully built.
Featuring high-grade walnut stock and satin blued finish on the
barrel and receiver. Detachable two-row staggered steel magazine
and cold hammer-forged free-floating barrel is standard on all Sako
85 models.
Sako 85 Hunter
Safety system
Sako’s 2-way safety locks both the trigger and the bolt handle, as well as
blocking the firing pin. The unique bolt release button in front of the safety
catch allows loading or removal of a cartridge from the chamber with the
safety engaged.
Trigger system
The trigger system is adjustable from the magazine well: it comes set at the
factory at approximately 1,5 kg, but can be adjusted between 1 and 2 kg weight
of pull. The detachable magazine can also be loaded through the ejection port.
The magazine follower is made of aluminium, to ensure faultless operation.
Total control latch
The Total Control latch (patent pending) secures the magazine which can be
detached only when simultaneously pushed upwards while the latch is pulled
back. This can be performed simply with one hand, but cannot happen
unintentionally or accidentally by contact with natural obstacles.
Controlled feed
Unique to the Sako 85 are three lugs in the bolt, combined with a two-row
staggered magazine and the controlled round feed. The bolt raceway boasts
five guiding surfaces which results in smooth and fast bolt cycling. This
translates into fast and accurate repeat shots.
Will you be having another?
For further product information and details of your local Centre of Accuracy
stockist, please call GMK Ltd on 01489 587500 or visit S
Sako 85 ad v2:Target Sports 15/1/08 14:52 Page 1
Target Shooter 11
43 T&G. MIDWAY A4 3/7/06 09:56 Page 1
12 Target Shooter
It’s the time of the year when
The Phoenix Meeting is
coming up rapidly; from Friday
22 May to Sunday 24th May.
It has been said a number of
times by a numbers of writers,
that going to the Phoenix is a
pilgrimage for a lot of people;
those who go each year just
to shop or for those shooters
who take part in the array of
competitions. I think I have
missed one meeting since
1997 and that was last year
as I was training for another
event. It felt odd not going as
I like the Phoenix; to see the
matches and do several tours
around the Pavilion Trade
Show. I usually have a list of
wants that I am looking for in
the Pavilion and come away
smiling that I have got these,
although leaving quite a bit of
stuff that I would like behind.
Whatever reason takes you
to Bisley, over the Phoenix
weekend, it is always a
worthwhile visit; some
spending the whole four days,
while others just going up for
the day. It is great to go up
and support colleagues who
are shooting or selling. For
The speed steels are
great fun to shoot!
Plenty of action in the Bianchi match to keep you
If you are looking for a
challenge The Phoenix A &
Multi Target matches will test
It would be nice to have
more ladies and juniors
come along to show some
of the guys how to shoot!
Target Shooter 13
Try to beat this guy in
The Man v Man speed
If you are looking for a
challenge The Phoenix A & Multi
Target matches will test you!
It’s nice to meet up with many of our Irish & German
friends at the Phoenix!
me it is always a time that
brings lots of fellow shooters
together as they mass around
tables and talk about the
day’s events in the Pavilion
canteen. (With much grub to
cannot see the calories that I
tuck away at this place each
The competitions themselves
are varied …………… There
is something for everyone,
whatever your game is;
precision, action, long range,
short range, black powder,
air rife & pistol, centerfre,
it and it is probably shot at
the Phoenix in one form or
another. The competitions are
too numerous to list here, so
it is worth visiting the NRA
website to view these and get
your entry in. As there are both
team and individual matches, it
may be that you want to bring
some of your mates along with
you. This year the whole event
has some good sponsorship in
the form of Midway UK. This
level of sponsorship has got
to have positive effects and
we all look forward to seeing
links with the shooting industry
develop over the coming years.
The Phoenix weekend is a
pilgrimage I would suggest
to any and all shooters. By
doing this you are
supporting your colleagues
who are shooting and the
trade fair that encompasses
sellers from around the
country. More than ever in this
ever growing recession we
need to support one another as
buyers and sellers. I know I
will enjoy the weekend yet
again as I plan to go up in
May on my annual visit. A few
colleagues are going to pick
up items they have ordered,
a few that are looking for
specifc frearms with others
looking at shooting and/ or
supporting. What I end up
taking away with me could
be anyone’s guess, probably a
few more mates and I know it
will be enjoyable to have that
hunt around the stalls.
The UKBR22 and UKBRA also
have a stall at the event - in
the Pavilion so come and see
us. As we are also promoting
this magazine it would be a
good chance to come and see
us and have a chat about what
14 Target Shooter
of an opening??
A few of the writers from
Target Shooter will be at the
show, as I know that Gwyn
Roberts is competing at a few
of the events.
If you are thinking about
attending the Phoenix
Meeting to shoot or shop it is
towards the end of May on the
weekend of the 22nd to 25th.
Hope to see you there.
There’s plenty to shoot
with your section 1
shotgun whether it’s a
pump or auto loader!
Does anyone have a
gauge for slug?
Everything is covered from
air weapons to long range
pistol events!
Black powder pistol shooters have a wide variety of
matches to compete in!
meeting has its roots in pistol
calibre frearms but there are
also plenty of competitions for
Black Powder, Air and Fullbore
from 15 yards to 1000 yards. This
Meeting has over 75
competitions to enter, giving
you enough chances to earn
yourself one of the much sought
after 'Grandmaster Medals'. As
well as all this shooting you can
visit the Arms Fair held in the
Bisley Pavilion. This meeting has
a friendly atmosphere and is a
must for your shooting diary.
Contact Brian Thomas via the
NRA website
Target Shooter 15
16 Target Shooter
Copy Ior quarter page advert in new Target Shooter e-magazine!

eenth Terkshirr eheetinu encc|irs
Everill Gate Farm Tel 01226 756332
Broomhill. Wombwell Fax 01226 751321
Barnsley S73 0YQ e-mail enquiries(

We started advertising in the original Target Gun magazine back in 1985 and so
welcome this exciting new venture and are pleased to support it.

CuST0H 10´22 At0 RlHFlRF HA6lC RlFlFS

This has been a speciality oI ours since the handgun ban oI 1997 and we are pleased
to be recognised as the original pioneer and UK number One dealer Ior these riIles.
As well as using the Ruger 10/22 as a base gun we now proudly oIIer our own
version. the receiver. bolt and trigger guard oI which are made in England! Take a
look at our website to see what we can oIIer you...


As an extension to our rimIire riIles we started to oIIer centreIire semi-custom riIles
around three years ago and now also oIIer Iull custom riIles built here on our
premises. Our semi-custom Remington 700 riIles are an excellent choice Ior shooters
on a budget who seek something a bit better than an 'out oI the box¨ riIle and we
have received many compliments on how well they perIorm on the range.

Our Iull custom riIles are Iast making a name Ior themselves. and we can use
Remington actions as a base or alternatively we import both Surgeon and Lawton
actions. For barrels we oIIer mostly Border. Pacnor or Lilia whilst Ior stocks we have
Hogue. Bell & Carlson. Choate. McMillan and the very popular Accuracy
International Chassis System (AICS)

To Iind out more about us please take a Iew minutes to browse our website
Target Shooter 17
Back in the mid eighties South
Yorkshire was fairly light on
gunshops catering for pistol
shooters, but Roger Francis
was a very keen pistol shooter
travelling all over the country to
enjoy his sport. Some of the
country’s top Police and Service
competition shooters were also
members of the same club and
had noticed that Roger cast and
swaged a pretty mean bullet.
The upshot of this was that
Roger was asked if he would
make some bullets for sale ……..
and the rest, as they say is
So in 1985 Roger and his wife
Sheila decided to start a small
business supplying reloading
components including of
course their own brand of Ace
bullets. The intention was to
supplement Roger’s income
as a microbiologist at a local
hospital. In 1989 they made the
decision to apply for the
appropriate RFD to extend sales
into ammunition and of course the
frearms themselves. Slowly but
surely, just like Topsy….things
just grew. By 1996 Roger’s
health problems had led to
early retirement from his day
better each year….until of
course the tragic shootings at
Dunblane. This event saw 85% of
their business disappear
virtually overnight. At that time it
looked as though the business
would come to an end as the
Government at frst said that no
compensation would be paid to
dealers, a decision which only
rightly was altered in due course.
The easy way out would have
been to take the money and
run, but Roger refused to let the
government fnish his dream,
and at this point he made what
turned out to be a very, very
good decision. This was to
turn to the ubiquitous Ruger
10/22 which was seen by many
pistol shooters as their saviour.
Roger and Sheila had already
been importing quite a few
specialist parts from the US but
now this became a vital part of
the business.
By 2005 the business had
grown so much that it was
becoming hard for them to cope,
compounded by Roger’s need
for two hip replacements due
to a worsening of his arthritis,
and they talked of cutting back
or even retiring. Naturally,
being as perverse as ever…they
decided to expand and at the
start of 2006 they took on a
part time worker by the name of
Dave Wylde (better known by
many as his alter ego of “baldy-
dave” on internet forums)
Dave’s machining skills meant
that the next phase in the
company’s development could
now begin….their foray into the
world of centrefre rifes. Now,
the order book is so full that
Dave’s two days a week has
become at least four, and Roger
and Sheila have “cut down” to
around 50-60 hours each
per week! Last year saw an
agreement with Surgeon Rifes
to be their sole importer for their
superb tactical actions, and this
year has seen an approach by
Lawton Rife in the US to
appoint SYSS as their sole UK
The shop continues to sell
most things for the Section One
shooter and SYSS are also
distributors for Volquartsen,
Power Custom, Hogue stocks,
Rife Basix triggers, Barska
scopes, Boyds stocks, Bell and
Carlson stocks. Many other
specialist items are imported, but
the current diffculty in getting
gun parts out of the US has
led to the latest chapter in the
history of SYSS and they now
have more and more parts
manufactured locally in
style actions, bolts and a new
trigger housing, muzzle brakes,
scope bases, tactical bolt knobs,
and a host of smaller parts are in
the pipeline.
The only problem now facing
this family run business is that
they are fnding it extremely
diffcult to keep up with the
demand for their products and
services. A nice problem to have,
many people would say ……
Support your local gun shop
‘South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies’
18 Target Shooter
Jackson Rifles
Parton, Castle Douglas, Scotland DG7 3NL
Tel: (01644) 470223 Fax: (01644) 470227
• best-selling, proven design-madeby
rifle silencers
• sleeved over the barrel – model T4 adds only
65 mm (2 ½") to overall length of rifle
• two-pointmountingsystemresistsharshuse
• selected by the Forestry Commission to meet the latest European noise at work regulations
• low-maintenanceall-weldedconstructionwithtoughparkerizedcoating-no need for internal cleaning!
centre-fire and rim-fire rifle
NEW NorthStar stainless steel telescopic
rifle silencer
• Calibresupto25-06Remor30-06Spr
• Soundreduction-24to-28dB(C)
• Sleeves over barrel – net length only 100 mm (4")
• 47.5 mm diameter, weighs 630 grams
• Durable,low-maintenance, matt stainless finish
NEW FOR 2009
• Calibresupto25-06Remor300WinMag
• Advancedultra-compactmuzzle-mounteddesign
• Soundattenuation-26to-32dB(C),accordingto
• 40mmdia.,520g(CQB)-560g(COMPACT)
• Adds only 125 or 150 mm to length of rifle barrel
Shoot to win
Jewell Triggers
for Remington,
Jackson Rifles™
2-stage trigger
for Remington,
Mauser, and Tikka
for Browning,
CZ, Mauser,
Ruger, Sako,
Weatherby &
Winchester rifles
SAK-Products Air Rifle/Rimfire silencer
• Excellent performance on 22LR and rifles up to .17 and .22 magnum rimfire
• Blackorsilver-standard½"x20UNFor½"x28UNEFthread
• 34 mm diameter, 160 grams, adds only 130 mm to length of rifle
We are happy to give advice and information to retail customers, but we only supply the trade
Jackson Rifles is a division of Forge Consulting Ltd, RFD 108 (Dumfries & Galloway) ts0904
Continental Shooting Supplies
North Ayrshire Shooting Ground, Blackstone Farm, Dalry, Ayrshire KA24 5HN
Tel: 01294 833297 Fax: 01294 833312 e-mail:
Continental Shooting Supplies is based at the
North Ayrshire Shooting Ground, a first class
all-weather facility for the Skeet, Trap and
Sporting disciplines.
We welcome customers to our shop, where a
friendly chat and expert advice are always
You can also purchase goods from us by mail order.
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Target Shooter 19
Jackson Rifles
Parton, Castle Douglas, Scotland DG7 3NL
Tel: (01644) 470223 Fax: (01644) 470227
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rifle silencers
• sleeved over the barrel – model T4 adds only
65 mm (2 ½") to overall length of rifle
• two-pointmountingsystemresistsharshuse
• selected by the Forestry Commission to meet the latest European noise at work regulations
• low-maintenanceall-weldedconstructionwithtoughparkerizedcoating-no need for internal cleaning!
centre-fire and rim-fire rifle
NEW NorthStar stainless steel telescopic
rifle silencer
• Calibresupto25-06Remor30-06Spr
• Soundreduction-24to-28dB(C)
• Sleeves over barrel – net length only 100 mm (4")
• 47.5 mm diameter, weighs 630 grams
• Durable,low-maintenance, matt stainless finish
NEW FOR 2009
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• Advancedultra-compactmuzzle-mounteddesign
• Soundattenuation-26to-32dB(C),accordingto
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• Adds only 125 or 150 mm to length of rifle barrel
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SAK-Products Air Rifle/Rimfire silencer
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• Blackorsilver-standard½"x20UNFor½"x28UNEFthread
• 34 mm diameter, 160 grams, adds only 130 mm to length of rifle
We are happy to give advice and information to retail customers, but we only supply the trade
Jackson Rifles is a division of Forge Consulting Ltd, RFD 108 (Dumfries & Galloway) ts0904
20 Target Shooter
The prospect of a ‘custom’ rife
represents a serious fnancial
commitment for most shooters
and not surprisingly, having made
that commitment, we need to get
as much use out of the rife as
possible. One way of extending
that use is by having two barrels
– more expense yes but it means

Not surprisingly, the prospect of
swapping barrels will discourage
some shooters. Many don’t like
to mess with their rifes, even to
the extent of normal maintenance.
Some have never taken their
why should they? Well, once you
have gained a little experience,
a basic understanding of what
makes your rife ‘tick’ is always
useful and ideally we should be
familiar with the basics.
Our rifes get wet, cleaning-fuid
works its way under the action,
up etc. so it’s a good thing to
occasionally maintain the things
that you can’t easily see. Too
often, a shooter only becomes
aware of a problem when it causes
a failure of some kind – usually
in the middle of a competition.
Taking the barrelled-action out of
the stock from time to time and
stripping the bolt is just good
house-keeping. (If you would like
Target Shooter to run an article
on basic rife maintenance
then just send me an e-mail on and if
there is enough interest we’ll sort
If these simple tasks seem
daunting, then you may well
be less than enthusiastic at the
prospect of changing a barrel.
With the proper tools however,
it is a relatively straight-forward
operation and it is a familiar sight
With a factory rife, the barrel is
normally ftted really tight by the
factory and its removal is not
practical for the owner and is
best left to the gunsmith with the
proper equipment. Similarly, a
recoil-lug sandwiched between
barrel and action, as favoured by
most manufacturers, makes barrel
swapping a bit more complicated.
Factory rifes therefore will not
generally form part of a switch
barrel system and factory barrels
will normally only be removed
is Savage – their barrel-nut fxing
makes home barrel-swaps a
possibility, providing you have the
correct spanner and headspace
Many custom actions have a
built-in recoil-lug and the ft
between barrel and action is a
precision joint and it does not
rely on extreme torque to hold it
securely in place. It can be
removed and replaced quite easily
with the minimum of equipment
but nonetheless there are a few
precautions that must be
Cleanliness is the key and the
action-threads and barrel-threads
must be kept scrupulously clean.
The tiniest particle of grit could
The Switch Barrel Rife
Vince Bottomley
20 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 21
cause the thread to seize – with
catastrophic consequences but
keep it clean and it won’t happen.
After cleaning, both threads must
be lightly lubricated. Several
suitable greases are available for
this purpose but remember, in use
this joint will get very hot and an
the temperature should be used.
Although the threads are the
means by which the barrel is
attached to the action, the joint is
made on the action-face and the
barrel-shoulder. These surfaces
must be equally clean and free
from any detritus and again, lightly
It’s important that excessive
grease does not ooze into the
action during the barrel-changing
process, so be careful to check
and clean as necessary before
attempting to chamber a round.
Grease in the chamber could raise
pressures to dangerous levels.
Action-wrenches which ft inside
the bolt-raceways - rather than
clamping around the action - are
normally used with custom rifes.
Excessive torque is not required
up by hand as tight as I can. (See
It probably sounds more involved
than it really is but as long as you
keep everything clean, you can’t
really go wrong.
Our a switch-barrel rife will be
based on an exisiting 6PPC Stolle
shooter is already using for 100
yard benchrest competition but he
is anxious to extend the use of the
yards for F Class and benchrest
competition. But what to choose
out to 1000 yards?
The existing 6PPC bolt-face
is marginally smaller than the
easily open it out to accomodate
a larger cartridge. We cannot
however contemplate a magnum-
size cartridge - this would require
a completely new bolt. Opening
up the Stolle bolt face slightly is a
straightforward job for your
not affect accuracy or functioning
with the 6PPC cartridge.
wide range of cartridges to choose
from and the largest of these would
however have a problem ejecting
a loaded round based on the 284
case via the Stolle’s tiny PPC size
port, so my choice would be for
one of the smaller ‘accuracy’
cartridges – the 6BR, 6mm Dasher,
6.5x47 Lapua, 6mm Swiss Match
or even the 6XC. The 243Win. and
the 260 Remington could also be
Remember, for 600 and 1000
yard benchrest competition, the
criteria are slightly different in
that we can’t see our shot-holes
and there is little point therefore
wind-fags. Our requirement is to
a great help in achieving this. This
is why the tiny 6BR still holds the
The fabulous Stolle action – note built in recoil-lug, small
ejection-port, massive fat underside for bedding.
The 6PPC and 6x47 Lapua with 308 for comparison
Target Shooter 21
22 Target Shooter
NBRSA record for fve, 10-shot
groups at 1000 yards.
Any of the small ‘sixes’ would
fulfl our requirements and none
are what could be described as
be accommodated in our Stolle
Panda action. We eventually
settled on the 6mm version of
the 6.5x47 Lapua. This cartridge
is very close to the Swiss Match
cartridge that I have previously
used out to 1000 yards so I
can personally vouch for its
effectiveness at all ranges. Dies
(Forster) and good quality brass
are readily available (unlike
the 6XC and Swiss Match) and
case-forming is minimal (unlike
the Dasher) so, a sensible choice.
Why not simply go for the standard
6.5x47 Lapua? On paper, the 6mm
105/107 grain factory bullets, have
a marginally better BC and less
recoil than say the 123 grain 6.5
bullet but in practice, the 6.5 would
down to the personal choice of the
I already have a 6x47 reamer
so the next job was to obtain a
we went for a Bartlein. Bartlein is
a relatively new American barrel
maker and rapidly gaining a
reputation for producing accurate
barrels but any of the popular
makes of match barrel would
suffce, including the New
Zealand True-Flite or a home-
as 1 in 8.5 and the bore as 0.237
Bores can
be obtained
as standard
or tight (0.236).
I’ve tried both
and found little
difference but
some shooters
pr ef er ences
and if the
barrel makers
are willing to
offer a choice,
then we can
c o m p l a i n .
There is a the-
ory that when
using fast twist
barrels, the
lead bullet
core can ‘spin’
in the jacket –
fact or
never be proved but a tight barrel
core and reduce the risk of spinning.
Profle will be medium-heavy
– 1.25 inches at the breech
tapering to 0.9 of an inch at the
This slightly slimmer profle will
help with balance. We have spec’d
our blank to be 31 inches in length
and this will give us the option
to fnish at something between
28 and 30 inches. Weight-wise,
we will be comfortably below the
17lbs maximum for 600/1000 yard
Light Gun class and so well inside
the F Class 22 lb. limit but to some
extent, balance is more important.
Our rife is in danger of
becoming too front-heavy, which
must be employed in long-range
benchrest competition.
In the eyes of the law, a rifed
barrel which is not chambered or
threaded does not constitute part
of a frearm, so you may order
your own barrel-blank but please,
do not turn up at your gunsmith’s
door and be surprised if he is
less than happy. Please discuss
it with him frst before ordering a
barrel yourself. Most gunsmiths
will work with one barrel maker
and it will normally be cheaper
and quicker for you to allow your
gunsmith to supply the barrel. It
Swapping barrels. Crack the joint in the barrel-vice
Unscrew (and replace) barrel with rife vertical.
22 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 23
was a full six months before our
shooter received his barrel and
this is another reason for going
with your gunsmith – his order will
customer or he may even have a
We started talking about this
project at the beginning of 2008
and the season was almost over
before our shooter got the chance
to use the rife in long-range
competition. Best results to
date are a seven-inch group at
1000 yards and just under three
inches at 600 yards. We eventually
fnished the barrel at 28 inches
The rife is not too front-heavy
andrides the bags quite well. We
the butt to improve tracking. Recoil
is minimal.
The 6x47 cartridge – or 6-6.5x47
Lapua to give it its correct
nomenclature - gives good
results with one or two powders
and the favourites seem to be
Vihtavuori’s N560 double-base
powder or Hodgdon’s H4350. We
have the option to use bullets
in the 90 to 105 grain range and
we might even try the 115 grain
DTACs but stability in our 1 in 8.5
twist barrel could be marginal.
How is the switch-barrel system
working in practice? ‘Very well’ is
our shooter’s answer and he now
swaps barrels without a second
One problem we hadn’t
considered with our project was
the scope. For 100 yard benchrest,
the 36BR Leupold is the king. Our
Leupold weighs in at under a pound
so, in 100 yard BR where weight
is an issue, it’s a great choice.
Problem is, we need a lot more
28 MOA more to be precise and
unfortunately, the Loopy ran out
of clicks long before we reached
it. The answer was a tapered
scope-rail from Kelbly’s –
makers of the Stolle actions. This
slips over the Stolle’s integral rail.
(See pic) Now, the scope can be
left in place after a 100 yard BR
shoot and simply winding-on 12
MOA gets our shooter ‘on’ at 600
yards. A further 16MOA is needed
for 1000 yards.
So, for the outlay of another
barrel, our shooter now has a top
quality switch-barrel rife which
covers multiple benchrest
disciplines from 100 to 1000
yards, plus the occasional F Class
competition. Yes, there is the
hassle of barrel-changing and
it’s not something you want to be
doing every week but maybe once
a month is not too bad. The initial
outlay may have been more than
our shooter initially had in mind
but the action/trigger/stock/scope
will never wear out and he can
have as many switch-barrels as
he likes.
Here’s what it all cost:
Second-hand 6PPC Stolle rife
incl. 36BR Leupold scope.
Bartlein barrel blank
The switch-barrel in action in 600 yards benchrest competition.
Target Shooter 23
24 Target Shooter
Total: £2035
On top of this you would of
course need to add the cost of
gunsmithing but don’t forget, that
price includes the Leupold scope.
Since putting this article together,
another of our shooters has gone
the switch-barrel route, this time
using a Barnard P action and
Robertson F Class stock. He
has chosen the 6BR chambering
for out to 500 yard work and the
7mmSAUM for long range stuff.
This requires two separate bolts,
as the SAUM is a magnum bolt
face. Fox Firearms of Manchester
(TS advertiser) supplied this rife
in the UKBRA’s last 600 yard shoot
(see UKBRA page).
24 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 25
26 Target Shooter
Are you interested in starting
Field Target, Hunter Field Target
or maybe Bench Rest?
What type of air rife shall you
get? Maybe an all rounder air
hole is this going to burn in your
All of these questions come into
the mind of a beginner at target
shooting. Most of us learn by
mistakes! On many occasions we
will burn an even bigger hole in
our pockets to get a second air
rife just because we made the
wrong choice in the frst place.
Firstly, decide on your budget
but when you shop around,
dare to look at more expensive
models as well. Maybe it is worth
it to wait a few more months, to
save a bit more cash and get
to your budget, then move on.
However, it might not be the best
option. A warning from personal
experience and that of others!
When looking can we fnd a
good all rounder air rife for
outdoor sporting
disciplines? The
answer is YES. A
trip to a local air
rife shooting club
will certainly answer
your questions. The
calibers allowed,
distances, air
rife categories, air
rife specifcations
and limitations,
the target size etc,
are all questions one must ask
to start to visualize the basic
specifcations required to
practice your sport. The best way
to start shooting and learn the
fundamentals is to start with
a spring air rife. If you’re on a
starter budget remember that a
PCP needs additional equipment
to operate – a scuba tank or
pump.A spring air rife will keep
your spending down. Spring air
rifes are self suffcient, power is
always available by breaking
the barrel or the lever. If target
shooting is your main
interest then always go for a 0.177
caliber. This caliber is defnitely
more forgiving then a 0.22. If your
legal limit is 12ftlbs and if outdoor
shooting sport is what you want to
There are a couple of spring
air rifes which are worth
can even give you results as you
progress in these sporting
disciplines. Weihrauch offers
two excellent spring air rife the
HW77S/K and HW97K. They
don’t come cheap, but they are
excellent air rifes. The trend is
that you always turn to and shoot
them, even after you upgrade to
more sophisticated models. In
the same level playing ground
is the British Air Arms TX200. A
typical setup including a
Outdoor Air Rife Sports - Starter Equipment
Stanley Shaw
The HW97K an excellent starter air rife for
all outdoor shooting disciplines, the blue
laminate also gives the air rife an extra
sporty look.
The British engineering classic the TX200 very popular with
FT and HFT
spring class shooters.
Target Shooter 27
minimum 6-24 x 44 Mil dot
scope, is what you need to
experiment in Field Target,
Hunter Field Target and Bench
Rest. For this kit expect to fork
out at least £400 to £450, but you
that’s a lot for you, look around
for second hand ones. A lot of
spares and upgrade springs and
seal kits are available for these
models, so no need to worry about a
‘top’ condition. Defnitely these
are not to only spring air rifes
available on the market, but if you
want to enter the world of target
shooting, then you must have
an air rife still capable of giving
you results. Many other spring air
rifes are either plinkers or
hunting air rifes. These can still
be accurate but work within the
specifcations of their intended
If a PCP is what your after, one
of the best entry level PCP’s is
an Air Arms S200, this will cost
you as much as the Weihrauch
HW77/97K or the AA TX200
but remember the additional
scuba tank. An AA S200 might be
too tiny for adults,
but that’s only a
matter of looks. With
regards to target
shooting this little
gun has potential. If
you fancy a bigger
P C P , m o r e
adequate for your
size, with some
serious intentions
in target shooting
then go for its bigger
brother the AA400
or the HW100. Again secondhand
are plenty. Usually a seal kit will
get an unused or maltreated
PCP’s back in shape.
The decision is all yours, however
if you consider these tips, you will
certainly invest your money into
a piece of kit that will lead you
to progress in your favorite air
gun shooting sports. You will not
regret your investment and own
an air rife which you will never
discard for many years to come.
Remember….. ask questions to
those who shoot this sport.!
Located close to Hereford’s City
Centre, Bromsports is your one-stop
shop for airguns and accessories as
well as Lamps, Camo Clothing,
Archery, Paintball, Replicas etc.
We offer a reliable ‘old- fashioned’
service and you are assured of a
warm reception whether in the shop
or on the phone, so why not give us
a try, you may be surprised!
Airguns usually in stock include brands
such as: WEBLEY, BSA, DIANA,
Other products from: BUFFALO RIVER
We offer a fast mail-order service by phone or
via our website A map
link to the shop can be found on the site.

BROMYARD SPORTS. 66 Widemarsh Street, Hereford,
HR4 9HG. Tel: 01432 344610. Shop opening: Tuesday to
Saturday 9am ‘till 5pm. Adjacent car parking available.
Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (
The HW77S offers same
quality and accuracy of the
HW97K with more classic
The Air Arms S200 the ideal starter PCP air
rife especially for juniortarget shooters.
Don’t let the size fool you this is a very
accurate all rounder air rife.
28 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 29
As one of the two arms and
militaria Experts on the BBC’s
Antiques Roadshow, I frequently
get asked advice about what
to look out for when buying an
antique rife, pistol or gun (by
gun I mean sporting long-arm,
something for shot rather than
bullet). For as long as I can
been great investments and
at the moment, with next to no
interest being earned in banks
and with shares hardly being
worth a bean, they are proving
to be very popular objects to
buy. In fact, even though we are
in one of the worst recessions
we have seen for decades,
prices seem to be holding up well.
Just think of it, here are
beautiful things to handle and
maybe even use occasionally.
Objects that you can enjoy and
cherish and they will increase
in price too if you buy right. It
really is
better than
m o n e y
in the
bank. But
how do
you ‘buy
right’? What follows are a few tips
on what to look out for if you are
thinking of buying a gun (with
apologies to pedantic so-and-
so’s out there I am going to use
addition, I have included a
few items that have
recently come up for auction to
give you an example of what
you can get for your money.
Although many collectors buy
from dealers a growing number
attend the several specialised
antique arms, armour and
militaria auctions that take place
up and down the country. One
of the comments that I often
hear about auctions is that there
can be such a wide variance in
saleroom prices. Why is that?
Well, many factors can affect
the fnal price, condition being
the most important, and this is
portray in detail in a brief catalogue
description. Other things that
affect price are the number of
buyers in attendance (although
the Internet has made absentee
buying at auction easier these
Just as there are many pitfalls
when buying at auction, there
are pluses and minuses when
you buy from a dealer. The
very frst thing to do, if you
are serious about a particular
gun, is to give it a really good
inspection. You should see
immediately, from the
overall condition, how well it
has been treated by its previous
owners down the years. Don’t
worry at all if it has been
a gun these days that hasn't
been. Any chequering
Firearm Collectables - Buying Antique Guns
Graham Lay
Napoleonic Royal Navy
Blunderbuss Bosleys £1100 BP15%
A wonderful cased miniature of
a Colt Paterson percussion
revolver, 6¼-inches overall,
engraved with scrollwork and
inlaid with gold lines. Cased with
Holt’s £3000 BP20%
J.W. Edge, Manchester, a rare .451
Wilson Patent breech-loading
percussion sporting target rife,
Holt’s £1050 BP20%
30 Target Shooter
should be crisp and not worn
smooth. Metal edges should be
angular with a nice ‘sharp’ feel
and not rounded and worn.
The most important things
to check, especially if you
want to use the gun, is the
condition of the moving parts
and most particularly the barrel.
Make sure the half-cock
position works and ensure that,
when at full cock, the hammer
will not fall; unless it’s meant too!
(Experienced shooters will know
this, but anyone new to muzzle
loading must remember not to
Revolvers are more complicated
of course. Look at the cylinder
in particular and make sure that
the chambers line up with the
barrel. The ratchet on the back
of the cylinder can often be quite
worn, as this locates against
the ‘hand’ or ‘pawl’ to move the
cylinder round one chamber at
a time and works in conjunction
with another ‘pawl’ under the
cylinder, which lodges in a curved
position when the pistol is fred.
You can, of course, buy new
parts for most mass-made
American revolvers, and also
a few ancillary parts for some
English guns. Peter Dyson
( is one
gunsmith who supplies parts for
many muzzle-loading guns. You
will be amazed at the variety
of spares and parts he stocks.
Above all, whatever it is, if
you want to shoot it, then the
barrel, particularly the interior,
has to be good, with no pitting.
The system of proving barrels has
been around for several hundred
years. Gunsmiths had to submit
each gun they made to the
London or Birmingham Proof
House, where it underwent
several tests, including being
charged load. The subsequent
stamps on the barrel were
proof that it was safe to use.
As with an MOT, however, just
because it was safe when it was
proofed does not mean that it
is safe now, so it may be better
to have a gunsmith inspect it.
These days it is very diffcult to
fnd a pistol, in particular, that is
A fne 10-bore percussion multi-groove sporting rife by James
Purdey, serial no. 2184 for 9th July 1832, 28-inch barrel with
rear leaf sights to 200 yds, in its green baize lined mahogany
case with full compliment of accessories, retaining most of its
original brown, case colour and good amounts of blued
fnish with a good bore. Sworders incorporating Olivers £6000
A Hawksley 12-bore Trade
Mark ‘Despatch Recapper’,
also stamped ‘J. WILKES,
Sworders incorporating
Olivers £75 BP17.5%
A fne single barrelled
percussion 70-bore
two-groove ‘Pea’ rife for rook
and rabbit by James Purdey
Target Shooter 31
mint, and of course it will cost you
considerably more if you do fnd
for a good bore is more important
if you are going to be shooting
your purchase rather than
hanging it on the wall. In
fact, because the majority of
collectors don't want to shoot,
with the hassle of having to
obtain a frearms certifcate,
many of them will be put off by a
scruffy exterior, keeping the price
down for those of us who do.
One thing to do to check
prices is to have a look at the
several antique gun dealers who
have websites, such as Henry
Krank (
who has an enormous variety
of stock. Use a search engine
to fnd them or look at their
adverts for the web address.
There you can see their retail
prices and maybe compare them
with similar guns that you have
seen at other dealers or at auction.
If you want to fnd lots of
dealers in one place, then an
Arms Fair is the place to go.
There are a number around the
country, mainly the London Park
Lane Arms Fair (at The Marriott
Hotel, Grosvenor Square,
London; the arms fair at the
Bisley Pavilion, which mostly
specialises in classic guns (29th
March and 22nd to 24th May),
The London Arms Fair (not to
be confused with the Park Lane
Fair, 24th & 25th April at Hotel
Ibis, Lillie Road) and The
Birmingham Arms Fair (14th
June at The National Motorcycle
Museum, Bickenhill, Solihull).
Be sure you check the dates
with the organisers for accuracy.
Finally, remember that you
may pay less at auction than
from a dealer but at auction the
motto is ‘buyer beware’. There
is no come back if you are
dealer may be more sympathetic.
He will certainly spend time
helping you if you tell him what you
are looking for and will not want
you to walk away having bought
a gun that you will be unhappy
with; after all, word of mouth is
very powerful in our community.
Here are some objects that
recently came under the
auctioneer’s hammer. To the price
quoted here you have to add a
Buyer’s Premium (BP)
percentage plus VAT to get the
A good pair of 48-bore percussion duelling pistols by John
Manton, serial no. 9133 for 1825, 10-inch octagonal barrels,
in original green baize lined mahogany case with full
compliment of accessories. With fne bores.
Sworders incorporating Olivers £18,000 BP17.5%
Wood of Worcester, a cased
54-bore Tranter patent second
model double-trigger fve-shot
self-cocking percussion
revolver. Holt’s £1800 BP20%
A cased 54-bore Webley
patent wedge frame fve-shot
double-action percussion
revolver. Holt’s £2400 BP20%
32 Target Shooter
Kinetic Bullet Puller
Include s 3 s e ts of colle ts
tha t will a llow you to pull bulle ts from re loa de d
a mmunition from the ca libe r .17 up to .50 ca l.
Electronic Digital Scale
Include d in kit: two powde r
me a s ure s , one 50 gra m
ca libra tion we ight, powde r tra y a nd ba tte ry.
Accura te to 0.01gra in. Ma x ca pa city 771gr.
Electronic Cas e Tumbler
Allows you to e a s ily a nd quickly
cle a n your us e d bra s s . The ca -
pa city of the bowl is a prox 600
ca s e s in 9mm or 250 ca s e s in
223 Re mington. Full ins tructions include d.
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Target Shooter 33
34 Target Shooter
For the frst time in fve years, I
didn’t go to IWA with my Target
Sports hat on – this time it’s for
Target Shooter!
On arrival at the Messe – the
ultra modern exhibition centre
on the outskirts of Nurnberg (or
Nuremberg if you prefer the
English spelling) where the IWA
show is held, the frst job is to
check in at the Press Centre
and convince the German press
girls, Petra and Beate that I am
now representing a new on-line
The formalities completed, it’s out
into the exhibition. The Messe is
massive and not all of it is used,
even by the 1100 plus exhibitors
(a 10% increase on last year)
but the seven halls will take me
the whole of four days to explore.
Although the show is nothing like
as big as the US Shot Show, at
such is the US market for the stuff.
All of the big US manufacturers
do however support IWA and the
Americans have almost taken
over Hall 5.
In addition to guns, knives are
also a big feature of IWA and
every year, the International Knife
Show takes place. Like ‘em or not,
knives are an essential part of
our daily lives and this exhibition
takes it to a new level with some
incredible examples of
craftsmanship, ranging from
tableware to hunting and tactical
Every hall has its own refreshment
areas and these range from a
simple sausage baguette
consumed ‘on the hoof’ to a
full-blown champagne & smoked
salmon sit-down meal – you
pays your money and takes your
choice, as the saying goes. Prices
are however reasonable and you
At the end of a long day –
usually eight hours, it’s back to the
tranquillity of the Press Centre
for a fruit-juice or coffee before
heading back to the hotel for a
shower, followed by an evening
out and a meal in the old city. It’s
a hard life being a press hack -
Hopefully that’s set the scene for
you and we can get on the foor
Hall 4A was closest to the Press
Centre and was also the location
for many of the scope makers. As
usual, there were lots of Chinese
scopes on offer and they do get
value for money - especially for
the beginner. But, you know as
well as I do, that this is no place
to economise if you take your
sport seriously. Yes, you may like
to think that your Chinese scope
will do the job as well as any
Leupold but don’t kid yourself –
like most things today – you get
what you pay for. What’s worse,
I’ve seen Chinese scopes which
can be had for less than 100
Euros, on sale in UK gunshops
for two and three times their
Of course, we are always
looking for value for money and
IWA Report 2009
Vince Bottomley
New F Class rife from
Keppeler of Germany
Target Shooter 35
Sightron scopes are certainly
worth a second look, price-wise
they are very competitive. If
you shoot serious benchrest or
F Class, Sightron have plenty
of quality stuff at the right price.
Weighing just 17 ounces, their
a hit with BR shooters in the
USA and they had on display an
upgraded ‘Big Sky’ version.
Target Shooter will soon have
an example for review and
better still, you will have the
chance to actually buy one –
keep your eye on Target Shooter
make a great F Class scope and
of course, they have plenty of
stuff for the hunter.
Whilst we are talking scopes, we
must mention Premier Reticles
– most famous for their Leupold
scope boosts and reticle options
so they know as much about
scopes as anyone. I was really
excited to discover that they are
actually making their own scope.
The scope is a true tactical
optic in the same vein as US
Optics and at the moment it’s max.
power is 25X. It’s a big heavy
scope like the Schmidt but for a true
tactical rife, it would certainly be
high on my shopping list. If they
can bring out a 50 power version it
will be well received by the serious
F Class shooters. www.premier-
Unfortunately, Leupold had
nothing new to excite the
target-shooter and it’s high
time they upgraded their 8.5-25
scope with a 50 power version –
unfortunately Schmidt & Bender
and March have beaten them to
it, though supplies of the Schmidt
are painfully slow in reaching the
UK but Target Shooter will have
one for test very soon!
This year, we had over 50 UK
exhibitors and one of the best
of the Brit. stands is always
Jackson Rifes of Dumfries.
Peter Jackson is best known for his
moderators and this year he had a
couple of new ones. The pic shows
ftted to a pistol but it is also
are beautifully made and can be
dismantled for cleaning. A
couple of years ago, Peter started
making his own triggers and I
thought he was a little mad but
he has broken into the American
make the tube-guns, are now
Savage’s new tactical rife ticks all the boxes
A triangular barrel! You’ve got to be
kidding Remington!
36 Target Shooter
using Jackson triggers.
Peter also carries a large
inventory of McMillan and
Robertson stocks. It’s always
worth giving Jackson Rilfes a call
as the McMillan delivery time is
currently horrendous.
RPA were also exhibiting and
always have a good selection of
their stuff on display including a
‘show’ rife with walnut stock and
gold embellishments to
commemorate 40 years in the
business of building accurate
rifes. The rife will be auctioned
on June 25th by Holts of London
with a percentage of the proceeds
going to charity.
Many of the other British
Exhibitors are remnants of once
famous names like BSA and
Webley and aIthough it’s sad
to see the demise of our gun
making trade, at least they are here
One of the exhibitors who excited
me last year was the Spanish
frm of Bergara Barrels. Bergara
is a small Spanish gun-maker
who decided to set up their own
in-house barrel-making facility to
save money. They went to the
top of the tree and enlisted the
help of Ed Shilen. They ended
up with a super facility capable of
making far more barrels than
they needed – which is good
news for us! The downside is that
their blanks are only 28 inches
max. so not suitable for serious
long-range target stuff. We do
have a UK importer however in
the form of Jager Sporting Arms
located in Yorkshire and if you were
building a tactical rife or maybe
even a rimfre benchrest rife,
Bergara are worth considering.
Their honing process results in
a superb internal fnish which
can only help accuracy and,
although the pound is weak
against the Euro, prices are
competitive. www.bergarabarrels.
Golmatic of Germany always
Have a look at the BCM
website –
rife engineering
doesn’t get better
New joystick rest from
Golmatic of Germany
Target Shooter 37
have an interesting display. This
talented engineer makes his own
actions, competition triggers and
stocks and this year he had his
own joystick rest on display (see
pic). If you shoot benchrest or F
Class and you don’t already own
one. At least this one is closer
to home than either the Farley,
Caldwell or Seb so maybe worth
a look.
Mentioning front-rests leads me
onto the Smart Reloader stand.
I’ve road-tested a couple of their
products for Henry Krank of
Pudsey – the portable scales
and kinetic bullet-puller – both
great products at bargain prices.
I saw a few new products on their
display. More electronic scales and
a decent-looking front rest. The
rest is very heavy and the top
looks good – unlike the Caldwell.
You can be sure the price will
be right from this Swiss frm.
www. smar t r el oader mf g. com
Fox Firearms have imported
Keppeler rifes for a couple
of years now and they are an
impressive bit of kit. A couple of
the guys shooting F/TR on the
GB circuit, Steve Rigby and Paul
Dobson have demonstrated how
effective their 308 target rife
can be and now Keppeler are
offering an Open F Class rife
(see pic) featuring their stainless
steel action in a well designed
laminate stock.

However, if you want to see some
real innovative engineering,
have a look at BCM Europarms.
Vittorio Taveggia is a very talented
guy and loves to push things to
the limit. This year, he had his own
actions on display, stocks CNC
machined from aluminium-billet
and rifes chambered in some
outrageous cartridges – like
the 460 Styer (see pic).
Vittorio shoots 1000m benchrest
in the Dolomites and he does
lots of other nice bits for the
accuracy nut including a nice line in
rails. Take a look at his website at
Tactical rifes continue to be
popular with UK shooters and
there were plenty on display.
For me, Unique Alpine set the
standard and they had a new
aimed at the 300m ISSF shooter.
Their serious tactical kit is now
supplemented with electronic
gismos for the genuine military/
police user. The Blaser R93
tactical with its quick-change
barrel is a very desirable rife
except that the price has risen to a
staggering 3000 Euros! The Steyr
tactical continues to improve and
Smart Reloader’s new front-rest from Switzerland
Premier Reticles’ new scopes
38 Target Shooter
Custom made rifles in the heart of Cheshire
www. rhinorifles. co. uk
We stock:
Bell & Carlson
Visit our new website for full range and services
whereas Remington appear to be
struggling tactically. Their choice
of a Bell & Carlson stock can’t
be faulted but have you seen the
barrel? For some inexplicable
reason their tactical rife barrel
is triangular in section (see pic)!
‘Bonkers’ is the only word I can
fnd to explain it. On the other
hand, the new Savage tactical
looks great and if we can only get
it on sale in the UK at the right
price, it will be a huge hit.
Armed with your press card, it’s
often possible to blag the odd
item for review and I have one or
two things lined up for readers of
Target Shooter in the coming
months. Yes – you even get stuff
offered there and then but if you’re
This year, I did come home
with a few ‘pocket-size’ bits and
pieces. Have you ever heard of
Slick 2000? I read a test of
this bore-cleaner and copper
solvent in the American Precision
Shooting magazine and it received
a very good report. Copper in your
barrel is one of the quickest ways
to lose accuracy and if you don’t
own a bore-scope it’s diffcult to
know if you have got all the copper
out, so I’m always on the look out
for good copper solvents. “Pity you
don’t have a UK distributor.” I said
to the rep. “But we do.” He replied.
Now I’m not going to do someone
this distributor but what’s the point
in taking on an agency, if you don’t
advertise it guys?
This is actually quite a
common scenario – the main
importers often take on an agency
– then sit on it. OK, it stops your
competitors from selling the
product but that doesn’t help us!
Come on UK Importers – get your
you are importing!
I hope I’ve given you at least a
covered less than one percent
of the 1141 exhibitors! I could
talk about lots of other stuff – like
dozens of AR15 clones sprouting
Picatinny rails from every surface
and of course hunting rifes and
shotguns but I thought it best to
stick to what Target Shooter is all
about. As I get a few follow-ups
from companies throughout the
year, maybe we’ll get the
opportunity to mention more stuff.
Every year a group from my own
club visit IWA and when IWA
2010 approaches – which will be
the same weekend in March, we
will cover travelling and hotels
in more detail - just in case you
fancy making the trip. The historic
walled city is allegedly the fnest
example in Europe and makes
the trip doubly worthwhile and you
can also visit the museum on the
site of Hitler’s infamous Nurnberg
Peter Jackson’s new rimfre sound moderator
Target Shooter 39
Custom made rifles in the heart of Cheshire
www. rhinorifles. co. uk
We stock:
Bell & Carlson
Visit our new website for full range and services
40 Target Shooter
I must confess that, although
a long standing admirer of
the humble .303, my quest for
accuracy led me to sniping
rifes and soon in to competition
against a very rare beast – the
6.5mm x 55 Swedish Mauser
m/41 Sniper rife. Whilst its bolt
manipulation was not as quick
as the Lee Enfeld, the Swedish
phenomenal – probably the most
one for myself, no doubt helped
by the fact that the Swedish
Home Guard only disposed of
their m/41’s in the early 1990’s.
York Guns imported six and I was
lucky enough to pick the best of
the bunch.
This article will trace the history of
their distinguishing markings, the
different scopes and how to zero
them. Finally I will give some
reloading information for possibly
the most accurate military round
of all time – the 6.5mm x 55.
As a neutral nation during WW1,
Sweden did not experience trench
warfare and the emergence of
sniping and therefore never felt
the need to develop their own
sniper rife. However, as close
neighbours of Finland, Sweden
witnessed the terrifc fght put up
by the Finns against the Russians
Sweden even sent 8,000
volunteers and supplied 77,000
rifes to help their Finn
neighbours. The returning
volunteers were quick to point
out how the Finns had used
sniping tactics and dedicated
on the Russians. Individual Finn
snipers notched up tallies as high
as 550 in six months!
By 1941 Sweden found itself
with two potentially aggressive
neighbours – Russia (via
Finland) and Germany (via
Norway). Ironically Germany
needed iron ore from Sweden
and Sweden needed a telescopic
sight in order to build their own
sniper rife A deal was struck
and about 3500 sets of high
quality Ajack 4x90 scopes and
mounts were supplied to the
Swedish Mauser rifes
previously selected for
their accuracy. There is no
particular date range and even
some early 1899 German
Mauser and Swedish Carl
Gustafs made m/96 rifes were
used, the latest being 1925 dated.
The base m/96 rife has a
barrel length of 29 inches with
holding the improved m94/41
6.5mm 139 grain spitzer bullet,
fps. This round is renowned for
its accuracy and typically carries
making it rather forgiving when
the wind blows! TheAjack four
Swedish m/41 – the most accurate WW2 Sniper Rife
m/41B Swedish Mauser Sniper with Ajack scope above an
earlier m/41 with m/42 AGA scope.
Nigel Greenaway
Target Shooter 41
power scopes were hand ftted
using short side rail mounts of a
type also used by the Germans
on their K98k sniper rifes. The
scopes also have the German
three post reticule, focus
Windage for zeroing purposes
is catered for in the mount and
once set is best left alone – you
have to aim off if the wind blows.
The objective lens is 44mm
with a 26mm tube and the 4x90
designation is a calculation based
on its light gathering capability –
which is fantastic and light years
ahead of the British No.32 scope.
I can testify this is the case
having shot on a dull day with a
fne drizzle on Magpie Alley at
Bisley whilst shooting the
McQueens Sniper competition.
see the Fig.14 target whilst with
the m/41 the target was as clear
as day!
The original m/41 sniper rifes
were built during 1941 and 1942.
The dates are engraved on the
side of the elevation turret along
with the serial number of the
scope. On the other side is
base and upper have
matching serial numbers but
neither of these number match
however there is one mark on the
underneath of the butt – a Crown
over an S which indicates that
the rife was converted to sniper
the Stockholm facility. In 1942
the Germans invaded Russia and
suddenly found that they needed
Sweden stopped abruptly!
Sweden then developed their own
scope called the AGA 3x65, the
military designation being m/42.
This was a much smaller scope
of 22mm tube diameter with
26mm diameter ocular and
objective lenses. The light
gathering capabilities were not
as good as the Ajack and the
100-800 meter elevation
adjustment was carried out by
an annular ranging ring which
was susceptible to water ingress.
This scope was ftted using the
same short side rail mount as
the m/41. Its service life was only
about two years before it was
replaced by the AGA 3x65 m/44
– a simpler scope with a
conventional elevation turret
which meant it was more
waterproof and had better light
gathering due to a 27mmm tube
and 30mm objective and ocular
lenses. Total production of all
three types of scope was 5,300. In
came in to being as the m/41B.
The Ajack scopes were
refurbished and their lenses
chemically bloomed before
remounting on the rifes with a
slightly modifed mount which
had a stop screw to prevent
the dovetail mounts becoming
too tight under recoil.
Fundamentally there was little
difference between the original
m/41 and the m/41B but the
latter had a new sling designed
for it which could be used like the
locking screws.
Elevation ring on the m/42 AGA scope
42 Target Shooter
Zeroing the scopes
All three scopes had the same
method of zeroing for windage.
Step I is to remove the scope
with upper mount from the rife.
On the underneath of the mount
is a large screw, this secures the
front ring, and acts as a pivot
for the windage adjustments.
Loosen this screw a quarter turn,
there is no reason to remove
it. Then replace the scope and
mount on the rife. To adjust for
windage fre a two shot group
at short range, about 50 yards.
A slight adjustment to either of
the screws on the left and right
sides of the rear of the mount
will have dramatic effect at the
target. If your group is left, l
oosen the right screw about
1/4 turn, and gently snug the
left screw. Shoot again. Keep
adjusting until you are centered
left/right. Then move out to
longer range, as you move out,
it will take smaller adjustments
to move your point of impact
the same amount. Keep fddling
until you are centered at 300
yards. Once you are happy with
the windage, remove the mount
from the rife, and retighten the
front ring main screw and
hopefully you will never have to
touch it again! You may gather
from this that it might be best to
develop your accuracy loads
should only require minor
elevation adjustment if your
ammunition is shooting to
military velocities. Preferably
shoot at 100 meters and shoot a
three round group. Adjust the
elevation dial and shoot groups
until your group is on the same
elevation as your aiming point
(ignoring what the elevation
reading is). When you are
satisfed with the zero, tighten
the thumb locking screw. Then
loosen (but do not remove) the 2
small screws on the plate at the
top of the elevation knob. It will
now be possible to rotate the
outer range dial (not the knob)
until the number lines up at
whatever range you are
shooting. Hold the range dial in
this position while you retighten
the 2 small screws. If you plan
on doing most of your shooting
at 200 yards then check your
zero at this range – it might not
exactly match the number “2” on
the elevation dial but no matter.
If yourAjack scope reaches the
stop point during elevation
zeroing (where you can’t turn the
dial any further) there is a way
round this problem. Equally the
elevation zeroing for the m/42 is
a bit more complicated but space
does not allow me to explain the
how – contact me necessary
via the editor and I’ll explain all.
Adjusting the elevation of the
m/42 scope is completely
different! The scope has a large
screw on the brass elevation ring
which needs to be removed
after you have set the range to
approximately 680 meters. A hole
in the scope body should be
the scope elevation ring so the
holes are aligned. Shine a bright
light into the hole and you will
notice a tiny set screw on the
opposite side of the scope body.
Using a 2mm jeweler’s
screwdriver you should be able
to manually adjust elevation. Be
careful inserting the screwdriver
into the scope body as to not
damage the cross hairs and other
delicate parts. The pain with this
method is that you can only get
at this internal screw when the
keep making small adjustments,
remounting the scope, test
fring with a couple of shots and
so on. I foget which direction you
turn the screw but you will see
the reticule moving up or down.
Down will raise your elevation
and up will lower your elevation.
Reloading for the 6.5mm x 55.
There are many manufacturers
of brass and bullets for reloading
but when it comes to this caliber
there is no better than Lapua
(some would say there is no
better manufacturer for any
caliber). I use Lapua brass and
the Lapua Scenar 139 grain HPBT
bullet. The brass requires
virtually no preparation and,
because it is a popular caliber,
it is very good value for money.
The same applies to the bullets
and for those that wish to argue
the point I will simply say that the
900 yard target 75.9 ex 75 on the current NRA target
5 shot , 100 yard group , 4 shots
in under half an inch.
Target Shooter 43
round is .615. There is nothing
wrong with Sierra bullets but their
6.5mm 140 grain bullet has a BC
of .526 and their 142 grain has
a BC of .580. Just to put these
fgures in to perspective the
Sierra .308 155 grain Palma
Match bullet, that was designed
for 1000 yard performance, has
a BC of .450. Now you know
why the 6.5mm x 55 has such a
great reputation for long range
The powder I use is 46 grains
of Reloder 22 which combined
with the 139 grain Lapua Scenar
- almost identical to the service
load. All the usual reloading
caveats apply as I have found this
towards the top end of the scale
so readers should start at least
10% below this load, especially
if using different brass or bullets.
The frst time I used my m/41B
at long range I found that the
modern Scenar bullet shoots
graduations on the elevation dial
will not match the point of impact.
When shooting in the British
Army’s 2004 Sniping
Symposium I was tasked with
demonstrating some of my
of the snipers who expressed an
interest have a go. The Dutch
KCT Special Forces team (Korps
Commando Troepen – organised
along the same ines as our SAS)
were keen to have a go and
were soon achieving head shots
at 600 meters with my m/41B.
We went back to 900 meters
where I fgured that moving the
elevation dial to 800 meters (the
highest setting) would at least get
me on to the four foot backer with
to aim off by about seven feet
but found a patch of grass on the
butts that was shoulder height
to the Fig.11 target. My Dutch
KCT colleagues next door were
using Accuracy International
sniper rifes in .300 Winchester
Magnum. My frst shot clipped
the shoulder and the second
Fig11 – about 2 inches lower than
out to my Dutch friends, who had
not yet hit the four foot backer,
that my rife was built in 1941.
The same rife scored a 75.9
ex 75 in the 900 yard Hesketh
Prichard Sniper competition at
the 2005 Trafalgar meeting and a
74.7 in 2008. It regularly shoots
possibles at 600 yards and will
shoot under ¾” at 100 yards. If
you can fnd one of these fne
Pages from two Swedish military manuals,
Lapua brass and Scenar 139 grain standing
tall next to a Sierra 155 grain Matchking
Detail pictures of the rifes,
the scope and markings.
Please mention
when using advertising
in the magazine
44 Target Shooter
ABSOLUTE PRECISION Tel: +44 (0) 845 880 3222
RPA Interceptor
RPA Ranger
RPA Elite
Probably the most accurate rifle you will own
Target Shooter 45
46 Target Shooter
‘Never skimp on the scope
and rings’! Sound advice, but
obviously when we are all on
a budget, a sub £200 budget
to be exact, we may have to go
for what can be afforded rather
than what we want. To start off in
target shooting sports it costs a bit
and I, like others in the UK, I have
bought and used budget scopes;
with great success in some
cases I might add. Scopes for
target shooting is something I
as scopes for general shooting,
target shooting or hunting can
differ. There are many scopes on
the market and some of these
can be very expensive.
Therefore, some in the UK tend
to make use of what is available,
unless we go hunting on the
internet or have a friendly RFD
that can order anything you want.
Take the March scope, one of
the best on the market. There
are very few in this country and
we would have to get it from the
USA via Kelbys, which is the only
world distributor outside Japan.
They are ultra expensive, but the
So what are we looking for
on the opposite end of the
spectrum? For a number of
shooting sports a key
offered by the particular scope.
Obviously clarity of optics and
sound working mechanisms
are also key factors. At the
budget end of the market, (and buy
saying budget I am serious when
saying you are looking at just
below £200), most scopes on
offer will be around a 20-32x
Although I have used other
brands such as BSA before, the
one I have for review at this time is
the Tasco Target/Varmint. When
reviewing the scope in this
article, it was mounted on the same
Anschutz 1407 rife, which has
been modifed. (Some of you
may have read about this rife
project in the ‘From the Bench’
column a few years ago in Target
The Tasco Varmint/ Target
The Tasco Varmint/ Target has
been on around for some time;
even with custom models being
produced before the sell off to
Bushnell a few years ago. The
custom models sadly are no
longer easily available, but they
can be picked up second hand
occasionally. The 10-40x50
varmint/ target model, with a 1”
tube, has serviced me on and off
over a number of years, since I
replaced the x32 magnifcation
Scopes on a Budget
Carl Boswell
Tasco magnifcation adjustment at the rear
of the scope
Tasco parallax adjustment with sunshade
Target Shooter 47
BSA Contender I was using when
I frst started precision forms of
shooting. The latter was a good
scope and went on to shoot in
other competitions with a
colleague. The only reason for
the swap was the perceived
need for higher magnifcation.
With some scopes being used in
competition that are going up to
x45 and x50 magnifcation, this
need for me was a reasonable
conclusion to come to. However,
anything over x20 magnifcation
would be a prudent purchase
if you are shooting out to 50
meters. (Lets face it some people
are shooting very high scores
in competition with far lower
powered scopes). Our ‘Tasco’
weighs about 25 ounces, which
makes it usable for just about
anything. It presently comes in
a well under £200 (Cheaper in
fact than when I bought my own
fve years ago) and I have used
this model on and off for about
four years. (Winning my frst
For a budget scope the optics
are very good, even at the full
magnifcation of x40 and out to
50 meters. This particular model
has 1/8 MOA adjustments for
windage and elevation; again
this is particularly good for
adjustments allow exact
adjustments. The large 50mm
objective lens allows quite
impressive brightness, even
in dull conditions; which we
sometimes suffer from in the UK
during the winter months. The
crosshair is very fne with a 1/8”
dot at it centre; perfect for both
rimfre and some forms of air
rife shooting. The adjustment
turrets are marked for easy use
and are clear to read. Focusing and
parallax adjustment is
controlled via a ring at the front of
control set near the rear eyepiece.
Once this is on your desired
so it does not move. With an overall
matt black all weather rubberised
fnish – this can pick up
debris - the scope presents
itself pretty well from the package.
On the range, the Tasco is easy
to set up to different distances
and to adjust the elevation and
windage turrets; allowing you to
concentrate on the shooting
you need to do! This scope
works and been a good ‘friend’
over the years in a number of
competitions. If one criticism
did come to mind I would
like a choice of reticule when
purchasing this scope – and a
mildot may be my choice, rather
than the one 1/8 min dot at the
centre of the reticule on offer.
There are a number of
‘copycat’ scopes out there that
emulate this Tasco model with its
excellent magnifcation and
precise adjustments. Some of
these are good while others
fall short of what you will want.
Have look before you leap in
and buy. The Tasco can be quite
hard to fnd at the moment, but
being there and buying a scope
personally is a matter of choice.
For me is an essential.
Tasco Cross Hair Reticle
Tasco turrets that are easy to adjust and
friendly to the user
Please mention

when using advertising
in the magazine
48 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 49
consideration of recipes and
ingredients before fring up
the oven, or in our case the
gunsmith’s lathe. We don’t
contemplate herbs and sauces,
rather bullets and MVs; barrel
lengths and rifing twists; actions
that guarantee consistent results;
walking across the target frame
at 1,000yd. The choice of stock
can be the hardest decision,
there being so many designs on
offer and what’s ‘in’ varies from
season to season running from
‘System Gemini’ chassis design.
They’re expensive too, and you
have to remember to factor in the
gunsmith’s bedding job, not to
mention any fancy paint or
I (Laurie, that is) wanted
something with a ‘straight-line’
layout, being a fan of Eugene
Stoner’s AR design. I don’t know
how many uncomfortable, often
poor, shoots I’ve had over the
years thanks to me having to ft
round! There are two elements to
the AR that make it work so well –
pistol grip. Everything falls right
the rife recoils straight back into
the shoulder. Stock designers,
particularly HPS-TR with its
‘System Gemini’, have lowered
bore-lines in recent years, but
there is a limit to this while the
action is bedded on the stock.
Further improvement sees the
action and barrel inside the stock
which becomes a cylinder, hence
Origin of the Species
It has diverse origins, but one
has to be American High-Power
Service Rife, or more precisely
its ‘Match Rife’ variant that uses
a repeating target rife rather
than a modifed service model.
MR competitors traded in their
bolt guns during the 1990s for
futuristic looking AR15s
nicknamed ‘space guns’ before
moving to the Armalite AR10 and
Knight’s Armament Co. SR25 in
order to use larger cartridges with
better ballistics, but these rifes
Laurie Holland and Vince Bottomley
The stock kit as received.
The handstop is
superfuous in an
F-Class rife of course.
The massive Barnard Model P action.
50 Target Shooter
Priced per
pack of 1000
A193 22 Horne t S P 45gr
A032 222 Re m S P 50gr
A203 222 Re m FMJ BT 55gr
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A495 223 Ma tch 75gr
A253 22-250 Re m S P 50gr
A211 22-250 Re m S P 55gr
A212 22-250 Re m FMJ BT 55gr
A270 243 Win S P 90gr
A134 243 Win S P 100gr
A047 25-06 Re m P S P 100gr
A208 6, 5 x 52 Ca r FMJ BT 139gr
A084 6, 5 x 55 S P BT 139gr
A083 6, 5 x 55 FMJ BT 139gr
A227 6, 5 x 55 S P RN 156gr
A161 270 Win S P 130gr
A027 270 Win S P 150gr
A141 7 X 57 FMJ BT 173gr
A400 7mm - 08 P S P 140gr
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A323 30-06 Grom 170gr
A066 30-06 S P 180gr
A041 7, 62 X 39 FMJ 123gr
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a va ila b le o n r e q u e s t a va ila b le o n r e q u e s t
Vis it o u r n e w we b s it e : Vis it o u r n e w we b s it e :
www. h e n r ykr a n k. c o m www. h e n r ykr a n k. c o m
Target Shooter 51
disappointed reliability-wise. Top
shooter David Tubb decided the
operation but retain the straigh
line layout – enter the Tubb 2000,
or T2K, detachable-magazine
rife jointly designed with Rock
McMillan of McBros Rifes. A
circular assault rife style
receiver has the bolt hidden inside,
invisible apart from its handle
which runs through a slot. The
action is all-new and while
optimised for effortless, rapid
manipulation, still produces
remarkable accuracy. This
doesn’t come cheap though, and
others looked at getting there at
lower cost, hence tube stocks for
factory actions.
Bill Wylde designed and built
himself a Remy 700 based
Prone-Rife tube-gun, the
‘Funny gun’. A couple of Indiana
shooters he loaned it to came
frst and second in a major
competition and others took note.
Indiana shooters Mike Idlewine,
Archie Kappel, and gunsmith
Kevin McDonald then built
copies for themselves and friends,
but demand from other state
shooters grew so rapidly they
soon set up MAK Enterprises
to develop and manufacture
kits. I found MAK on 6mmBR.
com and knew this was what I
had been looking for. There are
downsides with the MAK: it only
accommodates the Remington
700 action which lacks the rigidity
glued into the stock; you don’t get
a buttstock or pistol grip, so add
£250 for an AR15 Magpul PRS
and good secondhand examples
command fair prices, a match
trigger needed too.
Then I heard of CSS
(Competitive Shooting Stuff),
Californian engineer and
shooter Gary Eliseo’s company,
also courtesy of His
B1 kit accepts the Barnard ‘Model
P’ single-shot match action as
well as the Remy and doesn’t
need the glue-job. While more
expensive than the MAK at $880
including carriage and
insurance, that includes a
shooters), and fully adjustable
buttstock assembly. With a
10-MOA sloped Picatinny rail
supplied, you only need the
barrelled action, rifescope
and rings to be in business.
Gary went out of his way
to answer every query and
There was a fnal decision –
colour. My inclination was black,
but Vince who was going to build
the rife tried to persuade me to
order the stock in a lurid violet
purple hue. With increasingly
colourful F-Class rifes on the
fring points, I eventually
reconsidered, but ‘violent purple’,
no way! Red would suit black stock
and a stainless barrel at the other,
and I must say I’ve had no regrets
thanks to the shade and superb
powder coated fnish. In fact, ft
everything slotting together easily
but without the slightest trace of
slop, or displaying gaps between
abutting edges.
The stock is designed for prone
In this shot, Vince has just
started to cut the chamber
in the superb Bartlein barrel.
You can see the shape of the
barrel-shoulder, also note the
‘spigot’ nearby.
The action is retained in the
main stock-tube by the usual
three screws on the underside.
The brass grub-screws on either
side of the ejection port provide
additional support.
52 Target Shooter
shooting off the elbows, so we
need some adaptations for F/TR
– a tube on the buttplate mount to
ride the rear-bag, and a custom
‘bipod’ from top F/TR
competitor Ian Dixon including a
bespoke mounting bracket for the
is a heavy profle Bartlein barrel,
the twist specifed on the slow
side as the rig will be restricted
to using one of four 155gn HPBT
bullets, the new high-BC
Sierra MK, Berger’s VLD and
155.5gn ‘Match Target Fullbore’
designs, and the Lapua Scenar,
fnal choice depending on
performance. I’d intended to use
a Sightron SIII 8-32X56 ‘scope,
but a problem arose here.
Moving onto the action, my
‘P’ is right bolt-right port, but
you can specify left hand
operation, port opposite the bolt
handle, twin port (loading one side,
diameter, has three large locking
lugs, and a deeply recessed face
extractor. A spring-loaded button
of the action after each shot. You
get Barnard’s own three-lever
match trigger assembly with this
action. It’s popular with TR / Palma
shooters worldwide, and appears
Top rife builder Norman Clark
recommends it for any single shot
precision rife and has used it in
many fne TR, Match Rife and
Over to Vince for the build.
Laurie’s tube gun kit arrived
quite quickly and he handed over
the vivid red Eliseo chassis and
Sightron 8-32 six months ago.
Little did we know that our barrel
would take somewhat longer to
arrive - a lot longer! While
for the tube gun would not present
a problem for the typical American
shooter it’s a different story over
here, but fortunately the Eliseo kit
from Stiller, Savage and Barnard.
Laurie wisely chose the Barnard,
a more practical proposition than
fnding a second-hand Remmy,
Fox Firearms is our local
Barnard supplier and always keep
a selection in stock, so no
waiting here! Laurie had opted for
the ‘P’, but could have chosen the
smaller, lighter ‘S’, which
has the same ‘footprint’ as a
Remington. If you prefer a
magazine-fed Eliseo, the ‘S’ can
be obtained with a magazine
matter what you do to accurise a
Remington, it will never be in the
same class.
This action is circular and one
tenth of an inch larger in
Vince slipped a plastic tube onto the buttplate mount to ride
the rear-bag. Gary Eliseo now offers an alternative
buttstock form with a rail for F-Class and benchrest.
An integral element
of tube-gun design is
the easily removable
rear-end / buttstock
assembly to allow
bolt removal and
barrel cleaning. It’s
also valuable for
transporting and
storing Palma and
F-Class examples
ftted with very long
Target Shooter 53
diameter than a Remington and
the small ejection port makes it
immensely stiff. The three-lug
bolt is a massive 0.865 inches in
diameter and bolt-to-body ft is
hand-lapped to ensure a close
ft. Barnard’s trigger is offered in
several pull weight options with
Also, it has a decent barreltenon
thread, offering superior support
to a heavy barrel.
This is one impressive chunk of
metal. The receiver is made from
chrome-moly 4340 steel and
is machined after hardening to
ensure perfect concentricity.
With its blue/black fnish, it will
never win a beauty contest when
pitched against the likes of BAT
and Stolle but in the accuracy
department I’m certain it will hold
its own. It weighs in at a hefty
I must admit this is the frst
Barnard I have worked with, so
the frst step was to contact the
manufacturer in New Zealand
and request a tenon drawing.
This is not strictly necessary as
dimensions could be taken from
the action, but it’s nice to have the
reassurance of the designer that
you are working to the tolerances
he intended.
Having said that, the drawing
did reveal one or two anomalies
you won’t fnd on any American
custom action. A recoil lug is not
required when using a Barnard
with the Tube Gun but if you are
using a conventional stock, Barnard
offers the option of a lug let into the
underside of the action -
preferable to the type which fts
between barrel and action.
Laurie and I like the 308 155 Lapua
Scenar bullet for 1000 yard work,
but a downside is the Scenar
being signifcantly longer than
the Sierra Palma MatchKing, so
if we were to use it in a ‘Palma’
chamber cut for this bullet, it
would need to be seated deeply
compromising powder capacity.
GB F/TR competitors are pushing
the 308 cartridge to new limits,
attaining spectacular velocities
around 3,100 fps, and this
requires the whole case capacity.
Our reamer therefore needed to
accommodate the Scenar bullet
so it doesn’t protrude below the
case-neck. As Laurie is building
the rife for F/TR GB League
shoots, the chamber must be
within SAAMI specs, so no
tight-necks or anything fancy.
The barrel is a four-groove, cut
rifed, stainless-steel, 33 inch-
follows a straight taper from
1.25 inches at the breech to
one inch at the muzzle. As all of
Laurie’s competitive shooting will
be at 800 to 1000 yards, we are
aiming for a fnished length
around 32 inches, to maximise the
long-range performance of our
308W cartridge, but weight
constraints may dictate the fnal
The Ian Dixon designed and fabricated F-Class
bipod with a custom mount for the handstop
slot in the tube-gun forend.
The F/TR weight limit saw the Sightron SIII 8-32X56 scope and steel Leupold QRW mounts
replaced by a Weaver T36 and Burris Signature rings with offset inserts to get enough elevation
adjustment for 1,000 yards. The Eliseo adjustable cheekpiece went too, replaced by polystyrene
foam and Scotch ‘Magic’ tape!
54 Target Shooter
Our 1 in 13.5 twist errs on the
safe side, as I’m convinced that a
1 in 14 twist would be adequate to
stabilise the Scenar. However,
Frank Green of Bartlein Barrels
was very helpful and warned
that 1 in 14 could be marginal –
especially in our cold climate. I’m
more than happy to take Frank’s
advice, though I know from
experience that a 1 in 14 twist will
handle the shorter Sierra bullet.
The Bartlein is now spinning in the
lathe and, as always we have a
few things to consider. Normally,
the tenon length will be dictated
by the distance from the action-
face to the bolt-nose – plus an
operating clearance.
The Barnard gets a bit more
complicated as there is a
‘shoulder’ within the action which
dictates the length. Whereas
most Americanactions will rely
simply on a ‘barrel-shoulder to
requires a secondary ft on a
Thankfully, Barnard has resisted
the temptation to go metric and
have stuck with a UNF thread –
as a concession to the American
market no doubt. In my limited
experience, the simple shoulder
top American actions is perfectly
adequate – the old ‘KISS’ adage
springs to mind.
Bartlein use the familiar
416R stainless steel for their
barrels and this one cut superbly
with our brand new reamer and
I’m pleased to say the fnished
chamber is as true as it gets. The
only remaining task is to turn the
barrel around in the headstock
and crown it. Eleven-degree or
recessed? Laurie has left it to me
so it will be recessed – but not yet.

I can’t wait to get our tube-gun
assembled, but let’s weigh the
demands a maximum all-up
weight of 8.25 kg (18lbs 3oz), so
let’s see how much we need to
chop off that barrel.
Chambered barrel (at 33
inches): 8 lb 14 oz
Eliseo Chassis c/w Picatinny
rail: 4 lb 12 oz
1 lb 2 oz
Action & trigger:
3 lb 2 oz
Scope and rings:
1lb 14 oz
19 lb 12 oz
We are 1 lb 9 ounces overweight!
Every inch of barrel weighs about
3.5 ounces, so we’ll have to lose
an inch or three! So, it’s back in
the lathe for a crop and crown
but that still leaves us nearly
a pound over – Gary Eliseo’s
adjustable cheek-piece, the
Sightron and Leupold rings have to
go – a T36 Weaver and some Burris
Signature ‘Zee’ rings should do
With the barrel nipped-up onto
the receiver, we can try it in the
Eliseo chassis for the frst time.
The bolt-stop retaining screw
protrudes from the side of the action
slightly so this must frst be
removed. The action now
simply slides into the body-tube
from the front and is secured with
the same three screws that you
would use if it was going into a
conventional stock. Shorter
screws are supplied as part of
the kit as they only pass through
a quarter-inch of aluminium tube
rather than an inch or so of stock.
not tight and there are a further
on the action, offering additional
the Remington, it is recommended
that you permanently glue it into
the tube, which then acts as an
‘accurising’ sleeve. The Barnard
There are three rounds in this
100 yards group obtained during
initial ‘shoot-one-and-clean’
barrel run-in taking an hour!
Sadly, the velocity from what
was a starting load is too low for
long-range shooting. (Half-inch
aiming mark in one-inch grid.)
Target Shooter 55
is impressively stiff already and
there is no advantage – unless
we fnd that accuracy is not up
to par due to the ‘metal to metal’
bedding. This can sometimes
cause high-frequency vibrations
and a bit of glue could act as a
damper, if need be.
So that’s it – job done! The
tube-gun is a DIY enthusiasts
dream - no expensive Devcon
bedding, no inletting or truing of
as we need with a fbreglass or
laminate stock. That’s what
makes the Eliseo such a desirable
rife - apart from the actual
barrel work, assembly can be
undertaken by the owner. In
fact, Fox Firearms will supply a
Barnard action complete with
already-chambered; True-Flite
match barrel. The Eliseo kit is
about the same price as a decent
F-Class stock like the Robertson
rear end.
It’s back to me (Laurie) to report
on whether it works. With the
barrel not arriving until early this
year, I’m still developing loads off
the bench at 100yd to obtain the
required accuracy alongside
enough velocity (2,950 fps or
more) at the time of writing. Two
things are already clear: the rife
is user-friendly and exceptionally
comfortable shooting in the prone
position helped by Ian Dixon’s
accuracy won’t be a problem,
some nice small groups already
obtained with Lapua Scenars.
Manufacturers / Importers
Stock Kit
CSS / Gary Eliseo, California
Importers / suppliers:
Fox Firearms, Stockport
w w w . f o x f i r e a r m s .
Tel: 0161 430 8278
South Yorkshire Shooting
Services, near Barnsley
Tel: 01226 756332
Barnard Precision, Auckland
Importers / suppliers:
Norman Clark Gunsmiths Ltd,
Tel: 01788 579651
Fox Firearms (as above)
Bartlein Barrels Inc, Wisconsin
Importers / suppliers:
Fox Firearms (as above)
Tel: 01422 248241
To introduce our selves we are the United Kingdom Association of
across in the UK, with partners across Europe and the rest of the world, as
this country and with other partners in European and World events.
Visit our website for news about national and international
competitions that all can ‘have a go at’. From novice to champion
shooter, everyone is welcome
56 Target Shooter
System Gemini TR701 and TR702 Fullbore Rifle Stocks, FR703 Smallbore
Rifle Stocks, FC704 F-Class/Bench Rest Rifle Stocks, Butt Plates, Handstops,
Bipods and Other Accessories plus Smallbore and Fullbore Test Rigs.

Target Master Ammunition:
The stock range currently comprises:
.223 Rem., .308 Win., .303 British, 6mm BR
Machine or Hand Loaded all using Sierra as
our standard bullet.
However, other makes of bullets such as (but not restricted to):
Berger, Tubb D-Tac , Lapua, Hornady, Speer, Nosler, etc. can be supplied
upon request.
Other calibres to special order including: (but not limited to):
22-250, .243 Win, 6.5 x 47, 6.5 x 55, 6.5 x 284, 7mm WSM, 7.62 x 39,
7.62 x 54R, .300 Win Magnum., 300 WSM, and .338 Lap Magnum.
All ammunition available in minimum lots of 50 rounds, 400, 500, 800 or 1000
round containers, depending on calibre.



Reloading components:


Traditional Wooden
Stocks, Rifle Barrels and Actions
Point Master Shooting Mats
Gloves, Caps, Slings, Gun Bags, Rifle Boxes,
Weatherwriters, Capes
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HPS is an HSE Licensed
Commercial Manufacturer of
ammunition since 1993.
All HPS ammunition is CIP
approved, packaged and
labelled according to UN
regulations for UK and
International Transport.
HPS are also Liability Insured.

Visit our Home page:

for a list of this year’s
trade shows that HPS
will be attending.
On Bisley Camp:
The NRA Armoury stocks
our .223 Rem Sierra 69 & 77
grain & our .308 Win Sierra
190 grain ammunition.
The NSRA shop stocks our .223
Rem Sierra 69 grain & our .308
Win Sierra 155 grain & 175
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Registered Firearms Dealer No. 250 Greater Manchester Police
x Aftermarket stocks, barrels & parts for Ruger 10/22ís.
x Re-barrel your Savage centrefire from £350 fitted & proofed!!
x UK Importers of Bell & Carlson stocks.
x Custom Savage Rifles built round their award winning single
shot actions with right bolt left port or right bolt right port &
match grade accutrigger.
x For more information visit our website or give us a call.
“Savage Arms & Ruger
10/22 specialists”
Tel : 0870 892 10 23 / Mob : 07962 722412
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Registered Firearms Dealer No. 250 Greater Manchester Police
x Aftermarket stocks, barrels & parts for Ruger 10/22ís.
x Re-barrel your Savage centrefire from £350 fitted & proofed!!
x UK Importers of Bell & Carlson stocks.
x Custom Savage Rifles built round their award winning single
shot actions with right bolt left port or right bolt right port &
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Registered Firearms Dealer No. 250 Greater Manchester Police
x Aftermarket stocks, barrels & parts for Ruger 10/22ís.
x Re-barrel your Savage centrefire from £350 fitted & proofed!!
x UK Importers of Bell & Carlson stocks.
x Custom Savage Rifles built round their award winning single
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Target Shooter 57
58 Target Shooter
fully sanctioned Gallery Rife
Home Countries National Match
during the British Championship
in August at Bisley, it was
decided that this year we
would also introduce a mini
series called the Tri Nations
competition. As the HCNM is
restricted to teams of 10
shooters, this new format
would allow more shooters the
opportunity to shoot for their
respective countries whilst also
giving the newer members of
the teams some vital big match
experience to learn from.
This is always good practice
because as we saw on the day, not
everyone can perform on the big
stage, every time!
The frst Tri Nations match was
to be England versus Wales
at the excellent Bristol ranges
in Failand and everyone who
took part on the day would like
to extend our sincerest thanks
to the BDRPC Committee for
allowing this event to take place.
From memory the 25m range
has around 10 fring points but
it’s the 50m range set into a well
sheltered quarry that we used
on the day which has 18 fring
points, with turning targets on
all of them. The base is made
up of a generous layer of gravel
which means you can always
adopt a good level stance on it,
and it also gives you the added
beneft of not getting
covered in mud when you have
to shoot from a kneeling or sitting
position, as any rain that falls
simply drains through it. To get
there it took some of the Welsh
guys up to 4 hours but in the end
it was well worth it as the weather
turned out to be very warm and
sunny, with very little wind around
either meaning that everyone
would have to cross that one off
their list of excuses should they
need one later on! Chris Farr had
kindly agreed to do the stats
for the match so we knew we’d
have no problems on that side of
The CRO for the day was
going to be our UK team mate Alan
Whittle who is more used to
standing on the line rather
than behind it, but he does
do both jobs rather well! The
opening match would be the 25m
Precision event and a bit of an
eye opener for some that turned
out to be! Most of us don’t shoot
this match and having 5 minutes
for sighting shots, then three lots
of 10 minutes to shoot ten rounds
Event Review

Gwyn Roberts
Chris Webb (E), Gary Hearl (W), Geoff Seymour (W)
& Charles Murton (E)
Team England
Target Shooter 59
onto a single target seemed to
cause more than a few people
problems. I really took my time
3½ minutes with only one person
taking slightly longer than that.
For the following 2 details I went
them around the 2 - 2½ minute
mark and it felt much easier, and
the scores were just the same.
Trying to slow us lot down would
probably prove just as hard as
speeding up the Precision guys
and in the end we just shot at
our usual controlled speed. I
personally think this is a very
good match and it certainly
shows up any bad habits or
trigger control issues that you
may have, which was refected
Luckily for Wales though Taff
Wilcox didn’t have any problems
ex 300 shooting his underlever
with myself 3 points behind him.
Also on 293’s were Englands
Mike Chinery and Steve Lamb
Summers (W) was 26 points
ahead of his nearest rival
going on to make sure Wales
comfortably won the opening
The frst of the day’s main two
matches (those shot in the
HCNM) followed next being
the Timed & Precision 1. This
really should be a simple ‘bread &
butter’ match to clean at this
level for the top boys but only 6
actually managed it on the day,
and all of them with an underlever.
I shot 300 28x with
Taff & Steve Lamb
(E) on 25x then it
was Peter Watts
(E) with 21x.
Probably the most
rewarding to see
on the day though
shooting really well
on their
I n t e r n a t i o n a l
debut’s were
John Lynch (E) and Gary Hearl
(W) both with 300’s and 18x
a piece so well done to those
guys! Just one point shy of the
maximum was Julian Fox who
was also making his debut with
the highest rimfre score of 299
and 16x. with Andrew, Darren
Digby (E) and Jon Avetoomyan
Having printed out all of the
scorecards in advance then
checked, and double checked the
amount before handing them out
for the morning’s matches Chris
Farr couldn’t understand why
people were asking for more
as they hadn’t got enough
to go round. It started to
become clearer after shooting
this match though as he started to
completed scorecards to be
calibre card. Enough said on that
one I think!
The end of the T&P1 match gave
us a nice break of around 40
minutes for lunch and our new
UK Gallery Rife Team Captain,
Sharon Bowden was on the ball
ready to dish out a good supply
of freshly made hot sausage and
bacon rolls, so many thanks to
Sharon for feeding the herd.
Thankfully she left the garlic bread
at home, but that’s a different
story! Just before the afternoons
proceedings got under way stats
master Farr handed me a set
of results from the last match
that we had shot, with the look
he usually gives me when I’ve
done or said something wrong. I
could only think of a few things
(general range banter /
diplomatic relations with the
English boys during the last
match) but I soon realised what
it meant when I saw that Wales
had won the frst 2 matches
overall. Err…. Sorry boys!
After seeing the expression on
some peoples faces having just
received a very loud wake-up
call, it was then onto the 2nd
main competition, the Multi
Target match and I for one was
starting to get a bit excited!
Thankfully no-one ate too many
rolls (weeks before maybe but
not during lunchtime though)
and the frst honours of the
afternoons shooting with their
underlever’s went to Peter
Watts (E) and mister consistent
English Captain
Norman Brown
Good scores
for Geoff
Seymour &
Taff Wilcox
in the Multi
Target match
60 Target Shooter
Wilcox (W) again dropping just
one point for a pair of 119’s which is
a very respectable score indeed!
I doodled around for a 117 with
Phil Stead (E) and an ever
improving Geoff Seymour
(W) shooting a 116 each.
this time was pistol specialist
Chris Webb (E) who must have
been very pleased with his 114,
followed closely by our own Andrew
Summers (W) on 113. This
match is not that easy to shoot
a good score on as it requires
some very well aimed shots with-
in some quite tight time frames.
The small bore match is certainly
harder as the target isn’t that big
to start with. After maybe go-
ing to sleep a bit in the morning
session it would seem that some
alarm clocks still weren’t set on
maximum volume as once again
some people failed to shift up
a gear and things were starting
to look very good for the Welsh

Moving on to the fourth event of
the day and this was going to
be the Phoenix A match. It’s a
great match to shoot but it will
trip you up if you haven’t got your
thinking head on. It has a
mixture of forward movement
(with an empty chamber) and
has you shooting from the
kneeling, sitting and strong hand
positions. This, combined with a
set number of target exposures
with various timings will require
you to shoot at either 1 or 2
targets depending on the
distance you are shooting at.
This isn’t a match that many
of us shoot regularly and Alan
thankfully gave us the idiots
guide once he had given us the
proper range procedure and
we gladly followed his advice,
rather than trying to fgure it out
for ourselves as we went along.
Unfortunately, some people
still had issues with it though
once the targets turned
but Taff went on to shoot
another excellent match dropping
Record of 199 with his
underlever. Another top
performer in this match was
Mr Chinery who was just one
point behind him with a 198.
Francis in this match with a
rimfre rife, as he went on to
shoot a very credible score of
192 which is only 4 points off the
record so well done on that one
mate! Next in line in rimfre was
Andrew on 188 whilst Mr Webb
posted a 184 to place third.
The fnal event planned was
the 50m Precision match which
would mean around another 1½
hours of shooting to complete
it and it was getting a bit late in
the day. The whole atmosphere
of the day had been one of good
friendship and enjoyment, with
plenty of friendly rivalry thrown in.
A quick show of hands decided
that we would call it a day instead
of having to rush around trying
to squeeze one more match in.
This seemed like the sensible
solution as we had enjoyed
plenty of shooting in a relaxed
and pretty informal manner, so
for the sake of it.
By the time we had put the range
Winning 4 man team Wales 1
Andrew Summers, Jon Avetoomyan, Gwyn Roberts
(Captain) & Taff Wilcox
Team Wales
John Lynch on his way to a 300 18x in the T&P1 match
Target Shooter 61
equipment away and loaded
up the cars for our homeward
journey, Chris Farr had printed
out the fnal set of results and
was ready for the prize giving. A
special mention must go to our
friend and fellow GR shooter
Andy Witheridge from Sidford
in Devon for donating our
special Gallery Rife Three
Nations Shield. It was hand
crafted locally by Willy Booth who
as it happens, is a pretty good
Another big thank you must
again go to Sharon Bowden for
conjuring up a variety of nice
bottles of wine and fzz to grace
the prize table. The highest
scoring individuals from each
match (small bore & centre fre)
were called up one at a time to
take their pick. If someone had
won more than one match on
the day then the second placed
shooter was called up to ensure
that as many people as possible
got a share of the goodies, which
I thought was defnitely the right
thing to do !
To add a bit of variety and
provide different challenges at
these Tri Nations Imternationals
some of the matches will
be changed or rotated
periodically, depending on the
size and regulations of the
ranges to be used. However,
the two matches that will always
decide the overall winners of
any such International will be the
aggregate of the Timed &
Precision 1 and Multi Target
matches, as it is at the HCNM at
With this in mind and at the end
of a very enjoyable the day the
fnal results were called out,
and it wasn’t how many people
had perceived the script was to
be written, as Wales had won
the 25m Precision, Timed &
Precision 1 and Multi Target
matches, with England taking the
honours in the Phoenix A match.
Overall this was a very satisfy-
ing result for us when you think
of the actual numbers of shoot-
ers that we have to choose from.
Out of the 550 plus shooters who
attend the Phoenix there are
around 15 Germans, slightly less
Welsh, and even less Scottish,
so for us to get one over (well 3
actually) on the English is quite
a result! It may well be a differ-
ent result next time we meet, but
we’ve got! This result also meant
that I didn’t have to get the rugby
ball out that I had stashed in the
boot of my car. Just in case of
Our next adventure will be up
north to visit our Scottish friends
but as yet the date and venue
get practicing in the meantime
as they certainly have a few
handy shooters as we saw at
last years HCNM. For anyone
wanting to see the full list of
results or who are interested in
fnding out more about shooting
for your National Gallery Rife
com website where you’ll fnd
everything you need.
Mike Chinery & Andrew Summers
Neil Francis
d i s c u s s e s
with CRO
Alan Whittle
62 Target Shooter
Westlake Engineering
Manufacturer of Target Pistols
Walnut Tree Cottage Camp Cottages
Druids Lodge Salisbury
Wiltshire England
Tel/Fax 01722782432
RFD Wilts. 157
Taurus .357 Muzzle Loading Revolver

The Taurus ML Revolver is converted from a Taurus .357 Magnum Long Barrelled
Revolver. The cylinder is removed and a Yoke extension fitted, this contains the
spring loaded plunger that frees the action when the yoke is closed. As this extension
cannot be removed, it prevents the re-fitting of the original cylinder. The Barrel is
shortened to approximately 5 ¼ inches and the wristbrace is removed.

A new cylinder is made which has pockets for shotgun primers at the rear with a small
flash hole through into the chamber at the front. The chamber is made to accept .357”
lead wadcutter bullets.

Each chamber is charged with Herco powder ( as per .38 S&W Spl data) and then the
bullet is pressed in. Once the chambers are charged the shotgun primers are inserted
into the primer pockets at the rear of the cylinder. The loaded cylinder is slid onto the
yoke from the rear and the yoke closed. The pistol is then ready to fire.

A loading press is provided to facilitate seating of the bullets at a uniform distance
into the chambers.

The conversion of your pistol costs £270.00. Extra Cylinders are £150.00 each. If you
do not have a pistol I can order a new pistol from the Importers. A Taurus .357
Magnum LBR costs £675.00

You will need a variation on your FAC for a .357/.38 Muzzle Loading Revolver, and
for each extra Cylinder you want.
Target Shooter 63
64 Target Shooter
Tim Finley
Field Target shooting or as it is
more commonly known FT is the
oldest outdoor target shooting air
Originating in the UK it has
evolved over thirty some years
from a sport which was very much
like today’s Hunter Field Target
(HFT) when it frst started. HFT
is the younger brother of FT and
is actually more aligned to how
FT started out. This began in the
1980’s with four power scopes
and even open sights, now
HFT has shooters using smaller
magnifcation scopes of ten
times power or less. Nowadays
50 times magnifcation scopes
are what are needed in FT to be
able to rangefnd the distance
to the targets. FT began with
maximum 40-yard long target’s
which moved out to 55 yards
with the event of precharged
pneumatic powered rifes and
larger and larger magnifcation
scopes. HFT has a maximum
target range of 45 yards which
also mirrors the longest range
at quarry should be shot with a
differences too, FT allows
the use of a foam bead flled
waterproof seat to sit upon and to
place under the back foot when
taking the forced positional
kneeling shots found in FT
courses. The now classic FT
sitting position is always used on
all FT shots other than the forced
kneeling and standing shots. It
is a very stable and comfortable
shooting position which allows
the rife to be rested upon the
forward knee while the shooter
is operating/adjusting their high
the distance to the target. The
basic position is the same for
most shooters, the forward hand
cups the forward knee, with the
rife resting on the frst fnger of
the forward hand as well as the
FT rear bag support
FT rangefnding using a
Classic FT sitting position
in SFT
Target Shooter 65
top of the knee, this takes all
the weight of the rife, unless it
is a spring rife, but more of the
peculiarities needed with
recoiling rifes later. Most FT
shooters use a target glove on
their forward hand. The rear or
trigger arm then rests on the thigh
of the rear leg, I say rear leg as
the trunk of the shooter is not at
90 degrees to the target, but at 45
degrees. With the rear shoulder in
line with the forward knee, in a line
pointing directly at the
shooters exclusively use the
more normal “on the knee”
position, but with the major
difference that the spring rifes
fore-stock is never, ever
rested directly on the knee, but is
cradled be the forward hand,
this hand is normally equipped
with a padded target glove. FT
butt hook position to take up-hill
or down-hill targets. Be it from
the sitting standing or kneeling
positions. A simple rule to
govern which way you move the
butt hook is, if the target is higher
than horizontal then lift the
relative position of the hook on
the butt. If the target is lower, then
drop the butt hook. The greater
the angle up or down to the
target the more you need to a
Anschutz type multi positional
buttpads/hooks are extremely
popular in FT and all FT rifes
based upon indoor target guns
have the ability to alter the butt
position. There are no real tricks
to FT shooting positions other
than being able to alter the butt
hook, although it surprises me
greatly that not all FT shooters
actually do it. FT rife’s
dimensions are fne tuned to
suit the three shooting stances,
sitting, kneeling and standing.
Pull length of stock (butt to
trigger), forend stock depth and
cheek piece height should all
be different for each shooting
position. However, wooden
stocks cannot be altered and to
move the forend and pull length
for each target even with a
modern 10m style aluminium
modular stock can take some
time. The only practical option
is to move the butt hook/pad
position up and down, it does
help to stabilise the shooting
position. The FT stock
dimensions are then a
compromise between standing,
sitting and kneeling. My Steyr
LG-110 FT rife is set up
biased slightly towards
standing, but is still usable for
sitting and kneeling, although
not perfect. FT kneeling can be
as stable as the sitting position if
you take the time to master it. The
front rife supporting hand must
be clear knee, the rule being if
you can drop your hand down
and it touches the knee, then
the hand is not forward enough.
The deep FT stock must not be
resting upon the forearm either.
The back foot must be vertical
and the bean bag can be placed
Normal HFT prone peg shot
Free standing elbow on
FT sitting shot NOTE the bean bag
FT kneeling shot
Foot on the peg prone
66 Target Shooter
under the shin/ankle of the rear
foot to transfer the weight of the
shooter to the ground. I also
alter the position of the butt hook
for kneeling, again moving it
even more if the targets are not
horizontal to the ground at the
lane marker. The most stable
standing position is to have the
front elbow resting upon the front
hip and the front hand drawn
back to right in front of the trigger
guard. FT shooters do not use the
shotgun type lock arm stance for
standing shots, unless forced to
by extreme angled shots high in
With HFT there are two main s
shooting techniques used in FT
that are completely banned. One
is the classic FT sitting position
either on the ground, on a bean
bag or on a turned foot when
kneeling and other is the use of
a supporting bean bag under the
rear foot/ankle when kneeling.
Also you are not allowed to alter
any settings/positions of
equipment on either your rife or
scope once you start shooting.
Which means no rangefnding
using the parallax, no
magnifcation changes, no
elevation changes, no eye bell
changes on the scope and
no butt pad or stock depths
the sitting shooting position the
prone shot is the norm in HFT
with some lanes having posts or
pegs driven into the ground to act
as both lane markers which must
be touched by the shooter or
their rife and a convenient solid
Up to fve of the 30 lanes now
have a fat to the ground
marker instead of a peg/post. This
must be touched but provides no
support to the shot. An
important rule in HFT is that the
trigger must not be forward of or
To start with the peg shot, a lot
of shooters use a target shooting
glove on their supporting hand,
as is done in FT. If the peg is
be placed on top of the peg and
the thumb held upright to form
a channel to rest the rife forend
in. The other three fngers wrap
around gripping the peg. The
rife for a right handed shooter
is down the left hand side of the
peg. The variations on this are
down to the length of the peg, its
diameter and if you need to shoot
down one side or the other of the
peg to get a clear shot moving to
the other side of the peg means
you have to grip the peg with the
thumb and rest the rife on the
fat lane marker is something I
liked about HFT when I shot it in
2004. Pegs soon took over on
every lane, but in the 2008
season up to 5 “non peg” shots
are on each 30 shot course.
This type of shot relies upon the
shooting skill of the shooter,
rather than hanging on to a solid
peg. Its this shooting position which
I feel the use of a target glove is
essential, as is good trigger
control and breathing technique.
Now for a good prone position
trick, some course designers
place pegs that do not have a
clear sight on the target. These
force the clever shooter to move
off the peg to clear obstructions
“off the peg” shots have the
HFT shooter adopting a unique
shooting position where the foot
or knee touches the lane marker
and the rife if supported by the
gloved hand on the ground. Look
for other competitors using this
position as a clue as to the
best way of taking on a target. I
have even used this position left
handed (I am normally right
handed) the ambidextrous stock
Allowed in HFT
Sat on turned foot
not allowed in FT or
HFT supported standing
HFT fat rear foot kneeling
HFT supported stander
Target Shooter 67
on my Steyr Hunter LG-110
allows me to do this. Practice
these odd stances before you
get to a national UKAHFT shoot.
There are two supported and one
unsupported standing/kneeling
shots on a 30 shot course. These
supported shots have a tree or
a post as the means of support.
The key to using a support is if
the target placement and lane
marker allows the shooter to get
into a tripod stance. Both feet
should be spread apart
parallel to the targets faceplate
with the third leg of the tripod
being rife resting with a
target glove on the tree/post.
Cushioning the rife against
the solid object with your
target glove is essential,
making for a good hold as well as
protecting your precious rife a
bit. If you stand in the normal
unsupported standing position
of the pellet the lighthouse
effect happens. That is where the
rife constantly swings left and
right, across the target, making
an aimed shot almost
impossible. Kneeling in HFT does
not allow any form of
artifcial support under the back
foot/ankle. The rear foot
cannot be turned and sat upon,
but some shooters can place the
without turning the foot, which is
allowed in the rules. For those
not supple enough to do this the
bean bag can only be used
under the knee to keep it clean or
protected from stones/tree roots.
Again the supporting hand must
be clear of the knee as in FT, in
the UKAHFT shoot rules it goes
to describe that if the forward
supporting rife hand is dropped
and it touches the knee then
the hand is not forward enough,
targets will be marked as misses
and you could be thrown off a
course for repeatedly breaking
this rule. Often trees are placed
near on are the lane markers for
kneeling shots and it is good to
take advantage of these stable
platforms as long as it does not
comprise your shooting position
too much, weigh up the benefts
of using or indeed not using any
support. Often a clearer
unrestricted view of the target
can be taken off the tempting
support, the use of such
supports often induces sideways
movement into the aim, and the
lighthouse effect can happen
in kneeling shots too if you are
not careful. Angled shots high in
trees in HFT happen in all three
shooting positions. With prone
you need to move as far up the
peg as you can, if there is a peg.
shotgun style lock are position,
where the lead arms elbow is
not touching the body as normal.
Kneeling has the forward hand
moving back towards the trigger
making it a very lighthouse shot,
do not try to fght the swing too
with the crosshairs of the reticle
passing the point you want to aim
at. These are just a few of the
major tricks of the trade when it
comes to HFT, the shooter needs
much more of a technical thought
process in judging the best
shooting position than in FT. The
body too needs to be more supple
for some of the contorted shooting
positions HFT competitors get
into. I shoot both disciplines
and enjoy both immensely, FT
has helped my HFT shooting
of that there is no doubt. The
unsupported standing and
kneeling position in FT is a bread
and butter shot, however for
many HFT shooters they strike
fear into their hearts even before
they get to the lane. My advice is
to practice the shots you fear and
the fear will disappear, or do as I
do and shoot both sports!
A quality AIM mat for HFT
keeps you dry and mud free
Supporting hand in FT and HFT
HFT disc shot
68 Target Shooter
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parts significantly reduces noise and
benefits from a super-quick locktime.
Other stock options are left handed walnut
sporter, thumbhole or beech ambidextrous.
Theoben produce and export quality air rifles and shooting accessories.
We also undertake custom work, centre fire/rim fire rifles – including
screw cutting for moderators and barrel shortening.
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Target Shooter 69
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Rapid S-Type
Rapid MFR
Rapid MKII
Gas Ram Rifles
offer a truly unique shooting
experience. The lack of mechanical
parts significantly reduces noise and
benefits from a super-quick locktime.
Other stock options are left handed walnut
sporter, thumbhole or beech ambidextrous.
Theoben produce and export quality air rifles and shooting accessories.
We also undertake custom work, centre fire/rim fire rifles – including
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70 Target Shooter
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Target Shooter 71
I, like many of you out there, want
As I am ever
i nqui si ti ve,
in some
r e s p e c t s
I want to
ever yt hi ng
about them!
Hence the
r e a s o n
why I went
back to a
f a v o u r i t e
source for information about
frearms over the years; (AGI)
American Gunsmithing Institute
video's. I say videos, but these
are also available in DVD format.
AGI make a wide range of
digital media that cover many
topics; even doing full on
gunsmithing courses and how to
build a number of frearms from
scratch; if that takes your fancy! I
personally love to ‘tinker’,
reading about gunsmithing and
doing it; if only to the level of my
own competence. (One of my
favourite all time book s is
Clyde Baker’s Gunsmithing; it is
however, very old and rare to
fnd it these days; shame!). This
is not that hard in some cases,
such as with frearms like the
Ruger 10/22. While I do go for
heavy work on the lathe or milling
machines when I can get access
to them, I tend to take on much
in a reasonable amount
of time. Anyway back to
these videos. AGI has
been around for some
time (as have a few
other companies) and
you may have seen
these ‘videos’ before
in your local gunshop
or at a national show.
Predominantly for the
US market, AGI does
have something to offer
the UK shooter, as they do deal
with gunsmithing techniques and
a daily basis.
They do contain a disclaimer
about working on frearms and
making alterations; this is learning
material only!! This is sound
advice to be honest, as altering
any frearm can jeopardise the
warranty and in some cases can
cause the frearm to be
dangerous. If you are ever
unsure, frst don’t do it; but
always seek help or advice from
just check what you have done.
This does not take the fun out of
these ‘videos’
however, as they
are extremely
useful, allowing
you to see the
inner workings
or your chosen
frearm and how
to maintain it for
peek performance.
In some ways
these ‘reference’
videos can be
better than read-
ing a gunsmithing
book, as a qualifed gunsmith on
screen is showing you in, ‘real
terms’, what is happening!!
The Range of Videos Well where
do we start? AGI make a variety
of video ‘learning’ and ‘reference’
material and do offer an online
and electronic media course for
becoming a qualifed gunsmith;
all be it that this is geared to
our colleagues in the US. The
courses themselves break down
into a number of areas, such as
the professional courses, that
relate to specifc techniques for
gunsmiths; the build your own
courses to produce a specifc
frearm from scratch; and the
series working on triggers of
specifc frearms. The most
appealing of the videos for the
AGI; Videos for the descerning viewer
Carl Boswell
Front cover of
the videos
Winchester screenshot
The prolifc Ron Dunlap in a Marlin
underlever clip
Marlin 1894 detail clip
Target Shooter 71
72 Target Shooter
UK market are the armourer’s
courses. These target a specifc
advanced techniques of working
with it. The videos I obtained to
watch varied from armourers
courses on some of the more
popular, or most widely used
frearms in the UK; like the
Marlin 94, Winchester 94, Taurus
revolver (for the LBR owners
amongst us) the and the Ruger
course, Pillar Bedding,
Professional Cleaning Techniques
and the Ruger 10/22 Trigger
course. So therefore a few to keep
me going, but a fraction of what is
available! As these came directly
from the US – and by the way my
thanks to AGI for supporting this
article – I had to look at what would
be good to review for the UK
market and limit myself to a few
choice videos.
Armourer’s courses.
The video’s that really stand out
as Marlin Winchester and the
Ruger 10/22; although there are
courses for the Taurus revolvers
for those of you out there with the
long barrelled versions. I liked the
latter video, having just bought
myself an LBR a few years ago;
it felt good to work with a revolver
again. A good aspect of these
video ‘programs’ is the ease at
which topics are explained, from
the working mechanism of the
frearm to the easy disassembly/
reassembly. As a visual learner I
personally tend to learn better by
read about it. With video materials
frearms a lot easier. (A word
to the wise though, if you are
unsure about disassembling any
part of your frearm you really
as we don’t want any potentially
dangerous frearms out there).
The range of videos I watched,
(noted above), were very
informative and in some cases fun
to see what is out there to ‘trick’ up
with pro’s and con’s explained.
I did fnd that I learnt a lot from
some of these programs, but with
others they were reaffrming
information I have read over the
years. This is not necessarily a
I have over the years bought these
videos for most of the frearms I
use (If the video is available) as
they help with a variety of aspects
of cleaning, maintaining, etc. The
one topic in the armourer courses
that I do think is missing is for the
like the full bore models, but the
Taurus video clip
Taurus detail clip of the
Ron Dunlap in theTaurus video with a long barrel revolver
Enfeld Video and the range of rife worked on
72 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 73
for a number of years and could
do with a well conceived digital or
written ‘course’ about it. AGI did
say they may do a video on the CZ
452 a few years ago, but obviously
this rife still has yet to get the
attention it needs or deserves.
Overall I found the Armourers
course’s the most useful to watch
as they dealt with a specifc
frearm I wanted to look at.
These, I believe, would be
the popular choice for those
out there that would be
looking at purchasing material
like those manufactured by AGI.
Extension or ‘Professional
Course’ Videos
There are of course the extensions
to the armourer courses, where
you can look specifcally at lathe
work, stock work and using metals
for instance; although some
courses go into vast amounts of
detail. I found looking through
there catalogue that most areas of
gunsmithing were covered; but I
have not seen every video as this
would cost thousands of pounds.
Each video retails on average
in the UK for about £26; slightly
more if you get a DVD. Some
may be more in sets, or with
parts or chemicals supplied with
them. (There may be issues with
importing if chemicals/ parts are
included in the course, as these
may require an import licence?)
The Professional Courses
themselves are as good as
the armourer’s courses but
relate to subjects that are quite
trigger work or stock work.
The few I selected were very
informative; such as the Ruger
10/22 trigger course and the
pillar bedding course. Both had
positive instruction, including the
does and don’ts of working; such
as if you are not sure don’t try to
polish the sear on any frearm,
get a qualifed gunsmith to do it
for you. Or in case of the Ruger
10/22 buy the kit. This will be
cheaper and safer in the long run
and let’s face it there are lot of kits
and bits out there.
Professional course title, I am not
sure why! This has a very good
history element to it and explains
of the rife through its many
stages. The video also covers
the assembly/ reassembly of the
Gunsmithing courses are
excellent, but may be more
for those with engineering
experience and/ or a few years of
Final Thoughts
These videos and DVD’s can be
found in gun shops around the UK,
at some gun shows on a variety of
stalls and are sometimes available
via mail order in the UK or from
the US. I have even seen them
on Ebay, but make sure they are
suitable for UK machines if DVD’s
or that your video plays NTSC
tapes if on video. Overall they
are excellent viewing and a good
resource to know a little more
techniques and other frearms
related issues; such as the
one on Cowboy Action. Further
information, support and trial
information can be found on the
AGI website at; http://www.ameri- They even
have their own E-newsletter that
you can subscribe to. On average
the videos/ DVD’s are about 2
hours long, so if you get a few
you may have square eyes at
the end of it. Good viewing.
Pillar bedding video clip - the video
does it from start to fnish
Ruger 1022 - these video’d do it all from the trigger job,
to care and maintainence
Target Shooter 73
74 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 75
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76 Target Shooter
I have to admit it, when it comes
to rifes, I’m biased. For me, if a
rife isn’t inherently accurate (for
accurate read half MOA or less)
then it’s not for me. Lets face it,
every time. If not, then there’s no
room for it in my cabinet.

I know that’s quite a
performance can be dependent
on several factors. If we put our
rife into a
shooting test-rig, it
will probably group
better than it does
when we try the
same experiment
ourselves. That
is of course down
to the ‘human
element’ - that
living, breathing,
constantly moving,
fallible thing we call
the ‘nut behind the
butt’ - who screws
up the group.

So, in order to wring
the best out your
rife, it’s down
to you to hone
your technique,
breathing, sight-
picture, trigger
release, follow-
through and lots
of other factors.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve
heard people say ‘I can’t get
it this rife to group’ or ‘I don’t
know what’s wrong with it’. Well,
you need to address all of the

Rifes are no different from
everything else in life - you tend
to get what you pay for. Yes, you
can buy accuracy but bringing out
ultimately down to you.

Unique Alpine of Germany
have come up with a truly
innovative rife design that goes
further than most to help you in the
quest to improve your shooting.
ultimate in modular systems. That
is to say, it can be easily stripped
down into its component parts for
transportation or even allow
the operator to change major
component-parts, including the
At a glance, the TPG 1 is
obviously designed with
ergonomics in mind but the use of
CAD technology and high-grade
materials means that it shoots as
good as it looks.

Art or Science
Starting at the rear of this
work of art, the stock is semi
skeletonised and is in its self an
amazing piece of workmanship.
The stock and fore-end hand-
synthetic plastic which comes
in a range of single or multi-mix
colours that are molded through,
so no problems with scratches or

The grip is a thumbhole
upright - with molded textured
anti-slip fnger grips and a wrist
shelf at the base, all of which
makes for a very comfortable
shooting position. The stock
Rob Hunter
A great piece of ‘out
of the box’ kit and
beautifully made
Target Shooter 77
itself can be adjusted to ft
almost any size or shape of
shooter. The length of pull, butt
plate, cheek-piece height and
lateral movement are all fully
adjustable and if all that wasn’t
enough, hidden within the stock
is an adjustable ground spike to
help control movement with the
However, the really unusual
feature of the butt-stock is the
ability to detach it from the
action simply by slackening-off
a socket-head screw at the top
of the grip and sliding the stock
assembly rearwards. A handy
feature if transportation space
is at a premium. There is one
more advantage of the nylon
stock; I know of at least two other
manufactures who use an
aluminum chassis system and
both give off a metallic ring when
fred, which is very irritating.The
nylon stock deadens any such
residual noise from the metal to
metal transfer at the action.
Moving forward to the action - a
standard turn bolt set up - the
aluminum which is fnished in
a mil. spec matt-black coating.
The bolt has three large locking
lugs and a ball handle for easy
operation. The action is smooth
without any bolt wobble and the
lock up on the action has a good
solid feel. On top of the action is a
steel multi slotted scope rail with
The action fts snugly into the
full-length aluminum chassis
which extends forward the full
length of the fore-end. This is
where the use of CAD technology
comes in. In order for this mating
The Unique Alpine
can be dismantled in
a couple of minutes
with just three Allen
Multi-adjustable butt-stock
78 Target Shooter
of metal to metal surfaces to work,
this ft has to be perfect - which
of course it is and because the
action and the chassis are made
of the same high-grade F33
aluminum billet, they provide
the same expansion properties
thus avoiding any distortion
between the two parts when

The use of a metal chassis and
the solid nylon stock does add
weighs in at 6.2 kg. This is slightly
heavier than average but I like
this, it gives a sense of quality and
security and makes the felt recoil
seem a lot less than it actually
is. The other plus with a heavier
greatly reduced.

stack drop out magazine made of
positive with no hang-ups. The
a crisp clean break which was
every bit as good as any after-
market replacement. Both units
are break adjustable from 600g
to 1500g and can be adjusted
for pull-length depending on the
length of shooters fnger.This is
of people that I see trying to
the fnger instead of the ball still
amazes me.

When I frst saw pictures of this
rife, the only thing that I wasn’t
too sure of was the safety
catch. This is part of the bolt
assembly and is positioned on
the rear of the bolt and at frst
glance has the look of a
pistol hammer. In practice, its
placement works very well and it’s
easy to see if you have moved it to
the ‘safe’ position without any head
movement from the shooting

Butt-stock is quickly removed for compact
The CNC machined aluminium action
is built to a very high standard
Target Shooter 79
Changing the barrel
Moving to the barrel, which is
arguably the most important bit
on any rife, the medium-weight
650mm stainless-steel tube is
fully free-foating. The profle
tapers from 1.135 inches at
the breech to 0.945 in. at
the crown. Fluting comes as
standard on all Unique Alpine
barrels and there is an optional
factory muzzle-brake for larger
calibers. Speaking of calibers,
U-A offer all the standard
chamberings from 223 Rem.
to 338 Lap. Mag as well as
specials like .22 PPC, 6mm BR
and 6.5x284.

Now, here’s the best bit - as this
is a modular system, the barrels
are easily interchangeable! By
simply loosening a small internal
locking screws, the barrel and
the screw-on bushing that
holds it in place, simply slides
forward and out. Simple and quite
brilliant. The process of
removing and replacing a
barrel can be accomplished in a
change to the point of impact. The
‘bushing’ actually houses the bolt
locking-lugs and it is this unique
feature which makes the barrel-
BR, 308 and 6.5x284. All were
brand-new unfred barrels, plus
the ammunition used was a
rifes that I had to hand. I test-
shot the three-shot groups off a
yards in a moderate cross-wind.
I’m sure the groups shown would
improve once the barrels had
been broken-in and with a bit of
load development.
In theory you could have a
6mmBR, 243, 308 and 6.5x284
all on the same bolt face. This is a
months or longer for a gunsmith
to replace your shot out barrels,
The barrel can be swapped in a couple of minutes -
including headspacing
Half-MOA accuracy with any barrel
80 Target Shooter
DIY in minutes! This advantage
means you could have in essence
have a caliber for all occasions on
the one chassis.
Maintenance of this rife is
designed to be done by the
owner, without any special
feld-stripped for cleaning or just
changing parts with a few simple
tools. If you have something you
can’t handle then Russ Moorse
and Stefan Holme at U-A know
more about the design and build
and have been extremely helpful.
The versatility of this uniquely
designed rife combines
technically superior adjustable
ergonomics with some of the
best out of the box accuracy
performance I have ever
seen. If you’ve just started rife
shooting or you want to
your shooting needs, then in my
humble opinion this is the only
With one chassis and several
barrels you could have a
benchrest, foxing, tactical and
1000yd match rife all for a
fraction of the cost of four
separate units.

Is there anything I would add to
do is thread the barrel for a sound
moderator but if this is your thing,
308 barrel. Coming in at around
when you look at what you get
for your money, I think the TPG 1
worth every penny.
Probably the best ‘out of the box’ the factory rife available
14 LAMINGTON ST, TAIN, ROSS-SHIRE IV19 1AA TEL: 01862 892171 FAX: 01862 892859
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NEW . 222 STEYR PRO HUNTER £690.00
S/H .22/250 RUGER VARMINT INC 3.5-10x40 WHITETAIL £295.00
SCHMIDT & BENDER 3-12x50 A7 30MM £550.00
NEW .22/250 WINCHESTER M70 COYOTE £550.00
SCHMIDT & BENDER 3-12x50 MILDOT S/H £550.00
S/H .22/250 SAKO 85 STAINLESS S/CUT £695.00
LEUPOLD VX111 3-9x50 S/H AS NEW £295.00
LISENFELD 6x42 1" TUBE RET 4A £150.00
S/H . 243 REMINGTON 700 BDL £420.00
ZEISS DIATAL Z 6x42 1" TUBE RET 4 £375.00
S/H . 243 BLASER OFF ROAD £1,000.00
S/H . 243 STEYR MANNLICHER £550.00
PECAR CHAMPION 8x45 RET 4 1" £295.00
S/H .25-06 TIKKA MASTER £400.00
LEUPOLD VXIII 4.5-14X50 L/R, TDS £425.00
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Z6 2-12x50 £1,099.00
S/H . 270 SAKO L691 LEFT HAND £695.00
Z6 2.5-15x56 £1,199.00
S/H . 270 DICKSON £350.00
Z6 2.5-15x56 BT £1,299.00
S/H . 270 REMINGTON 700 BDL £450.00
S/H . 270 CZ SCREWCUT £425.00
Z61 1.7-10x42 £1,395.00
S/H . 270 RUGER M77 S/CUT £425.00
Z61 2-12x50 £1,459.00
NEW .270WSMSAKO 75 HUNTER £995.00
Z61 2.5-15x56 £1,579.00
S/H . 375 BLASER OFF ROAD PRO (AS NEW) £1,675.00
Z61 2.5-15x56 BT £1,659.00
S/H .30-06 MAUSER 03 BARREL ONLY £330.00
S/H . 308 SAKO A11 £475.00
4-12x50 £819.00
S/H . 308 SAKO STUTZEN £495.00
6-18x50 £910.00
S/H . 308 SAKO M591 £495.00
S/H . 308 MAUSER 66 £450.00
8x50 £599.00
S/H . 308 HEYM £975.00
8x56 £649.00
S/H . 308 STEYR £450.00
S/H . 308 TIKKA T3 ST SYN L/HAND £650.00
NEW 6.5x55 SAKO 75 HUNTER L/HAND £990.00
S/H 6.5x55 TIKKA T3 AS NEW INC MOUNTS £650.00
S/H 7MM REM MAG RUGER No1 £400.00
S/H 7x57 RUGER M77 £325.00
Target Shooter 81
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We stock both electronic and beam
scales from Lee, Lyman , Hornady.
and MTM
Smokeless Powders
We carry a wide range of powders
from Vihtavouri, Hodgdon, IMR and
For both Rifle and Pistol calibers from
Remington, Winchester, CCI and
1200 Pro Tumbler £54.98
Excellent value for
money with the capac-
ity to clean up to a
maximum of 350 38sp
cases. Special features
inc ‘built in’sifter lid to
enable easy separation
of cases and of course
media is included .
Free Media Reactivator
worth £4.52 included
with every Tumbler
Current Special Offers from
Lyman precision die sets are crafted on state of the art
computer controlled equipment ensuring that each die
is perfectly dimensioned. Each rifle sizing die is
vented, polished, heat treated for toughness and then
receives a final micro-finish polish for
extra smoothness.
Lyman Precision Die Sets
Rifle standard 2 die set £35.75
Rifle standard 3 die set £46.89
Classic rifle 3 die set £46.89
82 Target Shooter
Every month, we’ll try and feature a shooting
website that is relevant to target shooting. We
will also be pleased to hear about your favourite
This month, we are featuring or
if you prefer
Although as the name suggests, the site was
initially built around the fantastic little 6mm
Benchrest Remington cartridge and guns
chambered for this fantastic little round, it quickly
cartridges plus the accuracy wildcats.
Their ‘Gun of the Week’ feature is eagerly awaited
by regular visitors as it always showcases a superb
in competition. Full specifcation and load-data is
supplied for all featured rifes and cartridges and
a new round or I’m looking to try a new powder.
The webmaster Paul McMenamin ensures their
‘blog’ is updated daily and although the site is
American-based, most of the stuff featured is
equally relevant to British shooters. Main blog items
are archived, as are ‘Gun of the Week’ and other
features, making the site a complete reference for
accuracy-nuts and target shooters whatever your
Their daily coverage of this year’s Shot Show was
particularly impressive with their roving reporter
posting pictures and videos at the end of each day
shooter’s newspaper and I must confess to being
something of an addict and visiting as
soon as I switch on my computer in the morning!
Shooting Website of the Month
Target Shooter 83
Häring range eqipment 10m to 1200yds
Hard-wired or radio systems available
Including the new ESA electronic scoring system.
Now available - the EL3 10m air
pistol/rifle target system
Tel: (020) 86427861
24 Hour Fax: (020) 86429959
Trade and retail enquiries Welcomed
Diverse Trading Limited
ing firearms legislation. Choice of 3 grip sizes in left or right hand. Supplied complete with custom clean-
ing kit. Pistol supplied in hard case. The Pardini is available through our specialist retailers,
including Check-Mate Guns, Surrey Guns and NSRA.
THE ‘PROFESSIONAL USB’ electronic training & analysis system from
SCATT as used by the winning British Palma Full Fore Rifle Team.
50 metre target frame now available, price on application
Proven by Champions ((Recommended by Mick Gault, OBE, Target Sports December 2007)
84 Target Shooter
The last few months has seen
a bit if a knock on the economy
and obviously this will
affect shooters who
spend their hard earned
cash to develop the
equipment range they
have, hoping to
enhance their shooting.
However, it does not
all have to ‘break the
The products that I am
reviewing here are a
couple of items that
have been mentioned
on one or two benchrest
last few months or so.
Both of these products
start at a reasonable
price around the £100
The Bulzeyepro is an optical
booster lens for generic or
specifc scopes associated
with those that are used in both
centerfre rimfre and air rife
benchrest. The website for the
company is; www.bulzeyepro.
com/ and the cost of the optic
starts at $125 .
However, these are
now brought into the
UK by Brain at Fox
Firearms www.foxfre-
The price will depend on
the model, coating and
magnifcation you get.
The one I have on loan
is a Booster # 1 Ultra
Bright for my Leupold
competition X45 scope.
(Now why would I want
any magnifcation over
x45?? Well the answer
is that I have used a
number of scopes up to
x60 magnifcation
and all have their
uses for specifc
conditions, light levels,
etc. I wanted something
that would give me the
opportunity to experiment with
Optical Boosters for target
shooting and more.......
Booster # 1 on my Leupold Competition scope
The basic range of products that has now increased with new lens coatings and a wider range
Carl Boswell
Target Shooter 85
the Leupold I have and like.

The booster is easy to ft and
use so I don’t have to change
the scope, just ensure that the
parallax is set up
appropriately each time you
use it. When setting up the
#1 booster, I played around
with it for quite a while. You
know what it is like when
adjusting parallax, as
you want the scope to be
perfect in every way! I
would not play the role the
archetypical man in this
case – read the instructions
as they are clear and
precise. The job takes
seconds and the scope with
booster is ready to use.
These and other important
facts are on the bulzeyepro
The Bulzeyepro boosters come
in three different models, easily
named #1. #2 and #3. The #1
booster is design for specifc
scopes only. These are; Leupold
Competition series,
Weaver T series, Sightron
BR series, Nightforce BR
series and the very
expensive March scopes.
The one I have is designed
to boost your scopes power
X3 times, so a X45 scope
will boost to approximate-
ly X58. The housing is
machined aluminium and is
made to ft onto threaded
specifc threaded scopes
named above. All in all it
looks the part!
Number 2 is a generic
model for 1 inch or 30mm
scopes and does offer
greater magnifcation for longer
distances if required. The lens
housing is made from rubber for
safety if used on heavy recoil
Number 3 booster like the # 2
model fts all scopes with an
eyepiece from 1.43 inches to 1.8
housing is slimmer if the
requirement is for compact
The documentation also suggests
that the booster alleviates
or helps with the effects of
mirage which is something a lot of
shooters will tell you are hard to
Shooting in Milan, at the world
championships, really did bring
this issue to the forefront of
everyone’s minds, as reading the
mirage and/ or even seeing it was
a problem. This is an interesting
element to the design. I observed
that the model I used did help a
little with this when shooting as
the weather we had just recently
goes from extreme cold to heavy
sunshine (thus heat on the
ground) in as very short time.
Using the booster for a longer
periods of time will no doubt
develop my skills at observing
and countering the issue of
mirage when shooting.
As you can see from
pictures below, the
is quite substantial.
(Apologies for my
photography as it does not
do the clarity justice, but the
day was very cold). This will
obviously depend on your
own eyesight as everyone’s is
different. It will also depend on
what you are looking for, as it
may be the case that a lower
magnifcation is considered
better by some shooters.
If you have a lower powered
scope that you like, this
product is a massive boon,
as you can enhance what you
already have for a very low
cost. Do look at what type of
booster best fts your needs, as
at the time of going press the
company has increased its
range of products quite
signifcantly for a variety of
shooters and not just the
accuracy buffs like me.
The range of magnifcations
has also increased, so it
well worth having a look.
I don’t think you will be
An excellent product that
is well worth the money, as
it can make your favourite,
but less powerful scope,
into a very powerful scope.
These are available for
target scopes and also
used a lot for hunting, so could
appeal to a wide range of
shooters. The improved
range of products is also very
exciting, as these were just
coming out at the time of going to
press. I am also looking at getting
one for a new scope I have. I am that
using the booster, as seen through
a Leupold x45 Competition scope
using the booster, as seen through a
Leupold x45 Competition scope
86 Target Shooter
The second item on offer is the
J and J Slider, formerly known
as the Parallel Noodle. This is an
extension to the standard
barrel tuner and obviously it may
be the case that the extra weight
Varmint class if you use it. These
can be obtained via Dan Killough
in the USA, who is the sole
distributor. The website for this is;
These are priced at $125
dollars so at the exchange rate at
the time of writing this would be
approximately £85. Shipping
would be on top of this and this
currently stands at $35 or around
£23. There are two models called
the Long and Short (PIC 5). The
whole unit is made from high
quality aluminium which is
machined. The Long Slider
weighs 9 ounces (255.2 grams)
and Short Slider weight 8
ounces (226.8 grams). The
sliding weight itself is 3 ounces
(85.1 grams) of aluminium and
can be removed.
The holes in the sleeve of the
slider are used to tune the rife
as it lets air that is compressed
in front of the bullet to escape
through the holes. The Short
Slider has an outer sleeve with
holes cut into it to regulate the
amount of air that escapes;
thus there is an element of
ammunition. A Similar principle
to what a muzzle brake will do
The Long Slider relies on
the weight to distribute mass
along the sleeve, acting as an
extension of the tuner, with the
added benefts of the principles
noted above. James Pappas, the
developer and manufacturer of
these products, has stated to me
that there are other ‘things going
on’ but much of it is speculation
at the moment’. All that matters
is the Slider just seems to work!
(James also makes rests for
benchrest, although these are one
piece and would not be able to be
used within the rules we have).
The rifes that have this Slider
ftted seem to shoot more
accurately and are easier to tune.
A lot of testing has been going on
in Australia and the USA and all of
this has come back positive.
The Slider itself is designed to
be use in conjunction with an
existing tuner. The specifc tuner
it is manufactured to ft it is the
Harrel tuner and we tend not to
get many of these over in the UK
(PIC’s 6 and 7). (The Harrel tuner
in fact can be purchased from
Dan Killough at the same time as
the J and J Slider. The cost of this
is $150 (or £103) at the time of
writing. However, the Cicogani
tuners we tend to get from
Italy could be modifed with an
internal thread. The thread
New barrel tuners...
The long version of the slider, uses the weight to distribute weight
along the path of the outer sleeve. Exhaust holes
distribute gasses as the bullet exits the muzzle
Target Shooter 87
Tel: 0161 430 8278 or 07941 958464

reported to me by James on
the J and J Slider is 1.375X32
tpi (teeth per inch). So
those that have an existing
tuner may be able to get this
getting this new product.
The size and internal
diameter remind me of the
Anschutz bloop tube that
was available few years ago
and has recently reappeared
Obviously the Slider has the
extra weight and ‘exhaust’
holes cut into it but that is what innovation is about. The principles behind it and the fact that a number of
respected independent shooters from around the world have said that it works is a good selling point. Maybe
we will see a few over here in the next year.
Next month I am reviewing again. This time the SEB rest. Until then.
The short version of the slider, uses the weight to alter the gasses
coming out of the exhaust holes.
88 Target Shooter
full-power shots
per fll than its major competitor
• Webley-developed, choked barrel
• Multi-position, two-stage trigger
• Side-lever action with an anti-double feed
• Rotary quick-fll charging system
• Choice of a Sports or Thumb-Hole,
high quality Walnut stock
• Left handed stocked versions available from
• Offered in both .177 and .22 calibres
• Easy Load™ Stainless Steel 10-shot Magazine
• Adjustable butt pad
• Easy Reach™ safety catch
• Long-life seal system
• Free-foating hammer to prevent valve
PHONE THE ORDER HOTLINE: 01902 722 144 OR FAX ON 01902 722 880
Webley (International) Limited
Universe House, Key Industrial Park, Willenhall, West Midlands, WV13 3YA, England
The new Webley-Venom


64% 64%
Sidelever Magazine system
Charging system
Target Shooter 89
7 Manor Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 0BW

Tel:020 8647 7742 Fax: 020 8669 9199


Monday—Saturday 0900 - 1700
We are a well established gun shop in surrey for the
last 36 years now under new ownership of Peter
Friend. Over the years the surrey guns has built a
reputation for specialist target shooting and stock a
large range of match air rifles, pistols as well as .22
target guns and accessories
Please mention

when using advertising
in the magazine
90 Target Shooter
Overall weight:
First of all you should have
an idea of what weight of
rife is most suitable for you as
having one that iseither too
light, or too heavy (especially if
it’s all at the front end) will not
allow you to perform at your best.
Physical size and strength along
with any medical conditions will
obviously play a big part in this,
as will the types and number of
competitions you intend to shoot
with it on any given day. Hoping
to shoot a 1500, Bianchi, a
Grand, a T&P2 and a couple of
other matches back to back on
the same day with a rife that
weighs the wrong side of 8 or
9lbs or more, would prove to be
too much for most of us. Ideally,
try to handle as many different
rifes of a known weight as you
can, to give you an idea of what
feels the most ‘comfortable’ for
you. Even using a basic set of
kitchen scales down at your
club or range to weigh each one,
will give you a reasonable idea of
what you should be looking for.
This will then allow you to break
it down roughly into component
weights such as stock, action
(and trigger unit), barrel and
scope so that you can choose
each of them accordingly. For
Gwyn Roberts
Example #1 - fully ambidextrous and will ft most shooters comfortably
Pistol / thumbhole stocks give a good wrist / trigger
fnger alignment but some may require some modifcation
to make them type truly ambidextrous
Part 1
Target Shooter 91
example, if you wanted a
lightweight rife of around 5
to 6lbs, trying to combine an
Odyssey type stock with a
stainless steel 20inch barrel will
take you way over this fgure
before you even think about
adding a receiver/bolt/trigger
group or putting a scope on it.
Goldsworthy from Rude Fat Dog
down in Devon and weighs in at
just less than 4¾lbs, giving me
a really lightweight rife to shoot
steel plate or 3 gun matches
ftted with a red dot scope on it.
than 7lbs which means I’ll be able
to shoot plenty matches back to
back with it, before getting too
The Stock:
Single sided or Ambidextrous?
It’s a pretty simple question
really, but one that is often over
looked by people when they
“ultimate” looking rife.
First of all you need to ask
yourself what types of matches
you intend to shoot with it, both
now and in the future. If you only
ever intend to shoot using your
strong shoulder for support as in
the Precision, Timed & Precision
1 and Multi Target matches or
even just general plinking down
the local range, then a normal
right or left handed stock will
suffce. If however you may
like to try out some of the
‘action’ events like the Bianchi,
1500, PP2, 3 gun or Steel type
matches, then you are
defnitely going to need an
ambidextrous stock. This type
will allow you to shoot from
either shoulder, as well as
various other positions such as
kneeling and sitting (or even prone
in some 3 gunners) which are
incorporated into many of the
disciplines that we now
shoot. Bear in mind when
choosing a new stock that
the weight of some of the
f i b r e g l a s s / c o mp o s i t e /
rubber stocks including the Bell &
Carson Odyssey, Volquartsen VX
or the Anschutz target style can
easily weigh up to twice or three
times as much as a similar
laminate version due to the
materials used in their
construction. They are, however,
very well made and may prove
ideal for shooters of a larger
Those of a smaller build however
would do better to avoid them,
and go instead for something
a little more manageable of the
laminated variety.
More often than not unless
you are very lucky, some
modifcations will have to be
made to any stock to get it to
ft you properly. Sometimes
it’s as simple as adding an
extended butt pad, and other times
it means getting out some sand
Example #2 - will need a little modifcation to become truly
Example #3 - will need a little modifcation to become truly ambidextrous
Example #4 - fully ambidextrous and will ft most shooters comfortably
92 Target Shooter
paper or a power fle and really
going to town. Remember that the
fnish on most wood/
laminate type stocks is usually
varnish, lacquer or oil and can be
returned to as good as new with
a little bit of time and effort should
you ever need to modify it. I have
always spent the time and effort
making sure my stocks ft me,
which in turn has given me
improved results on the range.
Once you have made a stock ft
and work perfectly for you there
shouldn’t be any reason really
to ever get rid of it. If you ever
need to upgrade your action
or barrel (or both) then why not
simply sell the old items in a
cheap standard Ruger stock
or on their own instead of
the whole rife? One thing to
order a new stock is to make sure
it will ft your barrel profle i.e. a
standard taper or .920” item.
Leaving a new stock just as it
is because it looks pretty rather
way to go if you want to improve
your results!
Starting at the front:
The Fore-end – Normal or the
‘Cool’ look?
Before you decide on this
point, you should really spend
some time down on the range
fnding out which type of ‘hold’
suits you best. Small changes and
experimentation by reaching
further forwards or bringing
your hand further back on the
fore-end will give improved
accuracy results. Likewise,
rotating your wrist slightly,
increasing or decreasing the
exerted pressure at both ends
of the stock, experimenting with
different pressures when
pulling it into your shoulder
and fnger placement by the
supporting hand will also help
contribute to a more stable hold,
so take the time to work out what
works best, for You! Ultimately,
you must make sure that the
optimal reach and grip, whilst
shooting from the Standing off
hand position. If it is too short,
this will force you to move your
hand in closer towards your body
which will lead to being both
uncomfortable and more
importantly, less stable than one
that fts your shooting stance
naturally. Lately I have seen
a number of shooters on the line
shooting rifes with fore-ends
that are way too short forcing
them into having to hold onto the
barrel in order to gain a more
convenient grip. Altering the
barrel harmonics by holding the
barrel will not help produce good
results on the target and purely
by their actions I think it’s fair to
unsuitable for them.
This then brings us onto the next
naturally in the palm of the hand
less muscle retention and effort
to keep it there which will in turn
help to provide a steadier hold.
Likewise, staying in safe contact
with the stock during position
changes and reloads should also
prove to be a lot smoother and
easier and using a bit of
skateboard tape may also help
your grip. You will probably
fnd that you actually grip the
fore-end at different points
when shooting from different
positions. Increasing or
decreasing the width or shape
at the point of contact on your
stock to provide a more stable
platform or hold, or simply adding
a non slip surface like skateboard
tape may well prove benefcial
for some shooters. Flattening
the area towards the rear or the
more stable hold when shooting
from the kneeling or sitting
position as the rife tends to just
‘rest’ on your palm or in the ‘v’
groove of your arm.
There are a lot of stocks out there
both old and new that I have tried
and tested, and I consider many
of the ‘gimmicky’ types to
be ‘questionable’ regarding
their use in gallery rife type
A loaned rife that didn't ft well, giving poor results on
the day
A simple solution to give
a good end result
Target Shooter 93
competitions. Remember that
most of these stocks are
designed for, and used by
people who shoot “off the bench”
in the States and are certainly not
designed for the type of shooting
that we do with them. Anything
that is too short, narrow, has
sharpish edges or an angular
profle that makes it hard for the
hand to form around naturally will
probably not work in your favour,
however fancy it may look so be
Whichever type you decide on,
a critical point to ensure is that
the barrel is fully foating over
its entire length, and that it does
not make any contact against the
stock. Running a single sheet of
thin piece of paper along the gap
for testing is not suffcient and
several sheets should be used,
as wood/laminate types can
expand slightly if subjected to
wet or damp conditions so use
several layers of paper for this
test. My stock to barrel clearance
is at least 2 to 3mm+ over its
entire length.
The Grip type – Sporter or
Thumbhole/Pistol grip?
There are many options available
but make sure the ergonomics of
the grip you choose allow the pad
of your index fnger to rest
naturally on the trigger blade,
whilst keeping the fnger
relatively straight inorder to
ensure a good trigger release.
You may fnd that a curved
sporter grip works better for you
whilst some shooters fnd a
A proper ftting stock will help you reach your potential
SF Custom supply and ft some good & inexpensive
butt pads
94 Target Shooter
thumbhole/pistol grip design
aligns their wrist and trigger
fnger more naturally in relation
to the trigger blade.
Personally, I fnd that the Fajen
Silhouette/Blaster type stock
fts me best, but as it’s a single
sided stock it means that I
have to spend a bit of time
re-shaping the grip and
scalloping out the right hand side
of the cheek piece in order for me
to be able to align my head up
properly with the scope to shoot
from the weak shoulder. It’s not
the end of the world though and
it guarantees that I end up with
a stock that allows me to shoot
properly from any shooting
position that I’m likely to
encounter. Whether you have to
convert a single sided thumbhole
grip, or reshape, narrow down
or bulk out an existing grip, it is
fairly straight forwards on most
stocks. A bit of effort put in to
ensure that you can achieve a
positive and correctly aligned hold
will pay dividends in your future
performance. Again, some well
placed skateboard tape can help
to improve both grip and control
so it’s worth thinking about.
The grip areas on some of the
more ‘fancy’ stocks however will
require a lot more care to be taken
if you try to convert some of them
to do a job they really weren’t
designed to do and removing
too much material in some areas
may leave the stock vulnerable
to damage if handled without due
care. My latest stock has had
a lot of work done around this
area to allow me to shoot with an
experimental off hand hold and
doesn’t have much material in
this area, but as I generally take
being particularly fragile.

The Butt and Cheek piece -
The length of the butt should
allow you to comfortably reach
the grip and fore end together
and enable you to consistently
both the parallel and 45º ready
positions. Again, you may well
need to alter this area in order to
various extendable butt
pads available on the market
from simple spacers to fully
on your needs, or bank balance!
The proper height, width, length
and profle of the cheek piece
needed will also vary greatly from
shooter to shooter, but again you
can always make what you have
ft you somehow. Whether you
end up installing an adjustable
unit or simply adding or taking
material away, you must make
sure that the end result allows
you to quickly align your head up
correctly with the scope when
bringing the rife up into the aim
from a ‘ready’ position. It should
also enable you to achieve
this when shooting from every
shooting position, to ensure
good consistency and shot
placement on the target. This is
especially critical when shooting
snap stages, where target
acquisition and quickly well
aimed shots are near nigh
on impossible if you can’t
adopt the correct head/scope
alignment/eye relief quickly and
consistently, every time!
Receivers - alloy or stainless
Going back to the weight
consideration should help you
with this choice as a stainless
version will be around ¾lbs
heavier than that of an alloy
action, although the cost
difference between the two
could also be the deciding
factor in the end. One advantage
of these heavier actions is that
threaded allowing you to screw
ft a stainless barrel into them
for a really secure lock up,
although this usually means it’s a
gunsmith job to get them out
again so think carefully about
this. They are available in......
Well, silver as you would expect
and from a performance point
of view function just the same
as an alloy version although
some would say that they offer
a more rigid set up. The various
alloy units however come in a
multitude of different colours so
you can mix and match things to
achieve a more individual look
accepted that threading these
lighter receivers isn’t a good
idea as they would be quite easy
to damage but the normal twin
A receiver with a removeable rail will give greater fexability
Target Shooter 95
bolt lock up with a V block does
the job more than adequately.
This system also gives you the
option of changing barrels pretty
quickly should you decide to use
a heavier one for bunny bashing,
and a lighter one for competition
use etc. The standard Ruger unit
doesn’t exactly arrive with tighter
tolerances like the Volquartsen
and Tactical Innovations varieties
well although the choice of just
black or silver may not appeal to
everyone. One could argue that
and bolt etc will produce more
accurate results but this is not
upheld by a lot of the testing
done in the States where it would
seem that the 10/22’s built on
Ruger receivers are putting in
groups that are just as good as
that are used with some of the
more expensive offerings!
One thing to take into account
when choosing a receiver is
whether or not it has a scope
rail built into it as this can be a
good thing, or a not so good thing
depending on what you want to
a Bianchi mover base then you
will have a bit of a problem if
machining process. With this in
mind, for my rife I opted for a
fat topped Tactical Innovations
unit that has a removable rail
held on by substantial 5mm allen
screws. Since we started using
10/22’s I have always drilled and
tapped my receivers out to this
larger size purely for reliability, as
well as the ease of replacements
as the standard ‘Yankee’ ones
are pretty hard to get hold in the
longer lengths. Some bolts now
come as a matched pair with
some of the newer receivers and
offer a few improvements for
functioning or reliability. In the end
whichever manufacturer you
opt for, getting it correctly head
spaced and profled at the rear
would be a good modifcation
to have done. A tight ftting or
pinned ejector will improve
reliability and a pinned fring pin
in a Ruger type bolt will help to
avoid any light strikes from
occurring. A properly ftting (not
just the latest techno whizz
model thrown in) extractor ftted
should help reduce or eliminate
any stove piping issues, and a
decent bolt buffer in the back is
really all you should need to do
to it. Until next month!
TEL 01332 360357
Please mention us
when using
in the magazine
96 Target Shooter
We all have a favourite rife. Maybe it’s just a
requirements or it could be a full-house
competition gun costing thousands. Either way,
you are proud of it and we want to see it, so
every month we will readers’ rifes in our Gun
of the Month slot.
Send us a hi-res digital pic or two and full
This month’s rife was submitted by Andrew
Robinson and even though the pic was only
Border barrels. Les is a keen F Class shooter
The Remington action is ‘blueprinted’
and the bolt is ftted with a Sako-style
extractor and a Jewel trigger replaces the
standard Remington item. The barrel is of
Remington. The barrel is threaded for an ASE
UTRA Jet Z moderator which is useful for the
rife’s dual role of F Class competition and
occasional fox control and stalking, as Andrew
TheAccuracy International stock is ftted with
20 MOA taper.
of the month, please contact use at;
Our thanks
Gun of the Month
Target Shooter 97
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BENELLI Kite Pistol– 3 Cylinder lengths + short
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ALFA CO2 Match Air Pistols
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B96 Aeron Brno (CZ) + M4—Service
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Only from Armalon–
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stock, 5,10 & 20 rd .308 mag options, fluted barrel and
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.Armalon .223 AL42 - similar model in .30M1 (AL30C) also avail-
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ARMALON HAMMER FORGED BARRELS: Armalon‟s “pukka” .303 Enfield No.4 ham-
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Sarony‟s EasyCam ‘ This cock-
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Armalon‟s 20 moa ‘PicT‟
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100 Target Shooter
Club Feature
Portishead Shooting
Club is situated 8 miles
outside Bristol, it started
life as a quarry before it
became a range back
around 1946. Over the
years it’s seen many
changes in the different
kinds of disciplines that
have been shot there
like pistol which it was
well known for until the
handgun ban. But over
the years it has manage
to keep up with the
introduction of new
disciplines from .22
Rimfre, Gallery Rife,
Air Rife and Air Pistol.
Around 7 years ago a
new outdoor fring point
was built on the existing
50m, 50yd and 100y
range, it was built
with 6 fring points to
cater at the time for
Rimfre prone shooters
and incorporated an
offce area that was
badly needed. The club
also has an Air Rife
outdoor range that
members can shoot
up to 50yds with knock
The club itself has over
100 members and
currently has a waiting
list of 40 people wanting
hard times is great as
we are fully aware that
other clubs around the
countryare struggling to
members training within
the different disciplines
and have a number of
club rifes for them try
out with, you will always
to let new members try
their own rifes and try
and give them the best
advice when looking
to purchase their own
The club is open
every night and
during the day at
weekends which
allows plenty of time
for our members to
shoot. We have always
been very heavy into
competitions whether it
being postal or
shoulder to shoulder and
you can guarantee that
at our AGM there lots of
medals handed out
from the competitions
held over the year. The
club uses the AGM as a
basis to deal with the
usual business but also
to allow all the members
to see what others have
done during the period,
you could say we are
very competitive.
When UKBR22 was
formed one or two
people at the club
decide to have ago
at Rimfre Benchrest
Shooting, just to see
what it was like. That
was back around 2006
and before we knew it
members at the club
were getting hooked
on the sport. With the
frst Nationals held at
Budleigh Farm, in
Devon we manage to
put together a team of 6
members, two of which
were disabled. It was
a one day event with
about 25 competitors
from all over the country
including Ireland and
the club managed to
pick up hand full of
Since then the club has
made up a large part
of the British team that
has taken part in the 1st
Europeans and 1st
World Championships
which those that were
involved are very proud
of. With the introduction
of Air Rife into the
competition there are
a lot more members
that have taken up the
sport and we now have
around 10 members
shooting some form of
Benchrest Shooting.
On the success of this,
the club has offered to
host the 2nd UKBR22
Nationals later this year
in August. This is going
to be a much larger event
and is being held over
4 days and will include
The indoor range with disabled access
The club has access to 50m
and 100 ranges
Target Shooter 101
different classes and as
The club has used this
event to get a number
of things done that have
been put off over the
years for one reason
or another. So to cater
for the event the car
parking area is being
doubled in size which
has needed large
machinery to come in
and help. The club is
very fortunate in that
it has a dumper truck
and a digger that it has
had for many years
but to make light work
of the ground work
that had to be done, a
professional digger
was brought in to help.
We also had to hire a
second dumper truck as
our old girl would have
not been able to cope
all by itself, as you will
see our dumper truck is
the smoky one, I don’t
think the word catalytic
converter was around
when this baby was
made. We also had
a team of volunteer
members cutting back
scrub land around the
area to make good and
give the place a fresh
look so by the time the
nationals come round
it’s going to fantastic.
By the end of the day
the ground had been
levelled out ready for over
150 tons of gravel to be
delivered, which will
double the size of the
car parking area,
unfortunately our lovely
lawns have got slightly
torn up by the heavy
machines but it has
been a small price to
pay for what will be
a great asset for the
club and members.
The club and its
members are very proud
of what it has achieved
over the years and now
with the huge amount of
work that has gone on in
and around the club, we
now have a facility that
is going to be one or if
not the best in the South
West, offering a huge
range of activates for all
We will
also be
h o s t i n g
a friendly
3 nation
match this
m o n t h
which will
i n c l u d e
our friends
f r o m
Ireland and Germany,
this will give us a chance
to see what we have put
in place will work for the
Nationals as organising
such events is no easy
job when it comes
to it. I am sure that
Target Shooter will
report back on the event
in forth coming issues.
If your taking part in the
nationals and l
ooking for details on
how to get to us and for
a c c o m m o d a t i o n ,
then please visit the
Benchrest Directory
Forum for details, till
then happy shooting
and look forward to
seeing you in August.
Ken Stockham.
Club Secretary
For further product information please call GMK on
01489 587500 or visit
CCI .22 LR Subsonic Hollow Point 40gr
Sub-sonic .22LR, the perfect solution for
short-range vermin control, especially
where noise is an issue. The hollow point
bullet leaves the muzzle at sub sonic speed;
1050 feet per second, so it is perceptively
quieter than supersonic loads.
CCI have increased the bullet weight from
36g to 40g, creating a heavier and higher
quality bullet. The hollow point has been
specifically designed to deform quickly and
more uniformly, making it the perfect load
for shooting rabbits and other small vermin.
CCI Subsonic .22LR is also affordably priced
and is a must when using a sound moderator. C
CCI advert(Taget Sports).indd 1 11/11/08 10:25:15
Diggers at work to improve the
range faclities
102 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 103
The fourth 600 yard shoot of the season took place
on March 1st at Diggle Ranges and once again
we had a near maximum entry.Almost any rife is
capable of putting in a decent performance from the
223 right up to the big magnums and this is clearly
part of the attraction.
In fact, it was a magnum which took the overall
win, with Chris Hull shooting his new 7mmSAUM
(Short Action Ultra Magnum). This is a very similar
cartridge to the 7mmWSM but wasn’t viable as a
long-range accuracy round until Norma started to
offer us some decent brass. Mind you, it should be
good at £1.00 per case!
Chris fnished the day with a super sub. four-inch
Robertson stock – all supplied by Fox Firearms (TS
The Factory Sporter win once again went to Phil
Gibbon with the 6.5-284 Savage but Welshman
Darrell Evans shooting a 308 Accuracy International
took Factory small-group award with an incredible
2.684 incher. We are fnding out that two-inches is
where it gets a bit special at 600 yards and there
were a few other ‘twos’ - from Simon Rogers (2),
Toni Young and even me! The smallest group of
the day however went to Mal Roberts, debuting his
Light Gun
1st ChrisHull-7mmSAUMBarnard-3.986
2nd DaveJackson-6BRRemington-4.323
3rd SimonRogers-6.5-284RPA-4.501
Factory Sporter
1st PhilGibbon-6.5-284Savage-5.481
2nd IanKellett-6.5-284Savage-5.815
3rd DarrellEvans-308AccuracyInterntional
Small group: Darrell Evans 2.684 inches
(Full results can be accessed on )
The 6.5-284 Savages have proved to be virtually
unbeatable at 600 and 1000 yards in Factory
Sporter but the
weak pound has
pushed the price up
quite a bit. Osprey
a few left at the old
price, which will
save you around
The UKBRA’s 2009
season of 100 and
1000 yard shoots
gets underway on
the 4/5th April at
Diggle Ranges.
vinceb@6ppc.fsnet. for further
Chris Hull on his way to winning Round 4 of the UKBRA 600 yard
Championship with his 7mm Barnard.
104 Target Shooter
In association with
A bit of an international feel for
this month. A report from a recent
match in Australia. Bill Collaros
Club Captain Woollahra Rife
Club reports from the SYDNEY
The 2009 Sydney RBA Titles
have been run and won this
weekend. We had a full house of
shooters from all over NSW
attend the Woollahra Rife Club
on the coast of Sydney’s Eastern
Beaches. Woollahra is renowned
for the coastal wind, but today
started with no wind & then we
got some very tricky twitchy light
winds that were very hard to read
for most. Last year’s winner & in
form favorite Bill Collaros started
2nd round he had Peter Armstrong
& his daughter Simone Collaros
(Junior) closing in & overtaking
faster than a wayward bul-
let. There were also a couple of
seniors in the form of Olympian
Peter Wrigley & Orange shooter
Jim Smith along with the always
good Ed McGrann; new up &
comer Brett Wilson all in
contention. The third and f-
nal round was a race between 7
people and was any ones game.
”The Master” & World Light
Varmint 50 Meter Champion,
Peter Armstrong again proved
he is the big match champion as
he has done for so many years
winning the event & also gaining
his Number 1 ranking spot back
again. We are now well on our way
to forming our teams for the World
qualifying match in Queensland
left to go before the 3 team will be
named later in the year.
Rimfre Benchrest is really
starting to surge down under with
many more tournaments & many
more shooters attending. I think
last years World Championships
in Italy stirred many into trying our
discipline, I am also seeing the
rifes & equipment standards rise
dramatically as we all strive for
“250’s” The normal down under at
competitions nowadays is if you
don’t get 247 or over consistently
you wont be in the running.
Peter Armstrong 743
Jim Smith (SNR) 739
Peter Wrigley (SNR) 736
Simone Collaros (JNR) 735
Bill Collaros 734
Brett Wilson 734
Ed McGrann 733
Col Woodford 732
Dal Larsen 732
James Hourigan (SNR) 731
My thanks for Bill for taking the
time to do this report. As you can
see he and Peter are wearing the
Australian colours and were part
of the Australian team at the Milan
World Championship last year.
The Phoenix Meeting 2009
A few of the association will be
at the phoenix meeting at the
end of may. This is to develop
knowledge of the sport and talk
to those people interested in
taking this up at club, national and
international level.
We are doing this is collaboration
with UKBRA, the centrefre
benchrest association. Watch out
for the stall, the banner and us and
come and have a chat. We have
also teamed up with Brian Fox of
Fox Firearms, as he has brought
in a lot of benchrest related
equipment over the last few years
and continues to do so. Therefore
you can see it all in one place.
The next big match we have is
the three nations with Germany,
Ireland and the UK. This is being
held at the end of April so a report
on this in some form next month.
Until then, good shooting.
Shooters ater the SYDNEY
Target Shooter 105
We have the frst of our League shoots over the
Easter weekend (11/12th April) at Diggle Ranges.
Shooting will take place on both days at distances
of 800, 900 and 1000 yards.The entry list is flling
up fast but contact shoot organiser Les Holgate
at for further details.
Accommodation in the Diggle area can be accessed
For the past 3 years the annual F Class League
Championship has been contested over 6 rounds
with the best 4 to count. Shoots have taken place
all over the Uk and in Ireland but the 3 main
venues have been Blair Atholl in Scotland, Diggle in
the North of England and Bisley in the South, with
each of these venues holding 2 rounds each. The
idea for this is that you only have to attend 4 out
of the 6 thereby hopefully not excluding too many
people who can’t attend all the shoots.
With this year being the World Championships it is
going to be demanding enough so the organisers
have cut the comps down to 5. The frst round
is at Diggle in April as mentioned above, then we
go to Bisley in early June, Worlds in July again at
Bisley, Diggle again in September then back to
Bisley for the European Championships in November.
After that a well earned rest and spend the winter
of the summer and most of your money shooting
with your mates !
Although all the shoots have been very well
attended, the November shoot, which is the
European Championships and held at Bisley, has
been the best so far with over 100 competitiors. Even
this will be eclipsed in July though when the World
Championships come to town. This will be the third
World F Class Championships and this year, it is
taking place at Bisley. The GB team are now
starting a series of ‘Training Weekends’ where they
will shoot together and work with wind coaches in
readiness for the Championships.
But the Championships aren’t just limited to
national squads. Individuals may also
shoot in the ‘Worlds’ and this will be a great
opportunity to meet and shoot with
the very best F Class shooters on the
planet. The individual shoot will be held
over two days so why not book your
place now. Who knows when the Uk will
play host again so this could be the best
opportunity you will have to shoot in an F
Class comp of this size and maybe even win
something. Membership of the GB F Class
can keep up to date with GB F Class shoot-
ing via our website at;
The Long View – News from the
GB F Class Association
Rife shot is Stickledown
from 1000 yards
Last years European
Championships at Bisley
106 Target Shooter
The 2009 GR season has already started and
by the time you read this if you weren’t at the
National Shooting Centre over the weekend of 28 &
your scores recorded for selection for next year’s
National Teams. Results and a match report will be
in next month’s issue. At the time of writing there
are well over 150 competitors so that’s a good start
to a credit crunch GR year.
at the excellent Bristol & District RPC ranges near
Bristol on 14 March and there is a match report in
this issue. Wales gave England a scare to start the
year with by beating them by six points! This was
been competed for around the country. Scotland
will join in later in the year – we expect they are
practising hard and preparing to give the other two
countries a run for their money and get their name
on the Shield.
This month you can choose from a practical match
in Dorset, a 1500 and short events meeting in
Essex and a steel shoot in Devon (for small bore
only). May brings another two 1500 meetings, a
steel challenge and the premier GR meeting of the
year, The Phoenix Meeting. Read more about the
Phoenix in this issue. Don’t wait to get your name in
the prize lists – enter early and enter often.
April 19 GR&P Practical
Shield Shooting Centre,
April 25 & 26 GR&P 1500 and Short
Events Basildon RPC, Essex
April 26 GRSB Steel Challenge
Budleigh Farm, Devon
May3 GR&PTheMatterseyTen-
1500, Short Events etc
Mattersey RPC, Notts
May 9 GR&P The Western Winner –
Frome RPC at Failand
Range near Bristol
May 10 GR&P Steel Challenge
Shield Shooting Centre,
May21-24 Almostanygun!ThePhoenix
National Shooting Centre,
Bisley, Surrey
(Either contact the organisers direct or go to www.
Gallery Rife Small Bore (GRSB), Long Barrelled
Pistol (LBP) and Long Barrelled Revolver (LBR)
March 14 England v Wales
A win for Wales in the Timed & Precision One and
matches. Full results on the GR website.
Please go to the Gallery Rife website
Until next month.
Target Shooter 107
Over 9,700 guns for sale
73,000 visitors last month
Over 108 dealer stock
live online
Sect 5 Dealer Humane Dispatch, De-Acts,
Exports Please call 0845-458 9666
108 Target Shooter
Letters and News
If you have any letters or news that you would like to air on a national basis then please contact us
at the magazine. This could be for those budding writers out there that would like to submit a full
The aim of the magazine is to include you the shooters in the United Kingdom. So having a regular
letters page or even a question and answer section would be really useful for a lot of people out
there. Let us know what you think!?
Any news that your club or association thinks is worth viewing can also be sent in for selection.
What we would like is to get a letters page started with your views, news and perceptions about
all all the aspects of target shooting. So lets see those letters coming in and we will read your
thoughts in these pages.
Have a look at our website as there are contacts for you to get in touch with. We will read all letters
and although we will not be able to answer all of them we will take into account your points of view
and look at how we can make things as good as possible for the our readers.
Please contact us at;
A Macleod and Son 80 Jackson Rifles 19
AIM Field Sports 24/ 57 Low Mill Range 74
Armalon 98 Midway UK Lyd 11
Bassetts 44 Minsterley Ranges 74
Benchrest Directory 89 North West Custom 57
Border Barrrels 48 NRA 102
Bromyard Sports and Leisure 27 NSRA 57
Check-Mate Guns 97 Osprey Rifles 75
Chris Potter Country Sports ltd 33 Phoenix Show 15
Continental Shooting Supplies 18 Rhino Rifles 39
Countrymen of Derby 95 Riflecraft 69
Diverse Trading ltd 83 RPA International 44
Eley LTD 2 RUAG Ammotec 25
Essex Guns 28 Section 5 70
Fox Firearms 87 Shooting Supplies 99
Frederick Beesley 74 South Yorkshire Gun Suplies 16
G T Shooting 75 Steyr UK 63
GMK 10/ 101 Surrey Guns 89
Gun Trader 107 Theoben 68
GunSeeker 99 Tim Hannam 81
Henry Krank 9/ 32/ 50 Webley 88
Highland Outdoors 3 Westlake Engineering 62
HPS Target Rifles Ltd 56 York Guns 45
Intershoot 70 UKBR22 55
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Target Shooter 109

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