These next three paragraphs will be about the people and government of California.

Including all this, California has several other mentionable topics. The population of women take up 50% of California citizenship, and it has 38,041,430 citizens out of the 313,914,040 that live in the U.S.A. Shocking! Seniors (65 and older) in 2011 were 11.7% of the population, and 50.8 percent is male population. Manufacturers shipments ($1,000) in 2007 was 491,372,092, the merchant wholesaler sales ($1,000) in 2007 was 598,456,486. The people per square mile in 2010 was 239.1! The immense population makes California what it is! 60 percent of California’s governmental income, is by taxation. Additional necessary revenue sources are also taxes from that of corporate profits, motor fuels, property, and warrants for buisnesses and motor vehicles. Personal income and general sales taxes are the greatest basis for California’s tax revenue. The legislature consists of 40 senators and 80 Assembly members. Senatorial or Assembly district partakers are represented by one of these senators or Assembly members. Senators can only serve two 4-year terms. While the Assembly members are limited to two-year terms, they may serve for up to 3 years. On each even-numbered year, the legislature runs a two-year session, beginning on the fore-most Monday in December, and ending on November 30 (of the next even numbered year). This is a regular practice.

Bibliography: Bowen, William A., Davis, Clark. “California” World Book Encyclopedia. 2004 ed. Print.

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