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Evaluation of Technologies

Evaluation of Technologies

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Evaluation of Technologies
Evaluation of Technologies

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Published by: ChloeClark on Apr 28, 2013
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6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

The opening title sequence of ‘Edward’

Final Cut software
• This project has significantly allowed me to develop my skills on the editing software ‘Final Cut’, as we had only used ‘iMovie’ for the preliminary task. • ‘Final Cut’ is much more complex, however I feel that we as a group, grasped the complexity well, and all managed to adapt to its functions. • This therefore allowed us to produce a more professional end product, that looks like an effective opening title sequence.

You Tube
• I also feel that I developed my understanding of the concept of ‘embedding’ in which we were able to link our work directly, from ‘You Tube’ onto our blog. • This made our blogs look a lot more professional and consequently the videos could be seen from the blog itself. • Although I personally found the task of embedding challenging, with practice, and as time progressed, I was able to embed videos successfully, as well the presentations on ‘Prezi’.

Wordpress Blog
• I have also developed my knowledge of a Wordpress blog, and how to keep it up to date. • I have enjoyed displaying my information in various formats on the blog, such as links to You-tube videos, and ‘Scribd’ embedment's of documents. • This variety of technology has allowed me to be more creative with my Blog, and has developed my understanding of a more professional layout.

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