Completing Our Torah!

APRIL 27, 2013

Breast Plate Yad



Our Four Groups
The children worked together today to create the decorations needed to clothe our Torah. We split into four groups; the clothes, crown, yad, and breast plate. With their team mates, they used supplies of their choice to decorate and build their decoration. The clothes group sewed the fabric and then drew, cut and glued felt onto the Torah’s outer layer to create the “Tree of Life”. The Yad group took a large dowel and colored it and then folded foil into a square-like shape that was hot glued onto the end of the dowel to look like a pointing finger. The Breast Plate group used cardboard, foil, markers, wire, and glue to create a Breast Plate covered with Jewish Stars. Lastly, the Crowns group used bottle caps and foil to create the Torah’s crowns and then glued white paper to the bottom of the scrolls to make them look neat and clean. The children also completed our last part of the Torah by gluing the words they stamped last week onto the map of Israel. We are so excited to have our Torah almost completed. Next week we will put everything together and begin building our own individual Torahs!

To begin our day the class completed an Aleph Bet scramble. Using letters they have created throughout the year they worked together to put the pictures in order. The children were able to put the photographs in the correct order by checking what each letter was decorated with, for example the Shin was decorated with shapes, and by singing the Aleph Bet song. In just a few minutes they were blown away by how quickly and efficiently they were able to put them in order. Next week we are going to try and complete this challenge again a bit faster!