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(Based on Marina Barrage Project experience)

BASE RAFT SLAB RAW DATA: - Total Qty: 5043 m3; - Total Duration: 45 day; : - Barbender: 30 men; - Carpenter cum concretor: 20 men; - Casting method: mobile concrete pump with trunk distributor TYPICAL CASTING UNIT: - 35m x 10m, 460 m3; - Duration: 4d; PRODUCTION RATE FROM RAW DATA: 5043/45/50=2.24 m3/man.d

Raft base slab rebar in progress

Raft base slab section PILECAP AND BASE SLAB SEQUENCE OF WORK: Excavation for pilecap, lean concrete, pilehead cutting, pile ECC, pilecap RC works (up to soffit of base slab) -> Excavation/backfill for base slab, lean concrete, pilehead cutting, pile ECC, slab RC works TYPICAL CASTING UNIT: about 400m2; TYPICAL SLAB CASTING VOL: about 350m3; Duration from Pilecap to Slab: 12 day; Duration for Slab RC Only: 3-4 day; Working Gang: - Barbender: 7-8 men;

http://www.p3planningengineer.com/productivity/rc%20works/rc%2... 12/12/2012

Formwork: Large panel wall formwork. . Duration for a Typical Casting: Rebar (2d) -> Formwork (2d) -> Casting (1d).p3planningengineer.8m wide x 4.8m high.. .com/productivity/rc%20works/rc%2. .Casting method: mobile concrete pump with trunk distributor Working Gang: .6m). .Crawler crane. . Total for a unit: 5d..Typical one wall formwork unit: 1.Carpenter and concretor: 7-8 men.d A casting unit consiting of pilecap and base slab WALL Working Condition:: .Typical one casting vol: 60m3.Typical one casting: 6-7 units of formwork to have one casting (length=1.8x7=12.d Typical RC wall (thickness: 1 m) using large panel wall formwork http://www.9 m3/man.RC Works Page 2 of 3 .Barbender: 4 men.Casting method: mobile concrete pump with trunk distributor Production Rate for Base Slab Only: 350/(8x2+8x1+8x1)=10. Production Rate: 60/(4x2+4x2+4x1)=3 m3/man. 12/12/2012 . .Carpenter: 4 men. .

.com/productivity/rc%20works/rc%2. 12/12/2012 ..p3planningengineer.RC Works Page 3 of 3 Wall formwork and its components CROSS REFERENCE System formwork http://www.

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