[0,p]AN0.EXAM,ptECES 20.t1 & 20j2 GRADE]1

may. These Music Exam. candidates must play three pieces. they are not comprehensive or obligatory. be played descending and ascending) 2 octaves Contrary-motion scale C major hands beginning on the key-note (unison) I octave Broken chords C. D minors Sight-reading (see 2011 & 2012Piano syllabus) Aura[ tests (see 2011 &2012 Piano syllabus) ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT INFORMATION lVhen planning an exam entry it is important to refer to the following publications: .H. F majors A.until the end of Period A (spring exams) 20 13 All other countries . Other requirements Scates and broken chords The following requirements are reproduced from the 2011 & Z}l?Piano syllabus. at candidate's choice. the current Examination Information & Regulations (published annually) . lVhere necessary the fingering has been amended by the editor to ensure a consistent approach within the album. G.2012) . teachers and parents) These contain information on all aspects of the exam. Fingering and all editorial additions are for guidance only. All the pieces are valid from 1 Ianuary 2011 until 31 December 2072. Candidates are free to choose from the pieces printed in this album and/or from the other pieces set for the grade: a full list is given on the opposite page as well as in the 2011 & 2012 syllabus booklet. the pieces have been checked with original source material and edited to help the player when preparing for performance. as pattern below: A. F majors hands separately. one chosen from each of the three syllabus lists (A. the current Piano syllabus (ZOLI &. All three publications are available free of charge from music retailers and as downloads from www. 6 of the syllabus booklet. Scales C. B and C). with a permitted overlap into 2013 as follows: tJK & Republic of lreland. as have metronome marks shown within square brackets. Where appropriate. Details of other editorial amendments or suggestions are given in the footnotes.org/exams. see also p. In the exarn.ABRSM Piano exams Pieces This album contains nine pieces from ABRSM's 201f & 2OL2 Piano syllabus. D minors (melodic or harmonic at choice) candidate's hands separately (L. from entry details to performance requirements such as the observance of repeats. G. Ornament realizations have been added by the editor.until 31 December 2013 The pieces in this album have been taken from a variety of different sources. D. . For further details.abrsm.s (containing practical advice for candidates.

F. Little Sonatinas (P\MM/MDS) 6 L{6Pam Grasshoppen No.Op. Gritton (Faber) 6 Sift n Soldatenmarsch (Soldiers' March): No. Piano Progress. sr&l myfrmcblrqmrlhrmib ir penisindfu cry. 6 from Nannerl Notenbuch Ioseph Haydn (1732-1809) Andante: from Symphony No. arr. Op. Gar6cia. Foster (1826-64) Camptovrrn Races. 94 in G. 51 No. 3 from Purcell. More Romantic Pieces for Piano. Alan Bullard 2 3 Iames Hook (1746 -1527) Gavotta: No.oddJadlErydABfSf. Op. Waterman and Harewood (Faber) 6 hrct{l A SongTune. Op. rm rcarkyWotlc'sfrd. 68 (ABRSM) ab m Hrumann for Younger People and. 20 (PTWMiMDS) or Pianoworks Collection. Bullard ti Sfubert TheTrout Simply Classics. 1.30119 025 368 913 Grade illtililtilililililllililllrillllrl Name Date of exam Contents Editor for ABRSM: Richard Jones page LISTA I 2 3 I 2 3 I 2 3 Anon.6i i5 may be rqotnd. Iffid rmgtom O zOfO Sdodsoflllrsic \The Asnued Boild dihc Bofdl ma[c*. arr. Menuet in F: No. 81 LIST B Hall Thrantella MarthaMier A Storyfrom LongAgo: from Romantic Pauline FelixSu. I5 Ft d -' . arr. C. 2 from Alb um fiir die Jugend. arr.Fflicdfon q 6656. No. Robin Proctor B FionaMacardle Late at Night KerinWooding Vampire Blues 9 10 Odrer pieces for this grade u5rA 4 I.T695. 1 (Boosey & Hawkes/MDS) 5 hfine Gcftia Allegretto: lst movt from Sonatina in C.Book I 6 7 UST C Stephen C. 2. |rftlsic orig. r-ot. 15 from 22 Little Piano Pieces (Editio Musica Budapest/FM Distribution) tlhflsmagEmcntonly tu1dlstcd ia 2OlO byABRSH (Publishing) r'd. Book I (ABRSM) usrc 1 Brft Quasi adagio: No.instead (1880-1959) ATender Flower 5 Sketches.ef nfelopylngir AL!{ rfll ri8Fts rts-Ed. Hob. Book 1. Miscellaneous Keyboard Pleces (Stainer & Bell) Lt TB (OUP) 1 Rfiicfi Ionging: fuom I Begin to Play. arr. I/94. Ltu UnB rf[. 2a Mand ftG. second movement. 3 from 24 Progressiue Lessons.nation by narnes ffr$ic Eograying CorEbyffiDedgn PrintedinEngfmdb. Grades 0-1. No. Ifil IhehriraPr€ss.l.Affi. .I.aigpmrg.3 from For ChiWreaYol. 6 from Clauierstitcke fiir Anftinger (Schott/MDS) 5 lkrdot Babiole. Barn Schwaebisch in D.

1759. edited by Richard Iones (ABRSM) @ 1998 AB 3544 . Crotchets might be lightly detached Slurs and dlmamics are editorial suggestions only. Nannerl {sister of Wolfgang Amadeus).2 Menuet in F No. 6 from Nannerl Notenbuch O|lErc [Moderato 3 ) = c. whom he was teaching to play the piano at that time. 1999-2000. Source: L.120] ft 13 Nannerl Notenbuch Notebook for Nannerl This piece comes from a collection that Leopold Mozart (1719-87) compiled in 1759 for his eight-year-old daughter Maria Anna. Salzburg byTheAssociated Board ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic Reproduced from selected Piano Examination Pieces. original manuscript. property of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum.Mozart: Nannerl-Notenbuch.

The second of the 12. t2D10 byTheAssociated Board ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic AB 35114 . Hob. No. There the last 12 symphonies that he composed.Andante IiIOTPI{ITOCOPf EHUstC from Symphony No. was nicknamed be'suprise. 94 in G (1791). 94 in G. all received their flrst performance to great acclaim. 16. is given here in a piano arrangement. 1194.Symphony soon after its fust performance due to the sudden/orfissimo chord for ftrll orchestra that wakes up a drowsy audience lgring the quiet string theme of the slow movement. That theme.69 he greatAustrian composer Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) visited London twice during the 1790s. second movement |oseph Haydn rangedbyAlanBullard Andaate ) = c. he so-called'Iondon symphonies. together with its 'surprise' in b.

1796) @ 20 I 0 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music AB 3544 . Op. to which is added Twenty-four Progressiue Lessons.601 Iames Hook (1746-1827) was precociously gifted as a child. In this gavotte all slurs and dynamics are editorial suggestions only. Source: New Guida di musica.Iames Hook lJ = c. Gauotta is Italian for 'gavotte'.. He spent most of his adult life as an organist in London. a dance of pastoral character in moderate duple time. 81 (Iondon. He played keyboard concertos in his native town of Norwich at the age of six and had composed a ballad opera by the age of eight.. Being a Compleat Book of Instructions for Beginners on the Piano Forte or Harpsichord.

AII enquiries aibortr lhis piece apart from those directly relating to the exams.All rights reserred. while progressing at the pace of her slowest learner. She started by writing little tunes in pupils' notebooks. should be addressed to ffi tlniversityPress.W DO NOT PHOTOCOPY @ MUSIC 5 Thrantella Pauline Hall = Vivace c. Dancing it was said to cure the bite of a tarantula. Music D€parm€Dt. Great Clartndm Stro4 qrerrd (lxz 6DP lB:t5aa . North Yo*shire. It was while she was teaching in Harrogate. that she felt the need for a piano tutor that made learning fun. The tarantella is a folk dance from southern Italy in a quick 6/8 time. but the name of the dance is infuctderivedfrom the town ofTaranto. which formed the basis ofher Tunes for Tbn Fingers and from which her Piano Time series .was developed.llZ) Pauline HaIl studied at the Royal Academy of Music before embarking on a teaching career.from which "Iarantelld is taken . O Ot'ord tlnivesity Press 198!) tc1roduoed by pemissiotr.

6 A Storyfrom LongAgo from Romantic Sketches. composer and adjudicator in Lake City.Van Nuys. apart from those directly relating to the exams.AAt Martha Mier is a piano teacher. Book 1 DO NOT PHOTOCOPY o MUSIC Martha Mier Slowly and thoughtfully lJ = c. P O. Ped. All enquiries about this piece. In the piece selected here. Inc. All rights reserved.. @ 2007 Alfred Music Publishing Co. CAgf 4f 0-0003. AB 3544 . Florida. the pedalling is optional for exam purposes. Inc.661 Ped.. USA..AAl Ped. should be addressed to Atfred Music Publishing Co. Rags & Blues and Romantic Impressions.AAt rit. Used by permission. Box 10003. She specializes in writing educational piano music and is especially knorrun for her popular series Jazz.

and many of these were written for educational pu4roses.as an ABRSM examiner. and from lgtZ he *. Most of his published works are for the piano. teacher and composer who studied at the Royal Academy of Music.f-\ O Felix Swinstead (1880-1S9) was an English pianist. both in London and in the provinces. Before the First World War he gave many piano recitals.Book f 6BRSM) AB35rl4 .80] t2 p -) I !! .(+: tt ->-//).ATender Flower DO NOT PHOTOCOPY @ MUSIC Felix Swinstead Tranquil and srnooth [J = c.5 p I rall. where he was appointed professor of piano in 1910.. a -C. @ 1932 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Reproduced from Origirnl Pianoforu Pieces.

amptown Races of tbso.amptown Races read: De Camptovrm ladies sing dis song . Foster Allegretto ) = c. About 30 of these.Doo-dah! doo-dah! De Camptown race-track five miles long .Oh! doo-dah dal Gwine to run allnight! Gwine to run all day! I'll bet my money on de bobtail nag . who was largely self-taught as a musician. including the popular C. byTheAssociatedBoard ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic @ 2010 A83544 .B Camptornrn Races DO NOT PHOTOCOF' @ MUSIC Arranged by Robin Proctor Stephen C. originally sung by the Christy Minstrels. The fust verse and refrain of C. composed about 200 songs between 1844 aEd celebrated 1864.Oh! doo-dah day! I come dovrn dah wid my hat caved in . Foster (1826-64).Doo-dah! doo-dah! I go back home wid a pocket ftrll of tin . are minstrel songs with choral refrains.96 o ) U mf ii i ii i e h ) marcato gilc1 3 The American songwriter Stephen C.Somebody bet on de bay' ptam) it would be worth The song is given here in a piano arrangement for the black keys only. For frrn (outside the G tying it on the rvhite keys in major.

r-.l ..Ff .--.a: Flora Macardle is a Durham-based piano teacher. she has contributed to ngmerous volumes in OIIP's Piznn Time series notahlv Pinnn Timo lazz fnm ttlrrinlr flrio niana Lroc L.s6l v ee . v 3 mt-eC '+-t- ? ? l. As a composer of educational piano music.oalan+a.W DO NOT PHOTOCOPY I Late at Night FionaMacardle O MUSIC Sleepy l) = c.

> 5 >v'-- 3 Kevin Wooding was born in Australia in 1964 and studied music there and in New Zealand In 1987 he moved to England and currently works in Oford as a teacher and composer. 'Vampire Blues'.rests are very important. editedbry. comes from Spooky Piano Thre.10 Vampire Blues Blues rock rJ = c.l26l c DO NOT PHOTOCOPY @ MUSIC W KevinWooding 23 4 a rl ie > ' ---- - --J 3- \-_-. and there are lots of then Beware of the vampirds "bite" near the end!' Oford University Press 1997 Reproduced by permission. Great Ctrarendon Strpet Oxford o)(2 6DP @ thre dfu€cry dffig m the erams should be addressd to AB:t544 . Music Deparment.Pauline Hall and Kevin Wooding The composer has written: 'You must count steadily and carefully . All enquiries about this piece apart from Oford UniversityPress. Atl rights reserved. written in 1993.

lSBN 978-1-*819-198-1 .

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