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Ihfut6fr-EhfrDlSilfs 2011 & 2012 Piano syllabus. In the exam, candidates " m flry e -EEq, c fuem from each of the three s-vllabus lists (A, B and C) . Candidates are hcnfuhftfl{tslrimed in this album and/or from the other pieces set for the grade: a nnnblhlr&ryuflrInEEasndlas in the 2011 & 2012 syllabus booklet. A]l the pieces are flh d 3f December 2O12, n'ith a permitted overlap into 2013 as follows: tsr2f[f of kriodA (spring exams) 2013 roff ffi5qtrH-lntiltuend d 3n Dember 20f 3 lffi frmrtnIhFrEsl{ir&mhtre been aken from a variety of different sources. \Mhere appropriate, the &*d witr oriqinal source material and edited to help the player when preparing -Ghhan hfua.0mmentrealizationshar.ebeenaddedbytheeditor,ashavemetronomemarks furilil ryrrue hractetr \there necessary, the fingering has been amended by the editor to n'ithin the album. Details of other editorial amendments or suggestions raamfotrnt

-Sicnilthefuomotes trlrldtrprfrre or obligatory.

Fingering and all editorial additions are for guidance only; they are not

[lther requirements
syllabus. For further details,

Ihc hlhffing requirements are reproduced from the 201 1 &. 2OI2 Piano sako p 6 of the svllabus booklet.
Scrlies (similar motion) B. Br. Er.Ab, Db majors C*. G*. C. F minors

hands together and separately

2 octaves

(melodic or harmonic at candidate's choice)

Contrary-motion scales
F. Eb majors

hands beginning on the key-note

D.C harmonic minors
Chromatic scales
beginning on any black key named by the examiner Arpeggios B, Bb, Eb,Ab, Db majors Cfi, G$, C, F minors

hands together and separately

hands together



Sight-reading (see 2011& 2Ol2Piano syllabus) Aura[ tests (see 2011 &2012 Piano syllabus)

entry it is important to refer to the following publications: the current Piano syllabus (2011 &2012) the current Examination Information & Regulations (published annually) o These Music Exams (containing practical advice for candidates, teachers and parents)

. .

These contain information on all aspects of the exam, from entry details to performance requirements such as the observance of repeats. All three publications are available free of charge from music retailers and as dovrnloads from www.abrsm.org/exams.

39 (Doblinger/MDS) C March Melodies. 55 No. Op. The Classical Spirir. 2 from Six Minuets. @ LondonwlB lLU. Op. Book 1 (AIfred/FM Distribution) Kuhlau Vivace: 2nd movt from Sonatina in C. 1 (Peters) Mozart Polonoise in D. 24 Pordand Place. Sonatinas. 39 Samuil Moiseyevich Maikapar (1867-1938) Chez le forgeron: No. Ashford. 10 from Sea ldylls B Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky (1904t-87) Waltz: No. 1. 5 from Mozart. Kent . Allegro in F: No. F. 6 from Six Children's Pieces. WoO 10 4 6 LIST B Walter Carroll (1869-1955) Alone at Sunset No. Kutrlau. No part of this publication may be reproduced. 10 12 op. The Invicta Press. 6 from Miniatur-Bilder. l.B LIST C 1 2 3 Arthur Benjamin (1893-1960) Soldiers in the Distance: from Fantasies William Gillock (1917-93) Carnival in Rio Gerard Hengeveld (1910-2001) Blues: from Melody and Rhythm l4 16 18 Other pieces for this grade LIST A 4 5 6 t4 5 6 LIST W. Spectrum 4: An International Collection of 66 Miniatures for Solo Pi. Book I Hugo Reinhotd Scherzo: No. The Romantic Spirit. Music origination by Barnes Music Engraving Ltd Cover by@kvikDesign Printed in England by Headley Brothers Ltd. 33 from Nannerl Notenbuch Z Iohann Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732-95) Scherzo: from Musikalische Nebenstunden Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Minuet in G: No. 23 from 24 Little Pieces. 126 No.30119 025 369 119 s Name Grade lllllililtiltffi fi ilililffi ffi ]l|lilt Date of exam Contents Editor for ABRSM: Richard Jones pa9e LIST A I 2 3 I 2 3 Anon. 69 (Boosey & Hawkes/MDS) f This arrangement only First published in 2010 byABRSM (Publishing) Ltd. 5 from Nouelettes mignonnes.ano (ABRSM) Michael Rose Habanera: No. Johnson (Fentone/De Haske) (Alfred/FM Distribution) 4 5 6 Detlev Glanert Lied im Meer. United Kingdom 2010 by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Unauthorized photocopying is illegal All rights reserved.Yol. a wholly omed subsidiary of ABRSM. Op. Op. Bach Aria in G minor. recorded or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of the copyright omer. No. Op. 11 Chaminade Idyll. 12 petites pidces (2nd Set) (Edition HH/MDS) LIST B Berlioz Hungarian March (from The Damnation of Faust). arr. 6 from Tbn Dances (ABRSM) Shostakovich Clock-work DolL No.

33 from Nannerl Notenbuch [J M DO NOT PHOTOC @ MUSTC Anon = c.1759.80] Nannerl Notenbuch Notebook for Nannerl detached throughout. {uu*r. whom he was teaching to play the piano at that time. Salzburg @ 2010 byTheAssociated Board ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic 1'83547 This piece comes from a collection that Leopold Mozart (l7lg-87) compiled in 1759 for his eight-year-old daughter Maria Anna. nicknamed Nannerl (sister of wolfgang Amadeus). Dlmamics are editorial suggestions only. Source: L' Mozart: Nannerl-Notenbuch. original manuscript.2 Allegro in F No. property of the Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum. might be lighfly .

re p .3 r# o --l= t?a .

most unslurred quavers might be lightly detached. from which this scherzo is taken. C. entered the service of Count Wlhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe in B0ckeburg in 1750. The opening / and the one in b. the second youngest son of Iohann Sebastian Bach. F. 32 have been added by the editor. In the scherzo. 1787-8) @ 2010 byTheAssociated Board ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic 483547 .Agl 543 c\9 DU 4 Musikalische Nebenstunden Musical Leisure Hours Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach (1732-95). Source: Musikalische Nebewtunden. His miscellany Mttsikalische Nebenstunden. Einteln. He was admired as a keyboard virtuoso as well as a composer. He was promoted to the post of Konzertmeister in 1759 and remained at the court for the rest of his life. contains not only keyboard pieces but also cantatas and songs.4 Scherzo frrom Musikalische Neb enstunden DO NOT PHOTOCOPT O MUSIC I. Bach Allegno 1J =c. 4 vols.

b f .

24 (RH) and 32 (I}I) of the trio. Source: W Menuenenfi)r das Clauier (Vienna: Artaria. as are the slurs in bb. no longer suwives. at first 1795 in public too.Minuet in G No. in their original orchestral version which. That year he is thought to have composed the Six Minuets. The Minuet in G comes from Beethoven's own keyboard version. but from @ 2010 byThe Associated Board ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic AB 3547 .104] *543 t212 54 1l E. WoO 10. The dgramics at the start of each strain of the minuet are editorial suggestions only. WoO l0 DO NOT PHOTOCOPY O MUSIC Ludwigvan Beethoven [J = c. ----llz I 1n1792. where he was feted by the local aristocracy. however. which dates from the following year. establishing himself as a piano virtuoso. 2 from Six Minuets. 1796) in private homes. at the age of 21. Beethoven settled inVienna.

7 Trio tJ = c.r {-y D.ll6l 3r--. al Fine AB 3547 .C.

should be addressed to Forsyth Bros Ltd. suggested by recollections of a visit to the beautifirl rockbound shores of Galloway. AII enquiries about this piece.' 'Alone at Sunset' is prefaced by a motto from Shelley: '. e. AR 1E47 . 126 Deansgate.-\ -e \-_-l Ped. I Ped. t I Ped. In b. And there the sea I found / Calm as a cradled child in dreamless slumber bound. 10 from Sea ldylls Tranquil DO NOT PHOTOCOPY @ MUSIC ffiru Walter Carroll ) = 56 p Ped. I Ped.. Either this tempo or the composer's metronome mark would be acceptable for this piece in the exam. I .I ffi*f Alone at Sunset No.-\ . I Ped.g. I Ped. this piece might be played at a slightly faster tempo. and acting as Music Adviser to the Local Education Authority. Source: Sea ldylls: Ten Miniatures (London & Manchester: Forsyth Bros. They are sound-pictures in miniature. apart ftom those directly relating to the exams. I Walter Carroll (1869-1955) was a Manchester-born music educator and composer.' For a more flowing feel. I Ped. I Ped. I Ped. 1914) Copyright @ 1914 by Forsyth Bros Ltd for USA and all counries Used by permission of the publisher. Ltd. Manchester M3 2GR. the editor has added a slur in the lower RH part by analogy with b. Of Sea ldyllshe wrote: 'These little pieces should be regarded as short studies in colouring and expression. He played a vital role in the musical life of his native city. J = 66. teaching at the Royal Manchester College of Music and at Manchester University.. 11. He composed many fine elementary piano pieces for children. 9. Ped. where the mystery of the sea and the flre of the sunset weave their magic spell around a coast-line full of romantic interest.

I AB 3547 . Ped. I Ped.I rit. a tempo //-\ pI cresc. I Ped. rit.-\ b 3 Ped. Ped. rit. I Ped. ri e 1 \t----tl \\--lt/ p- Ped. a tempo I . I Ped. 2 1 I 'r-a ri 3 f] I Ped. I Ped. 21 I Ped.

I I un poco pru mosso Ped. from which this waltz is taken. AB 3547 . t C I Ped.lo Waltz No. Aldwych House. 23 from 24 Little Pieces. such as the 24 Lixk Pieces. Op. B. 39 D. Kabalevsky DO NOT PHOTOC( @ MUS|C Lento tranquillo 1J = c. a I Ped. being appointed professor in 1939. Op. I The Russian composer Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky (1904-87) studied piano and composition at the Moscow Conservatory where he later taught. He was active in the field of music education and wrote much music for children. i Ped. should be addressed to Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd. 71-91 Aldwych.39. All enquiries about this piece. LondonWC2B 4HN. @ Copyright 1967 by Anglo Soviet Music Press Ltd Reproduced by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.801 J 4/-'- a) p 8 2 * Ped. apart from those directly relating to the exams.

I Ped. I Ped. I AB 3547 .ll Ped.

'. Novelettes mignonnes Little Novelettes The Ukrainian composer and pianist Samuil Moiseyevich Maikapar (1867-1938) was a student at the St Petersburg Conservatory where he was employed as professor of piano from 1910 to 1930. = 7O 2> LH ! n. e W DO NOT PHOTOCOPf @ MUSTC M.t:2 Chezle forgeron No. Almost all of his compositions are for the piano . martellato mJ Z 6ammeredl Ped.many of them miniatures written for children. Book II. 5 from Nouelettes mignonnes. Maikapar Allegretto sostenuto 4 preciso ). Op. which contains this musical picture oi a blacksmith's workshop. I Ped.. edited byAlan Iones (ABRSM) . Edited byAlan Jones B S. B. notably the collection Noue lettes mignonnes. @ 1996 byTheAssociated Board ofthe Royal Schools ofMusic Reproduced fromARomantic Sketchbookfor Piano. Op. simile Chez le forgeron At the Smithy.

I Ped. I tuA- | Ped. I Ped. 1 5 Ped. t t.. I . Ped. I Ped.t3 Ped. 3 I Ped.

make the tiniest accent on the strong beats.' Sovrce: Fantasies for Pi. He taught piano at the Sydney Conservatory from 1919 to 1921. then settled in London. 71-91 Aldwych. > t Arthur Benjamin (1893-1960) was an Australian-bom composer and pianist who studied composition with Stanford at the Royal College ol Music from 1911 to 1914. His piano pupils included Britten. Of 'Soldiers in the Distance' the composer wrote: 'Tone control is all-importanl here. All enquiries about this piece. IondonWC2B 4HN. 1933) Copyright 1933 byHawkes & Son (London) Ltd Reproduced by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd.l16l As strbdy in time as possiblefrom beginning to end Soft pedal alwarys il'I r Ped. @ . Aldwych House. Even in the legato marks in the RH the flngers must be clearly articulated. Play the staccatos as though the keys were red-hot. becoming a professor at the Royal College of Music in 1926.ano Solo (London: Winthrop Rogers.l4 Soldiers in the Distance from Fantasies DO NOT PHOTOC( @ MUSIC Arthur Benjamin Quick-march time 1J = c. should be addressed to Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd. And of course you will not play all the crotchets in the LH alike. apart from those directly relating to the exams. You wiII flnd it necessary to give the tied semibreves enough tone to keep them vibrating through two bars.

ru' Ped. muffled A83il7 . I Y-== r. llr 6' Ped. I Ped. I senza rall.

a|l aqi{7 . New Zealand and South Africa. a Brazilian dance that plays a maior role in the annual carnival celebrations in Rio de Ianeiro. All enquiries about this piece. I \tVilliam Gillock (1917-93) was an American music educator and composer of piano music. Ausualia. C. apart from those directly relating to the exams.721 Ped. All rights reserved. @ Copyright 1969 byThewllis Music Company. Reprinted by permission.l6 Carnival in Rio Ternpo di sarnba ffi#Y Wffi trHhb DO NOT PHOTOCOPf @ MUSTC William Gillock f) = c. 14/15 Berners Street. He lived and worked for many years in New Orleans. then later in the Dallas area.amiual in Rio is a samba. Intemational copyright secured. USA Administered by Music Sales Limited for Europe. LondonWlT 3LI. hence the title. Kentucky. Florence. shoutd be addressed to Music Sales.

I dim.t7 un& corda Ped. poco a poco 483il7 .

Amsterdam Used with permission.J p * b> -^ .80 D - 2 4 . As a composer he is best known for his educational piano pieces.. should be addressed to Broekmans &Van Poppel B. t= 3. apart from those directly relating to the exams. The Netherlands. 5. He taught piano at the conservatories in The Hague and Amsterdam.IB BIues from Melody and Rhythm DO NOT PHOTOC( o MUSIC Gerard Hengeveld Slow J = c. Editorial rests have been added in bb. 21 and 25 to clarify the part-writing.V. 1071 BB Amsterdam. Van Baerlestraat 92-94.__-- . composer and teacher. In 'Blues'.._ 7 vJ' 4 1 Gerard Hengeveld (1910-2001) was a Dutch pianist. He studied piano and composition at the Amsterdam Conservatory from 1924 to 1928 and subsequently appeared for many years as a soloist throughout Europe. et) t . AB 3s47 .-s A)L -r>. the dotted rhythms should be swung. V.i a. 3\- .L\L f /-\ t\-2 ti. \4 Aba 3 I a) w \. All enquiries about this piece.-*. @ 1961 by Broekmans &Van Poppel B..

--T.\) =....} - h 4 I lf' ._ a> '\---- 4b{ .r5.

rsB N 978-1-81819-201-1 uffirufl[[illl .

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