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nuclear power

nuclear power

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Published by: Sruthy Suresh on Apr 29, 2013
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Countries, including India, are pooling resources to build a plant that runs on a cleaner technology and abundant resources

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Nuclear Fusion  The nuclei of heavy forms of hydrogen (deuterium and tritium) atoms are joined (fused) at high temprature.  At such high tempratures. .releasing heat in the process.electrons get detached from the nucleus of the atom and remain in a state of matter called plasma.  Hydrogen must be held at a temperature of over 100 million degree Celsius.

high-energy neutrons are used to split heavy uranium atoms. radiation and radioactive waste that last for long periods of time. .Nuclear Fission  Energy is released from splitting of nucleus of one atom into lighter nuclei. yielding large amounts of energy.  In a conventional nuclear reactor.

Getting started…. which produces dangerous waste was developed and has been used since then to produce power all over the world.. . attempts by the UK and US to build the hydrogen bomb had a few useful by products such as technologies that were able to use the power of the atom to generate electricity.!! In the 1940’s. The process of Nuclear Fission.

Nuclear Fusion.Sadly. But after the Fukushima disaster in March 2011. the world is looking forward to nuclear fusion. . the other technological byproduct of the hydrogen bomb.conventional nuclear plants using Fission are being shuttered in many parts of the world. which uses abundantly available fuel sources and emits no harmful radiation-never quite made the cut. Now.

 The govt has sealed its commitment through a sanction of 2500 cr to seed research of nuclear fusion. with its huge power deficit. The funds are expected to grow in future.  At the focus of much of this activity is one reactor being built in the south of France. . India. is among the countries that have taken the lead in developing these technologies.

Project Iter .

 It is being built by a consortium of 7 partners European Union Korea US Japan Russia India China  To demonstrate the viability of harnessing energy from nuclear fusion on the scale of a power station. A $ 20 billion project that aims to generate 500 MW. .

a division of the Institute of Plasma Research. • Executed by the Gandhinagar based Iter.India.. • The 7 partners will be bringing components to the project. • EU is the largest contributor with 34 % stake. • In India. • India 9 %. most of the work will be done by the private sector.A quick glance on project Iter…. .

Shishir Deshpande – Project Director .

What this means to India???? • 9 large components. • Biggest of these is to build a CRYOSTAT. • This 1000 cr project will be built in India and shipped to France in sections.a 3800 tonne pressure chamber( size of a 10 storey building!) by L&T. will be fabricated and sourced from India. . amounting to almost 1/10 th of the project.


.Most Indian Companies Are Looking For Opportunities To Step Up Their Abilities To Emerge As High-end Global Suppliers In The Nuclear Business.

3800 tonne pressure chamber – CRYOSTAT Joint venture with NPCIL.Indian companies……. .

Shielding Vessel CRYOGENICS .


India simply cannot afford to stop working on nuclear energy. • Iter-cryostat will be fabricated at this facility.as with the current energy shortages. .ISSUES……… • After Fukushima incident. • Doubts have been raised about the viability of the shop set up for heavy forgings needed for nuclear and hydrocarbon reactors. only a few nuclear projects are been discussed .

• The Fusion project could provide neutron sources for Fission reactors.In Deshpande’s words……… • Iter. .India hopes to begin the work as soon as the gaps in its knowledge are bridged. final stage involved moving from Uranium (limited reserve in India) to Thorium (plenty). • India’s nuclear power program. • This could help fast-forward India’s Thorium programme.


.Fusion is something that was jokingly said to be “always the fuel of the future”. Energy starved India would do well to push the process.


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