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What's New in Exchange 2003

What's New in Exchange 2003

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Published by: senhyd on Apr 01, 2009
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Exchange Server 2003 supports connection filtering based on block lists. Connection filtering
leverages external-based services that list known sources of unsolicited e-mail sources, dial-up
user accounts, and servers open for relay (based on IP addresses). Connection filtering
compliments third-party content filter products. This feature allows you to check an incoming IP
address against a block list provider's list for the categories you want to filter. If a match is found
on the block list provider's list, SMTP issues a "550 5.x.x" error in response to the RCPT TO
command, and a customized error response is issued to the sender. (The RCPT TO command is
the SMTP command that the connecting server issues to identify the intended message recipient.)
Furthermore, you can use several connection filters and prioritize the order in which each filter is
With connection filtering, you can do the following:

•Set up connection filtering rules that check with a block list service provider for the
•IP addresses of known senders of unsolicited commercial e-mail

•Servers configured for open relay

•Dial-up user account lists

Chapter 6: Transport and Message Flow Features 211

•Configure global accept and deny lists. A global accept list is a list of IP addresses from
which you will always accept mail. A global deny list is a list of IP addresses from which
will always deny mail. You can use global accept and deny lists with or without using a
block list service provider.
•Configure a recipient address as exception to all connection filtering rules. You can
configure a recipient address as an exception to all connection-filtering rules. When mail is
sent to this address, it is automatically accepted, even if the sender appears on a block list.

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