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What's New in Exchange 2003

What's New in Exchange 2003

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Published by: senhyd on Apr 01, 2009
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The following MAPI technologies, which formerly shipped with Exchange 2000 Server, are not
available in Exchange Server 2003:

Simple MAPI

Simple MAPI is a wrapper around 12 high-level Extended MAPI functions that enable a
client application to send, address, receive, and reply to messages. On the client, Simple
MAPI is used by Microsoft Office to send mail directly from the application. It is only
intended for use in the Microsoft Windows®

environment and offers limited functionality.
Anything that can be done with Simple MAPI can also be done with Extended MAPI.

Common Messaging Calls (CMC)

CMC is a wrapper around 10 Extended MAPI functions and was created to abstract the
complexities of MAPI and to create an API standard that was supported across platforms.
The CMC API was developed in conjunction with the X.400 API Association (XAPIA)
standards organization and is only accessible to C/C++ client developers. Anything that can
be done with CMC can also be done with Extended MAPI.


Also referred to as CDO 1.2.1 Rendering, this API exposes a set of objects that can be used
by Internet Information Services (IIS) to render CDO 1.2x objects and properties into HTML
output. CDO 1.2.1 Rendering (CDOHTML.DLL) was intended for server-side use only.

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