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NCM Steps of the Nursing Process

NCM Steps of the Nursing Process

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Steps of the Nursing Process

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Assessment. This is the first step of the nursing
process. It involves the systematic and continuous collection, validation (evaluation) and selection of data. Data is collected from a variety of sources (clients, families, health records, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals). Data collection guidelines reflect the CSUB Department of Nursing Conceptual Model. Activities include: (1) establishing the database (nursing history, physical assessment, review of the patient/client’s record and nursing literature, and consultation with patient/client’s support persons and healthcare professionals); (2) continuously updating the database; (3) validating data; and (4) communicating data.

Nursing Diagnosis. From the assessment of
functional health patterns human response patterns are identified and classified according to statements of actual, high risk and possible problems, and wellness diagnoses (Carpenito, 1993). It requires data analysis to identify the patient/client’s strengths and health problems that independent nursing interventions can resolve. Activities include: (1) interpreting and analyzing patient/client data; (2) identifying patient/client strengths and health problems; (3) formulating and validating nursing diagnoses; and (4) developing a prioritized list of nursing diagnoses.

Planning. Specification of client goals to promote
health and/or prevent, reduce, or resolve the problems that are identified in the nursing diagnoses, and related nursing interventions. Implementation strategies address the patient/client’s health state and aim to facilitate attaining the desired outcomes. Implementation encompasses four levels of care: preventive, supportive, restorative and rehabilitative.

Implementing the plan of care. (4) communicating the plan of nursing care. Evaluation. (3) selecting nursing measures. Intervention. (2) writing goals and developing an evaluative strategy. (2) continuing data collection and modifying the plan of care as needed. (3) documenting the care given. Measures the extent to which the 29 RNC 9001 Stockdale Hwy .Activities include: (1) establishing priorities. Activities include: (1) carrying out the plan of care.

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