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Leam to form metal Using special hammers and stakes designed by well-known metalsmith, jeweler and teacher Bill Fretz in this fabulous compendium of projects and demos by the master himself Let Bill show you how to create original bracelets, how to make perfectly fitting bezels for several different kinds of stones and cuts, how to create and use torus and mobius forms, and how to create hollow rings that have the size and presence of a substantial piece without the weight or cost of a lot of, metal. Create mesmerizing textures with precisely fabricated hammers that you can use to finish any piece you like—just as you can take all of what you'll learn in this excellent collection and apply it to variations or wholly original jewelry designs of your own. ‘Asa special bonus, you'll also get to “meet” Bill in an informative and entertaining interview! whe Merle White Editorial Director, Jewelry Group Originally published in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist JEWELRY MAKING USING HAMMERS AND STAKES: Projects and Techniques By Bill Fretz FROM THE EDITORS OF LAPIDARY JOURNAL JEWELRY ARTIST MAGAZINE contents Fool for Cool Tools... 2... 0ee cee ee cece eevee 3 An interview with Bill Fretz By Terri Haag Hollow Form Bezel Ring... 00. .6eeceeeeeeee ee 7 Fabrication using small stakes and hammers Hammered Bangle Argentium sterling shines in a classic raised bracelet Hammered Wire Cuff .... 00... Forma classic torque bracelet, with lapis lazuli Brass Mobius Circle Pendant. ..... cece 8 Sophistication starts with a simple geometric Bezels for 3 Nonstandard Stones ..............-+ 20 Hammers and miniature stakes make them easier Handwrought Brass Bangle. .......... 002.0000 25 Hammer sheet into an elegantly forged bracelet Fluted Silver Cuff Use progressive stakes to create undulating metal waves Torus Top Cuff Take advantage of the malleabi | to create a sculptural form lity of metal The Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Doers Profile: Bill Fretz .. 02... 0.2 .cee eee 39