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Cultural And Historical/Mythical Usage of These Stones & minerals AGATE Acceptance, grounding, emotional and physical balance

raises consciousness, stre ngthens effects of other stones, digestion. CARNELIAN Strengthening creativity, prosperity. Lower back problems, reproductive organs, encourages opening and curiosity. CORAL Calms and attunes to earth. Acts as an astringent to mucus membranes. FLUORITE It helps to establish inner mental balance. Arthritis. Strengthens clairvoyance and psychic abilities, aids in mental illness. GARNET Stimulates blood flow and inspire love. Deep red has the needed power to cure an emia. Creativity is inspired in meditation with this stone. Enhances all areas o f passion. JADE Blood cleanser. Strengthens immune system and kidneys. Generates divine love. En courages altruistic nature and expressions of feelings. Strengthens earth-connec tions. Protects from injuries and accidents. LAPIS LAZULI increases expression. Cl Increases psychics abilities, opens a third eye, throat eansing, aligns etheric, mental spiritual bodies. Thought amplifier. MALACHITE Balance right/left brain. Mental illness, overtoxification. Protect against radi ation. Promotes tissue regeneration. Inspire giving of self, self expression. As sists visions on all levels. ONYX A variety of chalcedony, relieves stress, balances male/female polarities. Stren gthens bone marrow. Aids detachment. Enhances emotional balance and self control . Higher inspiration. Works with Chakras and attitudes according to color of sto nes. SILVER The five highest chakras are activated when this element is worn. SOAPSTONE Balance and counteracts static in the home. TURQUOISE Strengthens whole body. Promotes absorption of nutrients, aligns subtle bodies. Tissue regeneration. Circulation. Protects against environmental pollutants. Inc reases psychic and communications skills.