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Artistic Staff

2012-2013 season

Front of House Staff

Staff Theatre Manager: Marty Myers Box Office Supervisor: Nicole Tessier Box Office Staff: Clementine Butter, Jordan Hensley, Nicole Trivison, Courtney Derrick-Fong Publicity Director: Matthew Kelty Publicity Assistant: Alex Munro Graphic Designer: Alex Young Photographer: Reese Moriyama American Sign Language Interpreters: Jenny Blake, Laura Safranski House Manager: Lani McGettigan Winskye Assistant House Managers: Garrett Ornellas, Kina Ranoa, members of THEA 200E Department Office Staff: Lori Chun, Tana Marin Department Chair: Paul Mitri


Director: Markus Wessendorf Assistant Director: Benjamin Sota* Choreographer: Sami L. A. Akuna Dramaturg: Yining Lin Scenic Designer: Donald Quilinquin* Costume Designer: Cheri Vasek Makeup Designer: Samantha Shields* Lighting Designer: Brian Shevelenko Sound Designer: Markus Wessendorf Zombie Properties Designer: Storm Stoker
*In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Master of Fine Arts Degree

Production Staff
Stage Manager: Trevor H. Craighead Assistant Stage Manager: Montana Rizzuto Assistant Director: Benjamin Sota Properties Coordinators: Elise Shuford, Maria L. S. L. Liu Master Electrician: Falcon Aguirre Theatre Masterpieces and Zombies Logo: Cynthia Wessendorf Weapons Instructor: Andy Moskowitz Scenic Artist: Donald Quilinquin Assistant Scenic Artist: Wednesday Harter Properties Master: James Keanu Properties Crew: Adrianne Seet, Kara Yoshinaga Light Console Operators: Sera Arnold, Akemi McColm Sound Console Operator: Courtney Fontaine Staff Production Manager: Rick Greaver Staff Technical Director: Gerald Kawaoka Upholstery: Meg Hanna Set Construction Crew: Donald Quilinquin, Meg Hanna, Daniel Sakimura, Lia Nakao, Kara Nabarrete, Trevor Craighead, Andrew Turner, Garrett T. K. Taketa, Falcon Aguirre, Travis Ross, Ben Sota, Heidi Christian, and Students of THEA 240 & 221 Stage Crew: Lauren Herlicska Staff Costume Shop Managers: Hannah Schauer Galli & Evelyn Leung Costume Construction Crew: Kelsie Bartolome, Arel Boise, Amber Davison, Kelsey Peacock, Kale`a Raymond, Samantha Shields Wardrobe Supervisor: Kelsey Peacock Dressers: Serina Dunham, Liz Hamilton, Zachary Loscalzo, Rachael Smith, Drew Tandal Make-up Crew: Kale`a Raymond, Mei Chibana, Vincent Cleveland, Lisa Ponce De Leon Faculty Design Consultants: Brian Shevelenko, Cheri Vasek, Joseph D. Dodd

Special Thanks
Abbie Algar, Kyle William Bishop, Daniel Boulos, Tom Brislin, Sarah Wayne Callies, Gina Caruso, Joseph D. Dodd, Debora Halbert, Lacey Nobler-Magdael, Elise Shuford, Teri Skillman-Kashyap, Brayden Panttaja, Kristina Tannenbaum, Tanya Torres, Ida Yoshinaga, and UH Productions

The UHM ticket program is supported in part by a grant from the Student Activities and Program Fee Board. The Kennedy Theatre production program is generously supported by grants from the John Chin Young Foundation and the Hung Wo and Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation. Kennedy Theatre is a member of the Hawaii State Theatre Council. Waikiki Parc Hotel, Hospitality Sponsor for the Arts at UH Manoa. Visit for information on Hawaiis Theatre scene. This production is entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF). The aims of this national theater education program are to identify and promote quality in college-level theater production. For more information on KCACTF go to

By Anton Chekhov and Markus Wessendorf

Nov 9, 10, 15, 16 & 17* at 8pm Nov 18 at 2pm

*ASL interpreted performance

Front of House Information

For large print programs, Assistive Listening Devices or any other accessibility requests please contact a House Manager or call the Kennedy Theatre Box Office at 956-7655. To arrange a Campus Security Escort from any two points on campus, please see a House Manager. Please silence all pagers, phones and digital watches. No photography, video recording, or text messaging is permitted. Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in the theatre. Lost and Found, call the Box Office at 956-7655. Visit us on the web at

Special Zombiethon Events at Kennedy Theatre:

Nov 9, 6:30 PM Kyle William Bishop (Southern Utah University): The Zombie Renaissance: How the Walking Dead Have Come to Dominate Popular Culture Nov 15, 10:30 PM Q&A with Cast and Crew at Kennedy Theatre Mainstage Nov 16, 6:30 PM Yining Lin (UHM): A Dramaturgy: Uncle Vanya and Zombies Nov 17, 6:30 PM Markus Wessendorf (UHM): Directing Uncle Vanya and Zombies Nov 18, 1 PM Storm Stoker: Book reading, Once Upon a Zombie (A Zombie Fairy Tale) Dec 8, 7 PM Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori on The Walking Dead): Chekhov and Zombies A Match Made in Heaven on the Kennedy Theatre Mainstage

Department of Theatre and Dance College of Arts and Humanities

The Public Broadcasting Corporation Presents:

Charles H. Koch Auditorium

at the

Show Hosts and Crew

Walt Gaines host and producer


Cocoa Chandelier hosts assistant O. Xavier Smith, III security guard


Garett T. K. Taketa Alexander Serebriakov; a retired professor and member of a crime syndicate Kyle Scholl* Yelena; the professors 27-year-old wife

Karissa J. Murrell* Sonya; the professors daughter by his first wife; she runs her fathers safe house in the country Josephine Calvo* Mrs. Voinitsky; the mother of Vanya and of the professors first wife Alex Rogals Vanya (Ivan Petrovich); works for the professor at the safe house Seth N. Lilley Mikhail Lvovich Astrov; a doctor and environmental activist

Uncle Vanya and Zombies

The 6th Episode of Theatre Masterpieces and Zombies Featuring Anton Chekhovs Uncle Vanya

Harold Wong Waffles (Ilya Ilych Telegin); a security guard and DJ Amber Lehua Davison Marina, the housekeeper


ROUND 1: Uncle Vanya tries to explain to Doctor Astrov why he hates his former brother-in-law and current boss, the Professor, who is currently visiting with his second wife, the young and attractive Yelena. ROUND 2: Sonya praises Doctor Astrov for his environmental activism while her father, the Professor, keeps everyone awake in the middle of the night. ROUND 3: Uncle Vanya and Doctor Astrov both reveal their infatuation with Yelena. Sonya finally makes friends with Yelena and tells her of her unrequited love for the doctor. ROUND 4: Yelena agrees to see Doctor Astrov to find out if he has any feelings for Sonya. After the doctor has explained the history of local deforestation to Yelena, Uncle Vanya catches them kissing. ROUND 5: The Professor announces that he wants to sell the safe house so that he can maintain his metropolitan lifestyle. Uncle Vanya, very upset by this news, tries to shoot the Professor but misses twice. The visitors finally leave, and Uncle Vanya and Sonya go back to work.

Craig Howes Anton Chekhov expert; former director of the Center for Biographical Research at UHM

18 months ago one of the nuclear submarines off Pearl Harbor experienced a meltdown of its reactor core. The radioactive cloud set free by this accident not only caused a major environmental catastrophe but also led to the complete breakdown of the social infrastructure on Oahu. Scientists from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are currently trying to identify the exact cause of the zombie outbreak that occurred in the wake of this accident. They are particularly mystified by the two types of zombie apparently spawned by the same virus: apathetic and unaggressive loungers and highly aggressive and flesh-eating lunchers. The military, which was already a presence on the island, has taken over the government and created zombie-free zones. The residents of Oahu now live under indefinite martial law and strict quarantine. Fortunately, the tourism industry on the other islands has not been affected by these developments. Indeed, the state capital has moved to Hilo on the Big Island. To raise funding for medical supplies and food for island residents, the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) decided half a year ago to create the reality show Theatre Masterpieces and Zombies and to broadcast it live from the Charles H. Koch Auditorium, the former Kennedy Theatre of UHM. The first five installments of the show have featured Sophocles Oedipus Rex, Molires The Imaginary Invalid, Tony Kushners Angels in America, Bertolt Brechts Mother Courage and Her Children, and William Shakespeares The Tempest. For most Oahu residents participating in, and winning, a Theatre Masterpieces and Zombies contest is the only chance to leave the island in the foreseeable future. ANTON CHEKHOV (1860-1904) revolutionized the genres of both drama and short story by providing complex, nonjudgmental portrayals of contemporary Russian life in deceptively straightforward language. Chekhovs short stories, of which he wrote several hundred during his lifetime, were highly popular. His initial forays into drama, on the other hand, were unsuccessful. After The Wood Goblin was rejected by the Petersburg state theatres and then amateurishly produced by a private theatre in 1889, Chekhov withdrew from writing plays for several years. Despite his oath to swear off the theatre for life, Chekhov went on to write The Seagull (1895), Three Sisters (1900), and The Cherry Orchard (1904). In 1897 he wrote Uncle Vanya, an extensive reworking of The Wood Goblin. Konstantin Stanislavskys productions of Chekhovs four major plays at the Moscow Art Theatre established Chekhov as a key figure of modern drama. For an interview with former UH Professor of Western Theatre Markus Wessendorf:

Montana Rizzuto Winner of last months The Tempest and Zombies

Zombie #1 formerly known as Travis Ross (played Caliban in last months The Tempest and Zombies) Zombie #2 formerly known as Kara Nabarrete (played Miranda in last months The Tempest and Zombies) Zombie #3 formerly known as Elvis Chanh Nguyen Zombie Horde former residents of Oahu known as Rachael Chapman, Michael Donut Donato, Eden Nicole Henry, Michelle Johnson, Savannah King, Jonelle Macapinlac, Rohayati Paseng, Montana Rizzuto, and Randal Yamaguchi

There will be an intermission after round 3.

Vote for your favorite contestant during intermission!

Vote by scanning this code on your smartphone or visiting the former Kennedy Theatres Facebook page.


The adaptation of Chekhovs Uncle Vanya featured in this broadcast of Theatre Masterpieces and Zombies is set in contemporary Russia, in a mobster safe house 200 miles outside of Moscow.