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Project Genesis - AIESEC and Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. Report

Project Genesis - AIESEC and Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Ltd. Report

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HIV AIDS Awareness campaign
HIV AIDS Awareness campaign

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Published by: Gopal S Parmar on Apr 29, 2013
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 About Project Genesis  About AIESEC  About Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited  About Wake Up Pune  Project Events  Case studies of Interns from AIESEC  Case studies of GET’s from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited  Endorsement Letter from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited  Endorsement Letter from Wake Up Pune

College Seminars Awareness drive at shopping malls Seminars in corporate companies College awareness drive HIV Positive Boot camp Slum drive Street Play The entire team which comprised of almost 40 people impacted close to 10000 people and educated them about HIV/AIDS and hence trying to make Maharashtra. who are the principal sponsors of this project. 2. Ltd. AIESEC in Pune has partnered with Kirloskar Pneumatics Co. 6. 4. AIESEC and Wake up Pune. 18 graduate engineer trainees from KPCL and around 3 faculty members of Wake Up Pune. . Project Genesis is currently running in over 20 cities across India. Project Overview: The project was started in mid of September by the combined efforts of KPCL. Mission of the Project: ke the world a better place to live for the people affected by HIV-AIDS for these people are challenged by the various prejudices of the society. The main purpose of the project is mass awareness of HIV/AIDS in that particular city. 3. a HIV free state. The project aimed at doing so by doing various awareness activities like : 1. along with a city based NGO Wake Up Pune who have been working in this field for the past many years and have been active partners of AIESEC in Pune for the past 5 years. 5. which is among the top 5 cities in India to have maximum number of HIV positive people living there.About Project Genesis Project Genesis is an HIV/AIDS awareness initiative taken up by AIESEC in India as a nationalized project. The main aim of the project was to spread HIV awareness in the city of Pune. The reason to run the project in Pune was that it has the second highest number of HIV positive cases and Maharashtra as it is the third highest state in India to have maximum number of HIV positive cases. 7. The Project Genesis was a 6 weeks project which involved 10 international volunteers coming to Pune.

leadership and management. AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens. colour.About AIESEC AIESEC – An overview Present in over 110 countries and territories and with over 60. In these 25 years we have facilitated over 1000 exchanges and hosted numerous events around various issues and objectives. This involves leadership opportunities. religion. skills and inspiration AIESEC has provided them to be agents of positive change w ithin today’s society. About us Our members are part of an exciting. and to get experience and skills that matter today. international internships and interacting with a global network to support their development. to change the world. national. ethnic or social origin. Our alumni are leaders within their organizations and communities.000 alumni. They are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision for a positive impact on society. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race. driven global network. independent. We currently have 60. not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization.  AIESEC’s Approach AIESEC members live an integrated development experience. We are supported by thousands of partner organizations around the globe who look to AIESEC to support the development of youth and to access top talent through our global internship program. They use the experience. sexual orientation. non-political. creed. AIESEC in Pune is currently in the 25th year of its existence. .000 members and over 945. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development. Who are we?  What We Envision Peace and fulfilment of humankind's potential. AIESEC India was founded in the year 1981 and has since been pivotal in providing leadership opportunities to the youth of this country across different sectors. gender.  AIESEC’s Scope AIESEC is a global. Our members are interested in world issues.000 members.

Dr. Usha Sanjay Kakade Director USK Ventures . Ganesh Natrajan Ms. INTACH Mrs. Ajay Mehta Managing Director Deepak Nitrite Ltd. Mrs. Aarti Kirloskar Deputy Chairman & MD Managing director Convener Zensar Technologies Kinetic Engineering Ltd. Vidya Verwadekar Principal Director Symbiosis Dr. Naushad Forbes Director Forbes Marshall Mr.National Board of Advisors Local Board of Advisors Dr. Sulajja Motwani Mrs. Rajan Navani Director Jetline Group Mr.

Through all our endeavours we “Care” for people…be they our employees. Care for people is the common thread that permeates all aspects of activities. collaborators or Society at large. From Concept to commissioning and operation/ maintenance/ servicing KPCL does it all. KPCL takes pride in its employees volunteering in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and there is an overall enabling and supporting environment for the same. KPCL enjoys the unique confidence amongst all its stakeholders and customers in India and many nations across the Globe as being a company of choice for doing business with for all Energy conversion needs…be it in the field of Air and Gas compression. or people from our stakeholder communities such as our Vendors. To get a glimpse of KPCL’s products and markets visit http://www. Utilizing Skills. Dealers. Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd is proudly holding aloft the torch of the ideal of “Enriching Lives” by which our Founder Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar lived his life. their families and parents. or Air Conditioning Refrigeration and Process Gas Systems.com/ .About Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited As part of the illustrious Industrial Houses of India. partners. Customers. or in the field of Transmission Gears/ Gear Boxes. efforts and time of all employees for the good of Society is imbibed as a core value amongst KPCL employees at all levels of the organisation. thereby providing an EDGE to all and making KPCL the preferred destination amongst fresher’s and experienced Engineering Professionals as Employer of Choice.kirloskarkpcl. Talents.

and Vice Presidents (Strategic Business Unit heads). The CSR Plan is an integral part of Long Range and Annual Operating Planning processes of the company. KPCL takes pride in its association with AIESEC Pune and their learning partner WakeUp Pune. KPCL has adopted a CSR Policy and evolved a volunteering framework and through its sustained efforts has been able to make an impact amongst its community stakeholders. for creating HIV/AIDS awareness amongst students of Engineering. Management and Polytechnic Colleges in Pune. budgeted for. BSE. which has been acknowledged by agencies such as MCCIA. Employer Branding Institute to name a few. implemented and reviewed regularly. Expertise comes from our NGO partners and a volunteering platform where about 10 % of Employee volunteers get an opportunity for actively contributing for a social cause every year. CII. . all our CSR initiatives are conceived in the core areas of Education. Monthly review is carried out of all CSR initiatives by Chairman and Managing Director. amongst employees of sister companies of the Kirloskar Group. Environment and Health to make a meaningful impact in the lives of stakeholders in the society.CSR AT KIRLOSKAR PNEUMATIC COMPANY LIMITED Inspired by our founder Shri SL Kirloskar and guided by the words “Enriching Lives” as enshrined in our motto. The core CSR Team and CSR Committee is mentored by our Vice President HR. Major initiatives are as summarized in the table below: KPCL’s commitment to CSR is demonstrated in the way that initiatives are planned. KPCL is amongst the few progressive companies in the country who have a formally adopted HIV/ AIDS Policy. as well as employees of other industry and general community in vicinity of our factory locations at Hadapsar and Saswad.

youth networks.About Wake Up Pune Launched in November 2006. and also to foster a new attitude about HIV in Pune.039 people in the city were tested for HIV at government testing centres. class. Of these. religion. These figures exclude the thousands of people already living with HIV in Pune. The campaign’s primary goal is to provide a wak e-up call for Puneites on the issue of HIV and AIDS. The key objectives are: • Increase awareness among Puneites about HIV transmission • Increase HIV risk perception • Increase knowledge and skills about HIV prevention • Increase awareness about HIV testing and care services • Sensitize on the need to support people living with HIV (PLHIV) • Reduce the levels stigma and discrimination directed at PLHIV Wake Up Pune aims to increase awareness in the larger community.27% tested positive. Official figures report that in Jan-Oct 2007. HIV does not discriminate. corporates. no bar! There is a growing need to spread awareness to everyone while lessening the levels of stigma and discrimination directed towards those living with HIV. Different groups from civil society have joined forces to run the campaign. media professionals and other concerned individuals. along with those who are as yet unaware of their HIV+ status. 12. Members include NGOs. the Wake Up Pune initiative is a concentrated effort to make Pune aware of the HIV epidemic that faces this city. 18. Caste. The primary message? BE HIV POSITIVE! This means: • Positive about Education – educating ourselves and others about HIV and AIDS • Positive about Awareness – raising awareness in our wider community • Positive about Support – reaching out to people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS .

Street Play 5. Company Awareness Drive 6. Planning Days 2. Slum Drive 4. Awareness Drive at Mall .Project Events WE BELIEVE IN BREAKING THE SILENCE IMPACT CREATING EVENTS 1. College Awareness Drive 8. College Seminars 7. Training Days (Boot Camp) 3.

Wake Up Pune volunteers along with AIESEC members and Kirloskar team discussing about the induction presentation .1.Rajendra Pawar and Dr. Kaustubh Moghe and Mridul Arora from AIESEC in Pune side and Becky Wilson as the coordinator for Wake Up Pune. Suresh Mijar from the KPCL. Planning Days The key essence for every project or task to start is the planning or as it is rightly said that “Planning is the foremost step” The project initially started by rigorous planning at the Kirloskar Pnumetics Co Ltd. Campus. This planning and execution of the CSR project Genesis was taken up by Cdr.

On the second day all the volunteers were divided into groups and were asked to present the same power point presentation and activites to other groups and to the learning partner Wake Up Pune to ensure how well they have understood from the first day and to test wether they were ready to deliever sessions to the externals. .initially on the first day they were given information about HIV/AIDS by Wake Up Pune volunteers through the means of power point presentation and various activities.2. So the trainning was done for 2 days continuously. Training Days (Boot Camp) The first and the foremost step in the project was to train evryone in the team because it was necesaary to ensure that the amount of information they carry should be crisp and correct.

Slum Drive The interns also visited a slum called Yerwada and conveyed the message about HIV to the local residents of the slum.3. AIESEC International Interns along with Wake Up Pune staff and volunteers creating awareness in the slums. . People in the slums oped up and taked about HIV. though the people in slum couldn’t connect to the International Interns due to language barriers but the gesrures and the activities attaracted all of them to come and talk to each other about HIV.

AIESEC International Interns along with Wake Up Pune staff and volunteers performing a skit. Street Play A street play was conducted in the slum area to communicate the message about HIV/AIDS awareness to the local residents in that area. .4.

5. The interns and all the volunteers together were spread around in the campus and the workspace of the KBL who approached every single person in the campus in teams and ensured to communicate the message about HIV/AIDS awareness. Who is the chairman and managing director of Kirloskar Brothers Limited . Company Awareness Drive A corporate awareness drive was carried out at Kirloskar Brother Limited which is the pump manufacturing unit of Kirloskar group. The day was flagged off with a signature campaign & handing over the first ribbon to Mr.Sanjay Kirloskar.

The Interns delivered a seminar through the help of PowerPoint presentations and various activities ensuring the message about HIV/AIDS is spread to each person attending the seminar. it was one of the most life changing experiences for all the interns who were a part of it. This was for the first time when interns went and delivered a seminar to an external.6. College Seminars A college seminar was organized at MIT School of Business (MITSOB). Director of MIT-School of Business along with students attend the seminar .

the teams made sure they reached out to every student and conveyed the message about HIV/AIDS through the means of posters and asking questions about HIV/AIDS.7. College Awareness Drive A awareness drive was carried out in the entire campus of Sinhagad Engineering Colleges. .

Awareness Drive at Mall An awareness drive was carried out at one of the most famous shopping mall of pune city. The Interns spread around the entire mall to reach out to every place in the mall to convey the message about HIV/AIDS awareness to the people. AIESEC Interns in Inorbit Mall spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS .8. the Inorbit Mall.

Case Studies of Interns from AIESEC .



I got an opportunity to interact with two very different audiences and share each other’s knowledge on HIV/AIDS.Case Studies of GET’s from Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited Being a volunteer with the CSR Team of Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. Our second visit was to Sinhgad College. Our first visit was to the Kirloskar Brothers Headquarters in Baner. Jai Prakash Barick Graduate Engineer Trainee Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited . where we interacted with their employees on the various issues related to AIDS/HIV. A skit was also presented for them during the lunch break. Being young. Also the association with members. most of them were eager to know more about HIV/AIDS and hence the campaign seemed fruitful. international interns from AIESEC & experts from WAKE UP PUNE. which had a completely different audience than what we saw at KBL. which made it easier for us to interact with them. barring the teachers. Here people were all of our age group. Interaction was very casual which sent the required message effectively. I experienced huge satisfaction as it was my first experience to be a part of a big cause and I was able to learn a lot. pune. helped us learn more about the issue and also about each other’s cultures & thinking. Pune.. Ltd.

cleared their doubts. they talked openly with us about their lack of knowledge on this subject. Now I think that. precautions to be undertaken.. Ganesh Landage Graduate Engineer Trainee Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited . even the close relatives were so afraid of getting the disease that they used to keep the patients at isolated place. to work towards betterment of the society. This was a great experience working with AIESEC and Wake Up Pune on this campaign. necessary care to be taken in case somebody gets this disease and eventually contain the spread of this lethal virus. the patients were treated like untouchables. Earlier society had a different approach towards the AIDS patients. they took our advice diligently. serve their meal from a safe distance. But now a days campaigns like ours have made people aware that this is not a communicable disease though life threatening. I now feel enriched that I have done something good towards the betterment of the society.Being a volunteer with the CSR Team of Kirloskar Pneumatic Co. we have contributed towards our social /corporate responsibility to create a healthy society through the AIDS awareness drive. Also we interacted with the international interns from AIESEC and many other people from different walks of life. The activities we organized through this campaign will surely increase awareness amongst the people about the causes of this deadly disease. I got to learn many a things from them like how to connect with people. treatments available. Ltd. how to hold their interest.

vaccinations for them. This was my first experience to work as a volunteer & making people aware on broad level. because here we have to face student younger than us. prize distribution. poster presentations. they were hesitant initially but after telling them about the HIV we got many questions. There. skits. doubts from the students of various fields about the HIV and we had cleared all the doubts about the HIV/AIDS. Further we had gone to the KBL corporate office & work as a volunteer with the NGO and international interns. signature campaign.Being an engineer I am not very familiar with medical field that is various diseases. we were in teams and our responsibility was to spread awareness to all the people we would meet and make them aware about the HIV by organizing some quizzes. This experience was different from the previous one. I also had some misconceptions/doubt about the HIV. Gopal Singh Parmar Graduate Engineer Trainee Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited . AIESEC's members & International interns and Wake Up Pune. but in the Awareness Program in KPCL in which all my doubts were cleared. After that I had gone to the Singhad College with our team of KPCL GETs. That experience was unforgettable to me I am very happy after participating in a social cause. HIV is rapidly infecting people in India due to lack of awareness about the HIV virus.

Endorsement Letter from Kirlsokar Pneumatic Company Limited .

Endorsement Letter from Wake Up Pune .

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