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I thought that Oldham Community Radio did attract their audience as they covered a lot of news stories.

They covered; 2 hard news stories, 2 soft news stories, 1 off the wall story and 1 sports stories. They covered a lot more topics compared to my news bulletin which is why my news bulletin did not attract a big audience. If I was allowed more time for my news bulletin I would have covered more news stories because this would attract a bigger audience from different social groups and subcultures.

Although, the news stories that they did cover may not appeal to my target audience of 14-19 year olds. This particular news bulletin covered a hard news story about the RBS boss and has the angle of politics. I think that my target audience would find this uninteresting as this is a topic that teenagers generally find boring. Although, I do think that this story would appeal to Oldham Community Radios older audiences as they take interest in what is happening regarding politic matters.

However, I do think that the younger audience for Oldham Community radio will take an interest in the soft news story as it is about fewer people who are applying to University. I think that they will be able to relate to this because some young people may be thinking about applying to University. The reason for the low applicants is due to the high tuition fees of 9,000. This is a figure that the younger audience will pay interest into as this fact may impact their future.

In conclusion, I think that Oldham Community radio do in fact attract and address their audiences as they cover a lot of news stories that cover different types of topics. This was a effective activity for me as I have learnt what is to be expected in a real news bulletin and how much is actually covered.