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Egypt: 3 Hieroglyphics Individual Activity: Carve a Hieroglyphic

The Egyptians carved hieroglyphics on temples and statues and obelisks. They carved into stone, but that takes a very long time, so well use soap or clay for this activity. YOU WILL NEED: CAKE OF SOAP OR A PIECE OF SMOOTH CLAY PIN OR SKEWER SET OF LINO-CUTTING TOOLS (YOU CAN GET THESE FROM AN ART SUPPLY SHOP, OR ASK THE VISUAL ARTS STAFF)

Procedure 1. Choose the symbol you would like to carve from the hieroglyph alphabet. Maybe you would like to carve your initial. 2. Lightly mark the hieroglyph youve chosen on your soap or clay using a pin or skewer. This is the line you will follow as you carve. 3. Using a lino-cutting tool carefully cut the shape of your hieroglyph. Press lightly at first, until you can judge how deeply you need to cut. Always keep your fingers behind the cutting edge of the tool as you use it. These tools are very sharp. 4. Now youre doing the job as an ancient Egyptian stonemason.