An Estate in the Manner of Louis XIV. Aerial perspective. Student project at the University of California, Berkeley

Freeform Park, Washington, D.C. Partial site/planting plan. Student project at Harvard University, 1937

A Country Estate on an Island. Competition entry for a Harvard University scholarship, 1936

Garrett Eckbo

PHILOSOPHY Union Bank Plaza Integration of built and open spaces Design as a response to change in environment Community Homes Landscape as a means of integration between individual and suburban community .

Pools as the point of departure for spatial composition Fulton pedestrian mall Abstraction of Natural forms .

Balancing human. environmental. and aesthetic interest Forecast Garden for the Aluminum Company of Americ Honesty in expression of material .

1927 Create a Sense of extension of space into beyond Burden garden. Plan. 1945 Wassily Kandinsky.László Moholy-Nagy. Use of Multiple focus points . Westchester County. AXL II . New York. 1923. Composition VIII .

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