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1. District Committees - Dcc

Dcc H Pac Sw SwWks Nmb Wks District Co-ordinating Committee Holiday Political Action Committee Status of Women Status of Women Workshop New Members Workshop Meetings Annual General Meeting Occasional Teachers Meeting Occasional Teachers Annual Meeting


English as a Second Language Unit - Esl

Esl Esl Agm

3. 4.

Occasional Teachers - Occ

Occ Occam Octu Agm Octu Cbc Octu Co Octu Ex Octu UM Omrs Wks

Office, Clerical & Technical Unit - Octu

Annual General Meeting Collective Bargaining Committee Meetings Council Meetings Executive Meetings Unit Meetings Omers Workshop Committee Meetings Annual General Meeting Committee Meetings Annual General Meeting Council Executive Collective Bargaining Committee Communications/Excellence in Education Committee Educational Services Committee Educational Services Committee Workshop Grievance Committee Teachers Unit Retirement Reception New Members TGIF Teachers Unit Retirement Workshop Social Committee New Members Committee Professional Activity Days Arm Workshop Health & Safety New Members Meeting Teachers Pension Plan Workshop


Professional Educators & Childcare Workers - Pecw

Pecw Pecw Agm

6. 7,

Professional Student Services Personnel Unit - Pssp

Pssp Tam Tco Tex Tcbc Tcx Tesc TescWks Tgrv Trr NM Tgif RtmWks Tscl Com Nmc

Teachers Unit - T

8 9.

Professional Activity Days


Arm Wk shp H&S Nm Tpp Wk shp