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What is the use of Quality Center (QC)?

Quality Center helps in organize and manage all phases of the application life cycle management process, including 1. defining releases 2. specifying releases 3. planning tests 4. executing tests 5. tracking defects Application Life Cycle Management Process The application life cycle management process with Quality Centers includes the following phases: 1. 2. 3. 4. Specify Releases : Develop a release-cycle management plan Specify Requirements : Analyze your application and determine your requirements Plan Tests: Plan and confirm which tests need to be performed and how these tests must be run Run Tests: Organize test sets, schedule their execution, perform test runs, and analyze the results of these runs. 5. Track Defects: Add defects that were detected in the application and track how repairs are progressing Throughout the process, you can generate reports and graphs to assist you in go/no-go decision about your application readiness