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The 27 President of the USA William Howard TAFT


Name First name Date of Birth Place of Birth Parents names Job before becoming President Wife Children Political Party Date of election Date of re-election

His name was Taft. His first name was William Howard. He was born on September 5th 1855. He was born in Cincinnati. His fathers name was Alphonso Before becoming President, he was secretary of war and lawyer.

He was married to Helen Herron. He had 3 children. Robert Alphonse, Helen Herron and Charles Phelps He was a Republican. He was President from 1909 through 1913. William Howard wasnt re-elected.

Death: when & how He was died on March 8th 1930. He was suffering from hypersomnia. Anecdote He weighed 175kg and this is the first president to play golf and he popularized it.
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