Contemporary Topics 1

March 30, 2009 Quiz Answers

My pants need ___B____. a) achieved b) altered c) consumed  2) Feeling good is ___C_____. a) pesticides b) personalities c) positive
 1)

 3)

Air, land, & water are parts of the _A___ a) environment b) attitude c) normal  4) Don’t __C___ if you don’t really know. a) improve b) benefit c) assume

 5)

Children’s __B___ are formed early. a) factors b) personalities c) satisfied  6) Crops are grown for us to ___C____. a) fresh b) optimistic c) consume

 7)

GM plants can ___A____ other plants. a) dominate b) normal c) pesticides  8) I am __C_____ about my future. a) benefit b) relationship c) optimistic

 9)

__B__ strawberries don’t grow in winter. a) Risk b) Normal c) Improve  10) I should study to __C__ a good grade. a) positive b) satisfied c) achieve

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