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A selection of books from Spilkammeret's library


Bibliography of books on magic, magical systems in general etc. Books on Kabbalah, The Order of the Golden Dawn and on Aleister Crowley

Ill. Ashcroft-Novicki. no date (ca. School of Light Publications. Dolores Inner Landscapes . and their origin. (ed. Could. An Advanced Manual of Sexual Magic England 1991. Based on H. ill. Introductory brochure from a Freemansonic organisation.F. Akron’s text is a philosophical study on the dark sides. No pagniation.A Agrell. Sigurd Runornas Talmystik och dess Antika Förebild Lund 1927. No pagination. A collection of numerous writings on Rosencrusianism Andrews. Three Books of Occult Philosophy. A classical work on magic. Reprint of the 1801-edition. Banzhaf is back with a better work. Samuel Weiser. Paul M. The classical kabbalistic text. 50 pgs. Llewellyn.Fenrir Vol II. Christos (editor) Opfer . England 1990. Meditation system using a Rosary. Brekekk/Order of the Nine Angels. Stephen Catalogue of an Enigma USA 1992. Ontario. Beest. Dolores The Sacred Cord Meditations England 1990. USA 1975. 254 pages ill. ill. Citadel Press. Hugendubel.R.Giger. their numerological aspects. The Spiritual and Magical Powers of Cretures Great and Small. Use of sexual energies in ritual magic. 256 pgs. The Aquarian Press. Agrippa. Henry Cornelius (edited & annotated by Donald Tyson. no. A cataloque of Crowleyana and related books for sale . The Giger tarot deck is enclosed. Workbook England 1986.A Journey into Awareness by Pathworking England 1989. Agrippa's classical work on Western occultism in an annotated edition. by H. Urania Verlag. perhaps.Tarot of the Magi USA 1991.Or Celestial Intelligencer USA 1980. Dolores The Ritual Magic. 160 pgs. Ill. Ted Animal Speak. Ill. 383 pages. 507 pgs. The Aquarian Press. Myths and facts from the animal world can help modern man to open up to higher perceptions.Tarot der Unterwelt Switzerland 1992.1985). Facsimile 1991 by Psychick Release. Anonymous Ezekiels Vision . Ill. Ashcroft-Nowicki.A. Rudolf Steiner Publications. Ashcroft-Nowicki. Stockholm. Dolores The Tree of Ecstasy. 702 pgs.Frey) & Hajo Banzhaf Der Crowley Tarot Germany 1992. Ben Joseph.160 pgs. 219 pgs. After a number of superfluous books. Llewellyn. New York 1974. 938 pgs. Giger won an Oscar for his special effects in “Allien”. Ill. Cornelius Occult Philosophy and Magic New York. Grand Lodge of Denmark København. A practical guide to magic. Vetenskabssocieteten i Lund 216 pgs. 288 pgs. Instruction book for the kabbalistic based tarot deck "Tarot of the Magi" Anonymous Frimureri. 2 Wales. Or perhaps it is Acron who makes it better? Akron & H. USA 1993. be compared with Austin Spare. ill. Agrell's study of the runes.Giger Baphomet . 42 pages. ill. Agrippa of Nettenheim. 7 pgs. illustrated A journal of the Sinister. Berlin. Reprinted by John Ballantrae. Allen. Ashcroft-Nowicki. A classic work on magic. Canada. Special issue dealing with Satanic sacrificial rites. Private edition (catalogue). Denmark. 175+197 pgs. USA 1993. B Barrett.A. The Aquarian Press. The book is a series of 22 pathworkings based on Josephine Gill's "The Servants of the Light Tarot". Ill.Giger’s major arcana “Baphomet Tarot”. ill. Akron (C. Francis The Magus . Rabbi Akiba (translation by Knut Stenring) The Book of Formation No date. Ill.) A Christian Rosenkreuz Anthology. ill. The Aquarian Press .

New York. Janine Quest for Dion Fortune USA 1993 Samuel Weiser 190 pgs. Boyle. Germany 1995. 86-91. Various pagination. Alan Fruits of the Moon Tree. O. Illustrated.) The Lamp of Thoth. The illustrations are based upon the David Sheridan Tarot. Hymenæus. C Caroll. 299 pages. Paul The History and Practice of Magic USA 1972. Tarot and Tantra . Private edition. mixing tarot and kabbalistic traditions. Coventure Ltd. A classical work on magic. The second volume of the compilations of articles on Golden Dawn themes. England. A New Age Approach to the Western Mystery Tradition USA 1985.) A Brief History of the Thoth Tarot USA 1988. Book III: The Art of Hermes. ill. the Cabbalas of Egypt and the Hebrews. A biography of Dion Fortune. Chic & Sandra Tabatha The Golden Dawn Journal Book 1: Divination USA 1994. The author has traveled to places related to Dion Fortune. Llewellyn. Includes speculations on tarot and kabbalah. Marlies Landkarten für den Lebensraum.3 (no. Citadel Press. Samuel Weiser. Gateway Books. Chic & Sandra Tabatha (editors) The Golden Dawn Journal. Starfire Publications. A study in the belief in evil supernatural powers through the ages. Chapman. Sparsely illustrated. In "Esotera" #3/1995. Christian. are included and some early versions of Thoth Tarot cards are rendered. The book deals with new age terapies etc. USA 1953/1971. 57 pgs. Cicero. Extracts from “The Magical Link” no. Caliph Hymenæus (pseud. William Torah. Also an essay about Kenneth Anger. Weiser. Ill. but the author claims that they are from a “Tarot Atu” he was given “many years ago” by a Swiss man. 95 pgs. Includes the famous (which should be notorious) description of the Egyptian intiation chambers decorated with tarot imagery. 298 pages. ill. Celtic mythology and Jung. 286 pgs. The Magician. . 310 pgs. The Medicine Wheel and Transpersonal Psychology London 1984. Blank. The Sorcerers Apprentice. Chris (ed. Cicero. (Peter James) Liber Null & Psychonaut USA 1987.T. 176 pgs. Carroll’s work has aroused much discussion. The Aquarian Press.) The Equinox Volume III. Several by Crowley (=Baphomet 10\0). Essays on various occult themes. The article deals with Frieda Harris’ work with Crowley. Llewellyn. Bloxsom. Cavendish. Burghardt. London 1972.O International. "Work of the Chariot". 156 pgs. USA 1982. 235 pgs. ill. 75 pgs. Dorset Press. & G. T AO. London 1934. 425 pages. Veolita Parke The Fundamental Principles of Y -King. Daniel Book of Formation Cards (Sepher Yetzirah) Calif. Letters from FH to C. vol. Magic and Folk Belief. ill. Bias. Foyle. The third volume in this excellent series. pgs. ill. A volume of OTO’s publication. Illustrated article on tarot connected to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.4 no. Beta. Ill. Chic & Sandra Tabatha (editors) The Golden Dawn Journal. A sensible book on the aspects of magic. W. USA 1993.A Guide to Jewish Spiritual Growth USA 1991. Illustrations. Bleakley. 214 pgs. USA 1995. Illustrated. his Training and Work. This private edition of "Sepher Yetzirah" includes a set of colour photocopied triangular cards. Amy Elaine The Starward Path Calif. Peter J. Clifford The Way Back. Samuel Weiser. Richard The Powers of Evil in Western Religion. Book 2: Quabalah: Theory and Magic USA 1994. ill. ill. seen in the light of the Jewish tradition. Butler. William E.Beta. taken interviws and collected letters and articles. An issue of a Crowley based periodical. number 10 USA 1990. 619 pgs. A collection of articles on various divination methods related with The Golden Dawn. X\0 (pseud. 123 pgs A curious but not very dependable work. 2-3 1988. Cicero.21) Leeds. 286 pgs. Bray. Llewellyn. Accompanying book to Caroll's kabalistic based "Angelic Tarot" Carroll.

Ltd. Several new details about Golden Dawn tarot material are given. 128 pages. A dependable history of aspects of The Golden Dawn. Indispensable for anyone interested in magic. 309 pgs. Routledge & Kegan Paul 510 pgs. An inexhaustible source of magic(k) knowledge. Aleister The Book of the Law. 742 pages.A Golden Dawn Journal USA 1998.Symbol of the Center London 1974. Useful for the tarotist who wants to learn about this important aspect of tarot. Colquhoun. no. 50 + 21 pages A facsimile reprint of the 1938 edition published in London. Compton. 270 pgs. Crowley. Crowley. Samuel Weiser. kommenteret og redigeret af Inger Jacobsen. A kabbalistic use of the tarot majors.T. Chic & Sandra Tabatha Magical Pantheons . ill. III. Crowley. Denmark 1987. Llewellyn. Includes facimile reprint of Crowley’s handwritten manuscript. Aleister (edited by Israel Regardie) Magick without Tears Minnesota. 0307 pgs. Recommendable. Aleister (Edited by Israel Regardie) Gems from the Equinox USA 1982. 254 pgs. Chic & Sandra Tabatha Experiencing the Kabbalah USA 1997. Samuel Weiser. Aleister The Book of the Law Probably England. Aleister Liber Al vel Legis sub Figura CCXX. Crowley. Madonna Archetypes on the Tree of Life . A comprehensive self-study book leading the student through the Golden Dawn disciplines without being a menber of the order or a group. ill. No pagination. Golden Dawn Publications. Neville Spearmann. Llewellyn. *** Crowley. With an introduction by Caliph Hymenæus Alpha. The Equinox vol.9 USA 1988. 273 pgs. The translator considers herself a true adept. Not exactly a beginner's book. Aleister Thelema. ill. *** Crowley. A major work making the selfstudy more accesible. An exploration of the old gods and their role in modern magical practise. No date. 92 pages A pocket size luxury edition of “The Book of the Law”. Accompanying book to the tarot deck. kabbalah or any other grain of the occult or mantic arts. Crowley’s great work on correspondences. Aleister 777 and other Quabalistic Writings. Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot USA 1991. 125 pgs. England. Aleister The Law is for All USA 1988. 235 pages. Llewellyn. England 1973. A major work of Crowley’s. Llewellyn. England 1975. (The Book of the Law) Oxford. In the Arts and Imagination-series. 1133 pgs. ill. Falcon Press. ill. Ill. New York 1977. Falcon Press. including kabbalah. tarot. Crowley. Cicero. No pagination. Aleister The Book of the Law USA 1989. Chic & Sandra Tabatha Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition USA 1995. ill.The Tarot as Pathwork USA 1991. Magical Childe/O. Thames & Hudson. Oversat. . The Tree of Life as inherent in various mythologies and traditions. Cicero. ill. Samuel Weiser. Illustrated. No pagination. Ethel Sword of Wisdom. Crowleys commentary to the “The Book of the Law” with an introduction by Israel Regardie Crowley. McGregor Mathers and the Golden Dawn. ill. Crowley’s (or Eiwas’s) message to humanity. and leaves not much room for other opinions. USA 1973.som dikteret af Aiwass (93) (Skytsengel) til Dyret (666) (Menneske) København. Aleister Magick London. 368 pgs. 49 pgs. London. Llewellyn. Samuel Weiser. 522 pgs. Crowley. Llewellyn. Aleister Book 4 by Frater Perdurabo and Soror Virakam USA 1989. Crowley. Roger The Tree of Life . teaching basical Kabbalistic concepts. Aleister Lovens bog . A beginner's guide. Extracts from Crowley’s famous “Equinox”. Cook. Crowley. Crowley. This edition of “The Book of the Law” is without the usual body of commentaries. III. no date.O. Booklegger Albion. Cicero.Cicero. Liber Al vel Ligis USA 1990. private edition #10/418.

108 pgs. Brian & Esther Words of Power . Collected edition of Crowley’s Simon If-detective stories. illustrated This edition of Crowley’s book includes colour illustrations of a few “Thoth” tarot cards. *** Crowley. Ill. Aleister Konx om Pax USA 1990. 1970).T. Pirated edition of Crowleys I-Ching texts. A New Translation of the Book of Changes by Master Therion. No date (ca. London. Crucible/Thorson. Aleister The Symbolic Representation of the Universe Seattle. USA. incantations and other “Sacred Sounds” D Drury. by Frieda Harris A reprint of “The Last Ritual” performed at the funeral of Crowley on the 5th of December 1947 at Brighton. Crowley’s novel about a drug addict. Hyatt The Enochian World of Aleister Crowley USA 1991. No pagination. no date (ca. England 1979. Crowley. Lon Milo Duquette & Christopher S. Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks. Crowley’s essay on tarot divination. 1975). Aleister A Handbook of Geomancy USA 1989. Crowley. 285 pages. Crowley’s pornographic novel written for his wife. Samuel Weiser. Aleister (Master Therion) The Book of Thoth New York. The Last Ritual England 1989. 287 pgs. England. no date. 162 pgs. Crowley. Sphere Books. 180 pgs. Crowley’s fictional book on the magical creation of a moon child. P. 24 pgs. 382 pgs. Aleister Das Buch Thoth (in "50 Jahre Crowley Thoth Tarot") Switzerland 1994. 108 pages A facsimile reprint of the famous book. first printed in 1907. Private edition. Aleister The Scrutinies of Simon If USA 1987. Despite the fictional character. Aleister Moonchild. Crowley’s explanation of the Enochian tablets.December 1st. Aleister The Book of Thoth USA 1973. ill.O and Golden Dawn Calls are also included. Crowley. USA 1979. Scotland 1980. Aleister & Israel Regardie 1st and 2nd Enochian Call etc. FrancisBarrett.*** Crowley. *** Crowley. Aleister Snowdrops from a Curates Garden USA 1986. 26 pages diagrams Crowley’s small treatise on the Geomantical figures and their astrological references. which the authors claim will make Enochian magick accesible to everybody interested.) The Magical Calendar of Tycho Brahe Edinburg. A tape with Crowley performing Enochian Calls. Samuel Weiser. Chicago. *** Crowley. 128 pgs. 197 pgs. A soecial limited edition of Crowley's book and tarot deck issued on the occation of 50 years after the first publication. Crowley. illustrated. Crowley. Timothy The Books of the Beast.Egyptian Tarot USA 1976. Rose. ill. The set also includes a compact disc with invocations by Crowley and a poster. Samuel Weiser. Master Therion himself on “The Book of Thoth”.. England. Ill. 287 pgs. Aleister Diary of a Drug Fiend London 1972. Aleister (The Master Therion) The Book of Thoth . sparsely illustrated Dealing with mantras. ill. . Crowley. Other O. Aleister Crowley (Devereux. An explanation of the Enochian system. Lancer Books. Crowley. Teitan Press. ill. 301 pgs. Crowley. Crowley. Chicago. Teitan Press. Aleister The I Ching. An unusual edition of Crowley’s book. ill. Ill. Montagne. & Charla (foreword by) October 18th 1875 . Crowley. MGR (Metaphysical Research Group) 64 pgs. Essays on Aleister Crowley. Sure Fire Press. Nevil & Stephen Skinner/ Adam McLean (ed. many members of the occult scene can be recognized like “Artwaite”. 1947. Montague Summers and others London 987. Chicago. Aleister Tarot Divination (reprinted from Equinox) USA 1976. Aleister. Teitan Press. whom Crowley doesn’t exactly place in a heroic role. D’Arch Smith. Crowley. Sphere Books. Empress. No pagination.Sacred Sounds of East and West USA 1991 Llewellyn 318 pages. Urania Verlag. 278 pgs. New Falcon Press.

Dunning. Llewellyn. The book describes the tarot deck by the same name. Verlag Sigrid Kersken Canba. ill . 287 pgs. 330 pages. Illustrated. duQuette. Zahlensymbolik im Kulturvergleich. Michael & Andreas Baar Das Henochischen Schachspiel Berlin. ill. Melita & Osborn Phillips Planetary Magick. G Gabe. arcane". (ed. For once. Germany 1983. France 1931. Red Wheel/Weiser.L. 28 pages A recent reprint of Fuller’s list of Crowleyana. a book that makes it accessible. Frater U. Waite: Selected Masonic Papers England 1988. ill. Book about the Enochian Chess. Ill. Golden Dawn source material . Dion Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage England 1974. Lon Milo The Magic of Aleister Crowley USA 2003.F. Llewellyn. kabalah. Louise The Spiritual Study of the Tarot. by definition. Diedrichs. Dion Fortune's book on esoterical kabbalah is one of the best introductions to this otherwise complicated subject. A Complete System for Knowledge and Attainment.E. Illustrated. The Kabalah. Illustrated. this book is a serious study of sexual magic. The Aquarian Press. Enel Triologie de Rota. Florida. F Fimlaid.Brodie-Innes London 1983. Despite the popular title. ill.T. 328 pgs. Dion The Mystical Qabalah London 1972. Galaxy Publishing House. Denmark 1974. Llewellyn. Ernest Benn. Major J. Weiser Books. 224 pgs. Lon Milo Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot USA 1993. (Ralph Tegtmeier) Practical Sigil Magic (on Osman Spare’s magical system) USA 1990.D. Number symbolism in various cultures. A companion book for a truly esoteric deck. Dunning. 666 Bibliotheca Crowleyana England 1991. The Hermetic Journal Taped talk from the Golden Dawn Conference Denning. (Ralph Tegtmeier) Secrets of the German Sex Magicians USA 1991. Illustrated.an unique practical . The backs cover of this book states: "This is a seriously funny . R. published by US Games Systems Inc. Unknown Hermetic Writings of S.) The Sorcerer and his Apprentice. 134 pgs. Aquarian. Franz Carl & Annemarie Schimmel Das Mysterium der Zahl.C. duQuette. Aquarian Press.E. E Endres. A study in the interrelation between tarot. the magician's favourite and not much documented game. 261 pages. An easy to understand presentation of the initiatory rituals in O. duQuette. ill. 398 pages. Eschner. Frederik Mysterieindvielse København. Waite: Selected Masonic Papers England 1988. Edward A. Gilbert. 233 pages. 188 pgs. A textbook in planetary magick. Enel's book is based on traditional occult dogma. American edition of the excellent German book. numerology and astrology. Numerology & Astrology. 188 pgs. Ill.A study of classical initiation rites.O. 344 pgs. as practised by German secret orders. Golden Dawn source material. Edward A. Germany 1985. ill. Samuel Weiser.D’Arch Smith. Frater U:. Golden Dawn source material. Of particular interest because of the tarot designs that illustrate the text. Manuel de Cabbale Pratique Toulon. An excellent presentation of the famous Thoth Tarot. Fortune.famous duQuette. Rhodos. Lon Milo Tarot of Ceremonial Magic.A. Stein der Weisen. USA 1997. A major work. Delectus Books. 96 pgs. USA 1992. Fuller. Timothy Golden Dawn in Rock'n Roll England 1987.131 pgs.W.McGregor Maters and J.D:. 276 pages. Köln. 222 pages. Lon Milo The Chicken Quabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford USA 2001. Illustrated.approach to a subject that is. USA 1995. Fortune.z 83 pgs. Red Wheel/Weiser. Aquarian Press.

Gilbert. The beginning and the final breakup. R. Grand Orient (pseud. Magic and Alchemy USA 1971. Grand Orient (pseudonym for A. 192 pgs. Grant. The darker side of Crowleys magic as Grant sees it.A.E. 256 pages. England 1987. The Aquarian Press. 212 pages. German occult orders up to the Second World War.Gilbert The Golden Dawn Companion. The Aquarian Press. Prevost Galgal .A Bibliography England 1983. USA 1969. Waite. for A.und Weltanschauungsfragen. tribes. Forgotten Hermetic Writings of William Wynn Westcott. 127 pgs.A. Hans-Jürgen Deutsche Occultgruppen 1875-1937 München. Taped talk by the Waite. The Unknown Writings of a modern Mystic.Photographic reprint of the 1912 edition.Gilbert. Fortune-Telling and Occult Divination Calif. The Golden Dawn and its prominent members. Duckworth. The Literary Heritage of The Golden Dawn. divination and magic all over the world. 199 pgs.and Golden Dawn historian. A copy of the original cards is bound with the text. Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Religions. The Rise and Fall of a Magical Order USA 1997.The Proceedings of the Golden Dawn Conference. just everything. Gilbert. Golden Dawn Scrapbook. Llewellyn. Se også Waite.) Aleister Crowley: The Magical Record of the Beast 666 London 1972. Illustrated. George Redway. Samuel Weiser Inc. Migene The Complete Book of Spells. A. 318 pgs. ill. The Hermetic Papers of A. 256 pgs. ill. The work throws further light on the complex history of The Golden Dawn R. R. Ill. 371+101 pages.Gilbert). A Complete Guide to Cabalistic Magick. Gilbert.E. A must for everyone interested in Waite and in the history of The Golden Dawn and its magicians.A. 144 pgs. R. R. Cherry & A. compiled this indispensable work. A.E. R. R. Crucible/Thorson.E. Kenneth Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God London 1973. demons. 114 pgs. Ceremonies & Magic.The Master Game London.A. England 1987. 12. who is the Waite expert. R. Sacred rites. History and Workings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Waite . Fortune-telling and Occult Divination London 1891. It can be looked up that 777 is the number of years that Lamech lived! Golden Dawn based. Frederic Muler. 376 pgs. Illustrated with rare documents.A & Allan Armstrong (introduction and editing) Golden Dawn . USA 1994. A. Numbered and signed edition Grant. Archangels. Gilbert. A Guide to the Structure. Magician of many Parts London 1987. England 1983. The Magical Mason. Health Research. "The Hermetic Journal". González-Wippler. Hiram edition no. . England 1983. Twilights of the Magicians.A. The Aquarian Press. Golden Dawn source material. Ill. The Golden Dawn. The expert on Waite has written this excellent biography. numbers. Gilbert. Golden Dawn source material (with the authors dedication) Gilbert. 245 pgs. Gilbert R. Waite.A.A. The Aquarian Press. Excellent volume. Waite) A Manual of Cartomancy. Llewellyn. USA 1991.E. Germany 1981. London 1997 England 1998 Privately printed (R. Physician and Magus. Grillot deWitchcraft. Historically interesting but otherwise outdated popular material. 48 pages + Diagrams (cards) A photographic reprint af Gilchrist's text to her kabbalistic based divination deck. III. David Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia. 278 pgs. Papers presented by various authors and researchers at the conference. ill.A. Godwin. 208 pgs. A cabbalistic handbook with several entry keys. Golden Demons whom none can Stay. The Aquarian Press. Glowka.Waite) A Handbook of Cartomancy. Kennet & Julian Symonds (ed. England 972. Gilbert. Dover Publications 395 pgs. Gilchrist. Givry. Scot o'the Convent/Ayrcliffe Press.E. A must for anyone interested in The Golden Dawn. England 1986. A.

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