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Application of WIMAX 1) 2) The new technology Wimax is an improvement of current Wifi technology.

It allows not only bigger transfer rates but also multiplicates by hundred the distance of transmission, namely around 50 Kilometers. What could be made with this new tool of communication ? In this presentation we will talk about an interesting application of Wimax. Do you know how many people are priv de ADSL in France. Around 20 Million, more precisely 35% of total population. Ki sont ces gens ou habitent-t-ils? The main reason is that it costs a lot of money to plug such a service. As we will see this numerical gap, numerical lack could be solved thanks to the Wimax technology. We could deal with many different aspects of such a project but we will mainly see the technical aspects and the financial this morning.

3) Well, my presentation is divided in 3 parts : On the one hand Ce quil faut pour deployer un tel reseau On the other hand Ce que les gens doivent posseder pour y avoir acces. Finally Les prix dun tel reseau/ Ce que peut esperer labonn ?