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Published by: Brigitta Vetter on Apr 30, 2013
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This chilling NYT bestseller from Anthony Horowitz, "a master of edge-of-your-seat writing" (Booklist, starred) is "an exhilarating read" (Kirkus) that "should attract a strong following" (PW) As punishment for a crime he didn't really commit, Matt was given a choice: go to jail or go live with an old woman named Mrs. Deverill in a remote town called Lesser Malling. He should have chosen jail. A strange and sinister plan is coming together made in Lesser Malling, with Matt at the center of it all. People who try to help him disappear . . . or die. It all ties to an evil place named Raven's Gate - a place whose destiny is horrifyingly intertwined with Matt's own.

I read this when i was 9 so i didnt really get it but now im 13 so i understand the whole book! I luv the series so much ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Format:Hardcover

To be honest, I picked up this book by accident. Presuming it was another of Horowitz's addicting Alex Rider series, I had taken it off of the shelf and found it in among my purchase bag as a total

surprise. However, this did not stop me from reading this book first out of the many that I usually attain. As an avid reader at age 14, I believe this book to be one of the best summer reads so far. This book takes you into a world where almost anything can happen, not unlike Harry Potter books. It is quick paced and encapturing, a lot like the Alex Rider series by the same author. Add a little other-worldy ancient evil into the mix, much like the Midnighter's series by Scott Westerfield, and you've got an instant wonder-book! In this main tale, long-since orphaned Matt is given unequified punishment for crimes he only partially committed. Stuck to deal with a crazy new guardian in an even stanger new small town of the English countryside, he begins to realize that fate has its hand upon him. He finds evidence to believe that his new legal advisor- even the whole town- may have planned the whole thing, even back to the death of his parents! Struggling with help of the few persons who reach out to him, Matt begins to realize he must fufill more than ever expected of a 14 year old before. An ancient prophecy remains to be proven at his hands. It is up to Matt to stop an ancient evil from rising into the world, against all odds. I absolutely ADORED this book, and I could not have been more pleased to have 'accidentally' chosen it off of the book store shelf. This book discusses pre-ordained fate throughout witty plot and character developement. Fate, however, most definitely came into my hands in the form of reading this book. Absolutely excellent and I cannot wait for the entirety of the series to become available!

I have read Nightrise, not relizing this was a seiries,I went to Necropolis, agian not readimg the books in order, I need to buy all the Horrowitz seiries and read them in order Horrowitz really turns up the action I give my friends advice to read all of his books they say nothing happens they get to the next page they tell me THERE IS SOOOO MUCH ACTION !!!!! I say I told you. They are giving people advice to read these books I really like his books i wil remind myself about his books I wish I could be in his books like be Scarlett Adams, or be someone thaybis a Gate Keeper a new girl. Maybe she could be British and her name could be Hayley James and...... never mind Im talking about the book. I strongly want everyone that can : PLEASE READ THESE BOOKS!!!!!! Thanks for reding this long note -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Do you believe in witches or the Old Ones? Matt has been accused of committing a crime which actually he really didn't do. So now he has a choice to either go to jail or stay with an old lady named Mrs. Deverill in a remote area called Lesser Malling because of the government's new law called the LEAF Project. Matt should have chosen jail because he will soon find out that someone is planning something there at Lesser Malling, and Matt is in the middle of all the commotion. Matt's past hasn't been the best. His parents died in a car crash six years ago and he has been living with his mom's stepsister, who doesn't necessarily treat him very well. But Matt has discovered that he has some kind of weird magical power--but doesn't know what it is.

When he gets to Mrs. Deverill's house he isn't treated in the best way possible. Even though he thinks the food is good he has to do chores and basically clean up all of Mrs. Deverill's property. After a while he has had enough of this bizarre nonsense and wants to leave, because this was supposed to be a volunteer act. But when he tries to take a bike out to the main road back to Greater Malling and then back to London, every road he takes just brings him back to the place he started from. Well, he went home after that, and thought that he'd try the next day. When coming back to the same spot, a guy named Tom Burgess appears and says he wants to help Matt out because this isn't a safe place to be. He also says that he will explain everything tomorrow at his farm, but what Matt doesn't know is that he will find Tom dead the next day. After Tom's death things got even worse. Mrs. Deverill starts to come out more strongly and everyone that tries to help him get out of this creepy place just ends up dead. Is Matt's new helper bound to turn up dead, too? Find out! Read the book.

This book is awsome. Even though its slow at first but after a few chapters it gets freaky.You will never put all the pieces together until the end kind of like a puzzle.Anyway this book is great. PS. STAY AWAY FROM CATS

To download now please click the link below. http://com-onlineupdate.info/RAVES-GATE

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From the Publisher VOYA 10/1/05

Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz . In the first installment of his new Gatekeepers series, Horowitz moves from the action-thriller genre in his Alex Rider series to action-supernatural. Matt is a fourteen-year-old orphan in trouble with the law, and the magistrate who hears his case decides to enter him into a special project that sends juvenile offenders to live in the country with foster parents. Almost immediately Matt wishes that he had been sent to a perfectly normal juvenile detention center. Something is very odd about the village of Lesser Mailing. Roads lead nowhere, a dead cat reappears alive and well, voices whisper at night, and something is going on in the woods. It gradually becomes clear that a great battle between good and evil is brewing, and Matt is wanted by both sides, although for different reasons. Horowitz does a great job of ratcheting up the tension and building to an exciting climax at the site of an ancient gate between worlds. His writing is fast paced and entertaining, despite occasional inconsistencies and abrupt changes in point of view, sometimes even within the same paragraph. Younger teens who like an exciting adventure mixed with supernatural horror will thrill to Matt's story and look forward to the next installment.

To download now please click the link below. http://com-onlineupdate.info/RAVES-GATE

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