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x3650 M2 Installation and User's Guide

x3650 M2 Installation and User's Guide

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Published by Lukas Beeler

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Published by: Lukas Beeler on Apr 01, 2009
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The server supports an internal ServeRAID SAS controller, which is required for
you to use the hot-swap hard disk drives and to create redundant array of
independent disks (RAID) configurations.

v Systems-management capabilities

The server contains an integrated management module (IMM) which enables you
to manage the functions of the server locally and remotely. The addition of the
optional IBM Virtual Media Key provides remote presence and blue-screen
capture capability. The IMM also provides system monitoring, event recording,
and dial-out alert capability.

v TCP/IP offload engine (TOE) support

The Ethernet controllers in the server support TOE, which is a technology that
offloads the TCP/IP flow from the microprocessors and I/O subsystem to increase
the speed of the TCP/IP flow. When an operating system that supports TOE is
running on the server and TOE is enabled, the server supports TOE operation.
See the operating-system documentation for information about enabling TOE.

Note: As of the date of this document, the Linux operating system does not
support TOE.

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