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Game Development

Unit Sound

O Is an integral part of games, websites and other

multimedia projects.
O Digital audio is when audio is represented using

numbers also called digitizing (Vaughan,2011).

Components and measurements of sound


Sampling rates: defines the number of samples per unit of time (usually seconds) taken from a continuous signal to make a discrete signal (Princeton, n.d.). O Sampling unit is Hertz

Three sampling rates most often used are: O 44.1 kHz sampling rate of an audio CD O 22.05 kHz - One half the sampling rate of audio CDs O 11.025 kHz - One quarter the sampling rate of audio CDs Sampling rates are either 8 bits or 16 bits.

The larger the sample size, the more accurate the data will describe the recorded sound.

Editing Digital Recording

O Audacity is a free open-source sound editing application

Windows and Macintosh.

O Audacity can be used to create sound tracks and mixes. O Sound Editing Operations (Vaughan,2011):

Trimming - removing dead air or blank space from the front of a recording. O Splicing removing extra noise.

Editing Digital Recording

O Volume adjustments providing consistent volume

level by selecting the data file and raising or lowering the volume.
O Format Conversation - saving or exporting sound

files into different formats.

O Fade-ins and Fade-outs smooth out the very

beginning and the very end of a sound file.

Editing Digital Recoding

O Equalization allow you to modify a recordings

frequency content so that it sounds brighter or darker.

O Time Stretching alter the length ( in time ) of a

sound file without changing its pitch.

O Digital Signal Processing(DSP) processing signals

with reverberation, chorus, flange and others

Audio File Formats

O A sound files format is methodology for organizing and

compressing sounds data bits and bytes into a data file (Vaughn, 2011).
O Common file formats are:

.wav uncompressed sound data O .aiff uncompressed sound data O .mp3 uncompressed sound data that incorporates lossy compression to save space. O .mp4 used when the file streams audio and video together.

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