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Grade Level 2 Klirsfeld, Mr.

Altmire OBJECTIVES: Rhythm Patterns:

Date 2/5/2013

Teacher(s) Mr. Roberts, Mr.

Tonal Patterns: 5. Tonality 1: minor: AOK 6. Tonality 2: Major: AOK 7. Tonality 3: 8. Tonality 4:

1. Meter 1: Triple: AOK (Mb, mb) 2. Meter 2: Duple: VP (Mb, mb) 3. Meter 3

Harmonic Concepts: 7. a.) rhythmic ostinato b.) tonal rondo

Concepts: 8. Meter Discr: duple/triple 9. Mode Discr: Major/minor 10. Dynamics 11.

OBJ # Techniques/Activities Tonality/Meter/Fam __________________________________________________________________________ _____ 1. Hello Song T: sway and pat and raise your hand when you hear your name T: sings Hello song starting with teachers nametags to model for students Ss: all sing hello (name) as a group and individuals receive nametags

1, 5

2. Grizzly Bear song min/duple/Fam 2, 5, 10 T: sings and students pat and sing in their heads T: favorite animal stretches; warms up voices and posture and gives ready sing Ss: students sing song 7.b 5 3. Tonal pattern Rondo min T: sings minor tonic pattern on bum students echo (multiple times) T: sings different minor tonic patterns on bum students sing descending minor tonic

pattern T: sings minor tonic patterns over shapes/shape colors on nametags, students (entire class) echo; segue to Martin Luther King 2, 6 4. Martin Luther King Maj/duple/Fam T: and S pat macro beat T: sings major duple song. T: sings major duple Cadential melody; Ss echo

S: sing major duple song 5. Four Corners Game duple T Duple patterns: MB and mb; ss echo, then see if they can recognize T puts on recording of duple song. T and Ss pat and then march mb to recording around the room T stops recording and tells student to stop marching. T chants duple patterns on NS: Mb, mb; see if they can recognize T chants duple patterns: MB, mb on neutral syllable directed towards individual in group; see if they student can recognize. Then chant again and have all the students recognize T turns on recording; Ss march mb around room and back to seats 2 1.a 6. Rhythmic Ostinato/Nice on the Ice review Triple/unfam? Ss chant triple pattern on the words grab your coat,and lets go skate & repeat (a/o/k) T sing Nice on the Ice Song, ss sing song in head for review 7. Penny Key Button (vocal warm-up) Maj/Fam T sings maj. Tonic patterns who has a shape, who has a blue shape etc. (a/o/k), ss echo T tell students to look at nametags T sings maj. Tonic patterns using nametag shapes, ss who have that shape/color echo Isolate small groups, then individuals (5) 8. Nice On the Ice Song T sings song, ss sing in head cad. Melody, T ready sing, ss sing song Maj/Triple/Fam