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World Community Film Library Catalogue

World Community Film Library Catalogue

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Published by Pieter Vorster
World Community Film Library Catalogue
World Community Film Library Catalogue

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Published by: Pieter Vorster on Apr 30, 2013
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Access No. Index

Ecofeminism Now!

Access no.147


Greta Gaard

This production offers a clear, visual introduction to the theory and practice of ecofeminism. Topics include:
redefining the environmental movement to include women's activism and insights; the origins and reception of
the word "ecofeminism"; paths of activism, experience and study that have brought women to ecofeminism; its
roots in feminism and environmentalism; varieties of perspectives within the movement; examples of
ecofeminism; and paths and strategies for the future. Using the context of the 1994 "Women and Ecology"
conference hosted by the Institute of Social Ecology, this documentary draws on interview with activists and
scholars to create a portrait of Ecofeminism as it is now, in the 1990's.



Yuxweluptun: Man of Masks

Access no.148


Dana Claxton, Selwyn Jacob, NFB

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun is a modernist whose artistic influences come from his home in Vancouver, BC.
His surrealist canvases deal with ozone depletion, land claims, Aboriginal rights, clear-cut logging and racism.
His video starts at the Bisley Rifle Range in Surrey, England, where Yuxweluptun is shooting the Indian
Act. It is a performance piece to protest the ongoing effects of the legislation on Aboriginal people. Back in
Canada, "An Indian Shooting the Indian Act" opens at Vancouver's Grunt Gallery where framed copies, riddled
with bullet holes are on display. Interviews with the artist, striking images of his paintings and a visit to virtual
reality longhouse provide a glimpse into contemporary First Nations art making and the politics of the artist.


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please contact Ed Carswell at 250-897- 0525.

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