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World Community Film Library Catalogue

World Community Film Library Catalogue

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Published by Pieter Vorster
World Community Film Library Catalogue
World Community Film Library Catalogue

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Published by: Pieter Vorster on Apr 30, 2013
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Access No. Index

Tribe of His Own, A

Access no.295

The Journalism of P. Sainath


Joe Moulins

When government propaganda and corporate spin are increasingly presented as fact, A Tribe of His Own
reminds us what the news media can be. With a groundbreaking series of newspaper articles and a critically
acclaimed book, Palagummi Sainath was the first recipient of Amnesty International’s Human Rights
Journalist of the Year award in 2000. We follow Sainath to the Indian villages he writes about, and explore his
contention that journalism is for people, not shareholders. Stephen Hume writes, "Mesmerizing...this film
delivers powerful insights into the enduring story of human suffering and its shining corollary, imperishable

Media and Communication

Chris Award, 2002 Columbus Film Festival

Human Rights

An Evergreen Island

Access no.296


Fabio Cavadini, Mandy King

In 1989 the people of the Pacific Island of Bougainville closed one of the world’s largest copper mines that
was destroying their land. In response, a blockade was imposed around the island. This is a film about a
people who survived for 9 years without assistance from the outside world. They built their own schools and
colleges, and turned to their traditional bush medicines. Without communications they charged batteries
using solar power to run satellite telephones and 2 way radios and they generated their own electricity by
harnessing water energy. They even used fermented coconut oil as a substitute for diesel fuel. An inspiring
story of courage, creativity and survival.


Crimes of Compassion

Access no.297


Jennifer Pickford

The Vancouver Island Compassion Society was established to provide affordable, medical-grade cannabis to
local patients. But all this changed when the police raided the Society’s shop and confiscated its medicine.
This dramatic story is fueled by the commitment and passion of the Society’s operators, the anxiety and
desperate need of its patients, heated debate within the medical community, and exasperation of the police
who are asking for clarity as they attempt to enforce unenforceable laws. This film includes a look inside a
medical marijuana grow-operation, an interview with former Health Minister Alan Rock, and also examines the
impact of the United States government on our current drug legislation.


World Community Development Education Society

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