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Cattell maneuver Reflection of right colon and small bowel anteriorly and medially to expose inferior vena cava

, right renal vessels, 4th part of duodenum, aorta, and uncinate of pancreas; performed by dividing along white line of Toldt lateral to cecum and ascending colon. Procedure should be performed in all zone 1 (centromedial), traumatic injuries. Cattell-Braasch manoeuvre The right-sided equivalent of the Mattox manoeuvre, i.e. medial visceral rotation of the right-sided organs to bring them into the midline. It can be regarded as an extension of a Kocher's manoeuvre; where as a Kocher's lifts the duodenum off the retroperitoneum, in a Cattell-Brasch manoeuvre, dissection is continued down the right-sided white line of Toldt and then across the small bowel mesenteric root.