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Submitted By : Abhishek Sahu Manish Pal Rakesh Goliya Sanjay Chouhan MBA(FT)4th sem. Sec.: “D”

Dr. Satnam Ubeja

mechanical pencils and geometry boxes. Classmate added new products to its portfolio which consists of pens. Subsequently. This increased to more than Rs.Classmate has 900 distributors who make the products available in over 70. ITC Ltd. brought in earnings of   40 crore in 2005-06. 650 Crores in 2011-12 .000 outlets in India. launched its Classmate brand in 2003 with the notebooks category.Introduction Classmate is an Indian brand of student stationery products.Classmate. pencils.

Classmate Brand Ambassadors YURAJ SINGH & SOHA ALI KHAN .

and is custom made to take care of varying needs in notebooks. drawing books and reminder pads segments.Products Notebooks Classmate notebook brand has a product range of more than 300 variants.ITC focused on the design elements of notebooks: each Classmate notebook has a theme on the cover and related information inside . long books. practical books.

Pens ITC forayed into the pen industry with the launch of Classmate pens across markets offering the consumer stylish and attractive designs. .

and provide the user a pleasing and effortless writing experience. Classmate Carbon black is a 'Super Dark' pencil offering the dual benefit of lesser lead wear out and darker writing. giving fine writing for longer. hence these pencils "Stay Sharp Longer". There is minimal need for sharpening thus. Classmate pencils have the strong advantage of lesser lead wear out. . Classmate has recently launched the Classmate 2B Trilobe pencils that are specially designed with a "tri-grip" for a comfortable and firm hold.Pencils Classmate pencils are designed to write dark and smooth.

precise writing and drawing. These are especially used by those who need to make precise drawings in subjects like math's.Classmate Mechanical Pencils Classmate Mechanical Pencils are high quality pencils intended for sharp. . engineering etc. They are smart and offer a steady and comfortable writing and drawing experience.

Precision instruments Classmate Invento & Classmate Victor are part of the range of Geometry Boxes. . Both products offer unmatched precision through their die-cast metallic instruments hence ensuring great accuracy. Classmate math instrument portfolio also offers Invento compass and the Invento Exam Kit which includes all essential high precision instruments . "Victor" provides tinted plastic instruments that make it easier for beginners. While "Invento" is a more premium product carrying interesting trivia and other useful information about the subject.

Whistle. Aeroplane. Shuttle and Snail shapes. . Classmate sharpeners come in various attractive designs namely.Erasers & Sharpeners Classmate offers a range of erasers and sharpeners in its portfolio.

The program would be a part of the company's centenary initiative.Classmate Ideas for India challenge Classmate has launched a program called Classmate Ideas for India challenge .The nation-wide program would invite ideas of the youth who have the potential to transform India. Classmate Ideas for India challenge plans to reach out to 2. 500 schools and 200 colleges across the country.5 million students across 30 cities.   .

among other projects.Concept Every Classmate notebook carries ITC's  Corporate Social Responsibilities message on its back. . For every four Classmate Notebooks purchased. ITC contributes  1 to its social development initiative that supports. primary education.

Strategies Pricing Strategy: Market Follower Promotional Strategy: Local Promotional Schemes. Fast & effective sales ordering process. Distribution Strategy: Strict compliance standards.Depending upon the budget allocated. .low profit margins.high customer-service expectations.Area sales manager National Scheme.intense competition.

Slogans Best In Stationary For The Big Ideas For You .

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