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Kindergarten News

Week of February 25, 2013
“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” – Dr. Seuss We are looking forward to an exciting week that introduces some great science concepts that let children explore their world and use the skills they’ve been developing in reading, writing and math. On Friday, March 1, we will participate in several activities to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday in the Read Across America event. It will be a week full of learning and fun!

Weekly Theme: Baby Animals
Language Arts
This week we will be reading “A Tiger Grows Up” and “Leo the Late Bloomer.” Our high frequency words are ‘said’ and ‘good’. We will be focusing on the letters ‘j’ and ‘x’. Watch for your student’s take home books “A Good Job” and “Fix It”. We practice reading them in class so they’re ready to read them to you at home. Students continue to write in their journals, work on handwriting and will practice more about making lists.

Our math lessons will focus on geometric patterns, story problems, patterns in numbers and number partners. We will also use math skills like graphing and tallying with our science projects.

We will explore how baby animals resemble their parents, what animals have to have to live and grow, and how we classify animals according to groups. We are preparing for a longer unit about living things. They will have a lot of fun new information to share with you!

Social Studies
Our focus on baby animals this week will allow us to look at how we grow and change. We will also work with other classes during the Read Across America event.

What Can We Do At Home? Take Home Books This Week: “A Good Job” and “Fix It” Math Skills to Practice:
A good skill to work on is number partners. Have them show you the partners for 7, 8, and 9. For example, “2” on one hand and “5” on another hand make 7. How many other combinations (partners) can they find?

Upcoming Events MARCH 1 • Read Across America Dr. Seuss Activities MARCH 8 • End of 3rd Quarter – No School (Teacher Inservice) MARCH 10 • Daylight Savings Time – Spring forward one hour MARCH 11-15 SPRING BREAK • No School

Stop and Think Program
This week’s skill: Knowing your feelings Here are the steps: 1. Think about what happened. Discuss what happened they may have caused the problem. (Body language, facial expressions and emotions.) 2. Decide on the feeling. 3. Say “I feel __________”.

Thank you for collecting Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education

Community CalendarHappy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
"Grab your Hat and Read with the Cat"--return to the beloved Dr. Seuss tale of mischief and celebrate the joy of reading across the nation on Friday, March 1, this year's official NEA's Read Across America Day. Our class will be reading with buddies from 6th grade and celebrating later in the day with buddies from the 1/2 grade class on Friday. Enjoy the classroom and hallway décor as we all gear up for a rhyming, reading good time!

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