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KLA Strand Focus • Descriptions via ‘show & tell’ as part of home learning • Contribution and interaction in daily class activities and discussions • Shared reading – use of a variety of texts, including multimodal. Theme transport or descriptions Focus – Comprehension skills Reading • Guided reading – continue as term 1, complete running records throughout term • Independent reading – DEAR time, encourage students to borrow books at their level.
(Students should be reading with 95% accuracy during independent reading)


Who needs to program? Freda

Talking & Listening

Daniel – news report Stephanie – movie trailers Angelika – poetry Lisa – book Freda – book Maree – Big book ?? Eve – Big book ??? Further discussion – independent activities used during guided reading sessions All teachers Freda Individual program based on class needs
Spelling should be taught in context. Use words with common letter patterns from shared reading texts or draw attention to spelling focus during guided reading

• Modelled reading -consistently (read part of a novel daily) Text types • Descriptions – teach • Narratives – teach/revise • Spelling (independent, group and/or whole class) -expose students to daily activities - word shapes, missing letters, jumbled words, word building, rhyming words, etc


-ensure word families are covered thoroughly, then blends – Year 1 -ensure blends and digraphs are thoroughly covered and then introduce long vowel sounds and silent letters –Year 2 -expose students to some common spelling rules but in moderation

• Handwriting – use of textbook but teacher MUST model first -Ensure all students have the correct pencil grip and are forming all letters correctly (long, short, tall
letters, when forming letters start at the top with a few exceptions.

All teachers

Page 2 KLA Strand Focus • Contnue following program -Students to complete post first quarter test (revises end
of modules 1-4)

Who needs to program? All teachers


Stepping Stones

-Aim this term is to complete Modules 5-8
(or close to completion)

-Complete SENA -Use of ‘Count Me In Too’ games and website to revise and consolidate maths concepts. These games can also be used as independent activities during guided reading sessions.



SSS1.7 Explains how people and technologies in systems link to provide goods and services to satisfy needs and wants. Transport – movement from one place to another Contributing Questions: What is transport? Why do we need transport? How do we use transport? How does transport help us? How does transport cause problems for people and the environment?

All teachers –based on the needs of your class

PP S1.4 Identifies and describes different ways some forms of energy are used in the community. How does transport move? SCIENCE & TECH • • • • • CAPA • • Energy sources Push & pull Floating & sinking Magnets Levers Visual Arts Drama – improvisations and role plays

Share engaging and interesting lessons amongst each other

All teachers

How does movement change in different environments?

Page 3 KLA Strand Focus Who needs to program?



(possibility, depending on class interest)

Physical changes to the human body

• • •

Athletics Skills Gymnastics Peer Support – continued

Lisa Lisa

Further discussion and thought on the type of project, product or problem your class will undertake.