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DBNA Newsletter, Spring 2013

DBNA Newsletter, Spring 2013

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Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance Newsletter,
Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance Newsletter,

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Community Tickets Program
Brooklyn’s Barclays Center opened on September 28, 2012. And with it, The Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA) launched its Community Tickets Program. The goal? To provide access to the community by giving complimentary tickets to Barclays Center games and events in a fair and transparent manner. The Method? Community Sweepstakes Events!
In accordance with the 2005 Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement, one of DBNA’s mandates is to disseminate complimentary tickets for games and events at Barclays Center to Brooklyn’s underserved communities in a fair and transparent manner. DBNA’s agreement with Forest City Ratner Companies allocates 50 upper bowl tickets, 4 lower organizations that serve them. bowl tickets, and seating in a With that in mind, we began to luxury suite for this purpose. register Brooklyn based not for profit and community-based After many months of research, organizations in to our program a few things became evident: 2. The most effective way to disseminate the tickets would be 1. The most effective way to at a monthly Community Event. reach our target populations At this Event, the names of would be through the registered organizations would

randomly be chosen for Barclays Center games and events. This system not only provides transparency but also ensures that every organization has an equal and fair chance of winning!!! DBNA’s 1st Community Tickets Sweepstakes Event was held at the historic House of The Lord Church on September 21, 2013. To date, we’ve held six Community Tickets Events and registered over 300 Brooklyn based not for profit and community-based organizations. And although our registration deadline for the 2012-2013 season has passed, we look forward to registering even more when we open the process again in August of 2013.

A Word From our Founding Chair
Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry
The success of the DBNA Community Ticket Program goes beyond what we ever hoped for. When we negotiated with Mr. Bruce Ratner, the President and CEO of Forest City Ratner Companies, and his staff, in a spirit of cordiality and mutual concern for the benefit of the community, we had envisioned that our total negotiated package of a Health and Wellness Center, an Intergenerational Center, ten(10)events at the Arena, a Project Gallery, and a Community Foundation would prioritize organizations addressing the needs of Brooklyn’s most underserved communities. Due to the tireless work, creative genius, and brilliant planning and organization by Sharon Daughtry, Executive Director of DBNA, and her staff, the DBNA Community Tickets Program Sweepstakes Events have been a phenomenal success. Each Sweepstakes program, involving hundreds of organizations, individuals, and volunteers, has been an exciting event. The responses have been most gratifying and numerous expressions of appreciation have been conveyed to us. The potential for networking, organizing, sharing experiences, and uniting for various objectives expands our vision of the good things that can be done for our community. We look forward to the continuation of our successful work with likeminded organizations as we, together, make our communities in Brooklyn the best they can be.


A Word From Our Founder ! 2 Spotlight on Partners ! ! Adelaide Sanford Institute Bailey’s Cafe ! ! ! ! ! Puppetry Arts ! ! 500 Men ! ! ! 2 3 4 5 6 7

Brooklyn AIDS Task Force !

From DBNA Bd. of Directors 8

Our Partners
DBNA is especially proud of, and excited about, the organizations that have registered with our Community Tickets Program. They serve Brooklyn’s grass roots, underserved communities who live daily with serious societal issues including homelessness, HIV/ AIDS, domestic violence, high infant mortality rates, physical, mental, and intellectual challenges, prison recidivism, juvenile delinquency, education, gang violence, addiction recovery, saving the environment by greening up Brooklyn, health disparities, and health care, just to name a few. The selfless men and women who work at and head these organizations are amongst Brooklyn’s most caring, loving, committed, and dedicated citizens. They inspire and motivate, despite and in spite of their personal pain and turmoil. Their work is their calling and goes way beyond their paychecks,which, in fact, they often use to enhance the lives of their clients. They are Brooklyn’s own wounded healers. Mostly unrecognized and unsung. However, the work they do enhances our communities and gives us hope for the future. Here, we proudly highlight just a few.

The Adelaide Sanford Institute
For Research, Development, and the Education of students of African Ancestry
The Adelaide L. Sanford Institute was established in 2006 to serve as a clearinghouse for best practices as they relate to the holistic education of students of African descent and to provide a collegial framework for the sharing of culturally responsive and exemplary pedagogy, programs and schools that have produced high achievement among students of color. Specifically, the goals of the Institute are to identify and promulgate models of educational excellence for students of African descent; conduct research on issues affecting their achievement; and support parent advocacy. The Institute also makes recommendations and provides policy direction to influence decisions vital to the education of these students. As part of its efforts, the Institute provides school administrators, teachers, pupil support personnel, paraprofessionals, parents and students from elementary school through college with curriculum workshops, seminars and symposia that incorporate cultural heritage with specific attention to the contributions of people of African descent to the social, economic, intellectual, artistic, scientific and historical development of America and the world. In addition to curriculum development and instructional coursework, the Institute offers family and student support services, student leadership opportunities, college preparation and rites of passage programs. A major goal of the Institute’s work is to replicate, publicize and share strategies that others can utilize as models of achievement. Since 2006 the Adelaide Sanford Institute (ASI) has designed and implemented the following: *Parent information and advocacy *College advisement *Professional development for educational practitioners at all levels *Culturally responsive curricula and pedagogy *Middle and high school student leadership activities For more information visit their website at www.sanfordinstitute.org, or call 800 850-6353

*Extended day and week student enrichment activities DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN NEIGHBORHOOD ALLIANCE


Connecting the generations to make a better world.

Our goals are to provide youth with an opportunity to connect to positive adults and peers; provide youth and seniors with outlets for creative expression; support good health and nutrition; and to provide meaningful community service opportunities. We will meet these goals through the following objectives: • • • • • Organizing regular community service projects. Providing instruction and information on health and nutrition through workshops and cooking events. Organize creative expressions workshops and events at local venues, including improvisational theater and multi-media performances Provide leadership development workshops and activities, and mentoring opportunities for youth. Host or co-host a variety of opportunities for participants to have their voices heard through community theatre, video and other forms of media as well as discussion groups and public forums

The ultimate vision is for Bailey’s to have its own home, where it can forge a day-to-day existence that is shaped by demonstrated community needs and input. For More information visit their website: www.baileyscafe.org or call 718 670 7063



Puppetry Arts, Inc
Celebrating the art of puppetry through creative and cultural exploration for all individuals providing a venue for emerging artists, innovative teachers, and community members to ! ! ! ! ! ! facilitate youth development, ! ! ! ! ! ! family enriching activity, and to ! ! ! ! ! ! engage and entertain audiences ! ! ! ! ! ! of all ages

With no strings attached, Puppetry Arts provides a unique and diverse outreach of visual and performing arts by professional instructors and performers with help from student and community volunteers as well as foundation and corporate support. Our programs extend into Arts In Education, Puppetry Theatre, Community Outreach, and the Youth Empowerment Program. Based in Brooklyn and serving over 14 years as an organization, celebrating puppetry has rewarded Puppetry Arts with enormous accomplishments and increasing opportunities to enlighten, educate, and inspire! Throughout all 5 boroughs and surrounding areas of the City of New York our efforts impact over 22,000 youth, families, students, and individuals of diverse neighborhoods and backgrounds each year.

Featuring original puppet characters, scripts, and music, we have produced theatre productions with live fully orchestrated performances for youth and families as well as productions specifically designed to engage teenagers and adult audiences. Our workshops in classrooms K-12 have provided a creative resource for teachers to take a backdoor approach to the classroom curriculum practicing mechanical skills, infusing vocabulary, and creating student group art projects. Puppetry Arts also hosts large puppetry events and carnivals hosting thousands of guests annually, featuring activities, crafts, performances, and special guests including Star Wars Costume Volunteers and Roscoe Orman from Sesame Street. As a community organization, we make a special effort to ensure that all of these programs are accessible to everyone and in doing so, projects such as our

Halloween Costume Outreach Program that provide free costumes and activities to youth from foster care and area shelters, are made available to youth and families of lowincome communities, shelters, and foster care facilities at no cost to them all year long. Finally, through all of these programs, we secure significant resources for volunteerism with special opportunities for Middle Schools and High Schools, and accomplish our mission with the outstanding help from foundations, corporations and community partnerships helping to celebrate the amazing multidisciplinary art of puppetry! For more information, log onto their website: www.puppetryarts.org or call 718-768-3703



Brooklyn AIDS Task Force is the oldest and largest nonprofit HIV/AIDS prevention an treatment service organization in
Brooklyn, providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS- related services to underserved racial /ethnic minority communities in the borough.  However, in the past few years BATF has expanded its scope of service to include licensed mental health and substance abuse clinics and, in 2012, we were designated as a Health Home Care coordination team.  The team will be working with high need individuals in Brooklyn who experience difficulty coordinating their significant health care needs.  To reflect these changes, BATF will soon be changing our name to Bridging Access to Care (BAC).  You will begin to see this name showing up in certain places, but be assured that we will be providing the same quality services you have known for over 25 years. With over sixty well qualified staff who have a wide range of experience, the BATF staff mirror the ethnic and minority communities we serve; 90% of our line staff are African American, Caribbean American or Latino, as well as 68% of our senior staff, and 70% of our board of directors! Our senior administrative staff have been with BATF for an average of 12 years. In brief BATF provides services to approximately 3,500 individuals each year as follows:   • Comprehensive Case Management Services including housing placement assistance, treatment education and adherence
services. • Education Programs specifically targeted at the high risk populations of: adolescents, women, children, families, substance abusers, ex-offenders/incarcerated individuals, and MSM and other members of the LGBT community.   • Community Outreach including Health Fairs, Mobile Van services for Rapid HIV Testing, STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) Screenings, and Syringe Distribution.   • Housing Services including scattered site apartment rentals, housing support services, and referrals.   • Comprehensive Mental Health Services in our New York State Office of Mental Health licensed outpatient clinic.   • Substance Abuse Treatment Services in our New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services licensed outpatient clinic.   • HIV Primary Medical Services offers on-site infectious disease physician who provides primary care to HIV positive individuals as well as Buprenorphine screening, prescription and training to intravenous drug users (IDUs).   • Health Home Care Coordination Services including linkages to primary care physicians, behavioral health care agencies, and housing providers.

Contact: Web: www.bac-ny.org Tel: 347-505-5100 Address: 502 Bergen Street Bklyn NY 11217

500 Men Making A Difference,Inc.

The mission of 500 Men Making a Difference is to increase the level of civic engagement that young minority men have in our community. Empowering the men of Brooklyn to build on a legacy of social advancement and communal development. 500 Men Making a Difference is committed to providing opportunities and training in the field of new media, coordination of civic projects, and mentorship to enhance community resources for minority males. 500 men making a difference wouldn’t be possible without the help of 35 members whom we mentored and trained. Each is eligible to support students in the public school system! Our organization is also possible because of our partnerships with other mentoring organizations, such as Children of Promise and Mentoring USA, all of which contribute to our success and the success of our members’ communities.

The culture of manhood in Brooklyn is rich and offers fertile ground for our children to prosper. 500 Men Making a Difference acknowledges the work that must be done to improve the lives of so many of our brothers and their families, but we declare that our legacy is great and through the cultivation of jobs in new technology fields our future without limit.
For more information, website: www.500menmakingadifference.com Email: Info@500menmakingadifference.com Telephone: 347 343-5345



The Board of Directors of The Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance

The Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA)is one of the eight (8) community organizations that entered into a legally binding Community Benefits Agreement with Forest City Ratner Corporation. Our main goal is to provide quality of life services and facilities to serve Brooklyn and the surrounding communities.

Your thoughts and opinions are vital to our planned services and facilities.
In accordance with the 2005 Atlantic Yard Community Benefits Agreement, DBNA will establish a healthcare initiative, as well as an intergenerational initiative. These initiatives include health and wellness, child care, senior and youth centers. However, before we can move forward with these various initiatives, we are asking for your participation and ideas. In the near future, we will be contacting you, the organizations of Brooklyn, inviting you to participate with us in a survey. For example, we want to know what your needs are in health, education, social services, child, youth and senior care. What is important to you? What is it that you want as it relates to these service areas? We look forward to working with you and we are excited to have your input in the services and facilities that will be in your Brooklyn. DBNA, Repairing, Redeeming, and Rebuilding Brooklyn!
Many thanks to those who make this program possible: Bruce Ratner,FCRC Maryanne Gilmartin, FCRC Ashley Cotton, FCRC, Janella Meeks-Wesby, FCRC, The Tickets Events Committee - Lorenzo D. Chambers, Gloria Daniels, Leora Keith, Versi Keith, Fay Lawrence, Glenda Smith, Tyree Stanbach, Shirley Washington,
DBNA Staff: Sharon Daughtry, Executive Director Shari Holder - Executive Assistant Khorey Rice - Assistant Roberta Hayes - LDTC Prison Re entry Intake Coordinator For more information about DBNA ***Visit our website at TheDBNA.org*** Follow us on Facebook: Facebook/THEDBNA ***Follow us on Twitter: @TheDBNA***Email us at: Info@TheDBNA.org



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