The Wedding Party


Let’s Get Married
Processional: Bridal Party Bride Enya “Flora’s Secret” Randy Edelman “The Kiss”

Brendan Smith
Susan & John Smith Kathy & Ira White Tim & Kristi Johnson

Invocation Brendan’s thoughts on marriage Reading: Lauren

Maids of Honor Bridesmaids

Lauren Smith Kristina Smith Kylie Smith Allison Smith Ashley Smith

Robert Fulghum


Best Men

Kristian Smith Rob Smith George Smith

Exchange of vows Exchange of rings Blessing of the hands The kiss Recessional John Mayer



Steve Smith Taylor Smith Terry Smith Jonny Smith Sam Smith Mike Smith

The processional music chosen today is in memory of the bride’s dad, john. We would like to remember those family members who passed away before today.

Join us for cocktails on the patio after the ceremony!

For more wedding related fun go to

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