(1) QC is segregate between true to false refers to requirement or specification. QC is product focused. QA is activity to control quality of management operation.

QA is product approach and there is no need internal audit, for higher level is QMS which process approach that internal/external audit, customer satisfaction & continues improvement are mandatory. More higher level is TQM which all in QMS are mandatory for all level and current highest level is SIX Sigma. (2) QC is within QA, QC is focused on the product and QA involves all acctivities that directly or indirectly affects quality of producs and/or services. First and always first is QC, ensure you have good tools to monitor quality product, to prevent defects, to recieve good components, to measure appropiately; that is, to assure good end product, then you move to procedures, instructions and every activity that affects Quality.....go to ISO 9001 for more detail. (3) (4) (5) Quality control is reactionary...quality assurance is preventative. QC is the product control & QA is the process control. In a nutshell: QA = Legal documentation and Guarantees. QC = Actual inspection of the product.

(6) QC : confirmity,evaluation, by observation and judgement accompanied as appropriate measurement testing or gauging. QA : Quality objective,Q policy,Q Planning,company std's,handling customer complaints etc...


QA is Qaulity Assurance it cover all the admin-records and corrective action , QC cover the tasting, verifications and oversee defieciency and implement corrective actions.


QA has to assure the quality towards the process and QC has to analyze the quality of the product.

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