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The Dust Bowl

The Dust Bowl

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Published by Vonne Monai
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Apr 30, 2013
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In a documentary I watched about The Dust Bowl, Franklin "Delano" Roosevelt said : "those people are not going

to easily die off" or something to that effect. I thought it was just another culling of Americans or else why would he have said that? I won't get into all of the dependancy he helped to create by the many govenment agencies he was responsible for implementing and their deleterious effects on us as Americans. However, I will mention how they pulled the same games on the Okies that they do with all Americans. Demoting us to displace us. Attacking us in the typical brutal style of the Catholic Inquisitors and Zionists in their thieving, niggardly efforts to replace Americans. Instead of gratitude we get grudges and jealousy under the guise of conquering. I guess he received some of what he deserved by literally being hounded to death by his hideous, aggressive wife while his health was failing. I would have thought they would have altered those facts by now, but the powers that be get a kick out of telling us the truth and daring us to think about it objectively. Has anyone ever wondered why Catholics have a monopoly on charities and raffles? They're still, professional beggars and cheats.

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