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Review Day 1

Final exam is Wednesday!!!!! Bell 1: 7:15-9:05 Bell 2: 9:11-11:01
How are you feeling at this point about the final exam? Great? Okay? Uneasy?

Math Jokes
Without geometry, life is __________ pointless .
Why was the obtuse angle upset?

Because he was never right.

What do you get when you cross geometry with


A plane cheeseburger.

I can: master the necessary

vocabulary terms and skills necessary for the final exam. I can: work cooperatively with teams.

Unit 1

Unit 1 : Notation 1.1

Undefined terms

Point- has no dimension (represented by a dot) Line- has one dimension. (represented by a line with two arrowheads, and extends without end) two dimensions. It extends without end. Plane- has _____

same line. Collinear points- Points that lie on the ____ same plane. Coplanar points- points that lie in the _____

Unit 1: Notation 1.1 Continued

Defined terms
Line segment- part of a line that is bounded by two distinct end

points, and contains every point on the line between its end points. (written AB ) Ray- Consists of the endpoint A and all points on AB that lie on the same side of A as B

Name the following rays:

Opposite ray- If C lies on AB between A and B, the two

rays formed by a common endpoint C Intersection- Set of points figures have in common

Unit 1: 1.2
Postulate/Axiom- A rule accepted without proof

Theorem- A rule that can be proven

Ruler Postulate:

___________ ________

Unit 1: 1.2 Continued

Segment Addition Postulate-

_____________ _______________

Congruent segments- Line segments that have the

same length

Unit 1: 1.3
Midpoint- point that divides

the segment into two congruent ________ segments

8-3x=2x+5 3=5x (3/5)=x 2(3/5)+5

Segment bisector- point, ray, line segment or plane that intersects the

segment at its midpoint. Midpoint Formula

Unit 1: 1.3 Continued

Finding distance

between two points

(x1, y2)

If A(x1, y1) and B (x2, y2) are points in a coordinate plane, then the distance between A and B can be found using the Pythagorean Theorem: a2+b2=c2 When a= |y2-y1| and b= |x2-x1|

x2, y1)

Unit 1: 1.4
Angle- Two different rays with the same endpoint The endpoint is the vertex of an angle.
Angles are congruent (

) if they have the same


1.4 Angle Types

Measures 90

Measures between 90-180

Right Obtuse

Measures between 0-90


Measures 180


Unit 1: 1.4
Angle Addition Postulate

Angle Bisector- A ray

that divides the angle into two congruent angles

___ ___

Unit 1: 1.5 Angle Relationships

Complementary Angles

Supplementary Angles

Adjacent Angles

Linear Pair

Vertical Angles

Sum of Angle Measures = 90

Sum of Angle Measures = 180

Two angles that share a common vertex and side, but have no common interior points

Two adjacent angles, where their noncommon sides are opposite rays

Sides form two pairs of opposite rays

(Angles are across from each other and congruent)

Unit 1: 5.2
Perpendicular bisector- A segment, ray, line, or plane that is

perpendicular to a segment at its midpoint Equidistant- point is same distance from each figure
Perpendicular Bisector Theorem

If a point lies on the perpendicular bisector of a segment, then it is equidistant from the endpoints of the segment. (the converse is also true) Can anyone give me an example?

Unit 1: 5.2
Concurrent- When

three or more lines, rays, or segments intersect in the same point

Point of concurrency-

the point of intersection

Unit 1: 5.2





*** AE, BF, DC are not straight segments


Unit 1: 3.1

Parallel Lines _____________

Lines Dont Intersect; Coplanar

Transversal ____________
Line that intersects 2+ coplanar lines

Skew lines
Dont Intersect; Different Planes

Parallel Planes
Planes do not intersect

Unit 1: 3.1
Angles Formed by Transversals

Consecutive Interior Angles

Slope m=
Rise Run

Vertical Change Horizontal Change

Change in y Change in x

y2 y1 x2 x1

Negative slope: falls left to right Positive slope: rises left to right Zero Slope: horizontal line Undefined slope: vertical line

Slopes of Parallel lines- SAME SLOPE Slopes of Perpendicular lines- OPPOSITE

RECIPROCAL SLOPE (product of slopes is -1)

Unit 1: 3.5
Slope-Intercept Form

Unit 2

Unit 2: 4.1 Triangles

Unit 2: 4.1
Triangle Sum Theorem- The sum of the measures

of the interior angles of a triangle is 180

Exterior Angle Theorem- The measure of an

exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of the two nonadjacent interior angles
Corollary to the Triangle Sum Theorem- The acute

angles of a right triangle are complementary (add to 90 )

Unit 2: 7.1
Pythagorean Theorem- In a right triangle, the square

of the length of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs.

Common Pythagorean triples 3,4,5 5,12,13 8,15,17 7,24,25

Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem- If the square of the length of the longest side of a triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides, then the triangle is a right triangle.
If a2+b2=c2 , then

ABC is a right triangle.

Math Basketball

Math Basketball
Rules All students must attempt every problem. For each problem presented, the student will have a specified time interval to complete the problem. The solution process will be timed. The first student from every column will compete, then for each additional question the student behind the individual who answered the previous question will compete. When an answer is completed students will pass their paper to the front, and I will check their answer. If it is sent to the front early, and is wrong, the paper will be sent back. At the end of the specified time, answers will be checked. Students with the correct answer will get the opportunity to shoot the basketball.

There will be three lines with different point value students can shoot from: 1 pt, 2 pt, and 3 pt. Member must consult their teammates on which line to shoot from. The person who gets the point must shoot. Points will be awarded for the correct answer (1 point) as well as the additional points if the basket is made (1,2, or 3 points).

For each question, one of the students who answered correctly will be randomly

drawn using popsicle sticks (team numbers written on sticks) to justify their answer.

Team Names
Every will have 30 seconds to discuss and decide on a

team name! We will list team names on the board!

Are you ready to begin? Here we go!

Question (1.1)
Page 6, Question 13 Which statement about

25 sec

the diagram at the right is true?

A) A, B, & C are collinear B) C, D, E, & G are

coplanar C) B lies on GE D) EF and ED are opposite rays

Question (7.2)
Page 444, Question 17

75 sec

2 parts: Decide if the segment lengths form a triangle. If so, would the triangle be acute, right, or obtuse? 24, 30, and 643
Answer: Triangle; obtuse

Question (1.3)
Pg. 20, Question 41

1 min

The endpoints of LF are L(-2,2) and F(3,1).

The endpoints of JR are J(1,-1) and R(2,-3). What is the approximate difference in the lengths of the two segments?
A) B) C) D)

2.24 2.86 5.10 7.96

Question (5.2)
Pg. 307, Question 9 Point P is inside

30 sec

ABC and is equidistant from points A and B. On which of the following segments must P be located?
A) B) C) D)

AB The perpendicular bisector of AB The midsegment opposite AB The perpendicular bisector of AC

Question (1.1)

40 sec

Which statement accurately describes the following

A) B)


GE and GH are opposite rays and GF and FE are the same ray FE and HF are opposite rays and GF and FE are the same ray FE and FH are opposite rays and FG and FH are the same ray FE and FH are opposite rays and FE and HE are the same ray

Question (1.3)
Page 20, Question 27

1 min

Use the given endpoint R and midpoint M of RS

to find the coordinates of the other endpoint S.

R(6,-2), M (5,3)
Answer: (4,8)

Question (5.3)
Page 314, Question 23 In the diagram, N is the incenter of

30 sec

GHJ. Which statement cannot be deduced from the given information:

A) B) C) D)



Question (1.2)
Postulate to solve for m. RS=2m+2 ST=3m+3 RT=15
A) m=3 B) m=2 C) m=9 D) m=4

50 sec

Let S be between R and T. Use the Segment Addition

Question (1.4)
Pg. 29, Question 25 Given m<WXZ=80, find

45 sec


Answer: 55

Question (1.5)
Page 39, Question 31 Find the values of x and y.

1 min
Answer: 10, 35

Question (3.2)
Which of the following is not necessarily

20 sec

true about the following figure?

A) <1 <8 B) <7 <4 C) <5 <4 D) <2


Question (1.3)
Pg. 20, Question 43

1 min, 20 sec

The endpoints of two segments are given.

Find each segment length. Tell whether the segments are congruent. AB : A(0,2), B(-3,8) CD: C(-2,2), D(0,-4)
Answer: AB= 35 , CD= 210 not congruent

Question (3.2)
Page 158, Question 27 Find the values of x and y

1 min, 30 sec

Answer: 45, 85

Question (3.3)

20 sec

Which lines, if any, must be parallel based on the given

A) a

b ; Alternate Interior Angles Converse B) c d; Alternate Interior Angles Converse C) a b and c d; Alternate Interior Angles Converse D) No lines can be proved parallel from the given information

Question (1.3)
Page 19, Question 19

40 sec

Find the coordinates of the midpoint of the segment

with the given endpoints: G(-4,4) and H (6,4)

Answer: (1,4)

Question (1.1)
Page 6, Question 16

25 sec

Line AB and line CD intersect at point E. Which

of the following are opposite rays?

A) B) C) D)

EC and ED CE and DE AB and BA AE and BE

Question (3.4)
Page 175, Question 13

45 sec

Tell whether the lines through the given points

are parallel, perpendicular, or neither.

Line 1: (1,0), (7,4) Line 2: (7,0), (3,6)
Answer: Perpendicular; the product of their slopes is -1

Question (3.2)
statements is false?

25 sec

In the figure below, m<4= 124. Which of the following

A) m<6= 56 B) m<8= 124 C) <1 and <5 are corresponding angles D) <2 and <8 are alternate exterior angles

Question (1.5)
Page 40, Question 43

70 sec

<A and <B are supplementary. Find m<A and m<B

m<A= (2x-20) m<B= (3x+5)

Answer: 58 , 122

Question (3.4)
Page 176, Question 27

40 sec

Graph a line that is through (0,2) and parallel

to the line through (-2,4) and (-5,1)

Question (4.1)

1 min, 20 sec

Find the measures of angles A, B, and C.

A) m<A= 76 , m<B= 104 , m<C = 34 B) m<A=82 , m<B= 98 , m<C= 40 C) m<A=72 , m<B= 108 , m<C= 30 D) m<A= 86 , m<B= 94 , m<C= 44

Question (5.2)
In the diagram, AE

15 sec
EB. Find EB.

DB and ED

A) 9 B) 15 C) 6 D) 3

Question (3.5)
Page 185, Question 31

1 min

Write an equation of the line that passes through

point P and is perpendicular to the line with the given equation. P(-1,1), y= (7/3)x+10
Answer : y= (-3/7)x + (4/7)

Question (7.1)
and congruent sides of length 9.
A) 337 B) 14 C) 17 D) 5

1 min

Find the altitude of an isosceles triangle with base 16

Question (1.2)
Page 13, Question 21

1 min

In the diagram, points V, W, X, Y, Z are collinear. VZ=52,

XZ=20, and WX=XY=YZ. Find the indicated length.


Question: Find WX

Answer: 10

Question (4.1)
Page 221, Question 15 Find the value of x. Then classify the

45 sec

triangle by its angles.

Answer: 30, right

Question (7.1)

1 min

How long is a wire reaching from the top of a 12-foot

pole to a point 6 feet from the base of the pole?

A) 3 2 feet B) 6 5 feet C) 6 3 feet D) 6 feet

Question (1.1)
A) B)

10 sec

Which is the correct notation for a ray from R through