Sesame Vajra Doha Sesame oil is the essence.

Although the ignorant know that is is in the sesame seed, They do not understand the way of cause, effect and becoming, And therefore are not able to extract the essence, the sesame oil. Although innate coemergent wisdom Abides in the heart of all beings, If it is not shown by the guru, it cannot be realized. Just like sesame oil that remains in the seed, it does not appear. One removes the husk by beating the sesame, And the sesame oil, the essence appears. In the same way, the guru shows the truth of tathata, And all phenomena become indivisible in one essence. Kye ho! The far-reaching, unfathomable meaning Is apparent at this very moment. O how wondrous!

Thus, in absolute truth, there is no path to be practiced, no difference between what is to be abandoned and the antidote, and nothing abandoned or realized in fruition. However, in relative truth, all dharmas depend on cause and effect. This is illustrated by the example of sesame seed and sesame oil. If by the combination of mortar, pestle, and a man's hands the beating and extracting are not done, one cannot obtain the oil. If you ask why, it is because everything is produced not by one cause and not by one condition, but rather through the collective force of coincidence. In the same way, although the dharmakaya pervades all sentient beings, if the guru does not show it and the path realization is not practiced, the fruition is not actualized. Therefore, since in relative truth all dharmas depend on the coincidence of cause and effect, the realization that actualizes the wisdom of suchness has been expressed in terms of beating sesame seeds.

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