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An industrial visit report On

Prepared By MANIYAR BHAKTI R. (S.Y. B.B.A.) Academic Year: - 2006-07 Roll No.: - 33 Submitted To SAURASHTRA UNIVERSITY

College R.P.Bhalodiya College

Guided By Miss. Kyati Pandya


A thing can learn by experience cannot learn by theory. Theory just shows direction towards our goals and how to achieve those targets. But practical knowledge teaches us to experience things. It may be possible that what theory says might that what theory says might leads to wrong decision, but if we experience that thing practically, we will come to know that in reality such thing happen in this way. Therefore all the time to have only bookish knowledge is not important, but to have some practical knowledge is also essential. I think that, that is why university has make compulsory to prepare project report for students who are in B.B.A. In this regard, I took a visit of SHERKHAN This visit has enhanced my knowledge. I got a practical experience in this field. I learned many new things, which might not possible by reading various books. Hence, I have tried to cover all aspects of this firm and this project report includes as much information as required.


Acknowledgemen t
This project report requires many things. I am thankful to Saurastra University that it has implemented such a nice practical work for the student of B.B.A. I would like to extend my gratitude towardsMr.Narendra Tanna(Branch Manager) Mr.Vimal Rajyaguru(Asst.Branch Manager) Mr.Bhavesh Madhak(Business Development Executive) Mr.Deepak Chauhan. I especially thank to Mr. Dushyantsinh and Mr. Devendra who gave me great response, warm welcome and provided all details of SHAREKHAN. I also thank to our project guide Mr. Niraj Pandya who gave me support and essential information too. I would have to regret if I do not mention name of my parents who are really source of my inspiration for me. I am also thankful to Manojbhai & all my classmates, as they helped me at any time.


I undersigned MANIYAR BHAKTI, a student of S.Y.B.B.A. of R. P. Bhalodiya College of commerce and management, RAJKOT. Here by Declare that the project work, presented in this report is my own and has been carries out under the supervision of Ms. Khayti Pandya of R.P. Bhalodiya College, RAJKOT. This work has not been previously submitted to any other university for any examination.

Date: Place: Signatory of the student


5 . No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 CONTENTS Introduction to Sherkhan Marketing Department Finance Department Human Resource Department Operations Department SWOT Analysis Suggestions & Recommendations Conclusion Bibliography PAGE NO.INDEX Sr.

Introduction to Sharekhan Sharekhan is an equities focused organization tracing its lineage to SSKI. 6 . a veteran equities solutions company with over 8 decades of experience in the Indian stock markets. And these beliefs are reflected in everything Sharekhan does for you! To sum up. content or for that matter the online trading facility. Sharekhan does not claim expertise in too many things. Sharekhan’s expertise lies in stocks and that’s what he talks about with authority. coupled with a wealth of content that will help you stalk the right shares. presentation style. If you experience our language. one that helps you make informed decisions and simplifies investing in stocks. it is something that is spoken with years of focused learning and experience in the stock markets. Sharekhan is also about focus. The common thread of empowerment is what Sharekhan is all about. you’ll find a common thread. So when he says that investing in stocks should not be confused with trading in stocks or a portfolio-based strategy is better than betting on a single horse. Sharekhan brings to you a user-friendly online trading facility.

The clients are managed with a friendly corporate culture to give him more benefited investment ideas and motivate him whenever he needs.Those of you who feel comfortable dealing with a human being and would rather visit a brick-and-mortar outlet than talk to a PC. you must visit Sharekhan. the services are discussed in more detail in the marketing activities. In fact Sharekhan runs India’s largest chain of share shops with over hundred outlets in more than 80 cities! What’s a share shop? How do you locate a share shop in your city? To find the answers of these questions. 7 . The company is providing as many tips to the clients for more and more trading ideas and the manager helps each client to concentrate on a few scripts so that he can manage the profit/lose. you’d be glad to know that Sharekhan offers you the facility to visit (or talk to) any of our share shops across the country. Basically. 1 in the market. In other words Sharekhan is a company that provides you an outstanding trading facility with a wide variety of products and acts as an investment consultant to manage your portfolio and secure a high rate of return on your investments in the securities market. the company is a market leader in providing broking services and has a top turnover in trading and the high turnover makes it the no. The main difference is the services that they provide to the investors who really need it.

Sharekhan. India’s leading stock broker is the retail arm of SSKI. the largest chain of retail share shops in India is of Sharekhan. 8 . And it has started MFs on priority basis but wants to grow in it.In short. Sharekhan is having 180 share shops in 90 cities. Sharekhan is currently having a good position in the market with the highest no of transactions and also the highest turnover (buying & selling) in India and a leader in providing better services to the investors. Insurance sector and banking sector to expand beyond the market currently covered by it. and offers you depository services and trade execution facilities for equities. Sharekhan is planning to enter in Mutual funds. A research and analysis team is constantly working to track performance and trends. That’s why Sharekhan has the trading products which are having one of the highest success rate in the industry. In future. derivatives and commodities backed with investment advice tempered by decades of broking experience.

Efficiency and effectiveness built on ethical practices.Mission Statement  To provide the best Customer Service and Product Innovation tuned to diverse needs of individual and corporate clientele. Continuous up-gradation with changing technology. Respond to progressive globalization and achieving international standards.    Core Values    Customer Satisfaction through Providing quality service effectively and efficiently “Smile. while maintaining human values. it enhances your face value” is a service quality stressed on  Periodic Customer Service Audits Maximization of Stakeholder value Success through Teamwork. Integrity and People   9 .

Narendra Tanna) Assistant Manager (Mr. Vimal Rajyaguru) Back Office Marketing Officer (Mr.Branch Head (Mr. Bhavesh Madhak) Accounts DP 10 .

The services are as given below: Sharekhan is India’s leading national network of stockbroking outlets.Marketing Department The main aim or marketing activities at Sharekhan is that the customer should get enough guidance to joint the company and how he can get the best service than any other stockbroker. of clients and retain them by providing them the services needed by them. but it avails of various services and other financial products to its clients. It is having the largest retail distribution chain in India. There is an officer for handling the marketing activities followed by two executives and it is not limited to them but the other people are also having some responsibilities to increase the no. Sharekhan is not only a share-broking firm. There are many services those are designed such that the specific target segments of the customers are covered and the products are positioned in the minds of customers as the best one in India. 11 .

e. as a Depository Participant) (5) (6) (7) Derivatives trading. National Exchange Automated Trading) (3) (4) Free access to investment advice from Sharekhan’s Research team.e. Insurance.e. RBI Bonds.e.. BSE Online Trading and NEAT. National Securities Depository Ltd. etc 12 . Other investment products: Mutual Funds. Depository services: Demat and Remat transactions (Sharekhan is registered with NSDL. i. i. i.(1) (2) Offline Trading facility Online BSE and NSE executions (through BOLT. i. Futures and Options (through NEAT F&O) Internet based online trading.

There are two types of transactions executed on these terminals viz.e. while in delivery based transaction the squaring up of deal is done on the same day.10% single side. i. while brokerage on delivery based transactions is 0. T+2. in which the squaring up of deal is done on the same day. while in delivery based transaction the squaring up is not done on the same day. The screen-based trading is done on BOLTBSE Online Trading and NEAT – National Exchange Automated Trading. The Brokerage of Intraday transaction is 0. Free Access to Investment Advice through R&D 13 . intra-day and delivery based transactions. terminals.Online BSE and NSE Trading Sharkhan is a registered Stock Broker with the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange to trade on behalf of clients. while purchasing as well as selling. but the stock is to be traded on the basis of rolling settlement i.e. Intraday transactions are those.50% on both side.

Hemang Jani talks with each Branch heads and discusses about each day’s closing position and shows their predictions about next days opening position. Hemang Jani forwards all the details regarding all stocks and scripts to all the branches through internet. The R&D department Head Mr. Sharekhan Xclusive. At the end of each trading day there is a Teleconference.The Research and Development at Sharekhan is done at its Head office Mumbai. From there it forwards the relevant data and tips on particular shares and scripts at the relevant time. Commodities Buzz. through which the R&D department Head Mr. Commodity Trader’s corner. etc. The various publications of Sharekhan viz. 14 . Commodities Beat. The quarries regarding stock positions and other relevant matter of the branch heads of each branch is being solved through teleconference. are being prepared by the research team of Sharekhan made up of highly experienced people from diverse field.


  16 .Sharekhan is a registered Depository Participant (DP) with National Securities Depository Ltd. notice. rematerialized on behalf of beneficial owners with whom it has entered into an agreement.   Details of security dematerialized. The participants are required to enter into an agreement with beneficial owners. Records of instructions received from beneficial owners and statements of account provided to beneficial owners. Records of all the transactions entered into with a depository and with a beneficial owner. entry and cancellation of pledge or hypothecation as the case may be. The participants are obliged to reconcile the records with every depository on a daily basis. It is required that separate accounts shall be opened by every participant in the name of each of the beneficial owner and the securities of each beneficial owner shall be segregated and shall not be mixed up with the securities of other beneficial owners or with the participant’s own securities. and Record of approval. (NSDL). Participants are required to maintain the following records for a period of five years.

17 . The Trading Members (TM) has access to functions such as. Additionally.Derivatives Trading Sharekhan is a Trading Member registered with the Stock Exchange. Two types of users access the NEAT F&O trading system. he can enter and set limits to position. order matching. The Trading Members and the Clearing Members. order and trade management. which a trading member can take. Sharekhan provides the service of derivatives trading on NEAT F&O to its clients. according to the norms and Guidelines given by the SEBI. The Clearing Member (CM) uses the trader workstation for the purpose of monitoring the trading member(s) for whom he clears the trades.

02% charge on total trade. as the trends in the commodities market shows its performance. 18 . which will become the largest market in the world within the next 5 years. weekly and monthly basis for the investors in the commodities. It is just like the futures and is having a fixed lot of goods with the margin for each commodity and the trading is based on the theory of futures and therefore. In short Sharekhan also provides brokering in commodities and the brokerage charges are 0. The commodities market in India is an emerging market. The company also provides research reports on daily.10% on total trade value and if carry forwarded an additional 0.Commodities Trading Sharekhan is providing the facility to trade with the commodities through MCX (Multi-Commodity Exchange) and NCDEX (National Commodities & Derivatives Exchange). it is also called Vayda Market.

not reaching in time.Online IPO Online IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a new service started by Sharekhan for providing the application form of any company’s issues of just like the TCS issue can be subscribed by filling an online form to reduce the paper work and the fund transfer facility is also provided to the clients for transferring the funds online. 19 . It is given on its web-site for helping the clients who are not able to collect the forms manually and the speed of filling and reducing the risk of misplacing of forms. etc.

The online trading through Sharekhan website also comes with Dial-n-Trade service that enables you to buy and sell shares by calling our dedicated toll-free number. Classic Account and Speed Trade and Speed Trade Plus. viz. Through SPEETTRADE PLUS the client is also allowed to trade on Derivatives. (1) Classic Account: This account allows the client to trade through the website and is suitable for the retail investor.2000 per quarter and there will not be any facility for trading and just you can see how trading is done on the market. It costs Rs. (2) SpeedTrade and SpeedTradePlus: SPEEDTRADE is a next-generation online trading product that brings the power of broker’s terminal to the client’s PC. (3) Streamer: Streamer account is just for the new learners of market and is a new service offered by Sharekhan to give the view of the market online to the customers who don’t have nay experiences of the stock market and it is a software provided to see the ups and downs of market with the screen on your PC.Internet Based Online Trading The Online trading facilities provided by Sharekhan is basically divided into two types of accounts. The various benefits the client gets form the online trading are: 20 .

 Freedom from Paperwork: Integrated trading. investment calls and live market commentary. Trade Anywhere: Enjoy the ease of trading from any part of the world in a completely secure environment.       21 . which get executed as soon as markets open. Real-Time Portfolio Tracking: Benefit from realtime information of your investment and current portfolio value. Timely Advice: Make informed decisions with expert advice. Instant Credit and Transfer: Instant transfer of funds from bank accounts of client’s choice to his/her Sharekhan trading account. Dial n Trade: Call Sharekhan on a toll free number to place orders through sharekhan’s tele-brokers. bank and demat account (auto pay-in and pay-out of securities) with digital contracts removes all paperwork. After-Hour Orders: The Client can place orders after the market hours.

incomes and aims. The fourth P of the marketing mix is the best at Sharekhan in India because the total no. There is an objective of satisfying the customer as to make him delighted with affordable prices and convenient services. 22 . tele-contact and personal contact with the customer and is a planned procedure to find out new customers. The marketing is done based on leads generated through the web contact. of share shops are widespread all over to have the maximum contacts and awareness about Sharekhan.Marketing Mix The marketing mix of Sharekhan is an excellent example we have seen in the industry because no other brokering organization has such products to target the investors of different minds. The Classic. which are one of the bests in the market. and we can say that it has achieved that because it is having the maximum turnover than any other broker in India. The marketing management is carried out in an excellent way at Sharekhan. Speed Trade and Speed Trade Plus are the trading products.

the two types of accounts offered by Sharekhan i..SERVICE (Product) Service is an act or performance that one party offers to another for sell and it is not a physical product that you can touch but it is that one can feel. A service can be a fully service or a mixture of service and physical product.e. The product mix is as shown below: 23 . and thus we can define its service mix as a hybrid product mix of different physical products with accompanying services. providing reports for investment advice etc. Therefore. It is not likely to result into the ownership of anything. The offline a/c with Sharekhan is defined as the account having which you can trade anywhere in the share shop of Sharekhan and the online a/c is that you can trade on your PC through the software provided by Sharekhan and it also offers tele-trading in both the cases but the major difference is of the service and prices for opening an account. The trading products of Sharekhan are such a mixture of services like DP service (managing the demat account). Offline and Online are the two main product lines in the product mix of the company.

Growth and are entering into maturity stage. 24 . i.Sharekhan Offline A/c.. Streamer A/c. The product mix is showing the products offered by Sharekhan to its customers and it is one type of a tree structure diagram that shows the products of a company.e. Speed Trade A/c. The products are actually services and are at the completion of the second stage of Product-Life-Cycle. Speed Trade Plus A/c. So there should be some changes in the marketing strategies of the company. Classic A/c.

Price Prices for the trading products are as given below: Classic Speed Trade Rs.1000 deposit Speed Plus Streamer Demat free for 1 year (other facilities included) (brokerage Online trading on your pc of with Demat free and other 3000/quarter) facilities Trade Rs.750 (onetime) Rs.1500 (brokerage Facilities as per Speed deposit of 6000/half) Rs.2000/quarter Trade with F&O trading Facility for viewing the market online 25 .

The HR and Operations are one of the best at Sharekhan to help the customers for getting the needs fulfilled with a family culture and atmosphere of harmony.e.. As explained earlier. Delivery-based and Intra-day traders. Sharekhan is also organizing seminars and presentations and promotes its services to the clients.Promotion Promotional activities at Sharekhan are done by web. the Product-PricePlace-Promotion and for services additional 3Ps viz. 26  . peace and brotherhood and it is focusing on the specific segments like HNI.20000 per month for promotional activities. The distribution of Sharekhan is also proved by its turnover and awareness among the investors in the stock market. The marketing strategies followed by Sharekhan at this point are as given below:  The excellent marketing mix i. emails and personal contact. Sharekhan is having the largest distribution chain of retail outlets of share shops. And it can be seen also because there are 180 share shops in 90 cities. which gives the maximum awareness to Sharekhan. are managed according to the needs of the customers and try the best to deliver the maximum value to the customers for what they pay a price. It is spending Rs. People. Process and Physical evidence.

Finance is that administrative area or set of administrative function in an organization may have the means to carry out its objective as satisfactorily as possible. Finance is needed for all the activities like production or services as well as their distribution. Finance is the blood of any business.Finance Department Like blood is the most important factor in our body. Finance management is done at Sharekhan is done by managing the stocks in the demat accounts and funds in the margin & trading accounts Finance 27 . Also finance has to give equal importance to all departments. The finance department directly influences all the functions of the other departments. Sharekhan has special accounts department for separate calculation of pay-in and pay-out of funds according to the client’s Proft/Loss.

currently and it means that the demat account of the clients are prone to be sufficient for selling a script with no debit at all. Settlements as defined by SEBI are T+2. DP means providing the facility to the clients for managing the stock bought/sold by them. the timings are 9:30 and 3:00 as a deadline for the client and he must provide the stock for giving a delivery to the buyer. i. Generally.. which are shown in the figure given above. DP (Depository Participation) and Accounts management. settlements and the auctions which is a part of managing demat account.DP Accounts Finance is the lifeblood of an organization to continue its activities and the finance management at Sharekhan can be divided into two major parts viz. the account must have the sold amount of stock to fulfill the settlement after 2 days from trade-day. The chart show the total transaction between two clients: 28 .e. DP covers two major terminologies viz.

29 . as said by Mr. as banks are becoming fast for E-Fund Transfer (EFT) and Phone-banking is getting more popularity. Nowadays. N. chairman of SEBI. J. Bajpai.C DP (Sharekhan) E DP (anyone) C The chart shows the process that the request for selling and buying passes through the DPs of the respective clients and finally the exchanges like SKSE (Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange) becomes the controlling intermediary for the delivery of stocks and this process is done in two days. SEBI is thinking to make the financial market of India to have a maximum speed of transactions just like the other nations in the world and proposing for T+1 settlement scheme but the system is not enough competent for that thing. But soon or later we will have such a settlement system in India.

The collection of funds from the clients who had a debit balance or made a loss are made on the next day of trading and the payments to the profiting traders are made after two days of trading because the cheques are received from H/O and then pay-out is done and Pay-in is as explained that amounts to be taken from the clients. And a debit or credit note is provided in the respective case of auction to the clients. 1000 shares of SAIL then the Auctions are initiated by the exchanges and the client has to pay for the price prevailing in the market with 4-5% penalty. The penalty can go on maximum to 20% more than the market price of the sold stock. The accounts are different that is the margin a/c for deposits of the client and trading a/c for which Profit/Loss are settled.The client. Generally. if not capable of providing the delivery of say. the auction carried out in the market. i. In this way. known as the selling auction. accounts are managed but in 30 .e.. the internal auctions are defines as the auctions carried out between the other shops of Sharekhan and market auctions are those as explained earlier. This is all about settlements but now switch to funds management or accounts management at Sharekhan. There are two types of auctions called as Internal auctions & Market auctions. for buying auction debit note is given on the T+4 basis and in case of selling auction the credit note is given on T+5 basis. it is known as a buying auction and a same kind of auction is for selling the stock for which the buyer was proved unable to pay the price is carried out by exchange.

NSDL & CDSL and the whole DP service providers with the brokers to the investors. So. The main aim for accounts management is that the clients must have a credit or no debit on the next day. SEBI & RBI are covered and under RBI the banks and other financial institutions are covered while SEBI covers the exchanges. a JV request is sent to H/O for totaling the three balances. the deposit from the margin a/c is cut down to the payments and in case if a client is having a credit balance in F&O trading though he had a debit balance in cash-NSE & BSE trading. The DP services provided by Sharekhan are falling under the regulation of NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited). In this way we have gained a meaningful knowledge about India’s financial market and its structure from this training at Sharekan. And the company is a private limited one with its own policies for disclosing its financial statements. In this way.case if the client is unable to pay. the finance function is carried out at Sharekhan by following the guidelines given by SEBI. the financial market in India is governed by Ministry of finance under which two major bodies viz. organizations governed by SEBI to regulate the depository services in the interest of the investors. 31 .

It is a must for 32 . what they really do? Then the specific job training is provided at H/O and the person has to keep in touch with the concerned department at H/O on internet because he/she has t solve many conflicts arising in the investor’s mind and to have an up-to-date information regarding the procedures and any new facilities or policies to resolve the problems of the clients. Suppose if. Any new recruit is firstly inducted to the company and sent to T & D department that is covered under HRD and T & D programmes makes employees aware about all the activities/jobs within the department he/she is to be recruited. HRM activities at Sharekhan start form induction to the specific job training and are done by H/O at Mumbai. that is. H/O takes a written test and selection interview for filling up vacancies in branches but the recruitment is done by the branch itself and the selection is performed by H/O from the screened applicants. I would be recruited for finance department then the finance related employees are known to me wit their work profiles.Human Department Resource Human resource is the crucial resource that a company can use to grow with the work of the employees.

HRP (Human Resource Planning).each employee because the employee is the people by whom the company gets its customers and retains them. In the end we can say that the human resource of Sharekhan is a best managed and used for the continuous growth and development of the company for its future plans to be achieved time-to-time. Assessment & development of employees for Performance appraisal. 33 . activities of managing the HR at Sharekhan is maintained in a way to meet the requirements. An additional Rs. etc.10000 is provided for each outlet of Sharekhan to motivate its employees by performance appraisal and also the heads of each departments and branches has to go through a 3606 performance appraisal for maintaining the consistency in growth of the company. The corporate culture at Sharekhan is maintained in such a way that the people are helpful to each other and eager to get the work done as soon as possible with a co-operative thinking. Recruitment & Selection. Career planning and development. HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

are provided by that computer to all customers on-line on the internet. land & buildings. The data of a customer will be stored in the central computer and all facilities such as bills. regional and branch level in Sharekhan. Conversion Process The main aim of it is to make profit with customer satisfaction.. furniture & fixtures. Sharekhan is regulating the brokerage rates all over India by keep watch on each transaction done from the branch office. The profits are generated from getting a higher return on the invested amount of money than the amount payable to the customers. technology.Operations Department Inputs There are many inputs to the production & operations viz. machinery & equipments.e. credit/debit reports etc. management functions carried out at national. i. employees. The conversion of inputs works as the Sharekhan earn brokerage from the customers. capital (invested by promoters & deposited by the customers) and the most important input.. 34 . The process is facilitated by a centralized computer system in which the data is stored and recovered for the whole INDIA and it is having the CPU at the H/O in Mumbai.

Outputs Outputs are those services generated by Sharekhan with the help of the inputs and using the conversion process. These services are as listed in the figure above.The conversion process is also facilitated by some adjustments to the inputs and then the random fluctuations are also handled in the process and lastly the monitoring of the process is done and a feedback is given to do the adjustments for the process as indicated in the figure given. Table Sharekhan Consumer Retail Services Corporate Broker brokering Capital markets advisor Nationwide electronic data transfer Channels Financial advisory Services Depository participant Complain resolvance Others Operations Strategy at Sharekhan 35 .

Operations strategies are implemented in Sharekhan as shown in the chart given above and the main points of consideration are Efficiency. This is facilitated by the process of operations. competitive advantages. Flexibility is related with fast introduction of new services and providing a wide range to select an option to the customer. 36 .e. The points demand a facility mission that is made up of process. facilities. vertical integration.. i.e. Quality should be high and consistent in delivering services. capacity/ability of the organization. The main aim of the operations strategy at Sharekhan is that the efficiency of the organization and high level of it is desired outputs with low costs. Dependability. i. capacity. Quality and Flexibility. productivity with effectiveness. and infrastructure facilities provided to get the desired outputs as per the plan. vertical integration and the infrastructure created by the firm. Sharekhan plans the strategies to get a working plan from it and the planning is done from top-to-bottom level..

divisional level and the branch level planning is carried out by the managers.national level. regional level. In this way. 37 . the Operations are managed with the best efforts in a direction that is to facilitate future plans by achieving success in time and create milestones in the industry by driving the company with excellence.

Lowest brokerage and other charges w. Strengths: Well-maintained infrastructure.       Wide product range to enable the clients to choose the best alternative. competitors. the SWOT analysis is presented here and the suggestions for maintaining strengths and removing weaknesses are explained.   38 . Dedicated.SWOT ANALYSIS During this training at Sharekhan. Intelligent and Loyal staff. The best investment advice correct up to 70-90% through dedicated research and reports.r. On-line Trading products. Therefore. we had come to know the Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats for the company and it is very useful for a company to analyze them. One of the best DPs in India.t. A positive image in the existing clients.

etc. Time consuming process for account opening. Opportunities: Large primary market to sit as a book runner for the other companies just like Kotak Securities Ltd. Open interest of the people to enter in stock market for investing.   Slope of stock market towards delivery based transactions.    Service quality is not maintained accordingly how they are promoted. Attract the customers who are dissatisfied with other brokers & DPs. that runs the books of share holdings for many companies.    39 .Weaknesses: Less awareness in the market. An indirect opportunity generated by the market from its bullishness.  Large potential market for delivery and intra-day transactions. resolving the problems of the customers.

Increasing competition against other brokers & DPs. Indirect threat from instable stock market.e.Threats: Decreasing rates of brokerage in the market.  40 .     A threat of loosing clients for any kind of weakness of the company. i. low/no profit of Sharekhan’s clients would lead them to go for other broker/DP.. Poor marketing activities for making the company known among the customers.

There are more customers waiting for the right kind of a company and Sharekhan can get that segment of customers by using the research reports like. more focus on delivery-traders. Process and Physical evidence. low deposits with greater exposure for trading.e. the company can develop new products suited to the specific customers..   The competitors are trying to get customers with better services than Sharekhan viz. People. “Investment pattern of the investors” as attached with this report.Suggestions and Recommendations The suggested marketing & operations strategies to be followed by Sharekhan at this point are as given below: The modification of marketing mix i.e. By finding the right needs of the clientele. so Sharekhan must take care with developing fighter products to retain old customers and gain new customers with competitive prices and services. For controlling the operations of the company it is recommended that the employees should be motivated for 41   . according to the needs of the customers and deliver the maximum value to the customers for what they pay a price i. the ProductPrice-Place-Promotion and for services additional 3Ps viz. account opening process time.. etc. improve old products..

The gap between service quality specification plan and how it is delivered to the customers. 42 . (5) The gap between how customers perceive the service and the expected service that is made by WOM (word of mouth) communications. which are traditionally identified by Berry. as listed below: (1) The gap between company’s perception about the needs of customers and the expectations of the same.  The next is to improve the service quality as we have studied in marketing that there are five gaps in delivering services to customers and Sharekhan needs to fill up those gaps. so that the investors get maximum service and satisfaction. past experience and the comparison among all companies offering it. (2) (3) (4) The gap between company’s perception and the implemented service quality specification plan. The gap between delivered service and the external communications done with the customers to promote it. Zeith and Parchuraman to improve the quality of the services offered by a company. Sharekhan needs to fill up these gaps.work and they should have a feeling of satisfaction for working in Sharekhan.

 To increase the knowledge of the investors the company must have to do some commercial fair or any other promotional activity.  The companies that have dealing with stock market must give proper knowledge to the investors and if any new information is coming then it must be communicated with the investors. the company has to make good image in the minds of investors.  Recommendations for Derivatives Derivatives can be a very effective tool to take advantage of a raising and failing and range bound underlying.  The share trading company must have strong R&D department so they can give more accurate tips and investment ideas to attract them. 43 .To attract more investors many factor can be suggested. so they can feel safe and reliable to invest in that company. but we cannot apply all of them. First of all. so that the investors who don’t know about it can be aware and inspire for investing in the stock market with Sharekhan. So. some suggestions are given here for gaining more business for the investment Company.

    44 .The following points may be kept in mind while trading in derivative products: Choose a month that allows enough time for the anticipated move in the underlying.   In-the-money calls are initially more responsive to underlying price changes that out-of-the-money calls. Liquidity of products involved. Choose a strike price level that offers a good risk/reward ratio given the expected price movement. Transaction costs. Future. Watch for Bid/Ask price offered for Spot. & Options simultaneously.

Equity market has also popularity among investors due to higher return. but due to uncertainty and lack of proper knowledge investors do not invest in that sector. Bond is also gain popularity since few years. they can also make business more if they are well reputed and reliable. Current trend and easy access is not affected the investor as much as safety and reliability. First of all most of the investor are very sensitive about safety of their investment. Mutual fund.CONCLUSION Now. They want more safety and reliability. to conclude the project there are few points in the investment pattern of investor of Rajkot city. so investment company have also very much scope of gaining business. 45      . Then after we can conclude that Bank and Insurance sector have very good scope for gaining more business due to more safety and reliability. which can be quoted and cited as below. Most of the earning people invest their income up to different level in any sector. So.

reliability and return on investment. their potential and the main thing what type of product/service they want. investors move towards other sector like mutual fund.   46 . So. One of the reasons to invest in equity market is liquidity and change in government policy. But investors who have proper knowledge and willingness to take risk up to some extent are easily invested in Equity market. final conclusion on part is that investors of Rajkot city invest their money with the balance of safety.  Bank’s interest rate is also decrease since last few years so. bond. building etc…. equity market and others like land. gold. It is because to stay in this competitive market is as difficult as to climb up the Mt. Everest. The last point to say that the conclusion of the summer training project report is that if a company is really interested in growing its business then it has to give an attention to the customer’s needs.

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