QUESTIONNAIRE(hero moto corp


Name: Address:

_____________________ _____________________ _____________________

Q1. Please mention your age group
18-20  26-30  36- Above  21-25  31-35

Q2) Please mention your occupation
Officials Student Clerical or Salesmen First Jobbers Retired

Q3.) Please mention your income group (per annum in thousand)
 75-100  125-150  175 & above 100-125 150-175

Q4) Gender
 Male Female

Q5) Name three motorcycle companies that come to your mind other than Hero Motor Corp.
 Bajaj Auto Ltd.  Escort Yamaha Motors Ltd.  LML  TVS Ltd.

Q6) What are the things that you look while purchasing a bike? Fuel efficiency Looks Low maintenance cost Reliability(less chances of breakdown) Least physical efforts Low price Q7) Which other bike would bike you have preferred to buy?  Yamaha TVS motors LML Bajaj Pulsar Q8) How did you get to know about Hero Motor Corp that you having at present?  Advertisement  Family information  Friend’s recommendation  Dealer’s recommendation Q9) Martial Status Married Unmarried Q10) What is the image of HERO MOTOR CORP in your mind? Economical Durable Smooth Bike Safe Bike Rough and Tough .

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