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36253054 English Year 5 Paper 1 Limbang

36253054 English Year 5 Paper 1 Limbang

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SULIT Bahasa Inggeris 014/1 2010 50 minit PEJABAT PELAJARAN DAERAH LIMBANG/ LAWAS _______________________________ UJIAN GERAK GEMPUR

2 / 2010 TAHUN 5




1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan. Jawab semua soalan. 2. Jawab dengan menghitamkan ruangan pada kertas jawapan. 3. Bagi satu soalan,hitamkan satu ruangan sahaja. 4 Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan,padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru. ___________________________________________________________________________ Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 11 halaman bercetak 014/1 © 2010

The farmers use ________ to level and plough the land. __________ is one of the famous Chinese food. A B C D large combined harvesters transplanter machine harvesting machine tractors 4. A B C D grass algae leaves flowers . The cows are eating _______ in the field. Pilih perkataan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut. 1.SULIT SECTION A Question 1 – 4 Choose the best word to complete the sentence. Aznil’s pet rabbit sleeps in a ________ A B C D den coop hutch kennel 014/1 2. A B C D Naan Capati Nasi lemak Wonton noodles 3.

Baca petikan dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik berdasarkan gambar-gambar yang diberi. in 5 A B C D A B C D A B C D rubber plantation estate huge paddy field beautiful farmstay big fish pond a swarm of sheep a pack of sheep a flock of sheep a nest of sheep trees of bananas flights of bananas combs of bananas bunches of bananas 6 7 . His eldest son. His youngest son.SULIT Question 5 – 7 014/1 Read the text and choose the best phrase based on the pictures given. Pak kassim is working as a Farmer. Arif is harvesting _______ (7) their orchard. He is working in his _____(5). looking at _________ (6) . Farid is at the field.

D They are planting the vegetables in the garden. The girls are helping the old woman to collect the The kitten is lying in front of the little girl. 10 A The tiger kept inside the huge cage. 014/1 8 A The man is plucking the banana. B The boy is riding on the elephant’s back. pilih jawapan yang terbaik. C The man is taking his family to the theater. B A man is cutting a bunch of oil palm fruits.SULIT Question 8 – 10 Based on the picture given. Berdasarkan gambar-gambar yang diberi. D The giraffe is eating the leaves on the tall tree. The old woman is helping the man to get up. They are planting the vegetables in the garden. things. The little girl is feeding her puppy. 9 A A B B C C D D They are having a picnic in the park. The kitten is chasing a mouse. choose the best answer. C The young man is climbing the coconut tree. . The little girl is playing with her kitten.

There’s a warranty for 1 year. . We’re out of laptops. What a cuddly cat! It just had its bath. Payment is by cash. 1111 A B C D Can I have your phone number? My mobile phone can take pictures. 14 A B C D Comel likes to eat fish. Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures. Oh. My cat is sick.SULIT SECTION B Question 11 – 15 014/1 Look at the pictures below carefully. Lihat gambar dengan teliti. It’s my new mobile phone. Someone’s calling for help. What a beautiful island! I think we ask for help. 13 A B C D Let’s take a picture of the island. Pilih ayat terbaik bagi situasi dalam gambar. The mobile phone is ringing 12 A B C D Try the Ace 1 brand.

SECTION C Question 16 – 21 Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat-ayat berikut. dad. A B C D no any plenty several 18 “Where _______ you just now?" Mr.SULIT 15 014/1 A B C D I will. You worry too much.dad. The road’s quite safe.dad. A B C D were was are is .dad. Lokman asked Samuel. Don’t worry too much. A B C D 17 crow crows crowed is crowing There is ______ coffee in the pot. 16 The rooster ________ loudly every morning.

A B C D hers her she my Question 21 Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the word underlined. pilih perkataan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul. P{ilih perkataan yang berlawanan erti dengan perkataan yang bergaris. A B C D shoal brood troop herd 20 My sister brushes _____ teeth twice a day. 21 They arrived at the school early. 22 He is planting ____________.19 One of the fisherman soon sighted a ______ of fish. A late B often C safely D slowly Questions 22 – 23 Based on the pictures. A B C D vegetables vegitables vejetabels vegitabels . choose the answer with the correct spelling. Berdasarkan gambar-gambar di bawah.

B The Elephants. deers and monkeys are by the lake. The Garden World. Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul. The Garden World.23 The old woman is giving them the _______. World. Puan Nora. Puan Nora buys her plants from the shop the garden. Zebras. buys her plants from the shop. zebras. are by the lake. . D The elephants. 24 A B C D puan nora buys her plants from the shop The Garden World. deers and monkeys. A B C D amberella umberella umbrella ambrella Question 24 -25 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. deers and monkeys. zebras. C The elephants. Deers and Monkeys are by the lake. 25 A The elephants. zebras. are by the lake. Puan Nora buys her plants from the shop.

His wife and his son help him at the farm. 26 A B C D A B C D A B C D has had have having any many some a lot of pulling shaking planting plucking 29 A B C D A B C D scoop spade rake hoe in on out away 27 30 28 . His wife is (28)_________ the long beans and his son is loosing the soil by using a (29)_________ while Encik Ah Seng is pulling (30)___________ the weeds so that the vegetables grow well. Based on the picture and the passage. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik berdasarkan gambar dan teks yang diberi. Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Encik Ah Seng and his wife (26)________ a vegetable farm. They planted (27)_________ types of vegetables. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks.SULIT SECTION D 014/1 Questions 26 – 30 Look at the picture and read the passage carefully.

most of the lions in the Middle East and Northern Africa are found either in national zoos or parks. thousands of lions were killed. envied. Long ago. disliked. Today. lions were found in Europe. and impressed by its strength and appearance. Lions can live in places where the climate is cool or in hot places in semi-desert areas. D roar. they are protected from hunters. The phrase impressed by in the passage means A B C D hated. antelopes and other hoofed animals that roam the plains. admired. However. This is because they can find a supply of food in the deer. They also have excellent senses of hearing and smell. 3 2 . B strength. they prefer grassy plains and woodlands. zebras. Here.SULIT 014/1 The lion is called the ‘ king of the beast’ and is well known symbol by of beauty. 3 1 Man is afraid of the lion’s A appearance. the Middle East and much of Northern Africa. Men are frightened by the lion’s thundering roar. India. C beauty. Lions often hunt at night because they can see well in the dark. As the population of man grew.

Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikut. A deserts. & Sun 2 weekends only GREEN FINGERS NURSERY 10 – 11 & 17 – 18 Lot 25. D Tropical forests. Long ago. we know that lions are A carnivorous. 34 35 Questions 36 . 33 Most lions prefer to live jungles.SECTION E Questions 31 – 35 Read the advertisement below and answer the questions. B Europe. Jalan Bintang. lions lived in great numbers in all the following places except A India. D Middle East. B C Grassy plains. 98850. From the passage. C herbivorous. B omnivorous. Sat. Limbang.40 Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. D vegetarians. Sarawak June . Baca iklan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut. C Malaysia.


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