First Notes: Geog Reasons for Shrinking and Aging Population in Japan • Low Death Rate o Level of development

o Accessibility to medical facilities less likely to contract diseases recover from diseases fast due to good treatment less people die from diseases o Affluence More purchasing power more variety and quantity of food better nutrition increasing longevity • Low Birth Rate o Later marriages less childbearing years o Fewer marriages Option to stay single Stay with parents Not active in looking for partner Women no longer need marriage to have financial security o Work-culture Some workplaces unwilling to keep jobs open for mothers • Less economic burden of paying someone for 6 mths without work 70% of pregnant women eventually quit small/medium firms o Preference of smaller families Working women cannot juggle work-life balance • Dual income families needed to be off medium income • Culture does not involve domestic helpers • Work hour very long, husband don’t help out High cost of bringing up child • Women employed on poorly paid temporary contracts. • Child allowance is low Traditional Attitudes • Japanese men don’t do household chores • Long Work hours • Raising a child proves a lonely and exhausting solo experience • Stick with one child

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