Name: Sriram Rangachary Email:msrmaddy@gmail.


Enrollment No: 12BSPHH011063 Mobile No: +91 9885766632

Summer Internship Program
Initial Information Report
Project Details:
Title of the Project: A Brief study on type of mutual funds offered by Reliance Capital

Area of Project: Finance (Sub-branch of Financial Instruments) . Objective of the Project:
    To study what is a Mutual fund and how does it work. Different Types of Mutual Funds offered at Reliance Capital Market. Types of Investment Plans. Ideal Plan for the investor to follow.

Brief Description of the Project :
A mutual fund is a type of investment which enables a person without knowledge of markets like      Equity Bond and Debt Pharma Sector Banking Sector Gold

It enables an investor to invest in the above mentioned sector with minimal knowledge and he doesn’t require investing huge amount as the amount required to invest any of the above sector or markets is comparatively. Here one might get a question why low amount, in a mutual funds first the investments are collected and pooled according to the preference of the investors and is invested by the fund manager accordingly.

A recent study has shown that about the investors that    Less than 10% of Indian households have invested in mutual funds. The above is basically due to the reason of perceived high risk and lack of information. However, on the other hand the study suggests that mutual funds are highly benefit in long run.

Organization Details:
Name of the Organization: Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited Organization Address: Shobhan, 2nd Floor 6-3-927/A&B Raj Bhavan Road
Somajiguda Hyderabad-500 082

Name of the head of organization: Anil Dhirubai Ambani (CEO) Timings: 9:30 AM- 6:00 PM Stipend: Nil Facilities Available to Student: NA Company Guide: Name: V. Raghavendra Reddy Designation: Area Manager- Alternate Channel Mobile no: 9392493815 Email: Methodology: Analysis, determining NAV of the various funds. I will submit the following reports as per the Schedule given below: Evaluation Component: Evaluation Stages Project Proposal Interim Evaluation Final Evaluation Project Specific Evaluation Faculty Guide Name: Professor Soma Mahesh Kumar Date of Submission April 12, 2013 May 3, 2013 May 24, 2013 June 1, 2013

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