% % Plots the isosurface % % if zvlevel=vector then plot several slices with different transparency function [lhandle,p]=plotsiosurface

(X,Y,Z,U,zlevel,isocolor) %figure(2) %clf %[X Y Z] = meshgrid(allx,ally,allz); % %lx=length(allx); %ly=length(ally); %lz=length(allz); %it = 1; % %up = reshape(allu(it,:,:,:),lx,ly,lz); %up=abs(up).^2; ll=length(zlevel); zlevel=sort(zlevel); zlevel=fliplr(zlevel); if(ll>1) transp=linspace(1,0.3,ll).^2; else transp=1; end for ii=1:ll p=patch(isosurface(X, Y, Z, U, zlevel(ii))); isonormals(X,Y,Z,U,p) set(p, 'FaceColor', isocolor, 'EdgeColor', 'none','AmbientStrength',0.5); set(p, 'FaceAlpha', transp(ii)) %%reducepatch(p,0.5); %daspect([1 1 1]) view(3) lhandle=camlight; lighting phong end

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