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3G Labs- Technical Profile

3G Labs- Technical Profile

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3G Labs is an IT Product Development and Services Organization specializing in communication domain. Our activities includes Research and Development of 3rd generation network and products, establish BOT model of operation for multinational organizations, provide contract staffing to IT product development companies globally and provide management consulting and HR services to such organizations.
3G Labs is an IT Product Development and Services Organization specializing in communication domain. Our activities includes Research and Development of 3rd generation network and products, establish BOT model of operation for multinational organizations, provide contract staffing to IT product development companies globally and provide management consulting and HR services to such organizations.

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3G Labs India Private Limited

3G L b at a Gl Labs t Glance
Research and Development organization developing   p g p g telecommunication products and solutions of both hardware and  software. Industry verticals & technologically aligned competence centers y g y g p Worldwide presence, with offices in  India, Malaysia and the UK Center of Excellence in Telecom Solutions Complete solution house ‐ Software Development, Post Installation  & Support State of Art Offshore Development Centers Specialized in bundled solutions along with technology, and  Outsourcing Partners

3G Labs at a Gl L b t Glance (contd…)
Telecome & NGN Services IT Enabled Services Deliver Value

Group Strategy: Around the World ‐ With the C stomer With the Customer Group Culture:

3G Labs
Testing, Validation & Tech Support HR, Staffing & Outsourcing Project Mgmt & Product Development

– – – – – –

Determination Integrity Professional, Reliable, Trustworthy Pride  Spirit Team Work

3G L b at a Glance (contd…) Labs t Gl
We endeavor to build and sustain the standards in the evolving communication  technologies with our proficient skills and undying commitment to progress and  t h l i ith fi i t kill d d i it tt d advance…

Our Vision:
Deliver Value
To be a niche technology provider to global  organizations, developing next generation  products in telecommunication domain.  d i l i i d i

Our Mission:
To provide cutting edge and cost effective  T id i d d ff i telecommunication technology products and  solutions to our customer delight globally.

The Th 3G L b Ad t Labs Advantage
We target to achieve CLIENT SATISFACTION through our Quality, Efficiency, Cost E‐ effective and Support Services

• Speed
Multiple parallel project teams Multiple parallel project teams Component based Framework approach

• Quality
Robust Processes and Tested Methodologies Comprehensive quality system in place covering Processes

• Cost
Cost savings in Offshore  Development Lower defects hence lower re‐work
Q Quality y Support

• Service

On‐time, On‐budget Project  O ti O b d tP j t Delivery. Focus on Communication & Coordination


Client Satisfaction

Cost Effectiveness

The Th 3G L b Ad t Labs Advantages (contd…)
• …delivering innovative   competent Internet Intranet  Solutions  through our  conceptual planning,  resourceful development  efficient maintenance support
Uniquely strong combination of  knowledge and experience. g p – 1000 Man Years Experience


Maintenance Project


• •

…round the clock …around the world


Development Testing

Solutions we offer S l ti ff
• • IT Enabled Services Telecom Technologies Telecom Technologies – Wireline (Ethernet, MPLS, SDH/SONET) and Wireless (Wi‐fi, Wi‐Max,  GSM/CDMA) flavours – Broadband over Power Line (BPL) – Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN) – iDEN Solutions Telecom Solutions – Network Planning and Architecture – Both Wireline and wireless  – Integrated OSS/BSS – Network Support – NGN Networks and IMS Architecture Custom Application Development – Customized Solutions – Offshore Product Services Testing, Validation and Tech Support HR, Staffing and Outsourcing Project Management and Product development Consultancy Services

• • •

Core competencies & I d t i C t i Industries
Core Competencies
‐ Understanding of telecom technologies ‐ E‐commerce Application ‐ Content Management Systems ‐ Linux Services Linux Services ‐ Mobile Applications ‐ Network Management & Telecom Apps ‐ Supply Chain Management System Programming ‐ System Programming ‐ Network Management ‐ OSS/BSS integration ‐ Web Enabled/Client Server ERP

‐ Telecommunication ‐ Multimedia ‐ Embedded Programming Software  ‐ Electronics & Communication Electronics & Communication ‐ Product Engineering and Management ‐ Mobile Service Providers ‐ Retail & Distribution Services ‐ Technology ‐ Education & Training

IT Skills of th t Skill f the team
Java technologies
- JSE 2/5 - JME - J2EE - JMS - JNDI/LDAP - JNI - JMX - JDBC - Weblogic - Websphere - Eclipse - InteliJ IDEA

Microsoft Technologies
- Visual Basic - VC++ - C# - ActiveX - ASP - DOT NET - WSDL/Webservices - ODBC - OLEDB - ADO - COM/DCOM - Visual Studio - IIS

Software Tools
- Crystal Reports - Agile - RUP - InstallShield - Microsoft Visio - Microsoft Project - SNMP Snooper SNMP,

Web Technologies
- HTML/DHTML - ASP - AJAX - Flex Scripts - Java Scripts - Ruby

- C, C++, Java - C# Sharp - Assembly for variety of DSPs, y , uCs and uPs

- MySQL - MS Access - MS SQL Server - Oracle Express Server

IT and IT Enabled Services d E bl d S i
• • • • • • E‐governance solutions E l i Already working with few government institution in India Operated from village Kiosks p g Solution for managing security personals Notification based monitoring system Possible integration with P ibl i t ti ith
– iDEN – Telemedicine – Health and insurance products

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
Position in Telecom
• Use third party products in the end‐end convergence solution   that include IP, SS7,  E1/T1 link, GSM. • • • Provide our reusable components that reduce the clients product development time  and cost. d Customize the third party product to suite client specific or country specific  requirements.  Provide the scalability in the resource skill at offshore cost. Provide the scalability in the resource skill at offshore cost

IP Telephony VoIP
• • • • • IP PBX SIP Servers and Client IP Media Servers, Gateways & Controllers Mediation Servers IP Soft switches

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
Position in Telecom
• IP Telephony • OSS Solutions • Telecom Access Equipments • Embedded Engineering • IN Solutions IN Solutions • Testing Services


Confidential -3G Labs India

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services

Network Management Systems Element Management Systems EMS‐NMS‐OSS Integration 3rd Party Application integration

• • •

Solutions Offered:

Product Development, Re‐engineering, Maintenance and offshore Support P d tD l t R i i M i t d ff h S t NM solution with FCAPS functionalities A complete Element Management Solution EMS/NMS application enhancements and performance optimization EMS/NMS application enhancements and performance optimization North bound/South Bound integration GUI Application Development, enhancement and support Local Craft Terminals and Network Element Simulators Local Craft Terminals and Network Element Simulators Integration with NOC

• • • • • • •

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
Network Access Equipments

• • • • ATM Switches, Routers, IP Switches, Ethernet   Layer 1, 2, 3 – Network Appliances Class 4/5 Switch & Soft switches Signaling Gateways, Media Gateways, Media Gateway Controllers  Media Servers, Application Servers, IMS

Solutions Offered:
• • • • • • • • • • Product Development, Re‐engineering, Maintenance and offshore Support Element Management, Configuration & Performance Monitoring Network Acceptance and Configuration with Traffic Management Call Processing Modules and AAA Solutions C ll P i M d l d AAA S l ti Legacy ‐ IP Transformation and Interconnects  Triple Play – Voice, Video, Data – Over IP Audio & Video Codecs, Transcoders Protocol Stacks (SS7, SIP, etc) Research and Development,  Design and development of User Interfaces Re‐usable components ‐ ensuring quick time to Market

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
Embedded Engineering

• • • Protocol Stacks Protocol Stacks Device Drivers Audio/Video Codecs Product / Component Development

Solutions Offered:
• • • • • • • • • • Design and development of Protocol Stacks, Firmware and Communication  Components 3G, UMTS, SS7, SIP, ISDN, SIGTRAN, MCGP, GPRS, etc. Components– 3G UMTS SS7 SIP ISDN SIGTRAN MCGP GPRS etc OS/ Kernel level development & firmware for microprocessor based products Device Driver Development, Firmware, SDK, Board Support Packages  Porting on RTOS and Real Time Interface Gateways Design of Real Time Applications for Hand Helds, Mobile Devices & PDAs. System Engineering and Porting Software across different platforms Development of Application Authoring tools, API’s, Interfaces Development of Framework We have a suite of Protocol Stacks and Multimedia Codecs (a/v) which are used as reusable  components – ensuring quick time to market

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
Intelligent Network Applications
• • • • Mobile OSA Applications Mobile OSA Applications Convergent OSA Applications Fixed OSA Applications IMS

Solutions Offered
• • • • • • • • Application Development, Maintenance and offshore Support Subscriber Authentication and Authorization Modules Development on Application Server Development on Application Server IP Media Processing  IMS Frameworks and 3GPP compliance  Triple Play – Voice, Video, Data – Over IP Interoperability with Class 4/5, Soft switch, Media Gateway and Media Servers bl h l / f h d d d Applications like –

‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐ ‐

Unified Messaging                Video Mail                          Online Multiplayer Gaming Push To Talk                        Ring back Tones                 Multimedia Conferencing

‐Mobile Video Conferencing  ‐ IVR                                     ‐ IP Contact Centre                   ‐ IP Centrex                              ‐ Announcements                          ‐ IP Radio

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
• Device Testing • Ethernet Devices   • SIP Devices • H.323 Devices • MGCP/Megaco Devices MGCP/Megaco Devices • Sigtran Devices Homogeneous Network interop Testing Heterogeneous Network interop Testing g IP‐PSTN Network Testing

• • •

Solutions Offered:
• • • • • • • Network Configuration Testing Pure IP Network – M lti P t l T ti P IP N t k Multi Protocol Testing Interoperability Testing Functional Testing Performance Testing Service Testing Billing Testing

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
1. 1 2. Converged Data, Voice and Multimedia traffic C dD t V i d M lti di t ffi Carrying SS7 messages on IP over Satellite network – drastically reducing SS7  infrastructure costs Integrated gateway for SS7, IP, PSTN, T1/E1 links Powerful VOIP Telephony features will be available Reduced Roundtrip delays Simplified Provisioning and Service Management procedures (everything on IP Platform) End‐to‐end secure communication

3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Telecom and NGN S i T l d Services
Solutions Offered: Solutions Offered:
• • • • • • • • • • Product Development, Re‐engineering, Maintenance and offshore Support Development on  Application Layer Protocols for VoIP applications (R2, SIP, H.323) Legacy ‐ IP Transformation and Interconnects Porting Protocol stacks across different platforms/ IP Devices Porting Protocol stacks across different platforms/ IP Devices Triple Play – Voice, Video, Data – Over IP Optimization and Testing for IP Networks Switching Solutions over IP Networks S i hi S l i k Research and Development Re‐usable components ‐ ensuring quick time to Market

Custom Application D C t A li ti Development l t
• Effi i Efficient and Cost effective business solutions dC ff i b i l i • Strong Programming Logic and Concept • Develop Upgradeable Standalone Software Solutions  with  multi‐platform compatibility li l f ibili • Customize existing solution • Automation

Offshore Product Services Off h P d tS i
• Aim to bring software products to market faster and more cost effectively  – Product Development
– Shrink Wrapped Product Development – Development and delivery of specialized components  

– 24/7 remote product support and enhancement 24/7 remote product support and enhancement – Product Testing – Product Maintenance
– Service level agreement and key performance indicators 

Critical Success Factors – Product‐savvy development talent  – Component driven approach to design  – Investments in product development centric tools

Project M P j t Management Practices t P ti
• • • • Metrics driven project management Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP) – Client & End‐User involvement in Requirements stage Change Request Process  Usage of tools to improve  Scope Schedule productivity Management Management
Cost Management Integration Management
Project Management

Change Management

Procurement Management

Quality Management

Communication Management

Human Resource Management

Product D P d t Development Ph l t Phases
• Initial Phase
– – – – Market Analysis Developing Business Cases Profit & Loss Analysis Customer & Market Research C t &M k tR h

• • •

MRDs & PRDs Product Roadmaps Engineering design
– Functional specs, Software and  Hardware – Product engineering ergonomics Product engineering, ergonomics

• •

Prototype testing Beta Release and Field testing

Signal Processing and Multimedia
Projects undertaken
• • • • • • Portable media player reference design Home media server reference design Mobile TV platform reference design IPTV platform reference design IPTV platform reference design Surveillance platform design DVR reference design

Solutions offered S l i ff d
• • • • Embedded product development on DSP Strong understanding of TI and ADSP devices Development for multimedia and telecom  Development for multimedia and telecom applications DSP product management consultancy

Signal Processing and Multimedia
Reusable components
• • • • • • • • • • • • • BF533 / BF561  (AD) and DM6467 (Texas Instruments) Various DACs and ADCs (from Analog Devices and wolfson codecs) Various Demodulators (DMB‐TH, DVB‐H, DVB‐T, ISDB‐T) LCD, MAC‐Phy chip from SMSC, PCI Controller Video Decoders (H264, Mpeg4, Divx, Mpeg1, Mpeg2, WMV) Audio Decoders (Mp3, Mpeg1 layer 2 and 3, AAC,WMA, HE‐ACC)  Image Decoders (Jpeg, GIF, PNG, M‐Jpeg, ) File format support (AVI, MP4, ASF), MP4 Mixer pp ( , , ), Embedded browser, GUI support,  OS support (Linux on ARM6, Visual DSP, uClinux and NetVDK) Device Drivers (display drivers, audio drivers, hard disk driver, USB, PCI,  network interface, Demod interface etc.) network interface Demod interface etc ) Media Player Development Complete integration of the above hardware and software components


Technology and k T h l d know-how h
• HW design with DSPs Network processors Microcontrollers and HW design with DSPs, Network processors, Microcontrollers and  Microprocessors • Access to AD and TI third party network for developing high quality  hardware platforms • Design with processors at a capacity of 100 billion instructions/s Design with processors at a capacity of 100 billion instructions/s • Multi layers circuit pack design • Product engineering aspects to be well taken care of • Product design at global standard (HW, mechanic) > Knowhow of NEBS standards > Working temperature between ‐40ºC and  +55ºC  > Up to %95 humidity > Water proof Water proof > Compliant with drop and vibration standards > Electromagnetic compatibility


Technology and k T h l d know-how h
• Internet switching and routing Internet switching and routing • Wi‐Fi, Wi‐Max, Ethernet, MPLS and Fibre optic access • Design of IP applications compliant to international standards  ( (voice, data, video)  , , ) • Knowhow of
> IP routing protocols (OSPF, BGP.. ) > IP‐VPN, VLAN  > UDP TCP RTP DHCP SIP UDP, TCP, RTP, DHCP, SIP applications li ti > SNMP management SW > Date base applications

• Physical layers design such as ISDN, ATM, MPLS,  10/100/1000  ys ca aye s des g suc as S , , S, 0/ 00/ 000 Ethernet, ADSL/VDSL, SDH/SONET and next generation PBB‐TE,  TMPLS

Middleware Hardware


Technology and k T h l d know-how h
• Development of VoIP and IP enabled Services Development of VoIP and IP enabled Services
– Multiple VoIP subscriber line support  – Worldwide support – Support to all next generation access and carrier systems 
> SIP lines > IP Centrex > Wireline Wireline  > Packet trunking

– Intelligent Network Access
> V5 1 / V5 2 Access and voice aggregation to a Class 5 switch V5.1 / V5,2 Access and voice aggregation to a Class‐5 switch > PSTN voice over IP with no loss of voice quality > Integrated propritery protocol with V5.1/V5.2 Access Networks

Call Server Call Server Middleware Hardware


Technology and k T h l d know-how h
• Voice over IP via SIP Voice over IP via SIP  >SIP based services
>Carrier grade IP/SIP based network software  >Design of US government secure multimedia communication network  > Seamless networking with PSTN and GSM networks for multimedia  applications

• 3.Generation Networks – Products & Services
>End to end wireless solutions with WIMAX integration g >Services layer in  new generation wireless networks (IMS)

• SOA Service architecture 
> Web based customizable applications for enterprise  > Integration with existing telecom applications used Integration with existing telecom applications used  > by enterprises

Application Call Server Call Server Middleware Hardware

END-to-END solutions for the 3G systems for global operators


Association’s R d A i ti ’ Roadmap
• Joint Investment • Joint Business Planning • Joint go-to-market strategy • Gain Sharing Alliance • Business Process Collaboration • Consultative Services Partnership p • Contracting • Problem solving • Product and Service Bundling Outsourcing O i • Price, Availability, Quality, Reliability • Transaction Efficiency • Fulfillment Out-tasking/Basic Outsourcing Operating Model Improvements


Improved efficiency

Cost Reduction

Functional Capability

Functional Capability
The benefit of hands-on experience with customers coupled with onsite offshore expertise provides us the right balance to address the critical areas of any enterprise. enterprise
Supply Chain Management Financials Management

Business Intelligence

Manufacturing and Logistics Management

Self Service

Human Resources Management

Transportation T t ti Management

Customer Relationship C t R l ti hi Management

Our partnership approach emphasizes knowledge transfer and experience that combine with proven "best practices" to implement, upgrade and integrate applications.

Resource Capability

Resource Capability

Delivery Organization D li O i ti
Delivery Management Project  Delivery Professional  Services Global Delivery Fulfillment Model Projects Projects Services Professional Services

Distributed & Responsive Project  Management Onsite, Near‐shore, Offshore  Delivery y Client Focused Solutioning  Best Practices, Reusable  Components for optimized  delivery cycle time Coding Standards & processes  g p Benchmarked

Global Fulfillment Capability Cost Effective global resourcing Shortest Deployment Time Enhanced Productivity through  proactive training ‘CLEAN’ Resources

Service Offerings

PgM Capability
Account penetration abilities leveraging proven relationship  management  framework Relationship & engagement drivers – Value & tenure Transparent, real time, delivery and process management Sustained competitive advantage – Long Term Approach p g g pp Insight based Program management – proactive forward planning

Program Management

Project Management

People‐Growth Drivers
Cost effective and time efficient resource acquisition People centric organization  Culture with empowered resource – low attrition; high retention Benefit plans designed to promote loyalty and long‐term relationships between the  company and its employees Significant investment on education, training and development
Flat, field oriented  management  team driving  initiatives

Vision &  Strategy for  Strategy for Service  Excellence
Cross‐Functional  Teams Mapping  Service Road


Culture  Supporting  Supporting Service  Excellence
Empowered  Employees Driving  Engagement

Supporting Processes, Practices & Systems 

Preferred  Employer and Partner Status 

Engagement Management

Continuously evolving engagement models for delivery optimization and  responsiveness Engagement models ‐ tailored Reflects maturity and complexity of specifications, technology,  process and other factors that drive successful delivery d th f t th t d i f l d li Involvement of executive management For vision alignment and preparing a strategic plan at the onset of  each new engagement Long‐term sustainable cost advantage through customized engagement  Long term sustainable cost advantage through customized engagement approach

Every engagement model is unique Best‐fit delivery Model  Governance model  Enhanced level of responsibility  Adequate infrastructure  Cost‐effectiveness  Deployment of best practices  Key Performance measures Key Performance measures Enhanced Security features Dedicated Work Space etc.,

Global Delivery Capability

Global D li Gl b l Delivery Capability C bili

Proposed – Implementation Methodology p p gy

Proposed – Quality Process

Application S A li ti Support & Maintenance t M i t
Production User Production Problem Request System Problem Request Problem Classification Prioritization Assignment

Calls to be Serviced Calls Categorization / Prioritization

O s oe Offshore
Batch Operations

Production Support

Issue Management

Bug Fixing without Code Correction
Batch Monitoring Job Scheduling Communication Daily Checks Job Monitoring Status Reporting KT & RT Tools / Documents Used Job Tasks Mails / Chats / Phones Check lists Monitoring Guidelines Daily Status Reports Mails / Phone / Net meeting Problem Analysis Business Solution Testing / Implementation Documentation Reporting

Bug Fixing with Code Correction
Problem Analysis Business Solution Impact Analysis Design Coding / Testing Implementation Documentation

SDLC based Projects

Proposed – Communication Control
Planning & Reporting: Release Planning Prioritization Issues Resolution SLA Reporting Scope Management Planning & Performance Reporting Client Based Team Client Front Office Program Management Project Execution 3G Labs Engagement Manager Offshore Based Team ODC* Operations ODC Management

Day to Day Management

Program Management

3G Labs On-Site Coordinator


Coordination Activities: Work Package Definition Transmittal & Receipt Scheduling & Tracking Detailed Status Reporting

3G Labs On-Site Team

ODC Project Team

* Offshore Development Center

Proposed – C P d Communication Vehicles i ti V hi l

Engagement Proposition ii
Continuously evolving engagement models for delivery optimization and responsiveness Engagement models - tailored Reflects maturity and complexity of specifications, technology, process and other factors that drive successful delivery Involvement of executive management For vision alignment and preparing a strategic plan at the onset of each new engagement Long-term sustainable cost advantage through customized engagement approach Evolving Engagement Models

Organization Structure


Why Wh 3G L b : Diff Labs Differentiators ti t

– – – – – – Excellent Service Round the Clock Support Value for Money ‐ Delivering a true cost – benefit Wide spectrum of services Wid t f i Flexible business models Continuous Technology Adaptation and  Innovation

• Why 3G Labs Why 3G Labs…..
– – – – – Extremely Competitive High Degree of Flexibility User Friendly and Impressive GUIs User Friendly and Impressive GUIs Multi‐Platform Compatibility Unparalleled Service

We W aspire to d li i deliver a value system to the customer l h with excellent quality and cost effectiveness and with a focus on speed

Thank You!!!

3G Labs India Private Limited 3G Labs India Private Limited
No.192, KHB Colony, 5th Block Koramangala, Bangalore-560 095 Website:www.3glabs.in Email:harry@3glabs.in Phone:+91 80 40927706/25520238/25520232 Harry CD: +91 98457 13736 91

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